The roads from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

This is going to be blunt. In the coming weeks and months, the sheer volume of propaganda bullshit thats going to be crafted and aimed at you by fake news over the shootings in Kenosha will seem almost overwhelming, but there are some fundamentals of law you should not lose sight of.

First off, every person has the right to defend themselves from anybody. That’s why the second amendment, the right to bear arms, was added to the Bill of Rights by James Madison and others. His thinking was once you have a standing army, it can be used by an unscrupulous government trampling over the Constitution to intimidate and suppress its citizens. Harry Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur because MacArthur started to believe he was above civilian control, and that’s the start of a slippery slope that always leads to military dictatorships.

With the attempted but failed coup against Trump by a cabal of traitors and the corrupt Obama administration weaponising the executive organs of government like the IRS against dissenters, it might have came to that, though American soldiers opening fire on people peacefully protesting some real injustice is something that I can’t imagine happening in the current political climate. They’ve sworn an oath of loyalty to both their Commander in Chief and the Constitution and unlike the coup traitors who broke their oaths, they’ll keep theirs. All lawful orders given by a president have to be obeyed, with lawful meaning they do not transgress on the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

With the far-left fake news propaganda machine always rushing by reflex to the criminal’s defense and organising a media lynch mob for anyone defending themselves, the situation reached such a point of confusion in my county that the top cop sent a letter to all householders in it outlining your legal position if someone burgles your house in the middle of the night. In that situation you don’t know whether they’re armed or not. You don’t have to wait for them to attack you before you respond. You’re entitled to strike first with whatever weapon comes to hand.

When you’ve rendered them injured or unconscious, you call the police. What you’re not entitled to do is continue shooting or clubbing them when they’re helpless and no longer constitute a risk because that’s when you can be charged with assault or even murder. Put simply, if you’ve just put a bullet hole in a person and they’re down, you can’t just finish them off with a double tap to the head.

The same rules apply to a police officer who discharges his gun in the course of their duty. If he believes the subject constitutes an immediate danger to them or other people, he’s entitled to shoot. The emphasis is on believe. In the aftermath, the officer is put on administrative duties until Internal Affairs or its local equivalent have investigated the shooting and determined whether it was a good shooting or not. It’s not at all uncommon for a policeman to serve his twenty-five all the way to retirement without ever having to shoot his service pistol.

There was a salutary video on the net of two policemen making a routine traffic stop over something quite minor. The driver became enraged and despite their best efforts to restrain him, he escaped from them, dived back into his car and came out with a gun, which he used to shoot both policemen dead. I’d like you to see it, but the video from the police car dashboard camera was recently taken down by the censors of Youtube. Incidents like that are why when an uncontrollable subject wrestles free of you and dives back into his car to get something, it’s not for his pack of cigarettes. You have to assume it’s a weapon and your life is in immediate danger.

There doesn’t appear to be any footage of two of the shootings happening, but there’s some edited scraps of the third knocking around. The most comprehensive view of it seems to be this 1:48 clip but what came before it seems suspiciously undocumented by the usual video makers. More on that later. It shows a young man called Kyle Rittenhouse running for his life pursued by a screaming mob. He trips and falls over and rolls over onto his back on the road. One of the gang dips in to stamp on him followed by another who hits him over the head with a skateboard.

The mob starts to close in on him, with one reaching down to grab him. I’m sure the footage that was shown last week flashed through his head of a man and his wife being dragged from their car by a mob, both being beaten up and the man nearly kicked to death when he’d already been rendered unconscious. He was in the exact same situation and had just grounds to believe his life was in immediate danger. He drew his sidearm and shot the man reaching down for him while the rest of the mob either fled or backed off with their hands up. He put a few rounds over their heads to discourage them following him while he walked towards the police line to surrender himself.

Looked at in isolation, that was a good shooting in anyone’s book.

What I find suspicious about the footage that emerged within a very short time after the incident is that it appears to be highly selective. Any flare up or incident while the Dem rioters have someone surrounded is always captured on multiple video phones, and yet in this case all you get to see is the pack chasing the victim. The same selectivity is apparent with video coverage of the man who was wounded in the arm. It shows him receiving first aid but the bit that was edited out can be seen in this picture which was taken before the video was shot.

He’s holding a Glock automatic, so it looks like he was the loser in whatever gunfight occurred. The fact that he’s still holding it after being shot indicates he’s suffered nerve damage leaving him unable to release his grip of it. What’s suspicious is that by the next time you see him being attended to, the Glock has mysteriously disappeared. Shooting an unarmed Democrat rioter plays a lot better to the fake news propaganda machine, so the next time you see that picture, the Glock will most probably have been cropped or photo shopped out of it.

The night before the shootings, Kenosha burned without any intervention by the authorities and the state governor. Before the next night when it all came to a head, the local authorities had begged the Democrat governor for at least 1500 National Guard troopers to contain the situation. He grudgingly sent them only 250 men. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers has blood on his hands. After the night of death and destruction, he folded completely, accepting federal help from the hated Trump.

The next night in Kenosha was a very quiet night for a change.

The shooter has since been charged with murder – within 24 hours – which is amazingly quick and definitely smacks of a political sop being thrown to the media and the various lynch mobs after him. His trial, if it ever comes to that, will last for months, but I suspect all it’ll do is raise him to the hero status people like Nick Sandman and the McCloskey couple currently enjoy. The hang him high commentary I fully expect from fake news may, like in Sandman’s case, prove good grounds to sue the ass off them once again.

Who are the victims of this rioting?

Ordinary people. I mention them first since they usually aren’t mentioned at all or if they are, it’s as an afterthought in any reporting. They’re sick and tired of being afraid to go out at night onto streets under mob rule. They’re tired of worrying about sons or daughters who have to leave the house to do a job, if they’ve still got one left. They’re the Mom and Pop who ran the corner that’s just been looted and then burnt to the ground, and are now wondering if their insurance will pay out.

They’re sick of out-of-touch idiot politicians saying things like the violent rioting and property destruction they can see out of their apartment window every night, is a “myth”. They feel their intelligence is being insulted by being offered a presidential candidate who’s so far into senility, that he has to be hidden away from the public in a bunker with his thief of a son. They’re sick and tired of a Democrat party they barely recognise. As a shopkeeper told a stunned reporter who’d ventured away from the safety of his computer and into the real world, “we didn’t leave the party, it left us”. The not too subtle lesson being drawn by ordinary people is the Dems don’t care if the voters who elected them live or die, just as long as they can take down Trump.

Above all, they want an end to the unbridled lawlessness, murder, mayhem and insecurity which various overpaid gobshites in the media assure them nightly that if they elect the basket case instead of voting for Trump, then all their troubles will magically disappear.

They’re truly fed up with a blatantly two-tier legal system that comes down on little people like them like a ton of bricks for daring to exert their lawful rights under the second amendment, while totally ignoring the multi-million dollar scams pulled off by the high and mighty without them ever being called to account. As you read this, gun sales have increased by nearly 200% with 68% of the purchasers being black, while ammunition has become a sought after commodity.

How did it come down to this?

Put simply, the Democrat party decided the only way to beat Trump was to create chaos in the big democrat run cities under the fig leaf of fighting a race war.

Why was it done?

The Dems knew well before their own primaries that they didn’t stand a chance against Trump in the presidential election coming at them in the next year. To quote from an article written in May of 2019 – “The DNC already accept 2020 is lost“.

How was it done?

They just ordered the police to stand down, not interfere in any crime, and waited for the inevitable criminal activities of domestic terrorist organisations like Antifa, BLM and the criminal classes to get progressively worse over the last three months. It helped having the connivance of a Soros owned local judiciary, exemplified by St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, which just let anyone unlucky enough to be actually arrested by police out of jail the next morning. Amid the mounting chaos of uncontrolled rioting, murder, mayhem, arson and looting, the propaganda line pushed by the Dems and fake news via a convoluted and twisted line of logic was quite simple. It was all Trump’s fault. Given that they think the American electorate is actually that thick, they wrongly believed it was bound to improve their fortunes.

What has it achieved?

The flight of looted and burned down businesses, and therefore work, from the cities in flames. When it’s become so dangerous and there’s no work anyway, people move to safer climes where jobs are available. It has also achieved the death of a 5yo little girl asleep in her buggy at a family BBQ, who got shot through the head by a stray bullet. It’s achieved the death of a 5yo boy executed by another shot through the head but this time at close range in front of his two sisters as they played on their front lawn. It’s achieved another 5yo kid out for a walk with his mother and for no reason being shot through the stomach by two complete strangers.

If you were a family man, never mind an ordinary person, would you stay in a place like that if you could move? NYC alone is estimated to have lost upwards of 500,000 people and the exodus shows no sign of abating but rather increasing. It’s very likely the same depopulation is occurring in other big cities like Portland, Chicago and Seattle. They’re all going bankrupt, so with no money available to rebuild, it’s difficult to see them ever rising from the ashes nor any of the refugees who fled ever coming back to them.

Who are the guilty ones?

Primarily, the Democrat party. They have a long history of having terrorist paramilitary wings that began at the end of the Civil War with their creation and then fostering of the KKK for the next century because the actions of such a violent group were politically deniable. The first film shown at the WH was The Clansman and was watched with great approval by Democrat Pres. Woodrow Wilson, who went on to fire or segregate black Americans in his administration.

The same game is being played with Antifa and BLM – nothing to do with us, but everyone knows. They have been very consistent and discipled about never once condemning any act committed by the rioters, so they’ve simply went back to their old ways of being complicit by their silence, which is actually taken to be tacit approval and encouragement by the crazies burning down Dem controlled cities.

Under Wilson and his predecessors, the Klan enjoyed complete immunity and wouldn’t be prosecuted for anything they did by DA’s or a judiciary that made a mockery of any notion of the Rule of Law. Any bells ringing comparing the situation as it was then to the situation today? Up until a few years ago, there was a senator in Congress who was not only something high up in what is left of the Klan, but also groomed the puppet Joe Biden for high office throughout most of the seventies.

Fake news and the entertainment industry. They have almost been egging on the rioters to commit even greater outrages, all the time casting blame on Trump while never once condemning the rioters for anything. I don’t watch fake news, I don’t visit fake news websites, it’s all lies anyway, and I avoid movies that have far-left activists involved in them. Completely. They can blame their decline on Trump, the China virus or whatever, but it’s me and like-minded people like me who are the reason their circulations, viewers, clicks, movies and profits have all been in free fall for the last few years. It’s the only way an individual can fight back against such monolithic businesses, but if enough people do it, it becomes a long term cancer steadily gnawing away at their entrails.

The judiciary. They have acted like the other Democrat terrorists, except dressed up in fancy robes. They are not guided by statute but by political bias. Any prosecutor or judge allowing an arrested rioter to go free the next day is complicit. You can throw in the Dept. of Justice into that shameful sin bin because I’m sure there must have been some law that might have been used to curb some of the excesses of compromised state judiciaries. It’s perhaps once removed, but the legal profession also have blood on their hands and all the scrubbing in the world won’t get it off.

The educational system. Teaching has degenerated into nothing more than a propaganda wing of the Democrat party. At nearly all levels, it’s become a failing and dysfunctional system run by out of control union power. Think of living in a city like Baltimore that has fifteen public schools and there isn’t a single child from all fifteen who could on leaving pass a basic math test.

Imagine getting an ultimatum from a teacher’s association that they’re prepared to reopen the schools, just as long as the police force is disbanded first. Imagine getting a letter from your school about a planned day to be spent in a Muslim mosque asking for your signed permission, but with the sting in the tail that any refusal will be entered on your child’s permanent record. Imagine getting a letter from school telling parents they must not monitor the remote lessons being taught over the internet. What are they trying to hide? If you said thinly disquised Marxist indoctrination, I don’t think you’d be far wrong.

It’s producing a generation of Bill & Teds who can’t add up two numbers, but by Christ they can automatically regurgitate the politically correct viewpoints on issues like LGBTQ. It’s a lost generation who’ve been taught nothing more than to despise traditional values and to hate their own country.

How’s it going to end?

The country has reached a point where there are several roads that can be taken. The current chaos can be allowed to continue unabated by Democrat mayors and governors, but Kenosha was the breaking point. It’s what you get when citizens call the police and get a flowery pre-recorded message that says in essence no help will be coming. They are literally being left abandoned to defend themselves, and as what happened shows, they will. Push anyone into a desperate corner and they will fight back.

Already across America about 500 militias have been formed which if the civil disorder escalates, and it will if nothing is done, will eventually lead to vigilantism and summary street justice. If you listen carefully to the videos about that night, you can hear a large volume of shots being fired from all over the place. It’s a miracle that only two people were killed. What is real clear though and graphically apparent to communities feeling under threat, is that shooting dead two of the rioters worked. It had the effect of stopping all the rioting immediately.

Another road is the Democrat terrorists masquerading as politicians call off their proxy attack dogs, but whether they have any remaining control over Antifa and BLM is debatable. As I said in a previous article, the genie is out of the bottle and I very much doubt their ability to get it back into the bottle. They’re starting to slowly move in that direction by allowing real arrests of lawbreakers and muttering vague condemnations of the rioters but this wasn’t spurred by any concern over the death and destruction being caused.

It was the combination of them having had the worst convention in living memory, the RNC having a brilliantly successful one and their already dire rating in the polls plunging even further as a reaction to Kenosha. Whether after three months of rioting without a word being said about it, even at their week long convention, they can make a complete and convincing U-turn in strategy and think they can get away with it is asking a lot of a by now jaundiced electorate. Even if they try to do it, I doubt if the far-left who now control the party will let them.

If the mayors and governors capitulate, and accept the federal help Trump has been offering them all along to quell the rioting, it will give rise to threats within the party itself. The election was already lost last year and after a failed and disastrous change of policy to stoke open civil insurrection to bring down Trump, is even more lost after Kenosha.

The road that will win out whatever happens, is Trump taking the election by a landslide, regaining control of both houses of Congress and being finally free of the RINOs and backstabbers in the Republican party who have tried to hinder him at every possible turn. He’ll have a free hand then. Ignore the fake news, the fake polls, Trump is going to win big, the Democrat party will have the worst election night in its history and the waiting far-left elements within it will seize on the opportunity to move into the wreckage to gain complete mastery of the party.


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24 Responses to “The roads from Kenosha, Wisconsin.”
  1. Mr. Wilson says:

    I am so happy to live in a law & order city in a law & order state in a law & order region. There was one BLM protest in a nearby large city. The police let them go 1.5h beyond their permit and then did what it took to shut it down and they’ve been whinging about it in the city council meetings ever since. Rioters burning blue neighborhoods in blue cities in blue states because of police working for those same cities and protected by blue unions are only fueling gun ownership and ensuring President Trump’s reelection.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Margaret Smith says:

    I hope you are right about the outcome. Whatever happens in the US will ultimately happen here so we watch with interest. How on Earth can promoting violence and distruction win elections? They must be relying on election fraud.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. moonwatcherenigma says:

    Pointman – I love reading your blog pieces… living on the other side of the pond here in the UK, you often manage to bridge our two nations and I do find your take interesting and relevant especially these days. The article above is no exception.

    A minor correction if I may, a Glock pistol is not an automatic weapon. It is a semi automatic but otherwise what a story, as things slowly become more and more fragmented. It’s no different here… London being stab central right now as its little hook nosed marxist Mayer sits on and twiddles his thumbs. A particularly messed up world and one with few if any options within politics that embrace a right of centre perspective… the one exception being Trump

    I’m kind of hoping you visit a site here where you get mentioned a good deal – Keep an eye on the most recent post… and check the comments.

    Love your work – keep it up


    Liked by 2 people

    • MarkP says:

      Ditto here as well – from Melbourne, Australia where we are living under a defect police state due to the COVID-1984 hard lockdown restrictions enacted by our state Premier since


  4. Peter Shaw says:

    Thank you Pointman. That’s the way I see it panning out (landslide). I hope we’re right.


  5. JohnTyler says:

    Want to see the riots and violence come to a screeching halt??

    Well, let’s hope the mobs descend upon the homes and families of those politicians – mayors and state governors – who, thru their words and inaction, have encouraged and supported the violence.
    A good beating or two of theses politicians, a thorough terrorizing of their families, the burning down of their homes and total destruction of all their possessions will perhaps compel these politicians to do what they are supposed to do; maintain peace and order and protect the citizenry.
    And while they’re at it, the mobs should also burn down the city hall and the state governor’s office.

    The above will bring clarity to those politicians who still tell the world that we are merely witnessing a “summer of love;” the State commanded National Guard will be immediately deployed, the police will be told to enforce the law, and the city/state attorney general’s will be ordered to prosecute the rioters.

    Just watch how having “skin in the game” can quickly force folks to do what they always knew had to be done.


  6. Shoshin says:

    Biden and Harris refuse to denounce the attack on Sen. Rand Paul and his wife.

    As the left says:

    “Silence is Violence”


  7. philjourdan says:

    Who are you? Seriously! I have not seen this depth of analysis from the Conservative Treehouse! And you are a Brit? Forget Google! You got our number!

    The first film shown at the WH was The Clansman and was watched with great approval by Democrat Pres. Woodrow Wilson, who went on to fire or segregate black Americans in his administration.

    But I will correct this. The first film shown was “Birth of a Nation”. Other than the name you nailed every point! Better than most Americans can!

    I have got to get up to speed on UK history! I feel very outclassed with your knowledge of OUR history and analysis of the current trends.


  8. nb says:

    Very often commentary on the current state of US political shenanigans is rather mild, even commentary by those deeply concerned by current events. You are not mild. The word that comes to mind is ‘excoriating’. It is unimaginable that the citizens of the USA would not react with the contempt and determination you describe. May you be vindicated in your assessment of the outcome of the upcoming election. As an onlooker from afar I watch events in the USA with deep concern, but with an optimism that the people of the USA know what they need to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Pointman says:

    Trump supporter shot and killed on streets of Portland… Developing… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

    Cold blooded murder. –

    ‘I’m Not Sad That A Fu*king Fascist Died Tonight’: Portland Counter-Protesters Celebrate Murder Of Trump Supporter

    It looks like the random killings to provoke armed disturbances are the next escalation.



    • philjourdan says:

      It has begun. The last president to nationalize the Guard was LBJ, but he was merely following in the footsteps of DDE. Trump will not do it before the election. But he will do it after the election.

      As many on the left have noted, his supporters will not be intimidated. We will vote.


  10. Pointman says:

    Some links concerned with Kenosha aftermath.

    Armed Residents Stand Guard to Protect Kenosha Neighborhood –

    Extremism at Kenosha ‘Justice for Jacob’ Rally: ‘If You Kill One of Ours, It’s Time for Us to Kill One of Yours’ –

    MAGA OREGON: Thousands Turn Out in Portland Suburb for Trump Rally –





  11. cdquarles says:

    Yep, sure looks like the ’30s again, reprised again in the ’60s. Political Correctness or Cancel Culture is this generation’s version of Jim Crow (which wasn’t just a Southern thing, just was more formal there).

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Pointman says:

    “The COWARDS at FB don’t want my liberal ‘friends’ to see what the LEFTS and their thugs did to this baby.”



  13. gallopingcamel says:

    Totally amazing! Pointman sees all, understands all and writes brilliantly. His words resonate with me since I saw this movie 50 years ago and I know how it ends.

    On graduating from high school, I spent some months in Pakistan including a visit to the Khyber pass and then returned to the UK for my ”national service”. It was my intention to join the Royal Air Force as an aviator but after being turned down on medical grounds I joined the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment. After “demobilization” from the army I studied Physics at Cambridge university and eventually found my “Thing”, setting up high technology manufacturing facilities. My wife and three children felt cramped in the industrial heartland of England, so we moved to Belfast in 1966. We liked it so much in Northern Ireland that we created our own business with the intent to stay for good. Our dreams were shattered in the early 1970s when civil disobedience flowered into terrorism.
    The house of a friend across the street was blown to pieces, showering glass all over our living room; a close friend was shot five times, yet he lived to become a judge. I was shot at on my way from work and two of my children stumbled on an un-exploded bomb. Although the bomb was defused by the security forces, this scared us enough to sell our business at a loss and seek refuge in the USA.

    When my family arrived in Belfast is was one of the safest cities on earth with violent crime rates comparable with Japan. If I had Pointman’s literary skills I could do justice to the horrors of the first five years of sectarian violence.

    Happily my family made it to the USA. In our first year we paid more in income taxes than my gross income in the UK yet this was a cause for rejoicing since we got to keep twice our UK gross income.

    What made the “Troubles” in Belfast last so long was the failure of “Leaders” on both sides to condemn the violence and especially the religious “Leaders”. Here in North Carolina I am at odds with my Methodist minister since he refuses to condemn the violence. Fortunately this won’t matter (other than the fact that I have lost a friend) since our political leadership is steadfast.

    The mayhem in Democrat managed cities has already guaranteed that Donald Trump will get a second term. How big the margin is depends on things that have not yet happened. It is quite possible that Trump gets a second term with Democrats controlling both House and Senate.

    Trump can’t win 49 states as Ronald Reagan did but he could beat Reagan’s share of the popular vote (58.8%). Trump will win the one state Reagan lost (Minnesota) but he will lose California and New York.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. beththeserf says:

    Burned by their own molotov missile…

    Antifa, Antifa,
    pants, well legs,on fire.
    Who put it out?
    Police put it out!

    Liked by 1 person

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