Are white liberals the same as Muslim extremists?

If like me you think people are defined by their actions rather than their words, then the answer to that question is a definite yes. They both have that same reflexive and violent intolerance to anyone who doesn’t share their fanatical beliefs. The parallels are compelling. On any issue, there is only one correct position to take.

The world as it actually is must be made to conform to their distorted view of it, no matter if it obviously clashes with reality or even common sense. If shoplifting is only done by those oppressed by capitalism and in desperate need, legalise it but only up to items costing less than $950. What small Mom and Pop local store can survive a San Francisco ordinance like that, or is that the whole point of the exercise? Covert rather than forced collectivisation?

Fourth rate male athletes can enter and compete in women’s sports by simply declaring they identify as women and as if by magic shortly become number one in their chosen sport. Strangely enough, they’re rewriting the records for every women’s sport they’re allowed into and in each instance a lot of top-class women athletes are walking away from a sport they’ve dedicated years of their life to. Mebbe they’re just sore losers who can’t fit into the great reset.

Everyone else in the world who doesn’t share their beliefs must be forced to conform to their ideology, and by any means possible whether those means are violent or even legal. Any low-level believer within the cult who dissents on any theological point in however trivial a way must be instantly banished from it. Anyone who leaves the cult in favour of another one is under automatic sentence of death metaphorically, and sometimes literally.

The leaders and higher ups in the cult can break all the rules but only for as long such transgressions don’t become public. The same is true of figures who’re almost beatified by the cult. If their true lifestyle comes out into the open, no time is wasted throwing them under the bus. Bill Gates is currently finding out about how quickly that can happen. The divorce details coming out of him playing grab ass with his female employees have deeply offended a cult meme. I have to wonder if he was doing it to beautiful young boys would it have been such a big thing?

If you think his pending meteoric downfall might be due to all those frequent flier visits to convicted paedophile Epstein’s Pleasure Island, think again. Sexual perversion is an approved lifestyle within the liberal cult, especially with young livestock. Everyone in the elite circle knew exactly what service Epstein specialised in providing and if you believe the yarn that Gates was merely repeatedly cultivating Epstein to get his backing for a Nobel Peace prize, then relax into the bliss of your gullibility.

Have you ever wondered why liberals want to suppress all religions except one? That’d be Islam by the way. Your country may be overwhelmingly Christian in its various forms, but the only religion that ever gets the virtuous tick mark from the media and fake news is Islam. Like recognises like, so slight doctrinal differences such as being absolutely adamant about LGBT rights and not wasting a bullet on a homosexual by taking them up to the flat roof of a tall building and flinging them off it are not mentioned.

The various oligarchs of the plutocracy ruling America don’t believe in anything but money and power. What Lenin called the useful idiots have now evolved into useful fanatical movements which they have ultimate purse strings control of. The reality behind all the teeth-baring fanaticism of such groups is a steel bridle between their teeth and the reins at the end of it are held firmly in the hands of the oligarchs.

As profits dictate, they’ll either jerk back hard on the lead or slip it to set the attack dogs loose on anything that threatens their profit flows. They control the media, entertainment, law, the enforcement of it, religious institutions and greedy politicians, so they use it. Little corner convenience stores going under? So what, the money that used to go there will now flow into their coffers. Destroying women’s sports? A valuable conditioning exercise for the general population – you will conform without a peep to the diktats of the powers that be no matter how patently ludicrous they are.

As for Gates, if you’re not discreet, smart or ruthless enough to let your true lifestyle leak downwards to the serfs, you become one of them and therefore a liability to the whole grand illusion. They will loose their dogs on you to protect their great reset of free society back to an obedient consumer serfdom.


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5 Responses to “Are white liberals the same as Muslim extremists?”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    GK Chesterton, while certainly having feet of clay, saw this very conundrum and addressed it nearly 100 years ago.


  2. NoFixedAddress says:


    Just read this and encourage others to check it out.


  3. another ian says:



    A FYI – filed under “great moments in socialism”

    “Butter made from coal….mmmmm…sounds yummy….”

    And other recommended watching


  4. another ian says:



    “Myanmar, Flynn, and Suddenly I Care about Burma”


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