Your children are part of the great reset.

About ten years ago, I wrote a short series of articles on how to use the internet safely. They covered basic security stuff but were needed at the time by a lot of people who were new to the whole idea of surfing the web. In essence, they covered the dangers, how the dangers operated and how to avoid them. One of the most difficult ones to write was about online grooming of children. Doubly difficult, since as a parent anything like that I find deeply repulsive but after finalising the article, I realised it had to be readable not only by parents, but possibly by a distressed child in deep trouble and searching the net for some way out.

The actual article covered in general terms how grooming was done and escalated, warned of some common misconceptions about the predators and gave some basic precautions about how to protect your child from them. A decade is a long time when it comes to the internet in terms of both its development and means of usage. At the time it was written, the most common vector of attack on your children came from a desktop or laptop connected to the internet. The advice was to position your computer in the family living room where your children’s activities could be easily monitored.

A lot has changed since then, most especially internet access via a mobile phone, which too many young children use without any simple means of monitoring them. With a smartphone, they can be anywhere and in some innocent chat rooms catering for young children, which be in no doubt are the hunting grounds for online groomers. Know your enemy – they always go where the children are because access to victims is always their priority.

The classic method of grooming is to gradually isolate the child from their parents and after the abuse has been done, keep in contact with them so it can be repeated. Threats and persuasion are the methods used to keep that contact, most especially convincing them that there’s nothing wrong with what’s happening – it’s totally normal.

The organisation of the threat has changed too. There are still single individuals out there pursuing their deviant habits, but increasingly they now operate as bands or clubs swapping pictures and videos of child abuse, and even victims. A number of years back, two women working at a crèche/daycare centre were discovered sexually abusing toddlers and even infants in their care and then sending the pictures to their boyfriend who circulated them in an online ring of similar perverts. That’s by no means an isolated incident. You’re up against wolf packs these days.

The simple solutions suggested ten years ago are nowadays not sufficient. A bigger and more direct emphasis on educating your children about the predators is required, as is something else. If your child refuses to listen or are ultra secretive about their smart phone activities, you confiscate it. There comes a certain point as a parent where you have to decide whether you’re their best friend or their parent. The soft choice of remaining their best friend, rather than a parent who says no and means it, ends all too often disastrously for a child.

The big hidden danger that I see increasingly is the normalisation of child sexual abuse. Too many children’s sites, publications and even big Hollywood productions of not only movies but TV shows subtly portray pedophilia as just a sexual choice that in the great liberal tradition must be allowed to express itself free of any criticism. This is pre-grooming of the child and is aimed solely at the child, circumventing the parents.

As I said, access is all to pedophiles, so they’ll naturally join media organisations associated with children such as Disney, which judging by things like their “Show Dogs” animated film, now operate in an interior liberal culture determined to push the bounds of what’s acceptable sexual behaviour and child sexual abuse. Again, it’s up to you to keep in touch with what shows, films and sites your child visits. You have to be the judge of whether it’s innocent stuff or subtle pre-grooming.

What you should also note is the air of offense taken when consumers are offended by the subtle nature of the product – that reflects an interior culture genuinely shocked that what they consider woke is deeply repugnant to the average person. Boycotting the product or company is always a good step, but putting pressure back on them for producing such morally subversive propaganda is better. Once you spot an instance of it, complain either to the production company, the distributor, broadcasting standards or if necessary law enforcement. Above all, spread the word far and wide.

But, the subtle danger you really need to be aware of is that it’s not you they’re trying to program into accepting child sexual abuse as normal, but subconsciously your children.


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4 Responses to “Your children are part of the great reset.”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:


    Evil is coming at true believers of The Christ.


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    And Pointman, if I may, I would encourage folk to check out and similar websites to at least be aware.


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