With the publication of the FISA memo, you’re going to be getting finely detailed analyses, retrospective construction of the pertinent timelines, what’s actually in it and so on. Instead of following that route, I’d like to make some general observations, drawn from my own experiences dealing with similar but more modest situations, about how the events detailed in it could ever come about, who I think are the other culprits ducking furiously the fan-propelled ordure, the eternal question of what is to be done, and last but not least, what are the deeper implications of the insight America has just had into the inner workings of what President Trump rightly named the Washington swamp.

As usual, Trump has used the opportunity to its most devastating effect. It’s another Trump Zugzwang, with no non-damaging way out of it for the opposition. He’s been extremely careful to stay remote from its production but its timing, or rather the long delay in bringing it to the public, has worked beautifully to both build a massive feeling of expectation, and all against the counterpoint of various parties such as the FBI, DoJ and the DNC insisting it shouldn’t be published (guilty conscience), names should be redacted (hide the traitors), demanding the people who produced it be fired (plain silly at this stage) and of course cobbling together their very own memo about something or other that they seriously think is going to get a minute’s notice from anybody but CNN in the coming days.

As Julian Assange remarked today – “I find it remarkable how comprehensively the Democrats, DoJ and FBI have played into Trump’s hands over the Nunes memo. By conspicuously trying to hide information they have aligned themselves against the public, drawn suspicion and imbued the memo with totemic power.”

There are times when the full bad news can only be broken to someone in successive stages, otherwise it would be too much to take in at one go. Like eating an elephant, it can be done, but only mouthful by mouthful. The contents of the memo will come as a large shock to a lot of decent Americans not particularly aligned along any political divide, but who still believed with a few reservations in the integrity of the offices and major branches of the state. I’ve known as much as anyone outside Washington can, of how corrupt the Obama years were, especially in its second administration when it seemed to be able to get away with anything.

All the bad signs were there to be seen.

There’s a saying most people know – power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. I agree completely with the second part of it, but the first part requires certain prevailing conditions for it to be equally true. If the person or persons wielding power do so within a framework of accountability, then them having power doesn’t necessarily lead to them becoming corrupt. When such people operate within an environment completely devoid of any accountability, then corruption will ensue as surely as night follows day.

Real accountability is a meaningless concept outside of a real democracy, and within that framework it is the duty of certain groups of people to keep a watchful eye on the activities of an elected government and its executive organs. Those particular groups ensuring some accountability are the ones you’d expect.

The judiciary, of whom Ronald Reagan famously said only exists at times to protect the people from their own government, turned a blind eye. That man had many true insights into the real functions of organs of American governance. The judicial system failed lamentably, because they allowed themselves to become nothing more than appointed puppets of an administration who cherry picked its way through every field of candidates looking for the compliant ones who had friendly political beliefs. They never had a problem finding suitable candidates.

The political opposition parties, a part of whose usual job is to highlight any abuses of power which might occur, were mute. They were totally ineffective through a mixture of incompetence and having no stomach for a fight, especially the latter. They just coasted along, refusing to engage in any conflict, and just relying on the eternal turn and turn again of politics. Eventually, after enough years, the Democrat administration would fall out of voter favour and they’d take over from them. Notice that the last thing they were considering with such a saturnine approach was America or God forbid, the welfare of its people.

None of those parties did their job in the eight years of economic, political and societal decay that characterised the Obama era. However, the traditional group on whose shoulders should have rested the main burden of enforcing accountability, the press, essentially gave the administration a free pass for eight years. There was never to be any holding to account for failures, no criticism of blatant corruption and everything was spun as sunshine and light. The only exception was to be the character assassination of anyone who dared to note that the regal Obama wasn’t wearing any clothes.

The Obama era was eight years of industrial decay, rising unemployment, running down of military capability, political corruption on a grand and blatant scale, oppressive use of the executive branch such as the IRS to intimidate political opposition, illegal wiretapping and bugging of opponents, rising crime, deliberate and unprecedented stoking of racial tensions, a seemingly ever-growing and unstoppable opioid crisis and a foreign policy shambles that resulted in America being at war somewhere around the globe, and with no realistic prospect of winning, for every single day of those eight years.

Even the Secretary of Defense in the last month of the administration, when asked how many wars America was currently entangled in, replied he didn’t quite know. For eight solid years, the administration was never brought to task by the mainstream media to defend that litany of successive disasters, blunders, corruption and abuses of power.

There was absolutely no hand brake of accountability to stop the administration corrupting both the judicial and executive branches of the government, meaning the DoJ and the FBI, and that’s exactly what it did. It bred a compliant attitude amongst its appointees who’d do whatever was asked of them by the politicians, irrespective of whether it was illegal or unconstitutional. All the oaths to protect the constitution and the laws of the country were dumped in favour of career advancement, and the prospect of joining some inner circle of powerful people in the Washington swamp.

What it produced over nearly a decade was a cadre of insiders spread across all the organs of government whose only allegiance was political and that to the Democrat party, and who not only saw themselves exalted and above the law, but in their heart despised those little Americans.

As an example of the kind, James Comey’s twitter account has a header “a higher loyalty”, and what that actually means is the loyalty to the higher ruling elite, which comes in well above such petty things as America and the constitution. It was he, when he was still head of the FBI, who passed notes to a friend of private meetings he was having with the president, so they could be leaked to the press. Since Trump fired him, he’s since been invited to lecture on ethics at a college …

The attitude of that cadre was and still remains – you vulgar little people can go to a polling booth and do your silly little voting, but it means nothing to us because we’re the ones who actually run the country, whether you know it or not. We, us, your masters and betters, will never give up until we restore the country to the control of its natural rulers. Not only was the stink of that arrogant corruption present before and during the presidential election, but it has continued unabated into the first year of the Trump presidency.

In one year, Trump eviscerated ISIS, successfully fronted up Putin and North Korea, pulled manufacturing back to America, got nearly a quarter million Americans back in work, reduced black and Hispanic American unemployment to levels never before seen, re-budgeted the armed forces with an increase of $56 billion, slashed job-choking regulations left right and centre, put the country on an unprecedented 4% pa growth curve, rocketed the Dow Jones on to successive record-breaking highs, gave the American worker a huge tax cut and most importantly put some chest-swelling pride back into saying you’re an American and one who no longer feels obliged to go around apologising to the rest of the world about it.

How was that little lot covered by the mainstream media? It wasn’t, it was ignored, as the FISA memo was. It’s non-news, snopaked out of the non-stop 24/7 media stream of jabbering airheads hyperventilating over nothing for all they’re worth. Instead, it’s become critical to report how many scoops of ice cream Trump had when treating his extended family to a private dinner to celebrate winning the presidency, or whether his wife is wearing high heels. The American mass media took a huge gamble and lost, and what they lost is irreplaceable – the trust of the ordinary person.

People will need to be dismissed from government posts with complete loss of any benefits accrued over however many years of employment. Organisations like the FBI and DoJ have fallen into such disrepute, that only a brutal and very public, root and branch cutting back of its leadership structure stands any chance of restoring the respect and trust they formerly enjoyed, and I most certainly do not exclude elements of the intelligence community from the great purge with its attendant criminal trials.

Why wasn’t the president apprised by his own intelligence services of such a senior management and widespread campaign of treason against him? They were either blissfully unaware of it, which I simply cannot believe, or were cynically content to turn a blind eye to such treason for their own reasons. They too, should not be allowed to slink away without a thorough investigation of what involvement they had, or what they chose to ignore.

Throwing a few middle-management minions on the mercy of the courts will simply not do, because they got their orders from more senior players, who’re the senior figures, the corrupters who should be standing trial. The argument will be made, and in most circumstances is one I support and have supported in the past, is that the high office they occupied, such at Attorney General of the United States, has to be protected.

You have to protect the office of state by not bringing it into disrepute, even if that’s at the cost of allowing some lowlife who momentarily occupied it to slither out of any fitting retribution. It’s like the army saying – you salute the rank, not the perhaps indifferent man who might be wearing a superior officer’s uniform.

But I think in this case, any injury to an office of state will have just have to be borne, because what these men were up to was conspiring against the will of the American people, the constitution and willfully breaking laws with impunity. That’s called treason. There are no nicer words for it and the laws pertinent to it are still on the statute books and active. But that’s not my deepest concern about these people because I know their type. They are not nice people.

Every admission you get out of them is like pulling teeth one by one, and the one thing you can be certain of is that when they tell you that’s all they know, there’s surely more and they’re just lying to you, so you keep going at them until you’re absolutely sure you’ve squeezed them dry. I can assure you, the memo is only the beginning, there’s a lot more to come out, and I think it could be even worse.

There’s something else I know about them and that’s where their limits are. They have no limits. They will pursue their objectives and neither law nor constitution will deter them until those objectives are reached. They failed to stop him being elected, they then failed to sabotage his administration, they’re going to fail to stymie the wave of investigations into their activities, so there’s only one more thing left to try, and I wouldn’t put it past them.

They are true fanatics, so the very real possibility of arranging a political assassination of the president simply cannot be ruled out. Only a continued, detailed and thorough investigation of their activities in Washington can give assurance that no plans of that nature, however tentative, were discussed.

Once in a while, you get to see the real face of a corrupt and arrogant person, and for a fleeting instant all the well-groomed urbanity is stripped away when they lose their habitual iron control. It nearly always happens when their authority is questioned or their pride offended. It’s their true face.

That’s the sort of face you’re looking at above.


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33 Responses to “Treason.”
  1. gwaigau says:

    Thanks Pointman. Spot on. What a day to be alive and on the offensive for once!

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  2. philjourdan says:

    All you say is true. And it did take the complicity of both parties to allow it to happen.

    It started with Bush 43 refusing to address the excesses of the Clinton regime. By granting a blanket pass to them, he emboldened the democrats to not only continue flaunting the law, but to ramp up their abuses! It showed that even when they lost the whitehouse, no one would look under the rug for the crap they left.

    The Coup de Grace was when the republicans in Congress TOLD Obama that impeachment was “off the table”. At that time, Obama could have imposed dictatorship upon the country (and virtually did), and no one would check him. The system of checks and balances was destroyed. By the democrats who flaunted the law, and the republican who were willing to cover it up for them. Then Trump was elected. And the whole thing was exposed.

    It is going to take a lot of years to repair the damage, if it ever is. It took 20 years for the effects of Watergate to dissipate. But I have my doubts that the damage will be repaired. I suspect that it is just an omen of the way things will happen in the future.

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    • gallopingcamel says:

      The damage could be repaired in short order if the GOP lawmakers would get behind Trump and his agenda,

      Given the worthless, spineless, yellow bellies who run the GOP I am not getting my hopes up.

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  3. Pedro the Swift says:

    Those last three paragraphs terrify me Pointy. It is the only way to silence him.

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    • Keitho says:

      They will almost certainly try Pedro. They will not stand by while they see their power and treasure leak away.

      Let’s take comfort in the knowledge that the President has some very capable men and women around him. They will do their utmost to keep him safe.

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      • freddiemacblog says:

        Given what has been exposed about DOJ/FBI and what we know about the IRS, the question must be asked: how much should Trump trust the Secret Service?

        There have already been irregularities with coverage (i.e., agent posting a selfie of himself and Trump’s sleeping grandson). As with the FBI, I *want* to believe that there are dedicated, honest and loyal people in the rank and file, but severe doubts remain.

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      • philjourdan says:

        More than any crimes committed, your hesitation to trust them is the greatest casualty of the scandal. I cannot fault you for your fears. I want to believe the rank and file are still honest dedicated agents. And until proven otherwise, I will. But there is a lot of reason to doubt it as you say.

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      • Pointman says:

        The Secret Service protection detail has been at the centre of several grubby scandals over the last few years, with even one bureau chief putting on her Facebook page that she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump.

        If that’s the culture, I would be rooting out anyone of a similar disposition and leavening the detail with a few special forces operatives, who actually have experience of being shot at and reacting to it immediately.


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      • Keitho says:

        Your point is well taken, however I was thinking more of the generals, Rex and the like. People who are looking out for him rather than physically protecting him. But without good close security he would be very vulnerable as you say.


  4. torquaymada says:


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  5. Bruckner8 says:

    On Point, Pointman!

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  6. Annie says:

    Excellent, Pointman. I also fear the possibility you voice but pray that he will survive to carry on the good work.

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  7. R Gon says:

    POTUS security needs to be tripled.

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  8. Blackswan says:


    Agreed – treason indeed. If anybody knew the extent of what Trump faced, it was Trump. His SOTU address was very specific in its wording, delivered in a deceptively non-threatening, carefully controlled ‘sotto voce’ manner but lethal in its implications for his enemies.

    He noted the continuation of Guantanamo Bay, used the term “enemy combatants”, and it wasn’t just an ‘incidental’ mention. Recent history has shown us that an ‘enemy combatant’ is no longer defined as a person in a military uniform firing a military weapon in a declared armed conflict against an enemy state. Today, such a combatant may be elected to Public Office, may live among us, wield a knife, machete, drive a vehicle into defenceless crowds or, as we’ve seen in recent years …. infiltrate a Government, its Legislature, Judiciary …. using a nation’s own civil protections to conceal their nefarious activities and to silence any dissenting voice.

    Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch et al are ALL (or have been) lawyers, Officers of the Court sworn to – “ … support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic …”

    Their traitorous behaviour in trashing the Constitution and wantonly breaking the Law makes them enemies of the State … enemies of the People. It is THEY who are the “enemies, domestic”, thus they are Enemy Combatants who conspired to undermine a great Democratic Republic.

    With a partisan Judiciary now so broadly compromised, and the remote likelihood of finding an unbiased jury in ANY jurisdiction in the USA, charging them as traitors and trying them offshore before a Military Tribunal is the only feasible option. The Voir Dire process alone could drag on for years in a vain attempt to find an unbiased jury.

    A death sentence would be peachy but likely to spark WW3, so locking them up for the rest of their miserable lives is the only alternative. Short of perpetual solitary confinement in a Federal prison on the mainland, where their traitorous arses would be toast in five minutes flat, Gitmo is the only option.

    And Trump has paved the way for all of that to happen.

    Consider this … in President Trump’s Executive Order of the 21st Dec 2017 he VERY quietly declared … “I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.”

    “Civil liberties activists have made a huge deal of the provisions within the NDAA that permit indefinite detention of American citizens. Thiessen, apparently, thinks habeas corpus (the right enshrined in Article 1 of our Constitution) can be suspended indefinitely by just declaring our nation to be in a state of permanent war.”

    In one fell swoop Trump just covered all his bases, but whether he acts on it remains to be seen. A national state of emergency suspends any protections an ‘enemy, domestic’ might have hidden behind. All bets are off.

    Public Enemy No1 has to be Traitor 44, the greatest fraudster in the annals of world history. For starters, he’s not an American citizen so has zero protection under the Constitution. He can be slapped in an orange jumpsuit, shackled and shipped off to the sunny climes of Cuba tomorrow. There’s a reason he recently retained NINE lawyers in various jurisdictions.

    Donald J. Trump, a man sure to go down in history as the bloke with the biggest set of cojones ever to take on the Deep State. God willing, he’ll win … for his People and for the rest of us elsewhere on the planet currently at the mercy of utterly corrupt Governments bent on silencing us as they strip our Treasuries bare and make us debt-slaves for generations to come.

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    • Blackswan says:

      Might be worth taking a closer peek at Sections 3,4,5 & 6 of the Executive Order ….

      For example:

      Sec. 4. The prohibitions in section 1 include:

      (a) the making of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services by, to, or for the benefit of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked pursuant to this order; and

      (b) the receipt of any contribution or provision of funds, goods, or services from any such person.

      To my simple everyman’s understanding of this E/O this means that under this state of “national emergency” that once a person’s or entity’s funds and assets have been frozen it then becomes unlawful for ANY donation of money or goods and services to be made to that person or entity, thus leaving the donor open to prosecution as well.

      Once the current 3,500 sealed indictments begin to be acted upon and bank accounts or assets are frozen then there’ll be no GoFundMe money-raising going on lest all the donors suddenly find themselves indicted too, as well as further charges to be laid against the recipient. It’s all been “prohibited”. Oh dear.

      If the DNC is charged as a corrupt entity (for paying for phoney dossiers and accepting illegal laundered foreign money), then they too will be prohibited from accepting any further funding from any source. No more DNC.

      Am I reading this correctly? Or does it mean something else?

      I’d appreciate other readers’ more learned opinions.


  9. gallopingcamel says:

    Comey wants us to think of him as a “Boy Scout” but he is a “Dirty Cop”. As Hannity suggests he needs to stop tweeting:

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  10. Keitho says:

    The next event will be the Horowitz report. The OIG has been working for a year on this and much, much more. I am looking forward to that coming out.

    Likewise the Mueller report, particularly now that he has asked for Gen. Flynn’s sentencing to be put back to May.

    These are indeed good days when we see a President who is trying to implement the policies he campaigned on and is excoriated by the swamp and its media for doing so. When we have a President who manifestly loves America and wants us all to be happy and is hated by a subsection of society who have total disdain for us, the little people.

    President Trump is on target and thank God he is tough and focused on making America great again.


  11. Margaret Smith says:

    The saying is “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
    Our Labour Party is now fully Marxist, Momentum is our Antifa and the methods are identical. The left control education and the civil service (our Deep State). Cameron and Osborne are our RINOs or should that be CINOs? It’s been happening all over the western world – a concerted effort for world communism and domination by elites.

    The problem is getting the average person to understand the extreme danger.

    Typo: in para Throwing a few middle-management minions….Me should be BE, I think.

    Pointy. Fixed, thanks Margaret


  12. Gerry Morrow says:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton

    Good article – again.


  13. Russ Wood says:

    Meanwhile, down in sh*ttiest South Africa, the gangster formerly known as President Zuma is on his last legs. With Vice President Ramaphosa voted in (narrowly) as head of the ANC, it’s just a matter of time before Zuma is out, one way or another. And corruption chickens are coming home to roost, Parliament has (finally!) decided that it’s not just a rubber stamp, and even the bought-and-paid-for National Prosecutor has released some leashes on the serious financial crimes unit! A large proportion of the National Exchequer has disappeared, probably for good, probably to Dubai (no extradition), and it’s unlikely that we’ll get much of it back. but the corruptors and corruptees are probably in for a hard time!


  14. tallbloke says:

    Reblogged this on Tallbloke's Talkshop and commented:
    Pointman dissects the import of the Nunes memo, and the deeper malaise lurking behind its revelations.

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  15. Pointman says:

    Nunes: FISA Memo Just “Phase One,” Now Targeting State Department In “Phase Two”.

    Oh dear, and there was the State Dept. thinking they’d escaped the shit storm.



  16. Gamecock says:

    Whoa, Pointman, you let another culpable group completely off the hook. Yes, the judiciary, the opposition, and the press are culpable. But so too are The People. Americans have become decadent, too comfortable to pay attention or to speak up.

    The problem with Democrats/legacy press is a Moral Superiority Fallacy. They see Republicans/conservatives as evil.

    ‘#76. Moral Superiority
    An ancient, immoral and extremely dangerous fallacy, enunciated in Thomistic / Scholastic philosophy in the late Middle Ages, arguing that Evil has no rights that the Good and the Righteous are bound to respect. That way lies torture, heretic-burning, and the Spanish Inquisition. Those who practice this vicious fallacy reject any “moral equivalency” (i.e., even-handed treatment) between themselves (the Righteous) and their enemies (the Wicked), against whom anything is fair, and to whom nothing must be conceded, not even the right to life. This fallacy is a specific denial of the ancient “Golden Rule,” and has been the cause of endless intractable conflict, since if one is Righteous no negotiation with Evil and its minions is possible; The only imaginable road to a “just” peace is through total victory, i.e., the absolute defeat and liquidation of one’s Wicked enemies.’

    I don’t think it an exaggeration to say that Democrats are engaged in crimes against humanity.


  17. waterside4 says:

    Wonderful analysis Pointman, which is only to be expected from your good self.
    One thing which puzzles me is that, in all the articles I have read, on this corruption of the system I have not seen anyone delve into the history of this guy Steele.
    After all he seems to be the instigator of it all.
    Does anyone on here know anything about his background and his dark secrets?
    Perhaps your good self could enlighten your admires.


  18. David Walker says:

    Somewhat off topic, has anyone else come across this?

    H.R.193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017

    This bill repeals the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and other specified related laws.

    The bill requires: (1) the President to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations (U.N.), including any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body; and (2) closure of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.


    • Blackswan says:

      Do my eyes deceive me? Has that glistening little gem been languishing unheralded for almost a whole YEAR?

      If POTUS succeeds in that worthy endeavour then THAT is the shot that will be heard around the world.

      The mere thought that the utterly corrupt UN, that source of most of the evils in the world, can actually be brought down, is heady stuff indeed.

      Thanks so much for the link … you’ve made my day!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I like it! The EO however is now law!

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  19. NZPete says:

    Great article, thanks Pointy.


  20. David Bishop says:

    A cogent and incisive analysis, as ever. Thank you for the time and trouble you go to in order to delve in dark and dangerous depths.

    It’s also covered in Samizdata here:
    and here:
    And yes, there’s no doubt much more to come.

    In passing, in your para 20 perhaps you meant to say “apprised” rather than “appraised”. (Why wasn’t the president appraised by his own intelligence services of such a senior management and widespread campaign of treason against him?)

    I did indeed. Fixed and thanks David.


  21. Another Ian says:

    Might be a bit of a splash from this toss into the mix

    “In March 2016 Carter Page Was an FBI Employee – In October 2016 FBI Told FISA Court He’s a Spy…”


  22. rapscallion says:

    Excellent piece as ever Pointman, Whilst your take on the Nunes memo is quite correct, the Mark Steyn is amusing in his own inimitable way

    As ever Trump is playing them all, and with consummate skill. His SOTU speech was masterful in what he said but also in how he just KNEW the Dems would react. God, he made them look truly awful. Black and Hispanic members of the house not standing for the lowest ever figures of black and Hispanic unemployment. It will not have gone unnoticed by their constituents.

    I’ve no doubt that Trump is fully aware that he’s a target for an assassins bullet or knife, but the very first people he should be checking are his own Secret Service detail – have they been got at for example? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes and all that? He has to expect that the Government and Federal institutions are thoroughly compromised. He must conduct a ruthless root and branch clearout, with jail sentences where guilty

    What to do with the guilty is more problematical because jailing them means that Trump just has to be whiter than white for every single second he’s POTUS; because by God they’ll try the same on Jan 21st 2025. He must do it by the book, Frame charges that will stick and can’t be weaseled out of, copious evidence, an honest judge and jury and IF found guilty then receiving the appropriate sentence and send them to a US penitentiary. Guantanamo is a cop out.
    He must ensure that justice is done and seen to be done to the American people who I know can be quite puritanical about stuff like this – especially when it comes to their revered “Constitution”

    Trump said that Americans are dreamers, they are, and they believe that anything is possible and they do have this strong belief that America should be according to John Winthrop “as a city upon a hill” I’m in no doubt that the most of the ordinary Americans of whom 75% approved of Trump’s SOTU, will be utterly horrified (though no doubt they long strongly suspected) at the goings on and downright corruption and treason of their supposed betters. They don’t forgive this sort of stuff easily – not after the elite think of the little people as a bag of deplorables. A phrase that if I were an American I would be using quite a lot – just to remind them, you know!


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