The bid for total digital censorship is now out in the open

I started blogging about ten years ago because I noticed something was terribly wrong with a huge trend at the time and nobody appeared to be voicing any doubts about certain aspects of it. The issue was climate change, which was being massively sold on all fronts as an unquestionably good thing to support. At face value, it was just another harmless and fashionable fad gripping the popular imagination, but when the final ramifications of it were thought through, it was a malign thing.

The legislation and unspoken rules on what was socially acceptable, never mind being open to discussion, would stunt third world development and impoverish the most needy in the first world. Putting it bluntly, the end effect on the former would be slow genocide and on the latter, the grinding misery of things like having to decide every winter whether to eat or heat.

Everyone appeared to be enthusiastically on board with the whole thing with nary a dissenting voice to be heard anywhere. What was called the MSM in those days – since more accurately renamed to fake news – was monolithically pushing the same message through all channels and any commentator or scientist who persisted in pointing out the flaws soon found out they no longer had employment or a career. All opposition appeared to have been crushed. To borrow a line from the Stones, the opposition’s tongue had been cut in two.

There was however a chink in that seemingly impervious armour which I and several others spotted and that was to use the internet to get out the alternative narrative. At the time and truth to tell, it was pure Injun country, a very roughty-toughty, freewheeling place where you could air your viewpoint, no matter how much against the popular mood or off the wall it was. Despite what most people expected, the climate sceptic blogosphere grew and attracted numbers, even though it all operated on a shoestring budget, if any, since it was mostly manned by unpaid volunteers.

Its growth kicked off a prolonged and vicious assault by fake news and other parties making money hand over fist from the scam, to whom it posed a threat to both their influence and bank accounts, but that tailed off for many reasons, not least their damning excoriations of it from on high simply served as advertising signposts to the offending blogs.

Stripping away a lot of noise and heat from the particular issue, what was actually happening was one of history’s oft repeated patterns. A small group of people were using a particular issue to gain total control of other people’s lives and bludgeon into absolute, silent submission all dissent, and the weapons used are always the same – censorship and intimidation. I call it the dictator compulsion.

The next big manifestation of the dictator compulsion was the presidential election of 2016. Nearly every organ of propaganda swung behind the patently corrupt candidate Clinton, while at the same time every weapon of misinformation was used to launch the dirtiest smear campaign in American political history against him, but he still won. If you browse through the articles section you’ll find various articles before and after the 2016 election, but they’re most succinctly expressed in a round up article on why he won. Reading it again with the benefit of four years of hindsight, there are some truer insights than I originally thought into people like Obama, Clinton, Comey and Kerry.

There are several reasons to regard the aftershocks of that earthquake event as a major turning point, but the big one that’s barely acknowledged was that the despised underdogs had bitten back and drawn some serious blood from the establishment. At the start of the campaign Trump calling the news media fake news was overlooked by his supporters as just their slugger giving it a bit of verbal because he was in a fight for the presidency. By the end of it, they knew he’d been speaking the literal truth.

All credibility had fled. The feared attack dog of the liberal elite had become a toothless cur stuck in a compulsive obsessive loop of chasing its own tail while being totally ignored by the ordinary person.

At the time of the climate wars, there were mainly three types of site that catered for people wanting to catch today’s news. The first was the established news media who produced klunky lash-up sites that only offered the same content that internet users had fled from in the first place. The second was the news aggregators offering one “long page” containing nothing more but a list of catchy headlines. If you clicked on one, you were taken to an article somewhere else on the web. The third was the various blogs who usually concentrated on topics of specific interest.

That simple arrangement gradually evolved in the coming years with the growing popularity of social media sites like facebook or twitter. The big media news sites became more polished, but at the same time got locked into a steady decline because they’d lost all credibility despite the noble statements of integrity they liked to express. They’re fake news, so nobody but the most gullible village idiot visits them on any regular basis. The news aggregators declined in popularity for a number of reasons, but I believe it was mainly because they had no facilities for users to offer an opinion or discuss the item with other users as social media does. The blogs are still chugging along mostly unchanged as they tend to be aimed at special interest groups who’re not that fickle.

The big winner in the new arrangement was social media in its various forms. What started as a fairly innocent way to share pictures and messages with friends and family, evolved into a news disseminator in its own right, because people shared opinions and links to external articles on current news items. In a sense they became akin to the old one page news aggregators, but there was one vital difference.

The old aggregators had total control of what stories they decided to add to their lists for publication, but no control over which ones the user would decide to click on. By contrast, the social media giants had control of both ends of the news pipeline, the inputs and the outputs. They could decide which news topics would appear on their platforms and by the simple expedient of deleting or censoring comments on those topics as they came in, had control over what other users could see, and therefore click on. It would amount to total control over the news flow to their increasingly large user bases for whom their platforms had become the sole purveyor of news.

Despite their constant declarations to the contrary, the politic leaning of all the big social media platforms is far left, if not outright socialist. The invariable traits of that ilk of politics all involve either asserting total minute control of people or the ruthless suppression of any dissenters. Given their leftward political leanings to control and suppress people’s political views, that’s exactly what they started doing in earnest after the 2016 election. The digital equivalent of Orwell’s fictional Ministry of Truth slowly became today’s reality.

All the classic methods of censoring dissent are being used and in a staged manner that ranges from the subtle, almost unnoticeable, to the blatant dictator’s stamp on the face of dissent by outright banning. To name but a few – playing games with the what’s popular trend tables, subtracting followers from commenters they don’t approve of, shadow banning, hiding on page ninety-nine any references to them in search results and even censoring comments referring to them. They all have the fig leaf excuse of community rules which are purposely written to be so vague, they can be interpreted to mean whatever suits them from moment to moment. It usually comes complete with a star chamber appeals court which acts like an undiscovered country from whose bourne no traveller returns.

Above all, the intimidation factor is always present when using their platforms. You begin to think carefully about whatever thought you were going to express and the first time you do that, their ultimate aim has been achieved – you’re self-censoring.

I know whereof I speak. A number of years back, my numbers of hits from Facebook slowly fell off a cliff and suspecting what had happened, I added a comment under the Pointman handled, set up a John Smith account, followed the Pointman account and hey presto! My comment had vanished, though was still there when I logged back in as Pointman. I’ve never made a single post there since.

It’s our old friend the dictator compulsion hard at work to achieve the same goals using similar methods. Fake news couldn’t do the job at the last election and is now largely ineffective, so the poisoned chalice has now been passed to big tech to reassert control and twist the will of the people more to their master’s liking. I say poisoned chalice because their urge to control blinds them to what will happen if they don’t succeed. In the face of the biggest concerted effort in election fraud in US political history, I still think Trump will win big, which after the Hunter Biden blatant censorship episode of last week, will give him a mandate to take a scalpel to their stranglehold on free speech.

The dictator compulsion caused journalism to lose all credibility and therefore their business. It will cause social media to lose all trust, and therefore their monopoly business, except in their case the effect will be worse. People don’t like being censored. That leads to antipathy which is the first step to outright hatred of them, as fake news has learnt. Using their services will eventually be seen in the same light as collaborating with a dictator.

Rudy Giulani, the DA who took down the five Mafia families of New York, referred a few years back to the Bidens as the Biden Crime family. When I thought about it, it was more than fitting because it had all the trademarks – corruption, intimidation, graft, kickbacks and all done with complete disregard to anything but getting their hands on money. Like the Clintons, they used the high offices of state to buy and sell their country to the highest bidder, whether friend or foe.

When Trump first referred to them and their kind in Washington as the swamp, it again was first met with a certain amount of outrage and disbelief that such a cancer at the heart of American democracy could ever possibly exist, but the accuracy of that name is now apparent to most.

A vote for Biden and the Democrats is a vote for the swamp. Like him or not, Trump is the only leader determined to roll up his sleeves and drain that swap.


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19 Responses to “The bid for total digital censorship is now out in the open”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Another good round-up. It is appalling how the press here parrots the US press – never a positive thing about Trump will they print. I can’t help getting angry about it.
    The Biden Family’s corruption is perhaps more widely known than I thought. This Breitbart article made me laugh, thinking Biden is on a slippery slope.


  2. PaleoSapiens says:

    In reference to the global warming hysteria:

    The author, Chuck Wikman, claims greenhouse gases don’t exist. The points seem somewhat credible despite the author’s tendency of over simplifying principles.

    However, citing the reason for higher temperatures in deep mines were due to an increase in atmospheric pressure, set off some alarm bells. No mention was made of Earth’s Geothermal processes, i.e. past certain depths, see “geothermal gradient,” temperature rises 15°-30°C per kilometer (59°-86°F per 3,281 ft. or very roughly 2°-3°F per 100 feet). These figures are approximate due to locations closer to or distance from volcanic/tectonic activity.

    Main point (or ‘take away’ in across-the-pond vernacular) in reference to Pointman’s article, virtually nothing of what anyone says can be trusted anymore without some sort of confirmation from another or many other sources. Thus, the situation has become rather tedious…


  3. philjourdan says:

    4 years ago, some of us voted for Trump as the disruptioir. I was one of those. Today (well 2 weeks ago as I voted early) I voted for him for the reasons you mentioned!!! Plus he does keep his promises. In the 4 years since the last election, the fake news (Obama BTW coined the term) has not found a single Trump voter who is upset with their vote in 2016 (the ones they find turn out to be liars).

    And, he has gained support in non-Republican areas (Kanye West for example).

    The democrats had to create the narrative of a Biden landslide so they could steal the election with the help of the Chicoms. So their polls snow a Biden Landslide. But for that to happen, more Americans, but a factor of 10s of millions would need to vote who have never voted before.

    And all for Biden. There will be a lot of new voters this year, but most will be for Trump.

    The democrats will try to steal it. But they will fail.


    • stewgreen says:

      Whatever the result, the cat is out of the bag
      the provincial grannies and lorry drivers no longer look up to the metroliberals who control the establishment orgs like media/gov/charity.
      Team Trump will probably either win in 2020 or 2024


  4. seeker24 says:

    It won’t be a scalpel he’ll be using…
    The worry is that big-tech will steer the regulations so as to cripple any upstart small rivals, while continuing their antics behind a fog of lawyers.
    Gab has a number of rather plaintive editorials on this.


  5. Prophet says:

    Climate wars are over… solar magnetic drag queen shows from the sun are the cause of climate change. Much love Pointy.


  6. stewgreen says:

    Talk Radio 10-1pm and 4-7pm have broken with the cult
    they often have on British black commentators who support Trump
    as well as the Republicans abroad reps sometimes.

    4:30pm Wednesday Amol’s Radio4 media show tried to have the normal rigged panel of anti-Trump journos
    3 of the 4 said “Yep the Biden laptop is a non story and Twitter/FB were right to ban it cos it might have been stolen etc.”
    but then @SusanFerrechio of the Washington Examiner had slipped onto the panel maybe cos she is a woman
    And she ripped into them telling them ‘You guys are not in the real world’
    CNN’s Salter was incensed and twice shouted “Don’t you dare”
    Radio4’s Twitter was hardly noticed
    but over in America hundreds tweeted support for Ferrechio on lots of new threads.


  7. NoFixedAddress says:

    A great video of the situation in Victoria, Australia that is featured on

    and cross posted at

    We will see how long the videos stay up on youtube


  8. JohnTyler says:

    The US Constitution prohibits the government from infringing upon free speech; it really does not address suppression of news or views or speech carried out by non-government entities.
    Newspapers and TV “news” programs lie all the time and literally engage in slander; they report rumor and innuendo as facts, cut and paste video to portray Trump as saying the exact opposite of what he said, etc.

    So far, no public person – like a politicians – has prevailed (with some exceptions where private individuals have sued and won defamation cases) in libel/slander cases against the media.

    Social media does have responsibility to be open, fair and unbiased, but do they have a “legal” responsibility to do so??
    If it was up to me, the CEOs and top executives of these firms would be in jail, but I am not sure if any court can/will force them to change their ways.

    Lastly, rest assured that if these social media moguls were conservatives and promoted conservative agenda, under a Biden / Obama / demokrat dictatorship (duly elected, of course), these media moguls would be jail for the next 100 years and their media sites taken over by the government.
    This last eventuality, if it came to pass, would be the final coffin in our Constitutional Republic.

    RE: Global Warming
    Scientists cannot explain the historical climate, so how can they presume to predict the future climate??
    One can watch on Youtube a sort-of pseudo documentary TV production of the coming ice age.See here:
    It was produced in about 1978.

    I still await the 2 mile thick wall of ice approaching my home from the north or the 10 feet of water that should be inundating lower Manhattan.

    Not sure who has a better record of being totally wrong; Paul Ehrlich, Marx or climate “scientists”


  9. Pointman says:

    Americans Are Self-Censoring at Record Rates

    “The percentage of Democrats who are worried about speaking their mind is just about identical to the percentage of Republicans who self-censor: 39 and 40 percent, respectively. ”

    Intimidation working.



  10. Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says:

    What is your policy regarding re-blogging. I have a blog in the Swedish language and I would like to re-blog some of your articles in Swedish. Is it OK to re-blog if I link to the original article?
    My blog is: . The blog has been active since roughly 2013 and there are slightly less than four hundred articles by me. I have an older blog active since the 1990-ies containing for example some reference temperature data that can be compared to existing adjusted data.


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Lars,

      it’s always nice to hear from a fellow blogger. My policy about linking and reblogging is the usual fair use one, irrespective of whether the blogger is friendly or not to the viewpoint I’m expressing. Anyone is free to link to an article and quote in fair context as many excerpts from it as they wish.

      Stealing a whole article, which I’ve experienced as no doubt have you over the years, is a no no, especially when they’ve made their own alterations to it, which I’ve also experienced.

      Other than that, link away. There is a language selection widget first thing at the top of the RHS column which offers Swedish, but how good the translation may be, I wouldn’t know. It seems to work reasonably well on your blog –

      If you need anything more, just drop another comment and I’ll get in touch with you separately.



      • Lars Silén: Reflex och spegling says:

        Hi. Thanks for a fast reply, absolutely no problem with that. Thanks for an interesting blog!


  11. Another Ian says:


    O/T but FYI – seems like the proverbial fan is loading up

    “…and the Hunter Biden sex tapes just dropped on Miles Guo’s anti-CCP

    No, not linking to it.”

    Also, on the Biden vote harvester



  12. Another Ian says:


    I guess this wasn’t supposed to happen!

    “Big Tech Panicking – Trump’s Grassroots MAGA Army Working Around Platform Controls…”


  13. Doonhamer says:

    I was an engineer and still am a flawed Christian.
    I first had my doubts about AGW way before reading blogs, because I knew how puny mankind is in the World, the Solar System etc. It seemed unlikely that anything we could do would make a stable system like the environment, which has withstood, meteor strikes, volcano caused permanent winters, Sun output variations and still kept going.
    We are like a flea on Big Ben’s ( I know that is not the clock, or tower’s name) pendulum thinking it can affect the accuracy of the clock.
    I know by theory and experience that if a system can go unstable, even by the smallest probability, then it will, most certainly and often self destruct. Train wheels, audio power amps, missile and aircraft guidance systems.
    Then by accident I found one blogging sceptic, which led to another and many.
    These guys of both sexes, ,yourself inc., are heros. They pick away, do the sums, highlight the inconsistencies, speak up, generally point out that the Emperor is in the buff.
    Some non-bloggers lose their livelihoods and become non-persons. I remember David Bellamy who was a respected and well known TV expert on botany – suddenly gone. Johnnie Ball another.
    The interweb has allowed me to follow them from Australia, USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, and where ever you are.
    If there is any justice then after the great reveal you will all be honoured.
    Thank you.


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