Trump feeding recalcitrant mayors and governors just enough rope

When you ignore the fake news coverage and commentary about the peaceful protests in Democrat-controlled places like Portland, Chicago and NY city, and instead look at some of the videos uploaded by ordinary people to Parler, Gab and other uncensored social platforms, the peaceful protests are actually nightly riots with all the extra goodies that riots bring along with them. Civil unrest, the break down of law-and-order, looting, businesses closing down, murder and violence. It’s easy to see why the ordinary people of a city feel scared.

The cry goes out from his supporters, why doesn’t Trump do something?

The short and simplistic answer is there’s very little he can do legally if a city’s mayor and the state governor go rogue by ignoring the oaths they swore on being voted into office, and connive to fan the flames of civil unrest and criminality by ordering the resources of law enforcement to stand down and not to stop “protesters” committing crimes. In the few cases where somebody is charged with something in these cities, a thoroughly compromised local judiciary either lets the offender out of jail with no bail the next day, or dismisses the charges altogether.

There are also some delicate constitutional issues that limit what he can do at this point in time. I won’t enumerate them, but they all spring from how the Constitution and the subsequent Bill of Rights were crafted to lay down a governance structure that’s lasted nearly two and a half centuries. In a way, both of those documents were a very workable compromise between two very different political philosophies which are largely represented by two men.

The first was John Adams, who became the second president and he was termed a Federalist. There’s a lot of bells, whistles and caveats you can attach to that long-vanished party, but in essence it amounted to what’s called “big government” these days. Congress would draft laws that would apply uniformally to all states within the Union.

The second was Thomas Jefferson, who became the third president and in the day was in the Democratic-Republican party. Incidentally, that party split in two over the ever vexing slavery issue, and via a brief sojourn in Whig territory, emerged to become the present day Republican party. The Democrat wing had wanted slavery and the opposing Republican wing ultimately wanted it abolished. Despite appearances, both parties still hold modern day equivalents of those positions.

Looking at the subsequent voting record of those two parties, any additions to the Bill of Rights or federal law to do with black emancipation right up to the civil rights legislation of the 1960s, was still being bitterly fought along those original party lines. On signing the legislation which barely one or two Democrats voted for whereas every Republican did, LBJ was heard to say we, meaning the Democrat party, have lost the South for two generations.

He was partially right on that one, but all’s well that ends well. After a quick rewrite of history and a makeover courtesy of Hollywood and fake news, within two decades nearly every black American was voting Democrat on autopilot, wrongly thinking that was what they’d always done. LBJ was also heard to say his best argument for giving them the vote was “I’ll have those N*****s voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

Jefferson instinctively distrusted the centralised federal model of government proposed by Adams, thinking it smacked too much of the autocratic tendencies of remote rulers like George III whose chains they’d just fought a War of Independence to throw off. He wasn’t about to let his nascent country follow that path. Instead, he proposed what was a startlingly new idea at the time. Devolution and separation of power between the central government and each state. Let each state make its own laws, let the federal government make its laws for the whole nation, but only as long as the legislation does not infringe on the Constitution and its attached Bill of Rights.

It’s also the reason why America is a democratic republic rather than a straight democracy. To quote Ben Franklin, democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting for what’s going to be for dinner. You can bet the house it’s going to be lamb chops.

Again, there’s a lot of bells, whistles and caveats you can add to that simplistic description of American governance because I’m sketching Trump’s problem, so I’ll leave the writing of the definitive multi-volume constitutional evolution of America for someone else to write. The bottom line is every American has those famous “unalienable rights” guaranteed by the constitution over which no legislator can trample. Obviously, a lot of congressional handbagging has been going on over the centuries about exactly where the line is to be drawn between state and federal legislation.

The bottom line is the most he can legally do is send federal law enforcement personnel to safeguard federal buildings, such as courthouses, from the riots but unless a city has fallen into complete anarchy and is literally burning down, there’s not much he can do. Should things reach that extreme, the governor of the state may stop the state’s National Guard from intervening but the National Guard can be federalised at a stroke of a President’s pen. Failing some lawfare to delay their deployment, he still has the regular military at his complete and immediate disposal and won’t hesitate to use them should things come to that pass. You’d be amazed at the old-fashioned efficacy of a combination of martial law, a curfew and a few looters shot dead to calm civil unrest.

Well, that’s the bad news out of the way, so it’s time for some good news. As I said, if the situation starts to fall over a cliff, he’ll simply use martial law and the regular military, but I think he’s using a different strategy. A British PM, Lord Palmerston I think, dropped a pearl of wisdom into the ear of a subordinate who’d dashed to him waving a piece of paper that dealt with the latest crisis to assail them and what should they do? Palmerston read it through slowly and calmly replied “Sometimes it’s vitally important to do nothing.” Trump, like Palmerston, knows some situations will eventually work themselves out to your advantage, if you have the good judgment not to interfere. The same idea was expressed in a different form by Napoleon – “never disturb an enemy when they’re contemplating a bad move.”

I think he correctly worked out the Dem’s thinking behind deliberately letting lawlessness and chaos loose on their own cities. It was supposed to put them on a win/win course. Whatever Trump does, we’ve got him and especially in the run up to the presidential election coming up in November.

If he reacts by sending the troops charging in, it gives them the perfect excuse to label him as a high-handed despot, an American version of the Hitler they’ve been calling him for the last four years.

Following their thinking, the only other course available to him was not to send force into the city. He might just hold back from taking any quick forceful and unconstitutional measures to quell the rioting, so he’d be seen as weak and uncaring about the city’s people. That was the hole in their plan he spotted.

As always in his maneuvering with the Dems, he enjoys playing the long game while they rarely think beyond the 24 hours until the next easy soundbite provided by their toadies in fake news.

He correctly assessed where the rioting was going to lead to in a few months time if given its head, a third option that had never occurred to the Dem mayors, local judiciary and state governors, because they thought Trump would crumple straight away. Time and time again, they underestimate him. They wanted to lay the blame on him whatever he did, but he refused to fall into the no win trap the poor man’s masterminds had set. Option three kicked off and in the meantime he simply put in Federal forces to protect federal facilities and then hunkered down and waited for them to come crawling to him in a few months, which they’re starting to do, though they’re almost eating their own livers over having to do so.

The first crack of the civilising whip from him was one of these rogue mayors asking for federal money to repair the damage to the city caused by the rioting he’d fostered. They had an answer from Trump within the day which came down to a rather blunt – you created the mess you’re in, so fix it yourself, because I’m not giving you one red cent of federal money. At that relatively early point they should have twigged what he was up to, but they obviously didn’t.

As the riots dragged on for three months, the rich and well-heeled began to move out of the cities in turmoil simply because it was getting too dangerous. For instance, their flight from NYC is well underway, with 13,000 empty apartments in Manhattan even with landlords offering nearly two months rent-free. The rich, having fled the city, are showing few signs of coming back anytime soon.

What crept in as the months passed of deliberately setting the major cities on a course of bigger and bigger civil unrest, was cities in fear. Mob law was pushing the average voter towards the Trump camp, not as planned away from him and towards an increasingly Marxist Democrat party that was alienating even its own bedrock supporters. The penny finally dropped that public sentiment had very much backfired on the brilliant win-win plan, but by that stage they’d unleashed the evil genie of nightly criminal violence without ever thinking of how they could get the genie back in the bottle.

They can’t without police or federal help is the quick answer, but somehow neither of the latter two parties is going to be doing any Speedy Gonzalez moves to help them this side of the election, because letting the urban chaos rip is an ongoing vote winner for Trump right up to November.

Trump is a consummate businessman and knows all about cash flow, and what the plotters had overlooked was he was the one giving them money, which means he has the power to delay or stop giving them any. That was option three – slow financial strangulation.

Running a city is a business, books have to be balanced and there are outgoings that have to be settled. In the ordinary way of things, its income comes from the government and the indirect taxes levied on local businesses, but think about how that spike in outgoings caused by the rioting is going to be settled. No extra help to be expected from Trump and the tax income from businesses in the effected cities is commonly expected to plummet as they relocate to elsewhere.

Put yourself in the place of the business owner. Department stores, shopping malls and shops are being smashed to bits and the contents looted. It’s a nice simple two options problem. The first is do you engage a small army of retail shop outfitters to repair the damage to your premises and then restock it with goods again, just in time to be destroyed and looted once more by the ongoing riots in a city whose nominal authorities have totally lost control of to a small number of what amounts to domestic terrorists.

The second option is you recoup your losses from whatever insurance cover you have and move the whole operation to another city that isn’t going up in flames every night. You don’t need a degree from The Harvard Business School to work out the safe and steady decision to make on that one. That’s already happening right now. The sight of closed retail malls and shop fronts boarded up are already features of the cities the mob has been allowed to rule.

Once the businesses get out of town, they’re soon followed by their ex-employees looking elsewhere for work that is no longer to be found in their city. Because of loss of income from both federal and business sources, the shrinking city budget gets squeezed drastically, services are cut to the bone or axed completely, outside businesses cannot even be bribed to open up shop there, and pretty soon the city goes the way of the once great city of Detroit which has lost 90% of its inhabitants and looks like it’s been carpet bombed. Cities like Chicago, New York, Portland and Baltimore are all on that same road to Detroit.

The idiot Democrat mayors of various cities tried the win-win plan against Trump and have only now realised their finances are in a complete mess and the electorate’s perception of the continuing rioting is practically handing him the election. NY city has already been mismanaged into a 30 billion dollar deficit by the bungler de Blazio and they haven’t yet reached fiscal end of year. The mayor of Portland has been in hiding from the mob in some secret bunker for the last three few weeks and the best the incompetent marxist mayor of Chicago could manage when asked the obvious question about what was causing all the rioting, could only manage to scream back – “Don’t bait us! Don’t bait us!”

Here’s some footage of her losing her self-control like a spoilt brat who isn’t getting her way, but notice how for a change she’s beginning to talk law and order and punishment for rioters. A distinct change of tune from someone who’s been giving the rioters tacit support for months of nightly rioting. It’s probably got something to do with her reaching desperation straits and ordering the drastic move that all the drawbridges be raised to prevent the rioters returning again to complete the looting of the upmarket business areas they’d hit the night before.

She looks uneasy and scared, and with good reason. The only person who can get them out of the hole they dug themselves and then fell into, is Trump. Unless there’s voter fraud on a massive scale, Trump will romp home the big winner in November and they know he’ll make them crawl across broken glass begging all the way for some financial help from him, but he’ll demand a high price from them.

By the way, she’s also the person who ordered the removal of a statue of Columbus in the dead of night, while at the same time insisting on a police detail that night surrounding her house to protect herself from the consequences of such cultural vandalism. It speaks volumes about one law for the rich and powerful while everybody else in the city gets no police protection at all. It also indicates she’s realised how little support her Marxist street revolution has amongst the vast majority of the ordinary people of the city, which is why it was always doomed to end in abject failure. The Winter Palace was never going to be stormed by a mass rising of the city’s poor downtrodden proletariat.

The price Trump will demand will be their heads on sticks, the end of their political careers as mayors of their cities, because they did the one unforgivable thing for a real patriot like Trump. They swore an oath on taking office to protect and defend the constitution but by their actions of deliberately leading their cities and its citizens into chaos and danger, broke that oath with impunity, so he’ll punish them and he won’t be alone in doing that. Their own silent but uncowed electorates, who trusted them enough to vote them into office, will also punish them in the next city and state elections.

They were hoping to attract national sympathy by pulling at the electorate’s heartstrings at their callus treatment at the hands of the harsh dictator Trump, but the big problem for them was the general population never joined in these “protests”. Instead, Trump is now choking them by pulling slowly on the purse strings. Already people like Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California is doing a big whinge because he claims they haven’t the money to meet Trump’s recently announced expansion of unemployment benefits. That’ll go down big with his former voters in November, but whether or not he can or cannot really afford it, he’s in Trump’s sin bin, so he’s not going to get one red cent of federal money.

Any doubts there could have been about what Trump was up to should have been finally dispelled by his actions last Wednesday, when he handed out millions to nearly every state in the Union except ones like Oregon, Illinois and New York, which are respectively the homes of Portland, Chicago and NYC. True to his word, they and the others like them still behaving irresponsibly didn’t get a single red cent. All they have to do is follow the lead of the city of Minneapolis which called out the National Guard and all the “protests” stopped almost immediately.

As usual, his plans tend to have a palimpsest quality about them in that they operate on several levels. His financial largesse on Wednesday also serves as a salutary warning to other mayors and governors considering playing the same game as the errant cities. You may have fake news and Big Tech on your side, put I’ve got my hand firmly about the purse strings which are your city’s life blood.

In this age where a radicalised left-winger thinks political debate consists of punching someone with a different view in the face while all the time mobbing them and shouting Fascist, racist or Nazi somehow resolves the problem, it doesn’t. It merely postpones its resolution. Revenge will eventually be taken, but in the privacy of a poll booth.

The two politicians I mentioned at the start of this piece knew that. Over the space of nearly a half century, with a small hiatus of ten years, Jefferson and Adams kept up a lively, and latterly almost daily, correspondence on a most eclectic range of subjects until their deaths, mostly far from the madding crowd of politics as they grew into elder statesmen approaching 90 years. The simple clarity of exposition of their ideas and the beautiful prose, especially by Jefferson, makes their letters compelling reading. I’d recommend this edition of their collected correspondence. Here is a sample of some of the letters they exchanged.

Despite being polar opposites politically, it didn’t prevent them from forming an enduring and almost loving relationship. The street thugs of today could learn a lot from that civilised approach to politics.

John Adams once said he’d rather not live in a world that didn’t have someone like a Thomas Jefferson in it. Sadly and with some irony, he got his wish, and on the most significant date on the calendar for patriotic Americans. They both reached fine old ages to pass away within hours of each other and on the same day – the 4th of July 1826 – and were spared the pain of ever learning of the other’s passing.


The rule of law – disturbingly prophetic for an article written two years ago.

Trump steps in to restore order.

Democrat politicians don’t care if they kill people, just as long as they can beat Trump

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17 Responses to “Trump feeding recalcitrant mayors and governors just enough rope”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Excellent essay, indeed. I was thinking about how the Dems could possibly think all this violence might work for them. Voter fraud would seem to be the hope they have but they failed to win the 2016 election when a great many people voted who usually had stopped bothering due to RINOS, enough to overwhelm the fraud. Perhaps this is what will happen again when a large number of normally Dem voters switch.
    Another interesting election coming!


  2. Pointman says:

    Another child shot in the head and killed. RIP JoJo. 2-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Shot In The Head Wednesday In Hammond, Indiana



  3. JohnTyler says:

    “Under the Insurrection Act, the President may, without a governor’s request, activate federal troops during emergencies, and when deployed under this act, they may perform law enforcement functions within a state. Specifically, this act authorizes the President to deploy federal troops if “insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy.”

    So Trump could send in Federal troops, but he was smart enough not too.

    Recall the Kent State shootings in 1970. There the National Guard of Ohio (i.e., not under Federal Control) shot and killed during a riot several students.
    That incident was the end for NIxon, irrespective if the soldiers had good reason to shoot and this incident motivated many “silent majority” types to take to the streets.

    If Trump sent in Federal troops, the well organized rioters (i.e, ANTIFA) would do everything possible to provoke the soldiers to shoot.
    And it would all be on video and the media (the propaganda arm of the demokrat party and ANTIFA) would be showing it 24/7; carrying away those shot, the funeral (attended by all the leftist politicians) and broadcast on TV, ….the whole enchilada.
    That would be the end for Trump; and he knows it.

    Better to allow those cities to destroy themselves as Pointman correctly points out
    The citizens there voted for these politicians, and IMHO, they will vote for AGAIN for leftist, progressive, politicians.
    That may be hard to believe, but it is totally true.

    Remember, the Mayors and Governors of these cities and states will serve only 4 to 8 years , and they will retire with handsome pensions and benefits. They really have no skin in the game if their cities go belly-up, They may lose re-election (but I doubt it), but so what.
    The taxpayer will take care of them until they die..
    And if they lose an election , they will become very, very well paid “expert commentators” on the media propaganda outlets.
    No wonder so many wish to enter “public service.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. beththeserf says:

    Terrific essay. The rioting and protest movement, I’d say,, has parallels with Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Re Adams /j Jefferson correspondence I recently bought the Adams /Jefferson Letters.

    Love the TV series, ‘John Adams.’


  5. Phil Jourdan says:

    You continue to amaze me of your knowledge of American history. While I am no slacker at English history (for an American), it pales in comparison to your grasp of our history. I salute you in that regard.

    And have no nit to pick either with your analysis. I find it spot on and accurate. I would like to add one point however. To JohnTyler’s comment.

    Kent State was a state thing. It was the governor of Ohio that called in the guard, not Nixon. So not quite the same for comparison purposes, although had Trump nationalized the guard and called them in and there was a shooting, the ignorant fake news would have made the comparison.

    The better comparison, that the fake news will never make, is to when JFK (and later LBJ) Nationalized the guard to force school integration. That would be an accurate comparison to what Trump could have done.

    But being historically accurate is not a strong point for the fake news media (who just last week said that the Biden/Harris ticket was the first male/female ticket in 36 years. I guess they are actively trying to forgot about Hillary).


  6. Pointman says:

    Robert Trump, brother of President Trump, dead at 71

    My sincerest condolences to you and your family. Take a few days off the election grind and take the time see him away with your family and friends.


  7. budbromley says:

    A wonderful piece. Thank you so much. Very timely and well said.


  8. budbromley says:

    Reblogged this on budbromley and commented:
    Timely, well said, accurate truth for today and history.


  9. wirralexile says:

    “Sometimes it’s vitally important to do nothing.”

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.


  10. Pointman says:

    Protesting or extorting?



  11. Pointman says:

    The weekend’s bodycount from the Windy city.



  12. philjourdan says:

    @Pointy – if Biden wins (sell the house and find a spot in the south pacific that no one can trace you to), BLM and ANtifa will disappear. Do the democrats control them? No. But the ones that can squash them are the democrat mayors, DAs and governors.

    Remember the brownshirts of Hitler and what happened to them?


    • JohnTyler says:

      OK, allow me to be picky.

      It was Ernst Rohm’s Brown Shirts (the Sturmabteilung) initially.

      Then in the infamous “night of the long knives,” Hitler, to consolidate his power and remove any potential adversaries, had Rohm and his top people murdered. Hitler then took over command of the Brown Shirts.

      This is typical of socialist behavior, where once in power, they begin eating their own.

      Stalin did likewise, once in power, by murdering all of Lenin’s inner circle of advisors, preceded by the show trials.

      Note that the infamous Nazi jurist, Roland Freisler, attended some of these show trials and was a great admirer of Andrey Vyshinsky, the state prosecutor at the show trials.
      In fact, Hitler himself called Freisler, “that old Bolshevik.”

      If /when /ever ANTIFA, BLM, etc., take over the USA, the initial series of events will be one group murdering their rivals.
      That is the MO of the left.

      Then again, many Americans own guns; let’s hope they are put to good use before it’s too late.


      • philjourdan says:

        Thanks for the clarification. Accuracy is important. But I was just drawing attention to what happens to the anarchists that are used by the left to seize power. So the comparison remains, even with the correction.


  13. Pointman says:

    “Did Trump’s Federalism Just Win Him the Election?”

    No. This is one of those infuriating articles where the author just misses the whole point about how long term Trump thinks while everybody else is running around in paniced circles.



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