Why on Earth did the DNC pick Harris as Biden’s running mate?

Well, after weeks of deep but slow cogitation on who to choose and keeping everybody on tenterhooks – he could almost smell her hair as one wit remarked – we finally know who Joe’s running mate is going to be, and nobody was more surprised than Biden at which one they’d picked out for him. Certainly the gender and skin colour had been telegraphed well in advance by professionally black pressure groups, fake news and the oligarchs of Big Tech, who’ve all been setting that specification of what the VP should be, almost as if she was a mare at a horse auction. It’s tokenism at its worst and an insult to that fundamental principal that advancement should be only based on merit rather than skin or gender.

I think it’s repugnant to most people if the parameters for choosing a candidate for public office limit the choice to a gender and skin colour, while excluding any other potential candidates who don’t meet those criteria. Already the identity politics fanatics on the Left are arguing whether she’s actually a real black American or not. True, her father is Jamaican, her mother an Indian of the subcontinental kind rather than the faux injun of the Elisabeth Warren variety, though it must be said that she was brought up and educated in Canada, which may explain a few things.

Speaking of schools, she hammered Sleepy Joe over the head in the primary debates over busing by saying she was there when the school she attended was integrated, but actually that’d already happened ten years previously. She’s a habitual liar and a deceiving person to whom it never occurs that a simple fact check of public records will out her. Hillary Clinton suffered from the same character flaw, saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary of climbing Mt. Everest fame, even though she’d been born years before him being the first to accomplish that feat. Biden, who falsely boasted that he’d three degrees and finished near the top of his law class, actually only has one and finished a few places from the bottom of his class. He’s just as chronic a liar as the other two.

Depending to which audience she’s talking to, she titles herself as variously black American, Indian American or black-indian American, but whatever race she’s declaring herself to be this week, perhaps a Blackfoot Indian, I don’t think it’s going down well with the frothing far-left fanatics of identity politics who are still smarting over Red Bernie once again being being shunted off the ticket by the mandarins that run the DNC. I’ll bet Bernie is yet again feeling the burn, but he should have listened to the advice of the late great Chuck Berry. Only a fool lets himself get bitten by the same dog twice.

Already her past blunders are being carefully erased by from the internet by her masters in Big Tech. Apparently there are edit wars going on in Wikipedia to rewrite her past but the free internet, in the shape of social platforms like Parler and independent blogs like this are holding her to account for her weasely deeds in the past. Even her father seems to have distanced himself in no uncertain terms from some of the untruths she told about her college days, which were a barrage of lies about smoking dope in the dorms while listening to Snoop Dogg, who cut his first album ten years after her college days ended. Lies.

He seems a very articulate and socially aware man and her lies seem to have deeply offended his Christian values by propagating the racial stereotype of the average Jamaican lounging around shiftless, high as a kite on ganja and listening to throbbing gangsta music. So much for giving your best to bring up your children properly and ensuring they didn’t end up like that stereotype. It’s not exactly as if people like that would ever get off their ass to turn out to vote for anyone unless they had a crisp twenty bill in their pocket.

You can get some details of those particular lies via an article in Big League politics but the reference it gives to her father’s original article has mysteriously disappeared from the internet since you get a not found page when you click the link. The little cleaners of the internet have been very busy little bees in her case because there’s a lot to clean up. Get your sleeves rolled up my little Orwellian cleaners, since there’s an update article that reprints his article in full which you missed. Click on it quick before it too disappears courtesy of the cleaners on their search and destroy mission across the internet wasteland.

I keep a separate folder of links on individuals of interest like Harris and on examining them for this article, found that over half had either disappeared or been mutilated beyond recognition by the cleaners of Big Tech taking down references to videos or Tweets on their platforms, so if you want to research her past, Google, Facebook, Twitter and others won’t be your friends in that endeavour, and as we approach November, not a bad word about her will be found, and neither will you be allowed to say one bad word on those heavily censored platforms.

Her ancestral background is rapidly being deleted from the internet. She’s supposed to be a lineal descendant of a black woman raped by a white man but when I dug into that gem of misinformation, it proved to be very dubious, especially in the light of her father’s condemnation of her and and some basic research. She’s actually a descendant of a black slave owner who had hundreds of slaves spread over several plantations in Jamaica. When slavery was outlawed, he campaigned vigorously with the Crown to be made an exception to the law, but lost in the end. His business solution around that problem was to buy white Irish slaves, which is probably why he eventually married an Irishwoman who in all likelihood was one of his former slaves.

In case you didn’t know, Irish children were the first slaves shipped to the new world until the purchasers discovered that black slaves could be bought at a much cheaper price. Another case of the luck of the Irish, I suppose. It’s no wonder reparations for slavery is an issue she was very vocal about before her ancestral past caught up with her. More lies since I’m sure her erudite father would have shared that dark patch in the family’s history. She’s been very circumspect about that issue ever since.

Yes, she’s a complete liar and hypocrite to the extent that as a prosecutor in California, she sent hundreds of people to prison for smoking dope. They were what Rudy Giuliani called easy kills rather than doing the more difficult thing of going after the dealers or higher-ups. Along with Biden, she shares the dubious distinction of having sent more black Americans to prison than anyone else. Basically, you can’t trust a word she says and some of her high jinks to get an anti-lynching bill through, superfluous by the way since it had already been outlawed in the 1930s, involved Jussie Smollett and his notorious false race attack by Trump supporters. Being cynical about the hoax, is was just him giving some help to an old friend to push the bill through.

As soon as it was found out to be a setup, all charges against him were immediately dropped. That might have something to do with the corrupt FBI, who’d no conceivable reason to investigate so low-level a non-federal “crime”, finding her number on his phone. The FBI acting unusually quickly is an indication that she’s deep Washington swampland who pulled a few strings.

She ran a very indifferent campaign in the Dem primaries with her support in her home state of California dipping in and out of single figures. She finally quit the primary race before a single vote was cast and by then her support had dropped to 2% within the party. There’s a school of thought that the ripping she received from Tulsi Gabbard in the Dem debates finished her off. I’d agree with that. Watch from about 5:10 onwards to see the lies and revisionist history of her time as a prosecutor in California peeled back like a banana skin to reveal the rotten fruit inside, and you’ll see what I mean.

If her selection as VP by Biden’s caregivers was a surprise, they should have went for a much bigger one by choosing Gabbard as his running mate, but of course she failed the being black test, so she wasn’t an option. Of all the candidates in the primaries, she’d probably be the best choice amongst traditional Dem voters to allay fears about how far-left and extreme the party has become. There’s lots of scandals to unearth about Harris, and you’ll see them being dug out in the coming days, but only reported on by the free internet.

Gabbard’s past seems not to be so overloaded with constant changes of policy positions and just straightforward lies, but she’s a dyed in the wool globalist and one or two of the policy ideas she supports, such as men being allowed to compete against women athletes, show signs of falling over the sanity cliff at times.

Harris’ affair with a married man, Willie Brown, which quickly led to at least two big promotions up the ladder for a relatively young prosecutor in California and netted her about $400,000, won’t do her any favours with the women’s vote. Despite what we’re led to believe, a history of infidelity doesn’t go down well with homemakers. Hillary Clinton fell foul for similar reasons because of the aggressive way she covered up the molesting and in one case an accused rape by her sexual predator husband.

Trashing the reputation of his legion of victims didn’t help but despite her best efforts, Paula Jones successfully sued her hubby for $850,000 to settle an accusation of him sexually molesting her. One of Hillary’s 1,001 excuses to account for her losing to Trump and her lack of popularity with the female voter was to say they were instructed by their husbands to vote Trump! I’ve no doubt Harris will express the same excuse at some point after her loss, though I expect it’s because I’m black will be at front of the excuse queue.

Trump’s reaction to her elevation to Biden’s VP running mate was the rather dry comment that “She was my No. 1 draft pick. We’ll see how she works out.” He’s not going to lose much sleep with her being unexpectedly hauled out of the wilderness and being put back in the race.

There’s a lot of skeletons knocking around in the Harris cupboard, so I won’t list them all, but they’re mostly in circulation and as they say, a picture, or in this case a cartoon, is worth a thousand words.



The real question is why they picked such a baggage-laden loser to run with him as VP, and the answer to that can be found in a suspicion I raised in an article last month, though I didn’t think they had the sheer nerve to try and swing that past the electorate. Rather than repeat it but in different words, some excerpts of it follow.

“Something like over half the electorate, if not more, think he’s already somewhere on the Dementia-Alzheimer curve, both of which are progressively more debilitating conditions, so in the unlikely event he wins and he deteriorates chronically in office beyond being able to function, the vice-president gets a quick promotion without the tiresome necessity of an election. Following that line of thought, who’ll he pick for running mate?”

“His live appearances were becoming chronic screw ups, so nowadays he’s only wheeled out to read a scripted speech to camera. There are only a handful of carefully controlled live appearances, and absolutely no live rallies, speeches or press conferences or you’re in danger of something like his fond recollections of children stroking the hair on his legs up and down, bouncing them up and down on his lap and when they’re black, can’t help thinking of cockroaches”

And there you have it. His dementia, or whatever it is the poor bugger is suffering from, is visibly accelerating day by day in front of your very eyes, but that’s only if you actually get to see him. He’s only being allowed out in a studio to read filmed speeches with a script before him, no questions allowed by journalists to him or Harris and I’d guess any public speeches will come down to a few nice words read off the teleprompter before he quickly introduces Kamala to string together a few intelligent words for him.

What has become obvious is that the gameplan is Harris will take over from him a few weeks after they sweep to power. Rumours abound that the ever ambitious Harris is already working on who her VP will be. Even that doyen of yellow trash journalism CNN, have already aired a segment talking about how their beloved newly beloved Kamala will shortly take over from him a few months, probably weeks, should they by some miracle combination of fake news, Big Tech and massive electoral fraud actually win. Don’t hold your breath on that one, but anyway, it’s an admission that the cunning secret plan is no longer secret and the electorate will have to suffer in silence being censored and inundated with ever more strident fake news until they get inside a polling booth.

LBJ once said bitterly that being VP was a non-job. Kennedy only had him at the WH to placate the good ole boys wing of the party that dominated the southern states and had reservations about his policies, but never trusted his judgement on anything more than routine meet and greet tasks. In exactly the same way, Obama picked Biden as VP. We’re being offered the same deal, but with roles reversed. After eight years as VP he did absolutely nothing significant for America, just his personal accumulation of wealth, which was safely parked in his two brothers’ and Hunter’s name. Obama knew that was happening and ignored it just as long as Biden kept it discreet and didn’t get too outrageous like Hillary.

She has expressed support for various extreme policies such as decriminalising border crossings, defunding the Pentagon, slashing military spending, a complete ban all fracking, defund the police, confiscation of guns, abolish prisons, the economy killing New Green Deal which she co-sponsored with Horse Teeth, raising money to bail out rioters facing criminal charges, $4 Trillion worth of extra taxes and a foreign policy of appeasing dictators commonly perceived as hostile to America. As if a party offering free abortions for men on its platform hasn’t got enough product sales problems.

If you’re going to run an identity politics campaign, which is what they’re going to do, to the demographics of an America of all shades of colour, the working, blue collar and the middle classes, it’s going to be a car crash. Those sections of the electorate have already done very well under Trump’s stewardship. It’s going to be especially hard selling the massive tax hike to them, which’ll wipe out the dollars and cents gains they’ve made in their paychecks over the last four years. It’s a fool’s endeavour.

Remember, private and legal sales of guns, ammunition and body armour have gone through the roof, and it’s those people, 68% of whom are black, who feel genuinely scared by Dem policies, especially in the context of lawless cities going up in flames amidst all the rioting and violence.

In my opinion, she’s a total political opportunist and whether she really actually supports any of those policies, is anyone’s guess, but she’s certainly being presented as the face of a Democrat party that the socialists are now in charge of. What is for sure though, and make no mistake, Harris is a creature of the swamp and is seen by Biden’s career-long backers, the banks and Wall Street, as the ideal successor because she’s dishonest by reflex, never been encumbered by any stray wisp of integrity and will do any sort of volte-face on any political position she previously held at a snap of their fingers.

Her final hurdle in getting the job was the approval by the biggest lizard in the swamp – George Soros. Just like Biden, there’s a lot of dirt they can dish on her should she ever show any sign of not seeing things the swamp’s way.

Biden now is almost a basket case and when ordered, Harris is the one who’ll deliver the coup de grâce shots from the Texas School Book Depositary, to lift the crown. Whether they win or not, give it six months and Biden will be be safely hidden away from public view in a luxurious care home, taking his meds and dribbling down his bib.

If I’ve one slight reservation, it’s that Trump is something Biden was never accused of being – a gentleman. Beneath every great scrapper is usually a kind heart and that hasn’t changed over the years. I can see him pulling a lot of punches in any debate with an obviously almost helpless Biden, but fortunately, making sure that debate will never happens is a top Dem priority. Of late, Biden seems to be going downhill very fast.

As for Harris, VP Pence can easily handle her in debate despite her throwing as much dirt she can invent at him and Trump, but as long as he keeps the dialog firmly fixed on her and her past, he shouldn’t have many problems. One thing I noticed about her performance in the primary debates was she was keen to always keep the focus on her and her supposed achievements, but didn’t appear to have much of a grasp on the facts and figures of the issue being debated.

Also, when she was under criticism, she pulled this supposedly winning daddie’s little girl smile – Oh, that big nasty man is bullying poor little female me – and then proceeded not to answer the question. Pence should highlight how lightweight she is when forced to discuss the nuts and bolts of an issue, rather than let her get away with doing nothing more than trotting out her most winning smile and mouthing inane feel-good slogans for fake news to trumpet as a great debating victory. Ignore the script she’ll be running to and keep dragging her back to the details she’s been too lazy to bone up on.

The wits are hard at work coming up with slag off names for the peculiar pairing of Biden and Harris. As a few samples – Half There & Heels Up, Bunker Joe & Bunkup Kamala, Sniff & Blow, and most unflattering of all The Pedo & The Hoe appear amongst many other contenders, but they haven’t as yet settled on any particular one.

Putting that pair up against the incumbents is like pitting Trump riding high commanding a state-of-art M1A1 Abrams tank with Pence as his gunner, against a horse-drawn Ukrainian tractor that had already seen better days in the 1930s, with them being the two knackered horses pulling it and the wreck of a tractor behind them being what they’re trying to palm off to the electorate as a fresh new “imagining” of America.


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8 Responses to “Why on Earth did the DNC pick Harris as Biden’s running mate?”
  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    To answer your question: He didn’t pick her. I doubt he cares and expects to lose the election.


  2. JohnTyler says:

    I rarely give a sheet what folks in other nations think of the USA, but I have to admit they must be laughing their rear’s off observing the rise of Biden and Camilla – oops, Kamala – Whoress to the top of the demokrat ticket.
    Biden – a 40 year track record of zero accomplishments, 8 of which as a VP
    Camilla, oops, Kamala – a total BS artist who slept her way to fame. She strikes me as being not very intelligent and having the intellectual ability of a junior high school mean-girl.

    Get ready for any debate moderators (assuming there are any debates) to toss really tough questions at these two; “what is your favorite color;?” “which is your favorite basketball team?;” “do your prefer vanilla or chocolate, or perhaps another flavor of ice cream?.”

    And Trump can expect this sort of stuff; ” why do you regret the Confederacy losing the
    Civil War ?” “why do you hate Mexicans?” “why did you permit the corona-virus to kill nearly 180,000 Americans?”

    Putin, China, and other good pals of the USA are chomping at the bit , hoping and praying (despite their atheism) of a BiteMe / Camilla Whoress victory. They have already notified the major purveyors of champagne. caviar, and Wuhan live-bat-soup (this would only be for the Chinese) to get ready for a huge order if/when BiteMe/Camilla prevail in the US elections.

    It was Churchill who said (and I paraphrase) “that democracy is the worst form of govt, except for all other’s.”
    But democracy also allows the people, in free and open elections, to vote for a national suicide (see Venezuela). And it seems absolutely incredible, but nevertheless true, that BiteMe and Camilla do have a chance to beat Trump.

    After all, Trump has many Republicans, the media, social media tycoons, Hollywood, academia, many (ignorant and yes, stupid) voter age college kids , the Washington DC bureaucracy all aligned against him and all rooting for his opponent.

    May God have mercy on the USA.


  3. philjourdan says:

    You nailed it again. But I do wonder about the fake news factor. But not much. It is there regardless of the facts. And the facts are damning.


  4. Mark says:

    I really enjoy your articles, but, I wish I could share your optimism that Trump can win in November.

    We are living in absurd times where reason, decency and common sense has deserted us. I am trust afraid of what might become if the Democrats and Biden prevail.


  5. Another Ian says:

    Around this area

    Check the “BLM Artwork”



    “If True, They Should Shut Them All”



  6. gallopingcamel says:

    I will be making at least one hundred phone calls per day promoting the re-election of Donald Trump since Kamala Harris terrifies me even more than Hillary Clinton did.

    As Pointy points out (apologies for the alliteration) Kamala Harris does not care about ideas or offering solutions to problems that ordinary Americans care about. Last week she showed she will behave exactly as she did in her losing presidential primary campaign. In the primary she tagged Joe Biden as a racist who abused women.

    She is trying the same “Ad Hominem” BS against Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Will it work? Not a chance even with the complicity of our corrupt “Media”. The Biden/Harris ticket needs a devastating “October Surprise” and the DNC knows it. Absent that, everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 will vote for him on November 3, 2020 and he will “turn” many minority voters since he has helped them more than any president over the last 25 years.

    Pointy provided a link to comments by Donald Harris (Kamala’s Dad). While I am deeply suspicious of academics given my 12 years in academia feeding at the government research trough he came across as genuine and honest. His comments about divorce settlements were distressingly accurate based on my personal experience.


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