Democrat politicians don’t care if they kill people, just as long as they can beat Trump

At some point in your life you begin to take an interest in politics or you let it all wash over and around you and basically ignore it. The usual pattern is that at the start when you’re young you swallow all the politicians’ soapy words and vague promises but gradually begin to realise they never had any intention of fulfilling any of those promises. To win power, they’d promise anything.

Sometimes the interest is sparked by something political happening in your community and you feel strongly enough about it to go on a few protest marches and put up some posters. My own personal interest was sparked by receiving my first pay packet. It contained a payslip and real folding notes, so it was in the golden years for armoured car wage robberies on Fridays. The novelty lost some of its gloss when I examined the payslip and the various deductions taken from my gross wages by an assortment of taxes. It was a summer job for a few months and paid not far above the minimum wage. In net terms, it paid just below it.

My interest in the ins and outs of politics started about then. It was carefully explained to the callow youth I was at the time, by a grizzled old socialist, that it was to help the poor and needy pay the cost of the free things the state gave us. I semi-accepted the explanation but couldn’t help but wonder that here was a man over three times my age and we were both shovelling shit into wheelbarrows, threading our perilous way along planks over holes to shovel it all into a concrete mixer on the other side of the construction site and then going back for another load.

I was young, had a strong back and willing hands, and liked to crack on with a job, but after being taken aside by another guy in the crew who told me to slow down because the poor old geezer was killing himself to keep up with me. I was making him look bad, so I put the brakes on. His kids had long ago flown the nest, but how he and his missus lived on those low wages I didn’t ask because that could be a sensitive area in those days.

The reason that could be a touchy area was that we all came from the same socio-economic demographic – working class. There was a common phrase at the time – I’m working class and proud of it. It was interpreted by too many of the salaried middle class to mean I’m shiftless and idle, and proud of it. They couldn’t have been more wrong. There’s no sadder sight than a working man in an economic downturn when jobs are scarce,  living on a state handout, twiddling his thumbs at home and watching his wife paring the household budget of everything non-essential. Fair or not, there was a certain shame attached to living off the state like that.

There was definitely a small group who were welfare class, that’s to say, never worked a day in their life and lived most of it on every free handout they could chisel out of the state. Their battle cry of “work is a mug’s game” was roundly despised by the working class, as were they.

In those days there were still politicians who’d risen from the ranks of the working class to become a man of influence within government circles and never forgotten what it was like as a child to live on thin rations. Nowadays, parliament is in the main stocked with people who’ve never actually had a real job. They’re mostly all cut from the same cloth and got there by the same route. Private schooling followed by university where they read politics and economics or variations thereof. After finishing their education, they did a few years carrying bags for some minor politicians but it was the first step on the ladder to power. These days a scion of the working class who’s a sitting member of parliament is as rare as hen’s teeth.

That development in the composition of the political class explains a lot about the current environment where it became obvious to not only the working class but also the middle class that their representatives of whatever nominal political leaning were obliviously totally out of touch with their cares and concerns. Election campaigns degenerated into nothing more than a patronising nod to the old values their parties once sincerely espoused, which was enough to lock in their bedrock tribal vote to get them voted in again, if they could get the flibbertigibbets of the floating vote onside with a few pie in the sky promises.

Apart from a few eccentric embellishments, the main parties of the Left and Right became indistinguishable since both of them were stocked with the same political equivalents of The Stepford Wives. That comfortable life was shattered in the 1970s because they’d become effete and soft, which meant they were ripe for a takeover. In England, that takeover came from the extreme Left who’d retitled themselves as socialists but were actually Marxists, or communists if you prefer. A relatively small cadre of extremists plunged the country into chaos, led by the unions because the extremists had thoroughly penetrated the leadership positions.

It was exactly like what’s happening in America at the moment but there are some subtle differences which I’ll be moving onto. The culmination of a decade of increasing strikes, rioting and fomenting revolution ended up with paralysing the country and led to what was called the three day week. Trains would run some days or not, rubbish piled up in the streets because it wasn’t being collected, having electricity became a three days a week luxury, coal was in short supply because of miner’s strikes, goods stayed on ships because the dockers were on strike, and in the end the dead couldn’t be buried because even the undertakers were on strike. Everybody was on strike.

In the middle of that lot, my political views started to move rightwards, as did a lot of other people’s. What we had as a system wasn’t great by any means, but what we had on offer in terms of policies from the radicals was a plan to turn Britain into the 23rd republic of the USSR. It got almost Pytonesque at times because the competing splinter parties started fighting amongst themselves for which one would reign supreme when they finally forced the worker’s utopia to come into being.

Contrary to popular opinion, the ordinary person doesn’t like ongoing chaos and civil disorder unless there’s something seriously wrong with the way they’re being governed. In a well worn pattern in politics, one of two things happen in that situation. The extremists topple the elected government or a strong man steps into the fray, quells the extremists and gets the ship of state back on an even keel. In the former case that quickly means the end of free elections and the extremists will inevitably run the economy onto every available reef, which leads to massive unemployment with those still in work facing evermore increasing taxes to subsidise the burgeoning welfare outgoings. It’s the classic economic death spiral. Venezuela is a current day example of what so nearly happened to Britain.

In the latter case, the strong man restores order and gets the economy growing again using a combination of de-regulation, lowering taxes and a refusal to subside antiquated business only surviving on more and more handouts from the government. Within a couple of years the sometimes painful measures led to a booming economy which in turn led to lots of jobs and a much reduced unemployment problem. Suddenly, if you were prepared to work, there were a lot of jobs available. That strong man in Britain was Margaret Thatcher, a grocer’s daughter. You’d be surprised at how much turnover a small independent business has to reach before it becomes profitable, which she obviously knew.

She was roundly and viscerally hated by the press and media (any bells ringing?) because she was concentrating on the welfare of the neglected manual, blue collar and middle class workers, and ignoring not only them but the screams of outrage by over-represented minorities and special interest groups of both the Left and Right. Not only did she break the back of the intractably socialist unions, but broke up the cosy business cartels and monopolies that had been around for years.

She gave the option to people renting welfare housing to buy the house at radically reduced prices, the house that some families had rented from the local council for generations. Nobody looked a gift horse like that in the mouth, and suddenly millions of people were living in a house they actually owned. The finishing touch was to sell off all the utilities that had been nationalised in the 1940s by Labour via stock market flotations at knock down prices. When you think about it, why on earth should the government be running the telephone system? With a few decisive moves she relieved the government of all the overheads of being a landlord of millions of people, but importantly it left the low paid worker with a modest portfolio of shares bought at bargain prices.

Even though the people at the bottom and middle of the economic heap were a lot better off, the establishment, including some within her own party, and the shrinking rump of once powerful trade unionists socialists still hated her but could not explain why, despite the poor downtrodden workers they claimed to speak for becoming considerably more happy.

I can tell you why. Apart from their loss of influence and power, there was a deeper reason for such an irrational hate, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it as it was happening, though it became obvious towards the end of her years in power. Not only had she stabilised things, she was the driving force behind a structural change in the demographics of the political landscape, after which the class-based voting system would be changed forever. She was changing the mindset of the working classes. Owning their own house, a few shares, lower taxes and some extra money in their pocket – suddenly they had some skin in the game of politics because they now had something to protect. This led to them wanting to have their own slice of the prosperity cake.

A capable electrician, carpenter or skilled man started to set up their own small one-man businesses and in the new economic environment they now prospered, and if they’d landed a big contract, they’d take on an extra man or two. Of course, they were roundly despised and sneered at by the old guard left behind by a changing world who really couldn’t see what was happening. These first time entrepreneurs were dismissed as white van man or class traitors, depending who you spoke to, but fundamental tectonic change was happening in front of their eyes and they were blind to it.

They’d had a taste of meat and had no appetite to go back to the gruel the socialists were still offering. By the end of her second term the unthinkable was starting to happen – the sons of families that had voted Labour on autopilot for nearly half a century began to vote for her. She’d got to power by promising to end the chaos, and she couldn’t have done that without a large element of support from disaffected Labour voters, but from then on she bagged even more of the worker’s vote to win on her own merits and their approval of how she was running the country.

That change was fundamental and broke down the class-based pattern of voting that had dominated British politics since the Labour party was founded, and it’d never go back to the way it was before. The whole left-wing of politics went into decline and was out of power for nearly twenty years until it thoroughly reformed the party and its policies. That period was commonly called the death of the liberal dream at the time, though you won’t find it referenced much in the rewritten history books of today. TDS also stands for Thatcher Derangement Syndrome, which was rampant at the time and still is in academia.

When another strong man, Ronald Reagan, took power in America a couple of years later, he was presented with substantially the same mess, though caused by different reasons. He applied the same measures that Thatcher had, and with equal success. Him coming to power two years after Thatcher was the final stab in the heart of the liberal dream. He ended the apology tour for being American after Carter’s abysmal presidency. Obama did the same kind of apology tour, and that didn’t go down to well with the folks at home either. It’s no wonder that Reagan and Thatcher got along together famously.

To move to the present day, Britain is still stable after what can only be described as an acrimonious divorce from the EU that was held up for three years by a predominantly Remainer parliament. By the time it was settled, a lot of serious damage had been done to its prestige and guarded esteem that politicians hitherto enjoyed. Brexit won on the biggest vote in the history of the country, yet the ruling elites seriously thought that if the dragged their heels long enough, people would lose interest and they’d stay in the EU. The country is now run by the conservative party having gained a considerable parliamentary majority at the last election by thoroughly trouncing an already imploding Labour opposition who were offering nothing but a return to the socialist chaos of the 1970s.

Apparently he enjoys a very good relationship with President Trump, so they should work well together as like-minded people do and the prospects look good for a decent bilateral trade deal. With Boris in charge and Labour in complete disarray and yet again needing a complete rebuild from the ground up, it looks like it was Britain’s turn to deliver the fatal stab into the heart of the second liberal dream.

There are many similarities between Trump and Thatcher. They both turned around failing economies, especially Trump wielding that magic wand Obama said didn’t exist. Reagan inherited an economy that had been chronically mismanaged, retired a lot of senior federal figures and replaced them with men who actually knew what they were doing. The both speak directly to the real concerns of the people and are not afraid to wield the power incumbent with their office to make the fixes required, no matter how unpopular it might make them with certain groups. Unfortunately, Trump was unlucky with the outbreak of the China virus which reversed the tremendous progress he’d made with the economy and unemployment.

Trump’s real problems are more subtle and systemic. They come on several fronts. The first is elected Dem officials at city and state level who, though they’ve taken an oath to serve and protect the constitution, are blatantly breaking it by encouraging assorted criminal organisations to run riot while at the same time ordering the police not to stop them. People are getting killed and and the local Dem politicians are doing absolutely nothing to prevent that because of the hope that the chaos will improve their abysmal chances against Trump.

A one year old child killed by a bullet through the head means nothing to them in the higher goal of unseating Trump. Chicago’s murder rate has already increased by 139% so far this year, but its mayor still steadfastly refuses to let the police do their job. The BLM organisation is now levying a charge on black business owners to provide security for them and thereby teeing themselves up for a RICO indictment. In case you’re in any doubt, what they’re doing is called the protection racket. NY city already has more murders to date than it had last year. Bear in mind, there’s over four months to go before end of year, so those numbers will certainly go up.

NY state and especially NYC are tottering on the brink of collapse. Running a 30 billion dollar deficit, managed by political and fiscally incompetents at both city and state level, shootings up 220% in the last year, and their solution is to lop off 1 billion off the NYPD budget. When you have a soaring crime rate, the point solution is to get more men in blue out on the streets, not cut their numbers. The Big Apple is heading back to the bad old days again.

That unrest in conjunction with other things, has lopped one third off America’s GDP. Bearing in mind the relatively small number of rioters and the police ordered to stand down, some cities like Portland are in a state of fear which is being actively stoked and encouraged by a pathologically anti-Trump fake news and the entertainment industry. As I said earlier, people don’t like chaos and will vote for the strong man who promises to get things back under control, and given a choice at the polls, even a one-eyed man in a dark alley is not going to mistake Biden as that strong man.

The lucky break that the China virus just happened to come along in a timely fashion is another excuse to keep the economy locked down, but there have been several disgraceful instances of it being exploited to cause the maximum number of deaths. How else can you excuse the governor of NY insisting that elderly people who’ve tested positive all be transferred to care homes for the elderly? It’s estimated that move cost the lives of 30,000 elderly folk in NY state.

With such callous disregard for common humanity, it’s no wonder that NY state has the highest death total of all states from the China virus. One in five China virus deaths in America have occurred in that state and can be laid at Gov. Andrew “blood on hands” Cuomo’s door. The lives don’t matter to him simply because it’s the price that has to be paid to be rid of Trump.

Trump mentions a drug in passing that may be very beneficial to China virus victims in the early stage, and immediately a campaign is mounted by Dem politicians and fake news to discredit a drug that’s been in common use since the 1950s only because Trump mentioned it. They don’t care how many preventable deaths could have been avoided. It’s all just to get Trump, so let’s have a nice big bodycount by November.

Fake news has done an admirable job of misrepresenting and plain lying about the extent of the China virus. As an indication of how effective the scaremongering has been, a recent survey asking Americans how many people had died of it came up with an average number of 9% which is about 27 million people, but if you actually contract it, the death rate is 0.26% and about 130,000 Americans have so far died of it out of a population of approximately 327 million.

The most pernicious problem he’s got is the systemic corruption in both the judicial and executive arms of government. I think we’ve all read enough about the coup attempt by a cabal of traitors embedded in the executive branches such as the FBI, CIA and DoJ, but by now, even allowing for its heavily censored and slanted coverage by fake news, you’d have to be living in an unreal TDS induced parallel universe not to concede that it happened. So, given the amount of coverage by myself and others, I don’t intend to cover it again.

Instead I want to explore the seamier side of that penetration of the body politic of America. You have effects that are playing out in this current election campaign, but there are players behind the scenes who not only lit the fuses to cause those events, but are now actively fanning those tinders into a firestorm designed to stop Trump at any cost, because he’s a threat to them, and install a more pliable puppet like Biden who’ll do as he’s told.

To name but a few names, Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter but they just senior management. Sure, they been given a few crumbs of the equity pie, but with the exception of Zuckerberg they’re not the controlling owners. Behind them it all gets blurred on the other side of an obscurantist, layer on layer of holding companies, but after you’ve negotiated your way along the twists and turns of the Yellowbrick Road to the true owners, you find extremely rich individuals with an attitude that democracy is an irritating nuisance they have to put up, but they’re so rich, they can buy it. If you throw enough money at a problem, it goes away because everybody has their price and all the payoffs have been made.

That’s their real problem with Trump, he’s his own man. A billionaire several times over, a very old-fashioned patriot and simply can’t be bought – so because he can’t be bought, he represents a loss of control.

During Obama’s eight years of a listless presidency and an attitude of just go with the flow and take the political favours and money, great strides were made by these shadowy figures in subverting the judiciary. I’m sure you’ve all heard of that couple in St. Louis warding off rioters by standing on their porch with a disabled pistol and an unloaded shotgun facing off a trespassing mob. It’s as plain as can be a legal usage of their second amendment rights, but yet an attempt to prosecute them for protecting their life and property was made by the Missouri Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner.

When you look into her, her performance in office has been lazy and abysmal, yet she leapt on this prosecution within 24 hours. Why? It’s quite simple really. 60% of her campaign funds were contributed by a certain György Schwartz. She did as she was told by her master who has an interesting back story. The AG of Missouri has since quashed the charges but has gone further, by subpoenaing all copies of her communications with the Schwartz donor in her campaign and afterwards. Bleach Bit and shredder time in her offices as you read this. There are a lot more wretches like Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner embedded within the judiciary that have been bought and paid for.

That donor born in Hungary, collaborated with the Nazis, joined the SS and rose up the ranks rapidly by being able to point out to them what was valuable or not in the confiscated houses of Jews who’d just been cattle trucked to the nearest extermination camp. He’s only worth single digit billions, because he used $32 billion to fund the Open Society Foundation, which is commonly rumoured to finance things like campaigns by extremist mayors, Antifa and various terrorist groups engaged in destabilising America at the moment.

He probably still holds a grudge against America for ruining his great career prospects in the SS, but until a few decades ago was content to crash various currencies in the money market to make his billions and to hell with dealing with the consequences of crashed economies. Lives don’t matter to people like him. To quote Harry Lime, you’re just one of those tiny dots he looks down on from the Riesenrad running around in random patterns on the ground.

By the time György had got to England in 1947, his name had totally changed to what you might know him better as – George Soros. Perhaps he was concerned at what was happening at Nuremberg or that Simon Wiesenthal might be after him. Total name changes are never a good sign, especially by those looking to be running from something in the country of their birth. He should be stripped of his American citizenship for lying on his application and shipped back to Hungary where I’m sure there are still a few descendants of his holocaust victims who’d like to have a word with him.



In all my years keeping in touch with politics I’ve never seen such blatant disregard for human life by politicians in any real democracy. Sure, Nazis, Communists and Socialists have killed millions of their own people with complete disregard, but it’s never happened in a true democracy. They simply don’t care how many businesses are burnt down or go bankrupt, how many people get thrown onto the unemployment heap, how many cities will become ghost towns as ordinary people flee them or more importantly how many people are going to die every day by either withholding effective medication from them or getting hit by a stray bullet in the midst of a riot, all for nothing more than political gain.

By the time it comes down to the rich fleeing a city to safety and being prepared to take a tax write off on their loss on their property investments in a city, you’re looking at the start of end of days, the writing is on the wall for that city, despite the frantic pleas from its supposed mayor trying to bullshit his way out of the situation he’s created all by himself. It all starts to look a teeny weeny bit like little frightened boy lost who’s finally realised he might be mayor of a city that’s melted down to an ungovernable slag heap no matter who wins in November. OMG, I’ve got to resuscitate the corpse I created.

That’s your choice in November. Hand America over to the shadowy figures like György behind all the subversion of its constitution and the corruption of the organs of government, or give the strong man a big enough vote, despite all the misinformation and electoral fraud that’s going to come at you, and therefore a mandate to stride into the midst of those figures skulking in the shadows he’s well aware of with a very old-fashioned American-manufactured Remington double ought shotgun loaded with something stronger than birdshot and take back America from them. If he wins, they’ll find out they’re not the only ones who can play hardball, but if he loses, prepare for more needless deaths.

Your choice.


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10 Responses to “Democrat politicians don’t care if they kill people, just as long as they can beat Trump”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Regarding Mrs Thatcher, I am reminded of the newspapers print workers.  In the early 1980s operating a ‘closed shop’ the Print Workers Union abused their power to get ever shorter hours for ever higher pay. The term ‘wildcat strike’ became a very familiar as the union had management over a barrel. Readers didn’t know from day to day if their paper would appear. This went on for years.

    Two things were happening though. First, the print workers were making enemies of other workers because of their greed and non-support and this came back to bite them!  Second, by late 1985 management had an ace up their sleeve – New Technology and for Murdoch that meant the new building at Wapping.  . No one warned the union.  They were already trying to black any article they didn’t like (conservative viewpoint) demanding its replacement. This was the last straw and the next time the editor fired a printer and the the union called a strike it didn’t work for them.

    Soon the print workers were on strike on all papers. Then managements used their masterstroke; they sent all the strikers a letter telling them to return to work on Monday or consider themselves sacked. This was ignored, of course so all were sacked. This meant the papers got their own back because there would be no need to redeploy or give a redundancy package.

    Then, horrors, a paper appeared – Eddy Shah realised his dream of having a newspaper. Worse, there were NO PRINT WORKERS! Suddenly the union understood what New Technology meant and now that they wanted support of other workers they got none. Only Labour Thatcher-haters and anarchists joined the fray bringing violence which the BBC misreported as usual.

    The clever printers left as soon as they knew all was lost and sneaked off to the Job Centre and got the best jobs going though at nothing like the huge pay or short hours they enjoyed before.
    There’s a lesson there somewhere.

    Great essay once again. Thanks.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. babygrandparents says:

    On August 5, 1981, President Ronald Reagan begins firing 11,359 air-traffic controllers striking in violation of his order for them to return to work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. cdquarles says:

    Democrats, the party of slavery and death since their founding in the 1820s. America’s first counter-revolution.

    Another great article, Pointy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another Ian says:


    Remember in Len Deighton’s “Bomber” towards the end where there was that attempt at a copybook spin recovery in a Lancaster – with half a wing shot off?

    Seems similar.


  5. Peter Shaw says:

    Great article. Thank you for bringing attention to the evil György Schwartz, the man who fancies himself as God. I hope to see his downfall.


  6. beththeserf says:

    Pointman, thx for your insightful article – here’s my take on George Soros … Two conflicting views of The Open Society.’


  7. hilton33 says:

    You forgot to mention all the decepticons. Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney. Their all in this together. Remember it’s a big club and you’re not in it. Also there’s Trillions at stake.


  8. JohnTyler says:


    The above statement is all one needs to know, to understand democrats and the policies they promote.
    It really is that simple.

    If democrats knew with near certainty that dropping a thermonuclear device over Kansas City, leading to the deaths of, say, 500,000 Americans (OK, more precisely, 500,000 “deplorables,” “gun carrying, bible thumpers,” existing in “fly over” country) , would guarantee them the White House and Congress for the next 10 years, they would agree to this proposition.
    They would hesitate for about one picosecond, if that long.

    The democrats are truly evil and malevolent .
    Remember, “you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.”


  9. I agree that the Democrats, and the media, have cost many lives by encouraging riots and pulling back the police (which has led to an explosion in the murder rate in many cities. They have cost even more lives by SMEARING treatments for Covid 19 – just because President Trump expressed interest in what some medial doctors were saying.

    However, the fiscal and monetary policies of President Reagan and Margaret Thatcher and President Trump and Boris Johnson are very different. President Reagan was not as tough on government spending as he promised to be, partly because the Democrats controlled the House of Representatives (the power of the purse), but he did try and hold down spending – President Trump has not really tried, although it is true that the Democrats want to spend vastly more than he does. As for the what Prime Minister Boris Johnson has done to the British government deficit by his panic Covid “lockdown” – well it is horrific. There is also the MONETARY system – neither President Reagan or Prime Minister Thatcher were scared of REAL interest rates, sadly both President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson are addicted to ultra low interest rates – a Credit Bubble that is very likely to blow up in 2021.

    Yes a lot of both the fiscal and monetary mess is because of Covid 19 – but not all of it. And some countries and States have shown that panic was the wrong policy in relation to Covid 19.


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