The end of the old Republic.

The political structure of how a country is governed is always an artificial structure created by powerful and influential people. If they’ve no interest in the welfare of the ordinary person, they’ll create and brutally enforce a system that’s designed purely for their benefit, though it’s usually masked behind a fancy name containing a combination of words like democratic, peoples, republic, socialist and free.

Within that type of system, there’s no possibility of peaceful change and since it’s organised purely to satisfy the greed of its creators which is insatiable, it’ll progressively reduce the people to an abject level of poverty. The poor wretches in the picture above are Venezuelan, once known as the richest country in S. America because of its oil reserves, are what always results in living under such a system.

If the people who originally crafted the system have any genuine interest in the welfare of the common man, they’ll put something in place in which that common man has the deciding say in how his country is run. It may not be perfect, but that’s always done on a system of one man, one vote and the country goes the way of whatever is decided by the majority of the people. It’s an axiomatic truism that the average man doesn’t follow politics that closely, and therein lies the danger to whatever perfect political system is being designed by any truly altruistic people.

The true danger to such a system will always come from within and always from the same class – the professional politician who can be bought by the money of the extremely rich.

It’s therefore not enough to put something together that works in their lifetime. It has to have builtin safeguards, checks and balances if you will, that will be inherently resistant to the rich class simply buying the professional political class at some future time. It’s impossible to run any country without having a central capital somewhere, and that’s where the professional politicians will always congregate. If such a centralised political class is allowed to exercise absolute control over all the states that comprise the country, then it’s only required to corrupt a few politicians to effectively seize unelected control of an entire country, and from there on it’ll be run to the satisfaction of an elite minority.

The people who crafted the American republic were aware of the danger it faced even back then and responded by building in two safeguards for the people. The first was to deny absolute power to a federal Washington over the people. Only certain tightly restricted powers were allowed to be exercised by the federal government, but everything else was to be decided exclusively by the individual states that made up the Union. The second measure was to have a written constitution that enumerated the rights of every citizen in such a way that no governing body, whether at federal or state level, could ride roughshod over.

Those measures and some others like settling on a republic model were put together by great men of which the young America was fortunate to have an embarrassment of riches at that point in its history. Truly great men like Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and others, but also Thomas Jefferson and John Adams who respectively advocated passionately for a devolved or a central model of governance. A compromise was made between those polar opposites but at the same time, something workable was fashioned by them all that would last for over the next two and a half centuries and because of that the average American prospered.

He prospered because he was no longer a serf chained to the land in perpetuity or a ruthlessly exploited man being worked to death by rapacious capitalists. Of course there were ups and downs, but the simple fact that in the end they had the final say at an election about what they really thought about whoever was currently in Washington always rebalanced the situation in his favour. People from all over the world fled tyranny, exploitation, servitude, discrimination and worse to get to America, but above all what they were fleeing from was situations in which there was absolutely no hope of change, neither for them or their children.

This impure nation of mongrels of all races, creeds and colours built a society that rewarded their labours, their ingenuity and their loyalty, both to it and each other. Gone forever was the prospect of a bleak immutable future for you and your children that the generations before you had endured. It truly was the land of opportunity, of change, of advancement that depended on nothing more than hard work and your own merits. Fathers of a family in modest circumstances could actually tell a young child that even you could one day become president of this great country, and that actually happened more than once.

It all worked, at times admittedly a bit uneven, but only because the elections were free and fair.

The presidential election of 2020 was neither. Through various means and methods, fabulously rich men and powers stole it and once having wrested control, are now determined to nail that control down in such a way that the ordinary American will never have any prospect of breaking their grip on it. The method they’re using is new legislation passed by a Congress that’s firmly in their pocket.

The name of that bill passed last week is H.R. 1 or the “For the People Act”, as it’s being touted by the propaganda machine. It plainly legalises the amalgam of illegalities that were used to steal the election in the first place. The appearance of a republic is to go on, but it’ll actually be a plutocracy run by an oligarchy and enforced by federal statutes. A selection of some of the laws in the 800 page document couldn’t make it any plainer.

It drives a coach and team of horses right through the constitution and the rights of states to govern themselves, and don’t expect much help from the SCOTUS with any of it. I’d bet the new laws are all news to most people.

From now on, federal rather than state law will dictate the method, ways and rules of congressional elections. There go the balances and checks the founding fathers put in place.

No voter ID or no prior registration required to be able to vote.

Illegal aliens can register and vote with the prospect of detention or deportation being made illegal.

Impossible rules placed on purging voter lists, with a threat of imprisonment for making any infractions.

Federal crime if a state raises any misgivings about an election, punishable by five years in a federal prison.

Ex-convicts can be registered to vote or federal funds to state prisons will be slashed.

No photo ID voting by mail mandated nationwide. Any such registration lasts forever.

Voters may designate another person to return their postal vote. ie legalised ballot harvesting. Backed up by campus vote coordinators also collecting forms.

Voting without any photo ID at all, just as long they have their own signed affidavit that they’re who they say they are.

Federals taking over control of the boundaries of electoral counties and districts. ie Gerrymandering.

Restrictions on any corporate body donating to elections or buying advertising time towards that end. Advertisers mandated to record all instances of such purchases.

Reversal of legislation that banned punitive use of executive organs of government like the IRS on opposition political groups.

Campaign donations can now be legally used by candidates for personal uses. That’ll be a rich seam for them to harvest, but you’ll never get a breakdown of the expenditure.

FEC downsized from six to five persons, two from either party but the third nominated by el prez. Rigging it of course.

From now on, it’s back 250 years to a no prospect of change America.


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10 Responses to “The end of the old Republic.”
  1. Fraizer says:

    The one big miss of the founders is that they never conceived of the professional politician. If they had they would have written in term limits into the constitution. I guess understandable in their time when it was an imposition to leave your livelihood and go and SERVE. It a miss none the less.


  2. ColA says:

    Thanks Pointy,
    I enjoy your blog and a fresh eye on what’s news.
    First time I have seen any sort of summary of H.R.1 and you guys have got real problems over there, unfortunately the West and Aus often follows US, we certainly have the same problems with politics, MSM, Courts Military, higher and lower education heading left at increasing pace and the young unable to see the disaster they have been indoctrinated to want.

    It is often said socialism/communism works great until someone elses money runs out!
    But they wont understand that until it’s way too late and they are certainly not listening to those who do.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. chaamjamal says:

    The subversion of democracy by the consensus of elites?


  4. NoFixedAddress says:


    Chuck this wherever…. lol

    Browser Wars Revisited

    I have used Firefox from not long after it was first released around 18 years ago.

    I recently changed to Dissenter which is somehow a fork from Brave which is a fork from Chromium.

    I think Brave has an issue with Dissenter?

    Everything in Firefox came over.

    I get TOR built in


  5. NoFixedAddress says:

    Pointman and pointy observers

    Check out the post at The Conservative Treehouse and the embedded interview within from Steve Bannon with US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    I know Australia is in the same boat as described for US.


  6. Richard Ilfeld says:

    When I was a teenager MLK made a famous speech. We spent several generations thereafter dismantling overt segregation, and opening opportunity to all in a color blind & mostly gender blind meritocracy. If one believes that there are intrinsic differences between people, and tribal, family, cultural, and capabilities affinities are a natural human condition, we probably went as close as was possible to get to equality before the law in a society our size and a species where the rich always favor themselves. You could be pretty sure a female doctor had fully passed medical school; an African American pilot fully aced flight training; or an immigrant with imperfect English handling a technical task was trained on that task. [insert your own experience here!]
    The biggest long term curse of the woke may be that they have structurally re-segregated societies
    rules (living arrangements again seem following).
    The formal requirements for school admission or achievement; for gaining a government contract or job, for military entrance or achievement, and in many government agencies and large private firms now have structural racial preferences.
    When MLK spoke, the curse was that a black person would be assumed inferior, regardless of “the content of his character”.
    Under the current structural assumptions, as a class, people of color are presumed inferior, in need of help, a priori, regardless of the content on their character. Structural racism, doncha know!
    The difference between now and then?
    If a person of color then ran the gauntlet of professional qualification they were presumed, if anything, overqualified. The road may have been harder that necessary, but a just reward appeared at the end for many, and the statistics for the cohert of such folks coming of age between 1980 and 2000 bears this out economically; the election of people of color to high office bears it out politically.
    Today, until we remove the structures built by the racist woke, we’ll make the opposite assumption.


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