Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.

With the elimination of Trump and the Swamp once again in the driving seat, the new battle cry on lips of propagandists and collaborators alike is “let’s get back to normal”. There’s not a bum taking up on a seat in Congress that doesn’t know the election was blatantly stolen, and by implication the Biden regime is totally illegal, but life goes on, albeit in a slightly modified fashion. McConnell’s task in this new normal is to convince all those aggrieved people who voted for Trump that it’s exactly the same as the old normal, but of course given its tainted provenance, it never can.

The Republican representatives in Congress will represent their interests and fight the increasingly anti-conservative and anti-constitutional measures proposed by the duly elected Biden administration. Cancel culture will be resisted by them as will the wholesale rewriting of American history. The steal never happened and Biden is most definitely not senile nor a puppet president, just one who believes so passionately in delegation that he even has his VP handling all his phone calls with other heads of state. Great battles, well publicised by respected news organs like CNN and NYT Pravda, will be fought but somehow they’ll only succeed against the legitimately elected Biden administration when the gain is minor or a sop being thrown to the restless proles.

To use a very earthy term because it’s so apt, it’ll all be a load of bollocks. The regime craves respectability and every pupped government has to have a puppet opposition, so McConnell’s immediate aim is to purge the GOP in Congress until it’s suitable for its new role. Many Republican congressmen will quietly accept the new regime-friendly orientation because after all being in Congress is with a little care and attention a job for life that also pays extremely well, and I’m not talking about their substantial salaries.

The dissidents already in place will have to be put up with until the next election cycle, when they’ll be deselected, but as the regime now controls the Senate, it’s not a major problem. Only this week, McConnell signalled his intentions by saying only candidates considered electable would get the full backing of the GOP machine, with electable being code speak for not Trumpers.

With most of America sitting at home under house arrest twiddling their thumbs and wearing muzzles, it does make sense. They’re not in a position to object to anything the regime does, so silencing the last remaining people who’re supposed to speak for them in Washington is a logical move.

That’s Mitch’s plan and you’ll see him pursuing it in future. Trump issued a vitriolic statement about McConnell in the wake of his announcement to purge the GOP, which made no bones about him as a politician or as a person. Trump coming out to trash McConnell reminded me of something said by another president who chose on occasion to use some earthy expressions. The president was Lincoln and the occasion was him being asked why he’d appointed to his cabinet a person who rabidly hated him. No doubt after searching for nicer ways of putting it, he replied simply – I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside pissing in.

A small investment in the umbrella futures market looks to be a reasonable bet.


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4 Responses to “Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.”
  1. Fraizer says:

    “…with electable being code speak for Trumpers…”

    Typo? Did you mean Anti-Trumpers?


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    Gab’s Andrew Torba has an interesting article also Pointman.

    It is titled It’s Time To Build Our Own Economy and he focuses on localizing populism.


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