Cities in flames and the blame game begins.

In the midst of continuing rioting in democrat ran cities, the blame game has begun. The cunning masterplan by elected officials and state governors was to encourage civil unrest by neutering all the local law enforcement bodies, make sure anyone unlucky enough to be actually arrested would appear before a liberal DA or judge to be let free the next day, and then blame the escalating looting, arson and deaths on Trump. The long-term thinking, if there was any, was to force his hand to send in troops so they could condemn him as a fascist dictator, but as usual, he didn’t do what they expected and now they’re feeling the pain from all directions.

It’s become patently obvious outside the bubble the Dems live in, that blaming Trump is one of those big lies which although pushed by the all-engulfing octopus tentacles of fake news and the media hasn’t been swallowed at all by the electorate. Indeed, his approval numbers have rocketed while Biden’s are down in his basement to keep him company. All I’ve seen are the usual Hillary-like 98% polls but from their frantic efforts to squirm out of the situation they created themselves, I’d guess the real numbers are so horrific, they’ve now got to pull the hot coals out of the fire somehow and find a way to retreat from an untenable position of tacitly supporting the chaos and blaming it all on Trump.

There are plenty of decent politicians around, but the ones in charge of these cities are the dregs you find by scraping the bottom of the barrel. As I believe H.L. Mencken observed, you get the governance you voted for and the primary concern of these scoundrels is their game has backfired to the detriment of their basket case running for president, not to mention that in the coming mayoral and gubernatorial elections, it’ll be payback time with a vengeance by the local electorate. They already have heavily subscribed recall petitions out on them. If you didn’t know, a recall is the reverse of a wanted poster – people don’t want them. What they want is their removal from office.

After three months of deliberately fomented riots by local politicians, they days of cities like NYC, Chicago, Seattle and Portland voting Democrat by reflex may be long gone. The local electorate have learnt that the officials they elected despise them, and that sentiment is now heartily returned. The common hope is that in the next elections, the mini-despots will be replaced by Republicans of the calibre of Rudy Giuliani who after years of democrat misrule, seemingly did the impossible and turned NYC into one of the safest cities in America. The complete mess he inherited was called “the bad old days” by New Yorkers, but it’s nothing like the bombed out crater created by the deadly duo of DeBlazio and Cuomo.

The first port of call is to blame it all on Trump supporters storming the streets and picking fights with peaceful protesters, but they’re not the ones armed with guns, clubs, frozen bottles of water, lazers to blind policemen and accelerant to more easily set buildings on fire after they’ve looted them. If they were, fake news would have never let go of the story. That miserable excuse of blaming them hasn’t stuck in the last three months, so tarting it up for one more try is going to be as successful as trying to lay it all at Trump’s door. Not even a retarded, knuckle-dragging chimpanzee in a hurry is that gullible.

Biden, with his usual deft political touch, came out of hiding momentarily to blame Trump supporters for the rioting. It underscores two things about him. The first is that it’s a first for a Dem politician to admit, albeit indirectly, that violent rioting is actually occurring. The second is that trying to lay the blame on them is a train that left the station months ago. He’s a day late and a dollar short with that one.

Of late, the next blamee appears to be the local police. After they way they’ve been used and abused by local mayors, their associations are having none of it and obviously knew it was coming at them any day soon. If you’ve risen up the ranks in any association you know that old story. The innocent will be punished, the guilty will go on to ever greater successes, and it’s always the guilty ones throwing shit at everybody else, most particularly the mayors on this occasion.

It what is currently a very friendless world at city hall, the ordinary cop has done his best, but enough is enough. They’re retiring early or just simply quitting at an alarming rate. It’s a tough job at the best of times, but when rioters are trying to kill or injure you, you know the local politicians don’t have your back and the perp will probably get a walk from a politically compromised judiciary anyway, it’s time to reconsider your options.

I won’t go through all the ways they’ve been hamstrung in trying to do their duty by various mayors over the last months, but a couple of recent examples will suffice to illustrate how incompetent but determined the mayors are. The mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler and a few political cronies hatched an abysmal plan to “sorta” get things back to normal. They, having zero experience of actually policing a riot situation and not consulting with local law enforcement at all, want to suborn all the sheriffs and deputies of surrounding towns and throw them into the meat grinder, rather than be humiliated by asking for the federal help Trump has on more than one occasion offered. Anything but that.

The plan has as much chance of success as a long and exquisitely wrought fart in a firestorm, but it’s as good a one as a mayor at his wit’s end – not a long trek in his case – can come up with, and additionally stands an equally unlikely chance of being adopted by the sheriffs of nearby counties. I won’t go through all the reasons but you can find the very pointed response for refusing his latest masterplan from the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police. It’s a very reasoned document and a lesson in self-control, but the take away from it is crystal clear – you’re on your own Sweetheart.

A number of weeks back, the ever delusional Wheeler had a go walking in the street amongst his beloved peaceful protesters and ended up having to run for his life to his high-rise condo, where he’s been safely hidden from public sight ever since. The friendly protesters have been nightly visitors to the outside of it ever since. Apart from the usual graffiti defacement and property damage, they’ve been giving him a spectacular fireworks display to brighten things up. Strange innit? Wheeler went high up into his condo, while Biden went low into his underground basement. I know the Dems have become an extremist party, but you can take these things a little bit too far.

He’s been very quiet of late except for a tweet condemning a police officer using a night stick to subdue a peaceful protester who appeared to have some objection to being arrested. How dare you? How very dare you? It turns out the peaceful protester was engaged in trying to burn down Wheeler’s condo with him and the other residents inside it. Needless to say, no apology or expression of thanks to the officer in question has been forthcoming by the wretched creature hiding in his eagle’s nest, though there’s footage of the whole incident shot by the redoubtable journalist Andy Ngo. As with all external links these days, watch them soon before Big Tech makes them disappear.

Instead, he’s announced he’s doing a runner from his perilous condo to a secret but safer abode, but he did have the manners to write an email to all his neighbours apologising for any trouble sharing a building with him might have caused, so that’s alright then if you call being at risk of being burnt alive as merely trouble. Curiously, any offer to take them with him to his safer bolt hole wasn’t included in the email though. He won’t stop running until he reaches the Canadian border and into the welcoming arms of brother Justin of the Twinkle Toes, a fellow member of the Honourable Company of Clueless Elected Officials.

Contrast that abysmal level of leadership with Trump taking time to visit Kenosha this week. A lot of people, including myself, had reservations that it was too risky in the current climate of political violence created by the Dems, but in his usual ballsy fashion he went anyway and made life hard for his Secret Service protection detail by insisting they keep some distance from him. He was there to visit the victims and it would be pointless unless they could see him. The people lining both sides of the streets, cheering and waving flags to greet him gave the lie to all the fake polls being pushed breathlessly by the harlots of fake news. When can they expect a visit from basement Biden or Heels Up, I wonder?

Since the shit being cast sown by the mayors isn’t sticking too well on those further down the ladder, a new tack is beginning to take shape. The state governors are distancing themselves from the suddenly irresponsible actions of the mayors for a variety of reasons, but the main driver is to make bloody sure none of it ends up sticking to them. Like indignant dowagers facing a muddy patch, they’re lifting up the pristine hems of their dresses and tip toeing across it, leaving the mayors to carry the can.

There is no doubt that the mayors have totally lost control of the situation they were instructed to create and in some cases have attempted to restore some semblance of order by making discreet use of a small element of the police forces they’d previously ordered to stand down. Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago, safely ensconced behind a five block police cordon to protect her home, is a case in point. The effect of turning back to the police has been minimal since the mob now have the bit between their teeth and are answerable to nobody. In these situations, you go in heavy or don’t go in at all, and the police know that only too well. Another day late and a dollar short idea that’s akin to throwing a ten foot length of rope to a drowning man twenty foot from shore.

The mayors are friendless. Their electorates hate them, the police don’t want to know and their state governor already has his hand half-way to the flush handle. They’re not quite yet swirling around the toilet bowl, but they’re not far off it. It’s their blood in the water and the sharks are circling in ever closer. They’ve spent too much time in front of adoring media cameras and are therefore strongly associated with the chaos in their cities. There’s no way out for them, so they’ll get most of the blame.

Throwing the mayors to the wolves is the smart move by the governors. In general, the mayors are weak and incompetent and handling a real crisis is way beyond their experience. They’ll get eviscerated at the next election and while the governors can’t escape all the blowback, such a move will reduce it. You may have noticed all the Dem governors have toed the party line and carefully never mentioned on camera the rioting occurring in the state they’re supposed to be in charge of. The hacks from a compliant fake news propaganda machine know the game and have refrained from asking them any awkward questions.

As always, there are downsides to taking a new course of action. For instance, a leak of incriminating email or voice recordings could be used by an aggressive Republican challenger coming at them in the next election. Leaks are difficult to trace, but I’d be looking hard at embittered mayors whose political career has been ended to protect the governor’s.

But the governors are not quite out of the woods. They face two threats on the blame shifting front. The first is their electorates, who won’t be in any mood to accept any lame excuses like they always had reservations from about the rioting from the very start but simply couldn’t restrain their wayward mayors. My feeling is that the massive U-turn they’ll be forced to offer won’t be accepted, no matter how imaginatively they try and spin it.

The second is Trump holding them up to public scorn in his presidential campaign activities. My guess is that the master political chess player has already whittled down to a shortlist the candidates he has in mind to replace both the governors and mayors. He’s thinking runs long-term and they’re up against an accomplished three moves ahead player, while they’re still struggling with the complexities of noughts and crosses.

Harry S Truman had a small sign on his desk in the Oval Office that read “the buck stops here” because in the end, somebody has to make the big decisions and then take the blame if it all goes spectacularly wrong. In the aftermath of the cities on fire disaster, people will inevitably be looking for the culprits. In the ordinary way of things that would be Biden and the DNC, but at the moment all DNC minds, obviously excluding Biden’s, are concentrated on the tricky problems of damage limitation over the urban chaos, plotting large scale election fraud and above all avoiding the three long presidential debates one-on-one against Trump.

Short of something as drastic as a Mannlicher-Carcano solution, which would quite literally destroy the Democrat party overnight, I can’t see a way out for any of them.


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8 Responses to “Cities in flames and the blame game begins.”
  1. Peter Shaw says:

    Thank you Pointman. I always feel a lot more positive after reading one of your excellent posts.


  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I have been watching all this with increasing astonishment and incredulity. The extreme left are actually mad; lunacy is the only word to describe it all. With the press (WP) threatening all out war if Biden doesn’t win by a landslide, California suffering blackouts, Trump gaining support all the time from blacks, police and the army and the Navajo chief coming out for Trump, politics seems not to be the word for it. Attempted revolution would suit better and then the numbers on each side will be apparent.
    Scary but fascinating.
    Thanks for yet another great essay.


  3. The True Nolan says:

    Yes, the rioters are mentally ill — not that that is an excuse. If a crazy man with a hatchet is trying to kill you, you defend yourself first in any manner needed, you remove his ability to threaten you, and THEN you consider legal or ethical responsibility for his actions. But let us not forget that the politicians running these (mostly Democratic) cities and (mostly Democratic) States are mentally ill as well; psychopathy makes them completely unable to understand that the average citizen may have any considerations other than strict self interest. Love of country, of family, reverence for culture or tradition — those are meaningless abstract ideas to a psychopath. When you say “love, empathy, compassion” to a psychopath, it is the same as saying “red, yellow, violet” to a blind man. I have little doubt that there are high ranking DNC strategists and leaders who are genuinely puzzled right now. “We threatened their lives, we destroyed their businesses, we have shut down their schools and churches, we murdered their grandparents in nursing homes! Why don’t they do what we want them to?!”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. gallopingcamel says:

    I had no idea what you were talking about when you mentioned the “Mannlicher-Carcano Solution”.

    After a little research I discovered that this was a reference to the rifle Lee Harvey Oswald used to assassinate president John J. Kennedy.

    The assassination of Donald Trump could turn out to be much more traumatic.


  5. JohnTyler says:

    I lived in a suburb of Seattle for about 25 years; departed in 2004.

    Do not be surprised if it’s denizens vote in a new mayor as far left/progressive as the one they have now. One of their more famous city council members is an in-your-face-communist and she makes no bones about it.
    Yep, she keeps getting re-elected.
    The folks there live in a fantasy land.
    In the Fremont district of Seattle, there actually is a statue of Lenin. As you can imagine, nobody made any efforts to tear down that statue.

    Portland, the “home” of ANTIFA (or organizations similar too) is even worse.

    The citizens of the above two cities do not see one iota of difference betwixt Adolph Hitler and Trump (aside, perhaps that one had a mustache and the other not).

    Chicago has been a disaster for 30 or 40 years now. The citizens there just keep re-electing the same sorts of politicians that do zero to help the downtrodden.
    It really is very discouraging.

    The real lesson of Chicago, as well as Baltimore, Newark, Detroit, etc., is that once a city falls into the abyss, it can accelerate even faster into the black hole; the pull of liberal progressive, gravity is just overwhelming. Things just never get better.

    To early to tell what will happen in Seattle, Portland. But do not be surprised if hard core leftists are elected once again to run those cities.

    I know, it’s hard to believe.

    After Giuliani cleaned up NYC and Bloomberg more or less maintained order/cleanliness in NYC, what did the voters there do?
    They voted in DeBlasio; a communist who is now doing what communists always do; destroying everything they can.
    You may recall how the elites of NYC absolutely hated Giuliani, even as he was creating a safer city.

    The lesson of NYC (and Chicago, Detroit, etc) is that no matter how bad things can get, the voters can make things even worse by re-electing the same sort of criminally negligent politicians.

    Yep, voters can make or break a city, state or nation and just because existing conditions are bad, it does not preclude the voters from repeating their mistakes.


  6. Mike says:

    starting to worry you’ve been quiet for too long. Your voice is needed.


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