An indication of Trump’s future intentions towards the GOP?

When you’re rich and powerful, there are always too many things to keep an eye on, so you delegate. You appoint managers to specific areas of authority who are loyal, have good judgement and handle their tasks. As long as you trust them, that’s all that matters. If they’re not particularly good on detail, you … Continue reading

Mitch McConnell purges the GOP.

With the elimination of Trump and the Swamp once again in the driving seat, the new battle cry on lips of propagandists and collaborators alike is “let’s get back to normal”. There’s not a bum taking up on a seat in Congress that doesn’t know the election was blatantly stolen, and by implication the Biden … Continue reading


All living languages evolve, which is to say both the meaning and emotional payload attached to words change. Research why so many village lanes are called Country Lane in England or the evolution of the word “nice” from the very precise meaning, irony intended, in Shakespeare’s plays, to its modern day meaning which ranges from … Continue reading