Was it an attempt to assassinate Trump?

We all live in a world of the imaginable. I’m prone to referring to similar groups of people as living in their own little bubble of self-delusion, hypocrisy, paranoia or innocence, as children do. There’s the I consider myself very important, so you should pay close attention to everything I say type. The one law for all you peasants but of course a different law for me type. The totally fixated on some mad conspiracy theory type. There are numerous such odd bubbles and after a brief interaction with the people in them, your nutter early warning system goes off and you slowly disengage and tiptoe towards the exit door as expeditiously as possible.

The vast majority of people live inside the biggest bubble of all, the bubble of normality. Making a living, keeping an eye out for those you care for, packing a lunch for the kids and getting them to school on time, taking people as you find them and all those normal everyday things you keep going like spinning plates atop bendy bamboo sticks. The world isn’t run by lizards in human skin, contrails aren’t the guvvermint trying to poison us all and the only miracles occur at your local garage where that old jalopy you drive around in has got through its annual roadworthy certification unscathed without you having to sell a body part to raise the repair money. Unimaginable things simply don’t happen inside that bubble.

If you’d come to me five years ago and told me you were convinced there was an active and concerted plot at the highest levels of congress, the judiciary and the executive to illegally depose the new democratically elected president of the United States, I may have done a few sympathetic noddies but simply not believed you. Such a thing was unimaginable.

As we’ve all found out in the years since, you would’ve been right and I would’ve been wrong to dismiss such an idea out of hand. My normality bubble has since expanded to encompass unimaginable things like a coup d’état by a hitherto respected cabal of traitors dug deep into the very fabric of the government, the centres of major cities being looted and burnt without anything being done to stop it, healthy babies born alive and being killed for their body parts and the sight of a 17yo running for his life from a mob intent on beating him to death, while a police force stood idly by watching and did nothing. All this in orderly, peaceful, fair, God fearing, white picket fenced America.

Given the climate of extremist political violence we now live in, a demonstrated history of a treasonous plot against him at the highest levels and knowing how deep the visceral hatred of him runs in some quarters, is it imaginable that an assassination attempt has just been made on the President of the USA. Does that now fall inside the normality bubble?

The answer is that it’s more likely than not. Let’s face it, he’s survived a four year continuous onslaught of spurious investigations, furious efforts to impeach him for anything they can think of, various slanders, libels and attempts by assorted bottom feeders like Mueller, Bolton, Comey, Brennan, a porn star complete with her since arraigned shyster lawyer, the whole of the fake news machine inventing whatever they could throw at him, and he’s still walking around smelling of roses. There’s a new Teflon Don in town.

By this stage and in the face of what I think will be a massive electoral defeat, they’re desperate enough to try anything, up to and including assassination. If Trump gets another four years, that might just be time enough for the seemingly glacial progress of the American justice system to finally grind out some high-level indictments of guilty people, rather than framing soft targets like Gen. Flynn or Roger Stone.

So, in my opinion, it probably was, but either way, it should be thoroughly investigated as if it was exactly that. There’s an oft used saying in security circles – once is happenstance, twice is coincidence but thrice is enemy action. The president and his wife coming down with it could be put down to happenstance. The chairman of the RNC catching it at the same time could possibly be coincidence, since I’d say they rarely need to meet in person. But two senators sitting on the Judiciary Committee as well as other notable Republican figures all coming down with it around the same time? Toss in his private counsel and a few staffers, and that’s definitely enemy action, especially as not a single Democrat of any significance has been laid low by this pandemic seemingly localised to congress and the administration.

Let’s consider the utility of COVID as a weapon. Looking into it, reports of its communicability are inconsistent and diverse, largely through the efforts of fake news to talk it up as the end of the world. What is clear though is that it’s spread itself across the globe largely because both China and the WHO initially downplayed how serious it was, though without the millions of deaths predicted at various times. At first it was thought it was airborne but of late the CDC amongst others has said it isn’t. You pick your opinion and lay your bet on who to believe, but short of spraying it in his face, airborne delivery is essentially too uncertain a method.

Contact infection would seem to be the way to go because it is more targeted but that still leaves the problem of access to the president. It’s possible one of his security detail is going ahead of locations he’s scheduled to visit and contaminating surfaces, but while that might explain his contracting it, it doesn’t fit all the other people contracting it simultaneously. They’d need access to many places they’d have no reasonable excuse to visit in the course of their duties. It could even be a person delivering high security clearance envelopes by hand. That would help a lot with exact targetting.

Such apparently widespread but targeted contamination of surfaces could only be done by parties with direct or indirect access to geographically dispersed surfaces to infect. What fits that bill and explains the access problem and diverse locations being infected, would be some kind of high-end business that specialises in providing services to congress or members of it. A couple of examples of such would be a limo valeting business to the great and good or the classic method of entrée, an office cleaning concern.

I’m sure the backgrounds of employees of all service companies have been vetted, but those kinds of low-level businesses have a notoriously high turnover of staff. Just remember the two prison guards who were taken on board from rent-a-guard 24 hours before Epstein committed “suicide”, and within the next 24, made themselves scarce. Any sudden and convenient deaths of employees would be a red flag, since it might indicate a connection being lopped off and the wound being cauterised.

It comes down to the sort of hunt the mole by elimination exercise that counterintelligence officers like James Angleton excelled at. You have two things to help you work backwards to a culprit.

Every virus attacking the human body has a defined lifecycle, which although varying, progresses through set stages. Examining each victim should yield a rough date when they were infected with it, taking into account the varying persistence time of the substance on a surface. Secondly, given those dates, their locations at that time can be examined, looking for the common denominator – the same company or person who had some excuse to be in that location or room or access to a particular object at that time.

Even then, you have to be thorough. For instance, if suspicion has fallen on a particular cleaner, that’s no guarantee that you’ve found your man. Like poison, administering such a lethal substance is best done by proxy. Every cleaner would work to a daily rota, therefore someone else inside the company could know whose office was due to be cleaned that day and substitute a contaminated substance for the innocent one. The next day, the proxy poisoner would be cleaning away any forensic evidence that remains. Neat.

Games within games, wheels within wheels. As Angleton himself observed, counterintelligence is a wilderness of mirrors.

To use another well-worn phrase – when there’s a doubt, act like there’s no doubt. You have to work on the basis that someone has just tried and failed to assassinate the president, and if not identified and apprehended, there’s nothing to stop them trying it again by the same access method, but this time with a more lethal substance.

I won’t go into it, but it’s difficult to see how an assassination could work, whatever the outcome, to the benefit of his opposition, most especially this close to the election, but expecting rationality from people consumed by pure hatred is invariably a lot to ask. Trump of course is in one of the most vulnerable groups because of his age, so the decision to use COVID to kill him makes some sense, but there are some personal considerations about him. Apparently, he’s a stickler about always being neat and tidy as well as in his personal hygiene. It would be a narrow window to catch him before he washes his hands, but assuming several locations can be infected several times, it’s not impossible.

Even though COVID might have been a suitable method to use against a man of Trump’s age, it doesn’t take account of the Trumpie Monster nature of the man. There’s a line in a Chekov play, the name of which escapes me, about every person being fated to take one of three paths in life. On the path to the left, they get eaten by wolves. On the path to their right, they eat the wolves. If they go straight ahead, they eat themselves.

Trump eats wolves.


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17 Responses to “Was it an attempt to assassinate Trump?”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    The coordinated silencing of the guard dogs we relied on is amazing.
    That said, the President did himself no favors by his huge rookie mistake of not firing on day one all Obama appointees.
    The other big favor he failed in was to not become more broadly likeable in public and in Congress. His tweets, instead of being judiciously used became just part of the background.
    That takes nothing away from the Clinton coup.
    But Mr. Trump didn’t build coalitions to fight it.
    Now we are close to the coup’s likely success.
    My country has been broken by entrenched corrupt wannabe tyrants. I fully expect, if the coup succeeds, to pay a personal cost. I don’t kowtow well.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Tina says:

      I read an article today that the Trump administration is asking ALL political appointees to submit their resignation letters immediately after the election. The assumption is that this time, he will remove everyone that isn’t a proven trustworthy ally. Of course the article (I thnk it was in Politico) talked about how this was making said appointees “angry”! Ha! Well, those “angry” people are outing themselves as some of the very ones who need to go!


    • hilton33 says:

      Who was he supposed to build a coalition with? Their all against him.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. u.k.(us) says:

    “Trump eats wolves.”
    Not only that, he brings them in close enough to eviscerate them.
    Be careful.


  3. philjourdan says:

    local garage where that old jalopy you drive around in has got through its annual roadworthy certification unscathed

    Really? I usually have to get something fixed – and that is from my mechanic of 40 years! My “Jalopy” has 210k miles (320k km), so I expect it. But when I show up at 5pm (closing is 5:30) with a check engine light on, he puts me first and figures out what it is. So yea, after 40+ years, I trust him. (it was a bad air sensor).

    As for the “conspiracy theory”, it is only that until proven. It has now been proven that Hillary conspired with Putin. And Trump did not. It has now been proven that Warner conspired with the Russians (democrat on the Intel committee), not Trump.

    So for now, it is as theory that the inept democrats sought to take out the president with the WuFlu. Conspiracy? No, We already know they are conspiring. It is a theory. And will probably be proven correct.


  4. Another Ian says:


    FWIW – I haven’t watched it

    “The Plot Against the President from TurnKeyFilms on Vimeo.

    It’s 8$ to purchase and worth it. Support them.”



  5. JohnTyler says:

    I commented on another blog, soon after Trump became ill, that I was about to write, and think , the craziest, most outrageous, nutty thing possible.
    And that was that Trump and the other’s were intentionally exposed to the virus.
    I also wrote that I had zero idea how this could be done or if it was even a possible to do something of this sort.

    And then, here comes Sir Pointman addressing this exact topic!!

    Obviously, I have no idea if Trump’s illness was an intentional and a planned act, but given all the crap we have witnessed since his election it certainly would not be a zero probability event.

    The “moderator” of that other blog on which I commented responded that my conspiracy thesis may be incorrect, but that it was certainly not out of the question.

    I think a lot of folks are wondering how Trump – who is tested 10000 times a day – came down with the virus.


    • philjourdan says:

      Intentional? Perhaps. Planned? Perhaps. Backfired? 100%!

      Liberals are not chess players. I do believe it was intentional and planned and they did not forsee the alternative. He walked out clean.


  6. gallopingcamel says:

    It is highly suspicious that only high level Republicans were affected. If our three letter agencies could find their behinds with both hands and a flashlight they might be able to figure out what happened. Don’t hold your breath on this one.

    The Democrats know they have lost this election but the extent of their loss will depend on turnout. If the Dem turnout is strong they will still lose but Trump may have to cope with a hostile “House” and perhaps a hostile Senate.

    Let’s hope the wave of enthusiasm that Trump is generating via his wildly popular rallies will cause higher GOP turnout than in 2016. If that happens Trump will win in a landslide given that he has won over so many black and Hispanic voters.

    If Trump wins big he can request resignation letters from all the top brass in all branches of government (not forgetting the military and general Milley). There may be a few he can trust to implement his agenda (mandated by the voters) but the rest should find new employment.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. NoFixedAddress says:

    I’m not knocking your thesis Pointman but Trump told the world back early in the piece that he was taking Hydroxychloroquine and I would imagine most Trump people are doing the same.

    Don’t forget that before the Secret Service Protection, Trump had and still has his own Security.

    Imagine the leftist world burning down if the Doctors were to say that Trump shrugged it off easily because of Hydroxychloroquine!


  8. Another Ian says:


    O/T but JFC!


    “This might explain why the shop owner backed up the hard drive before he gave it to the FBI and claims not have seen anything. Stay tuned.


  9. Another Ian says:


    Re link above.

    On the principle that if the Dems are accusing someone of doing something that they already are – where did they pick up the idea of the golden shower?


    “Unbelievable – Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy Was Vice-President Joe Biden’s Advisor to Ukraine…”

    “That’s right folks, the Facebook executive currently blocking all of the negative evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt activity in Ukraine is the same person who was coordinating the corrupt activity between the Biden family payoffs and Ukraine.”


    I guess that wasn’t supposed to come out before election day – if at all.


  10. Another Ian says:

    “4Chan thread.

    Ted Wheeler has voted for Donald J. Trump. ”

    Major bug in Oregon on line voting



  11. Another Ian says:




  12. Another Ian says:

    “So Joe Biden Got Caught”


    And (O/T but)

    Read this and chuckle! Another round in an on-going Canadian saga that has featured at SDA




  13. Another Ian says:

    “Inflection Point – President Trump: “I’ll only say this once”…”



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