Biden gets repackaged, but as a puppet president.

Joe Biden is possibly the weakest, most incompetent person to run for the office of President of the United States. The only thing he’ll ever be remembered for is possibly lifting that burden off Jimmy Carter’s shoulders. In his 51 years in government he actually appears to have done nothing apart from making himself and his son Hunter extremely rich. The latter was kicked out of the US navy because he’d become a junkie and within a few months had become a multimillionaire despite zero business experience but with daddy’s help in some very dubious but extremely lucrative business dealings with China and the Ukraine.

You know by now my distrust of nearly all polls but even the numbers coming out about him by the most biased and habitually propagandist of polling activist organisations are not encouraging. One third of his own party think he should be replaced with another candidate, 55% of Dems think Trump will annihilate him in a TV debate, which is why the party are doing everything in their power they possibly can to prevent such a disastrous debate ever happening. That’d be the first time in two centuries such a debate between presidential contenders has not been held.

They’re all of course still coming up with numbers predicting he’ll win, like they predicted Hillary’s 98% win on the eve 2016 election. I suspect it’ll be Trump who actually gets 98% thanks to the twin albatrosses of a bumbling Dem candidate and the excesses of the Dem’s current KKK wing, namely the amalgam of looters, far-left socialists, Antifa and BLM that are currently engaged burning down America’s cities, history and culture, while their mates in fake news, big tech and education rewrite a history more to their taste. They don’t often burn books because it reminds their supporters too much of the good old days, so they nowadays discreetly throw books in skips, but the effect is the same.

Something like over half the electorate, if not more, think he’s already somewhere on the Dementia-Alzheimer curve, both of which are progressively more debilitating conditions, so in the unlikely event he wins and he deteriorates chronically in office beyond being able to function, the vice-president gets a quick promotion without the tiresome necessity of an election. Following that line of thought, who’ll he pick for running mate? Bolshevik Bernie? Horse teeth? Bleach Bit Hillary? It’ll indicate who the far-left of the party would really like to lead the nation. His live unscripted appearances usually contain some blunder or howler, so the party rarely showcase him in public these days. He probably spends most of his time in the secret bunker where his son Hunter is hiding.

His live appearances were becoming chronic screw ups, so nowadays he’s only wheeled out to read a scripted speech to camera. There are only a handful of carefully controlled live appearances, and absolutely no live rallies, speeches or press conferences or you’re in danger of something like his fond recollections of children stroking the hair on his legs up and down, bouncing them up and down on his lap and when they’re black, can’t help thinking of cockroaches.

He kinda reminds me of a story I heard about a retirement home that had a problem with the dementia patients forever sneaking out of the place and walking into town to get back to their long gone homes. In the end, the staff put a home-made bus stop sign in front of the place and at the end of day, they’d go outside and collect in the poor unfortunate wretches lined up behind it. Give it a couple of years, and he’ll be in that line waiting patiently for a bus that will never come.

In my estimation, he’s a weak personality, who’ll do whatever the last person who shouted loudest at him wants him to do. Anything for a quiet life. That’s why Obama picked him as vice-president. He’d do exactly what he was told, make no waves and could be left to his own devices to discreetly rack up millions of dollars. That weakness was why Obama refused to endorse him until he’d won the Democrat primaries. By then, he didn’t have any choice. Imagine what the tin pot dictators would do with Biden, never mind the real hard cases like Putin or the Chinese.

There’s another problem that raises an interesting suspicion. He has this of creepy habit of putting his hands on young children and then sniffing their hair while he whispers in their ear. Since he has no problem at all doing it in public, there are lots of pictures with his hands on young kids, holding them in place while you can virtually see the child’s skin crawl. Putting it bluntly, is such behaviour in public a red flag on him being a possible pedophile? It doesn’t help that he has his own private island a stone’s throw from Epstein’s Pleasure island.

When you’re vice-president of America, it appears you can get away with such questionable behaviour, but the nearly rigid pattern of pedophilia is that it starts young and apart from keeping them in jail as much of their lives as you possibly can to protect your children, there’s no effective cure. It was always there and always will be. If he has that perverted leaning, then it’s almost certain there’s a long chain of past incidents behind him before he became rich and powerful enough to bury any scandal. Dig up a couple of those, get sworn affidavits, and you’ve got him by the balls. From then on, he’s your bitch who’ll do as he’s told.

I wonder if that was what was behind Marxist Angela Davis who couldn’t help but boast, he was already under the extremist’s thumb when she said he was the “most effectively pressured” candidate. Or maybe she was just referring to his weak personality, though I somehow doubt it.

There do seem to be some indications that something of this sort is happening. It’s political common sense that the ground he really needs to capture is the political middle, because that’s where the bulk of the votes will have to come from if there’s any hope of winning, yet inexplicably he’s pushing his campaign policies towards the extreme Left, if not an outright socialist agenda. Is America to become the next Venezuela? If so, start fattening up your dog now.

On the assumption he’s going to win, he’s been promising positions of power to various extremists and bypassing what would be considered the more traditional and sensible Democrats. He’s looking increasingly like the Left’s creature, doing and saying as he’s told until he’s ruled mentally unfit and vice-president Kamala “legs up” Harris or Stacey “non governor of Georgia” Abrams step in to complete the ruin of the country. That article lists them but as you can plainly see, the far-left are now running the Democrat party as Pelosi’s influence has waned.

As a few examples of these people, he wants Alaxandria “Horse Teeth” Cortez to be in charge of implementing the green deal. Remember it? Barely 500 days ago it couldn’t even receive one vote from the Senate. Apart from the estimated cost of $93 trillion, it would have closed down the coal, oil, gas and nuclear industries, throwing thousands of people out of work. It was all going to be replaced by solar, windmills and an army of pink fluffy unicorns peddling bicycles furiously to generate enough electricity to just about power your porch light, and now it’s official Dem policy with a certifiable idiot put in charge of it.

Of all people, he’s anointed that mock Mexican Beto O’Rourke to be in charge of gun control. Look what good his by now infamous statement he made in the primaries did him. “Hell yes, we’re coming for your AR-15!” Add up the current rioting and mayhem, police forces being ordered not to intervene by local mayors, dealing with some maniacs who want to take away your last means of defending your family and home, and it’s easy to see why such an agenda has spooked ordinary Americans, and that includes your traditional democrat voter.

Estimates vary wildly but the number of privately legally-held guns per 100 Americans is about 150. The Figures are nebulous for a number of reasons not especially political, but it does suggest a lot of the electorate own a gun legally and will not vote for any party that wants to take them away, especially in the current chaotic situation of uncontrolled rioting. To quote a former president of the NRA – “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands“. Remember, the NRA has about 5 million members.

Compare what there was of policy statements at the start of the campaign to what he is saying now. He was initially presented as the sensible middle of the road candidate for manual, blue workers and the middle class. He’s moved, or in my opinion been moved, into advocating one extremist policy after another. Never mind defending the police but defunding them instead, an energy policy that’ll throw the world’s premier producer back into the stone age, confiscation of guns, saying that we must teach about Islam in all schools, vowing to disassemble the homogeneity of the suburbs and chumming up again to America’s relentless enemy China with which he has family business with.

They have a draft 2020 platform which reads like the complete socialisation of America. AOC and the “squad” have got everything they wanted on their wish list and more, simply because they’re pulling a compliant Biden’s strings. Raise taxes, limit free (speech, bye bye first amendment), abolish the second amendment (that’ll lead to a lot of cold dead hands) going back to pandering to Iran and China and throwing into reverse gear every change Trump made to get America out of the mess bequeathed to him by the eight years of a corrupt Obama’s reign.

The list goes on and on, but one thing is for sure, he’s scaring the pants off the moderate demographic within the electorate he’s supposed to be attracting, and needs to – the middle. They’re not the only ones scared by this seemingly overnight transformation of the Democrat party into a socialist (née communist) party. Both Pelosi and Biden have caved to the demands of a small but vociferous minority within their own party, who are receiving an outrageous amount of propaganda support from the far-left media and big tech.

Those inside the far-left bubble have succumbed to the same sort of head buried in the ground ostrich thinking that cost them the election of 2016. With big tech ruthlessly censoring dissenting voices, which means in their minds no such dissent exists because they never see it on any social platform screen, but it’s still there and it’s massive. I see the same suppressed outrage of 2016 expressed on social platforms which don’t engage in political interference in elections and the apocryphal evidence of comments left by people of driving around their neighbourhood and seeing nothing but acres of Trump 2020 placards on front of houses and not a single one for Biden.

The TV Channel A&E cancels two programs about trailing after cops on patrol to jump on the police are bad bandwagon and instantly suffers a 49% decline in viewership. In passing over 100 police agencies have gone back on agreements to protect the DNC convention in Milwaukee because of a local ban on them using non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray to control rioters. Any excuse would do. The real message is you wouldn’t let us protect the ordinary person, so why the hell should we protect you lot of out of touch with reality scum? Biden’s latest catastastroke seems almost purposely designed to alienate Hispanic-Americans by the church load because of him promising to continue the party’s crusade against Catholics.

The Labour party in a recent general election in Britain proposed equally extreme policies as well as the usual everything will be free promise. The fake news machine extolled them and their policies up to the rafters, expecting a close run election with all the polls showing them running neck and neck with the Conservatives. When have we heard fake news and fake polls doing that before?

The result was the worst election they’ve had since 1935. They lost the Midlands, Wales, the North and the North-East. Basically, their extreme policies and sneery attitude towards the working class totally alienated and lost them their core vote of manual and blue collar workers, leaving nothing of their voter base except what the Germans call the Schickelinke or the chic Left who’re mainly found amidst the self-appointed urban elite, and there aren’t nearly enough of them to come anywhere near winning any general election. There are a lot more people who habitually come home from work with blisters on their hands than there are fey latte-sipping demi-gods of the local patisserie.

The party is looking at a complete rebuild of an estimated two decades duration to regain the trust of the voter, or it’ll go extinct. The radicals in charge of it and their attendant extremist policies ran it into the ground. Their only remaining strongholds are in the fashionable areas of London, which itself is rapidly turning into a violent shithole that people are busy fleeing, thanks to a fundamentalist Muslim mayor and an out of her depth grovelling lesbian Commissioner of Police who concentrates on pleasing her boss more than keeping law and order.

That extreme political policies Biden is offering, or rather the puppeteers behind him, will end in the same disaster and for exactly the same reasons.


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15 Responses to “Biden gets repackaged, but as a puppet president.”
  1. Mark says:

    God I hope you’re right . . . this is probably the most important Presidential election (even more so than 2016).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Peter Shaw says:

    Mark, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Margaret Smith says:

    I think we all see Biden as the ‘Trogan Horse’ candidate and wonder who the real runner will be.
    Trump suggesting a delay to the election to stop cheating is a trap of sorts. Those who are adamantly against this delay are kind of suggesting they support cheating.
    Thanks for the great analysis.

    Liked by 2 people

    • John Garrett says:

      I’ve seen numerous Internet and social media mentions of that highly doubtful story alleging Biden ownership of a USVI island.

      It quickly sets off the radar alarm and fails the smell test but the story doesn’t seem to want to die.


    • oldmarine says:

      I remember all those bogus stories about Obama using the FBI to spy on Trump. They were all “fact checked” as well and found to be false, but just wouldn’t go away. Fake news fact checking, gimme a break. Where’s Reuter’s excuse article for him pawing children, or is that okay nowadays?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. JohnTyler says:

    The demokrats are now promoting voting by mail; a voting system in which there is no way to verify the voter’s identity nor citizenship nor even if the voter is a foreign national living in China.

    If this goes through, expect a few million ballots written up in China, Iran, Russia, etc., casting their vote for BiteMe and will assuredly lead to a Trump defeat; exactly why the demokrats are promoting this idea.

    Clearly, BiteMe is senile and his VP will run the show, or more precisely, she/it will be taking orders from Obama. For all intents and purposes Obama will once again be president. His worldview is right in line with the Stalinist wannabe, AOC, and the Brooklyn communist, Bernie Sanders.

    It is really unfortunate that Stalinist vermin and/or useful idiots like AOC, Sanders, BiteMe, Obama, Pelosi, et. al.., cannot be deported to a land that represents, to them, a
    heaven on earth.
    Cuba would be a nice place for them to be deported or perhaps some African nation that does not suffer from white patriarchy.


  5. Pointman says:

    Joe Biden Suggests Trump Do Something on COVID-19 That Trump Is Already Doing

    The let him out of the bunker and he has a senior moment straight away.



  6. oldmarine says:

    I agree with your thoughts but my biggest concern is voter fraud. It appears to be rampant in the battleground states like Florida.


  7. Pointman says:

    He’s not floating an attractive prospect for the working and middle classes who’ll be paying it. The rich have battalions of tax accountants to ensure they only spend pennies on tax.



  8. Pointman says:

    182,771 sealed indictments being “Unsealed”

    What is it about politicians and child molestation?



  9. Graeme No.3 says:

    Biden is so unsuitable it makes me wonder whether he is the result of internal plotting by the ruling faction in the Democrat party. They cheated Bernie Sanders out of being the candidate in 2016, and lost votes as his followers failed to support Hilary. They started this campaign with no-one expecting to win. Did they decide to run Biden expecting to lose and allowed the left control of the Party believing that there would be a landslide against the Party and they would be back in control in 2024?
    The leading apparatchiks will be gone shortly but they would have succession planning (or plotting) by the second rankers. They wouldn’t want the lunatics in charge of their asylum so a massive defeat would have neutered the rabid left and their policies would be the scapegoat for losing.

    On second thoughts, such forethought seems unlikely, no such has appeared in the last 4 years.


  10. Pointman says:

    Joe Biden’s Latest Brain Freeze: Democrat Struggles to Pronounce the Term ‘Mental Fitness’

    “I am very willing to let the American people judge my physical, mental fil–my physical as well as my mental fil–fitness,” he struggled to say.



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