The rule of law.

There’s a pseudo-modern day idea that as long as you hate someone else’s politics enough, you can be free to physically molest and attack them. In some instances, most specifically antifa, the police have obviously been instructed to allow it and in fact to turn a blind eye to it happening. It’s only a matter of time until people are going to start getting killed in that spiral of hysteria. It’s basic broken window theory. Nobody likes having their opinion so brutally suppressed, so they’ll start to fight back.

When you hear of a black woman like Candace Owens hounded out of a restaurant by a mob of screaming white people, you know it’s all going a bit early 1960s retro. Shades of Birmingham Alabama in the bad old days. Get the nigger out of the restaurant. Don’t talk, just open up with the high power hoses, set the attack dogs on them and finally move in with the night sticks to beat the shit out of them.

Bizarrely,  left-wingers of today are increasingly looking and acting like the repressive southern conservatives of a half century ago. Dialogue is simply not on the table, but only as much physical violence as you can deliver, because the police won’t interfere. Call anyone who doesn’t share your politics a fascist and then punch them in the face.

That’s what the political left has devolved down to nowadays, but while it apparently plays very well on social media and the internet, what’s too often unrecognised is the vast majority of consumers of those media are readers who don’t comment. They read and take away their own thoughts on such events. The extremist left may think they’ve just won a great victory in brutal acts of intimidation like that and are leaping into the air doing high fives, but actually they haven’t achieved anything.

As an example, this blog has about eight hundred subscribers, but I’d say only fifteen to twenty regular commenters. I’m fine with that. Most people who come here are readers I think, and with an attention span far exceeding the usual internet twenty seconds before they surf out. I write for my own personal interest and pleasure but I’m always aware of those silent readers and it influences the lick of style, but never the content of this blog. If I wanted to pump up the blog’s hit and subscriber numbers, I know the changes I’d have to make, but it wouldn’t be the sort of blog I’d want to read.

Such extremist behaviour by the left is slowly but steadily alienating them from the political middle, and that’ll show up every time people get into the privacy of a voting booth, because once in there your opinions can’t be howled down by a braying mob. What they can’t seem to get through their head is that most people aren’t politically engaged, but when they see extreme behaviour like that, all they see are a bunch of louts they dislike, and that won’t garner you any votes. Quite the opposite actually. They’ll vote against you.

When policing becomes selective and allows itself to become an indirect political tool, you’re one step away from vigilantism. Trust has been lost. The whole concept of the law being applied equally and what used to be called policing by consent goes in the dust bin and it becomes a case of regarding what used to be the local cops as the enemy. That’s not a good situation for any of us, both police and public, to arrive at.

In a similar sense, the politicisation of the FBI and the DoJ by eight years of the Obama administration has not only severely damaged their reputation, but more importantly trust in them has been lost. There’s a big rebuild job to be done there.

Once people perceive that the police have been ordered to stand down, they know they’re on their ownsome. It’s time to apply for that concealed carry permit. But all you get from that is a gun with none of the training. It’s only in the movies that everybody is a sharp shooter. In reality it’s mostly just blasting away, centre body mass stuff, without a thought to what’s in the background if you happen to miss, and you’d be amazed at how many rounds can be fired in a room without a single one hitting anyone in it.

This is not a hit piece on cops, whom I’ve too much regard for, but rather the creeping politicisation of their role in the fabric of our society. They’re our Hector the Protector and do a job few would continue in unless you have that protective instinct.

A long time ago, before there was any counseling courses or awareness training, I once saw a cop sitting on a couch place a small throw cushion on his lap so an exhausted and distressed woman sitting beside him could place her head on it. She’d just been raped, and this was back in the bad old days when it was invariably blamed on the woman for being too forward, but he stroked her hair and kept tapping her on the back and saying there there, there there until she fell asleep. It was all he could do for her at that moment in time. Some stuff you see gets burnt into your memory.

London has become an exemplar of this abandonment of the rule of law in favour of some notion of political correctness. It has an incompetent police commissioner who got the job before more experienced candidates just because she’s a lesbian, but it’s obvious she’s totally out of her depth. She’s taking orders from a Muslim mayor who by reflex plays the minority race card every time, and as a result control of the streets has been totally lost. Murder rate, stabbings, acid attacks, terrorist attacks, rape et al are all going through the roof.

The cops? Well, they’ve not got one hand tied behind their backs, but two. When you’re not allowed to enforce the law, there doesn’t seem much point in being a policeman.

The older hands are all heading for the early retirement exit door while the younger ones are all looking at employment opportunities in the private sector in areas like corporate security. The pay there is a lot better, lots better. A few hang on in, hoping for a change back to some real leadership. But the majority learn to play they game; just enforce the law in whatever way is currently fashionable in upper management and to hell with any notion of applying it equally.

I think things are going to have to get a lot worse before the situation starts improving, but it will in the end.

Once you start playing political games with the rule of law, things devolve very quickly. In the space of three or four years, London has become known as shithole London and not somewhere you’d want to be. Violent street crime is escalating on a weekly basis and there’s only two ways it’ll end. Either in a fierce crackdown on crime and a return to normal policing, which’ll be demanded by angry Londoners, or they’ll go in the vigilante direction and do it for themselves.

If the rule of law is not allowed to be enforced without fear or favour, then there is no law, so don’t be surprised at the anarchy that results.


42 Responses to “The rule of law.”
  1. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    Could equally well have been written about sweden


  2. Mike Burke says:

    Just checking in as one of the vast silent majority who appreciate your column.


  3. Margaret Smith says:

    Isn’t anarchy the desired position? To be followed by the crack-down which will continue with a government of ‘national unity’ and suspension of elections. Democracy’ once lost, may never be regained. A revolt by fed-up people can to engineered into a revolution so first the revolt has to be caused. Scary times.


  4. Nooper says:

    Hi Pointy. Nice to visit your realm of enlightenment again. It’s that old pendulum thing. Swings too far one way then too far the other way. been happening all my life. Master and servant. Powerful unions. Maggie Thatcher. Obama the poison. Trump the antidote. Normal people are being completely marginalised. And then they revert to that other state of normal – angry resentful and ready to jump on the pendulum as it swings their way. Plus ca change.

    best to you and yours as always


  5. Amr Marzouk says:

    I am not one of the 15/20 commentators but look forward and agree with most of not not all you articles.
    Great stuff. And cheers,
    Amr Marzouk


  6. Duncan says:

    Same here. Very thoughtful and we’ll observed.


  7. Jim Barker says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom. Prayers for all of us.


  8. Ed Zwicker says:

    I’m one of those silent readers mentioned in your latest blog, but I do forward your salient writings to my friends to enjoy and mull over. Thanks for doing what you do.


  9. spetzer86 says:

    Minor point, but it’s Candace Owens. She also has a great YouTube channel, although she’s gotten too busy of late to post much. Probably happens a lot after you get run out of restaurants and screamed at for being a black white supremist.

    In the US, for a Concealed Carry permit you’re going to need some training, classroom and shooting range, in most states. This training can be very minimal and wouldn’t hold a candle to police training. A bigger concern would be the increasing number of states where concealed carry is permitted without a license. In those areas, training is obviously optional.

    Fixed thanks. Pointy


  10. Jim Self says:

    I enjoyed reading all of my conclusions stated so clearly by someone I have never met. The common thread through the miasma is common sense. Thanks, Pointman.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. auralay says:

    Another lurker here. I prefer to stay quiet and be considered dumb than comment and prove it. Mark Twain.) I skim a good few blogs but anything from you is always worth careful reading. Thanks and please keep it up.
    I expect you know of the Z Man blog/podcast. He talks of “anarcho-tyranny” where law and order policing has broken down but at the same time we are oppressed by ever more suffocating petty rules (think motoring offences etc.)
    This chimes closely with your thoughts in this blog.


  12. Ozzytrumpster says:

    I’m a lurker. You are one of my few sites that I read. My altime favourite is the conservative treehouse but you are up there. Am increasingly anxious about the ignoring of rule of law in regards to Antica and pathetic sentences for offenders from the left( ie Eric Clanton, bike lock professor), but feel they are alienating huge no’s of the silent majority. See walk away. The pendulum is swinging back to conservatism and common sense and no amount of screaming and tantrums can stop it


  13. Blackswan says:


    For five hundred years the image of Lady Justice has worn a blindfold depicting that all are equal before the law, her scales must hang freely and without foundation meaning that all evidence should stand alone, and her sword will administer swift justice.

    Today it seems that she is blinded to the truth, the scales are weighted by politics and money and her sword is used to strike down any who object to her corrupt judgements.

    As you’ve noted in an earlier post, “a fish rots from the head down”, and while citizens can see corrupt government leaders blatantly flout the law with impunity, police ordered to stand down under political authority, and criminals avoid prosecution on the basis of their ethnicity or religion, Lady Justice is no longer seen as a symbol of truth and impartiality who will mete out consequences to wrongdoers.

    Rather, she has become a tawdry old tart who will perform whatever perverse acts her political masters demand of her … for a price. Rather than being a symbol of virtue, she’s become the Stormy Daniels of jurisprudence.

    The average person today acknowledges that without money, without the “right” political connections, and if not of the current in-vogue minority, justice before courts of law is very hard to come by. Meanwhile, the political and corporate “elite” strip our Treasuries bare with little fear of consequences because no politically appointed prosecutor will initiate action against them.

    You’re so right – vigilanteism and anarchy must follow as protection of home, family and livelihood comes down to the individual.

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    • Russ Wood says:

      After 8 years of a kleptocratic government ruling (note – not running) South Africa, the ‘townships’, especially on the fringes of Cape Town, are in the disintegrating state you describe. The local government has had many studies, which show that the areas of the highest violent crime are severely under policed, with anything up to 200 crime ‘dockets’ per detective. In many areas, ambulances or fire engines will not go without an armed police escort. But when the local people try to take things into their own hands with vigilantism – guess who gets arrested?
      When it gets this bad, nobody trusts the police – and often it is proved when (say) an armed robbery gang is caught and is found to contain one or more policemen! It all seems to start with a deterioration of political WILL – and when it comes from the top (i.e. National Government) whatever the working structure was, disintegrates.
      I can see this in many Western cases, as well as South Africa – and it makes me wonder if it’s an inevitable result of Socialist or left-liberal politics?


      • Blackswan says:

        Russ – wonder no more, you can be certain of it.

        This link is a lecture given 35 years ago by Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov who explains how the KGB has operated for generations in the West and cites almost every example of our decline as being a long-range plan of subversion and infiltration on Marxist/Leninist principles, using our own weaknesses against us and starting with the education of our children, while separating us from the moral values of religion.

        Either Bezmenov was a psychic clairvoyant or he knew something we couldn’t see for ourselves.

        With 20/20 hindsight, the reasons for such a fast acceleration of breakdown in Western societies become clear … all in plain sight, and with our ‘democratic’ consent.

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  14. Santa's little helper says:

    I see another two kids have been gutted in London yesterday 17/08/2018. It was during a 30 man brawl over a BELT!


  15. Pointman says:

    Knife horror as man in his fifties dies in 4am knife attack in south London – as number of fatal stabbing in the capital reaches 51 so far in 2018

    This weekend’s bodycount begins to climb.



  16. Graeme No.3 says:

    Perhaps the hysterical thugs should remember that Savonorola ended as the guilty. So did “the sea-green incorruptible” Robespierre (along with about 80 of his closest followers).
    Can anybody point to that (at the time) famous photograph of The Heirs of Lenin. The one showing the 6 or 7 most powerful men in Russia? (hint – it didn’t feature Stalin nor did any of those in the photo survive him).


  17. Michael Roberts says:

    Just another of the usually silent but appreciative lurkers. Thank you sir, always print and pass on to a friend.


  18. JohnTyler says:

    You will notice that the mainstream media (i.e., the propaganda arm of the democrat party) never asks prominent democratic party officials to repudiate the violence committed by ANTIFA or BLM.
    And neither do the democrat party leaders ever denounce the violence.

    ANTIFA and BLM are literally the enforcement arm, the para-military soldiers, of the democrat party.

    Clearly, the self-anointed elite media and their puppet masters in the democrat party approve of this violence. This is why the police in Berkeley and other cities “stand down,” and permit the violence to continue.

    Only those totally ignorant of history cannot see the strong resemblance between the ANTIFA methods and strategies, and Ernst Rohm’s / Hitler’s Sturmabteilung -the Nazi Brown Shirts / Storm Troopers.

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  19. Fen says:

    As Glen Reynolds at Instapundit coined:
    “When the responsible authorities fail to act, other forms of authority will assert themselves. The may not behave responsibly but they WILL act”

    Our corrupt elites have forgotten that Justice not only protects the innocent, She also shields the guilty from mob violence.

    I’m a former US Marine. I can hit center mass at 500 meters with iron sights, I can build IEDs in my sleep. The corrupted elites really should stay in bounds, inside the Rule of Law.

    And yes, never underestimate how many lurkers you have and how much you are influencing them. I had an experience, a glimpse outside the box, and was astonished at just how many people I was reaching.


  20. Pointman says:

    After nearly a decade of blogging, I’m used to writing into the silent void in the hope that there’s someone out there listening. It means a lot more to me than you’d know to hear a few voices coming back out of it at me.

    Thank you.


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    • John White says:

      Another of your silent lurkers, well I think I may have made one or two comments in several years, and your blog is one I always look forward seeing appear in my feed on a Monday morning New Zealand time.


    • Annie says:

      Pointy, I frequently look in, read and ponder even though I infrequently comment. If there aren’t the right words for me to comment, then I don’t, as in your last post…it was too serious for trite comment and I didn’t have the words available to respond to it properly. My thanks and regards,


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    • Shallowbrit says:

      You are never alone when you speak the truth


  21. gallopingcamel says:

    The situation in the UK in general and London in particular is alarming. Corrupt and incompetent government with the “Media” actively pushing the government’s propaganda. Tommy Robinson jailed for trying to tell the truth.

    Here in the USA we are on the same slippery slope. Corrupt DoJ, corrupt FBI, corrupt CIA, corrupt NSA and likewise for most of the three letter agancies. Our “Media” can’t report news that matters because hating Donald Trump has sent them on a “Voyage to Purilia”…….creepy porn lawyers and hissy fits 24/7.

    NBC is so corrupt that it tried to cover for Antifa:

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  22. David Bishop says:

    Still here, Pointman – and still appreciating your blog.
    More power to you – and those like us.


  23. Pointman says:

    UK Police Chief Admits Failure To Slow Crime-Wave Foretells Future Suffering For Ordinary Citizens

    Forget the police, looks like we’re on our own.



    • The UK needs to enact something like this:
      “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      For centuries the government in England required able bodied citizens to practice archery with the aim of having citizens with the skills to defend themselves and their country. Maybe it is time to revisit that idea.


  24. Pointman says:

    The End of London by Stefan Molyneux



  25. philjourdan says:

    Minor corrections. Those using violence have always used violence. But we see things in the span of our lives, not in the span of history. So it just seems that this is new for the left. Not so. The reason it seems new is that the left was beaten back during the cold war by the real threat of being literally nuked out of existence. But before that, they were violently subverting the opposition. As you noted, this harkens back to the 60s. The players have not changed, just their hoods (white before, black now).

    Dinesh D’souza did an interview with Richard Spencer (he of the “alt-right”). In Spencer’s own words, came the same mantra as Antifa! He is not right. Not even close. He is a racist bigot. But then so are the left. But his tactics have been replaced and so he has as well (just as Pol Pot replaced those who brought him to power – and then filled the graves with the early supporters).

    Anyone can call themselves right or left. But then anyone can (at least in this country) call themselves emperor or king. It does not make them so. The truth is in their philosophy of governance, and in that, the “alt right” is as far left as Antifa. The difference is that Antifa is racist against whites, and the “alt right” is racist against all other races. But they are still racists. All of them. And they still use violence as their first resort. And they are still intolerant And they are still full of rage and hate, and they are still the useful idiots of the left.

    Is there enough of America to snap back and put down the violence of the left one more time? I believe so. But the Jim Crow laws were not defeated in a fortnight. And the racist left will not be either.

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  26. philjourdan says:

    One more point. While I do not comment on every article, I read them all. Some, like your previous one, I just have nothing of value to add, so I read and appreciate, but stay silent for those who have been there and can add to it.


  27. rapscallion says:

    Bang on the money Pointman. My prediction is that it will go the vigilante route. I just can’t see TPTB reining in their attack dogs. The Police are only there to protect the state, and it has been that way for about 20 years. I am under no illusions, I have to protect myself.

    It is for this reason that I carry a weapon of some description, or have one close at all times. (and no, it’s not a handgun)


  28. Lesley says:

    Another than rarely comments but reads all your articles. Many thanks


  29. Bob Peel says:

    Add another to the list of ‘the silent ones’


  30. Bushkid says:

    Yet another mostly silent reader, Pointy, this one from the wide and mostly brown land of Australia. I have occasionally commented, but usually read and appreciate quietly. Thank you.


  31. hunter says:

    We had best get used to it.
    Trump’s latest outbursts make it certain he is going to lose both Houses of Congress. Not to mention that his ineffectual beratings of large and petty causes is now pissing off even his friends.
    The intolerant haters on the left are going to go full thought police everywhere on everyone and sooner than later.
    Trump is the Captain if this ship.


  32. davidpng says:

    I disagree only with the use of the word “lout”, I see something more sinister and dangerous.
    Thank you,
    David G.


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