Selling the coup to the Floaters.

By and large two classic approaches will be used. The first is that they’ll constantly be assured they’re living in greater security from the dreaded bogeyman deplorables hidden under their mattresses. Each increment of repression will always be justified using that rationale. I think it was Ben Franklin who said words to the effect that those who sacrifice their freedom for security deserve neither, nor in the end will they receive either. Heaven only knows what the deplorables will do if they’re not stripped of their guns as soon as possible.

That reimagining of the deplorables as domestic terrorists has already begun with the much propagandised inauguration day “riot” at the WH and of course in a fit of hyper-activity from the secret police (formerly the FBI) that was sadly lacking throughout all last year, about 150 “terrorists” have been so far identified and you’re in for a swathe of show trials that’ll be granted unprecedented access by fake news and widespread coverage. Shame on those criminals lurking behind the facade of being ordinary people. Little people up against the big law machine. They’ll all accept the deal offered or face financial ruin and imprisonment anyway.

Examples are going to be made. After all, the secret police will have combed through every like button they clicked on social media for the last decade, and they will therefore fit perfectly the new definition of a domestic terrorist. The clemency plea at the end of the shoo in verdict is the only hope they’ve got against a hand-picked prosecutor, judge and jury. Will Aunt Betsy admit her crimes against the people and beg for mercy, or will Ross stick out her impudent chin defiantly and tell them to bring it on?

In what must be a bit of good news for the regime, a younger member of one extended family identified and reported to the secret police some immediate members of her own family from footage which resulted in them getting a visit from the G-men and no doubt added to a watch list. The new age of being denounced and living in fear of your own kin and neighbours got off to a quick start.

If it hasn’t already become obvious to you how neatly COVID and wearing muzzles serves the same purpose while they divide and separate you as they steal your America, don’t bother reading on.

The second will be convincing them that they’ve never had it so good, which’ll be basically a steady push to move them into the ranks of the programmed. This is where most totalitarian regimes come a cropper. In the midst of all the numbers going against the common man’s perception of what he’s seeing right in front of his eyes, there’ll come a point where even the most gormless village idiot begins to see the light. He’ll begin to realise that behind all the bread and circuses, must see programs about how to become a millionaire, the hugely dramatic Real Lives of the Housewives of Wabush and how even a dofus like Jane Doe can cook the perfect soufflé, everyday things have slowly became different.

That guy down the street is out of work because the local factory has closed, and he’s got lots of company living on welfare while his wife clips coupons and moves the household economy back to food stamps. You can’t fault her because she’s holding down a part-time job too. Everybody seems to be making ends meet. They’re told unemployment is steady but all around them more and more working men are doing nickel and dime handyman jobs in the neighbourhood. The never ending lockdowns have closed all the local bodegas and more than a few people are making use of the food banks. Slowly the weekly grocery shop seems to go up, even for the basics.

What will inevitably cause this inch by inch impoverishment of the middle class and especially the working class? It’s because there is no mediating influence under an oligarchic regime. It’s run by them to their exclusive benefit.

Let’s go along the perilous path of historical examples to illustrate a simple point which seems to escape a lot of thoughtful analysis by the gurus of economics. When venereal disease first burst onto the stage in the civilised world, it was highly contagious and its immediate effects visibly devastated the human body. Since the first and only directive of any virus is to replicate, it had to mutate to a less destructive strain simply because it killed its host so quickly that it barely had time to pass it on. It mutated into less aggressive variants. All aggressive viruses follow that behaviour pattern, just ask Fauci who happens to own 50% of one of the money spinning patents. The mediating mechanism was Darwin in action, would you believe.

In a similar vein, when steam engines were invented they were a boon to mankind. The first portable form of real power that didn’t move on four legs, it soon took off if you’ll forgive the mixed metaphor. Unfortunately, they were prone to exploding in a hail of boiling hot water and iron shrapnel if the pressure in the boiler exceeded a certain point. Someone invented a widget called a governor that was attached to the top of the boiler. It whirled around driven by an indirect measurement of the pressure and if it exceeded a set point, it vented off the excess power. The mediating mechanism was a simple implementation of a some mechanical inventiveness that harnessed the physics of rotation and the indirect lifting power of centrifugal force.

Look around you and you’ll see such mediating mechanisms everywhere. From the inflexible ratios of prey to predated, the flux in consumer demand for any commodity and its production, and even to a guaranteed death as a natural balancer between extinction and overpopulation by all species. They all have mediating influences, the checks and balances if you will.

The new regime of rule by diktat has absolutely none.

As children we were all taught that two of the delicious sins we might be tempted to try were gluttony and greed. Personally, I’ve always been dubious about gluttony as a sin, especially when combined with a real Epicurean’s palette, since it harms nobody but the eater and it has the mediating influence of how much they can eat in one day.

Greed on the other hand is subtly different because it has no Darwin, no governor, no digestive limit, no mediating influence of any sort. Quintessentially greedy people operate on a compulsive basis of the more they have, the more they want. It’s insatiable. There are no limits, no bounds. Not only do they always want more, but they want it for less. That’s why prices of things like the gas in the picture above will be raised until it’s barely affordable, but also the people producing the commodity will be seen as cost overheads to be kept at an absolute minimum. High unemployment will make it a bosses world.

From there, you can see what the future holds for the floaters, and the rest of America. You’ll always have to work harder to get less of anything that has a dollar value, because that way the oligarchs maximise their profits. Things you might prize that don’t have a dollar value won’t enter into that calculation.

That’s why the seeds of its own destruction are sown in every despotic regime from day one, and a republic like America can stand for nearly 250 years before it’s brought down from within as Lincoln predicted it could. There are times I hate that man’s prescience.


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  1. another ian says:


    IIRC the governor is a control for constant speed. The safety valve looks after the boiler by venting excess pressure.

    And O/T

    Chiefio points to another bump on that carbon-free EV road

    “Oh, and note that modern tires are about 90% synthetic petrochemical rubber. Only 5 to 10% natural rubber. So no tires unless you get custom made all natural rubber… that lasts about 5000 miles and tends to get flats…”


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