The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 3. Planning the succession.

In the first two parts of this series, I looked at the major and then the trailing rabble of Democrat candidates vying for the ticket to run against the Trumpie Monster. When you stand back and look at the entirety of what’s on offer, a number of trends become apparent.

The first is it increasingly looks like the last throw of the dice for the old guard of the Democrat party, who are actually very old. That’s not so much about their ages, it’s more that they look tired, out of ideas and unable to contend with the out of control millenials in the party who seem like brainless but enthusiastic children determined to drive it into the political wasteland that is socialism in America.

That’s the story, Biden (76), Sanders (77) and Warren (69), none of whom look to have as much energy as the Trumpie Monster (72) who routinely does five rallies a day when he’s campaigning across what’s sneeringly dismissed as flyover country or the rust belt. He’s got so much energy, he makes Gen. Sherman burning his way down the entire length of the Shenandoah valley to the Atlantic look like a leisurely stroll.

If it was prior to the 2016 earthquake and a politics as usual situation, the senior ones would be reasonable enough candidates, but the fact of the matter is they’re no match for Trump. He runs rings around them. Their track record against him is abysmal and the young Turks of the party have just about run out of patience with them. The oldies are in the last chance saloon nursing a whiskey, the bruises Trump has inflicted on them and looking at the writing on the wall.

The Dem party has a problem best described as having no middle batting order. The old guard have been in place far too long and have stifled the up and coming candidates for office who’re in their 50s or 60s. For instance, the Clintons have been shakers and movers in the party since he became president all the way up to when she lost to Trump. That’s a span of nearly twenty-four years or a quarter century. It’s as if anybody good in that middle age range saw they’d never get a shot until the octogenarian old guard were six foot under, so they buggered off. What was left was the dross.

There are simply too many candidates, and low quality ones at that, throwing their hat into the ring. Like anybody who takes an interest in American politics, I’ve never heard of most of them and since I started this series a few weeks ago, even more unknowns have joined the race. As one wag observed, there are now more of them than there were horses in this year’s Kentucky Derby. The only trait they seem to share is an irrational level of ambition that’s not complimented by any apparent ability, track record of any achievement whatsoever or even a hint of charisma. How they’re picking up any campaign finance for what can only be a self-aggrandising PR stunt is beyond me.

As an exemplar, the somehow appropriately named Buttigieg is openly gay and likes to mince around on a platform or should I say the stage in his case. He has no policies I can discern except stop the gay holocaust of people like Jussie Smolett. I can only assume the political strategy at work here is a very subtle one – America will vote en masse for him just to prove they’re not homophobic. Given the general indifference to his best prancing efforts, I can only suggest kitting him out in a tutu and white tights and him assaying a few ambitious grand jetés across the width of the stage might improve his chances, or at least introduce an element of levity into what is otherwise the exceedingly dull dregs of Washington’s political C listers.

The younger candidates are very much products of the Obama years, and have consequently been ruined as election winners. It used to be an aphorism in America, and one that was commonly taught to children, that if you work hard, never give up, and always strive to do your best, it doesn’t matter what humble circumstances you come from, you too could become the President of the USA. These people do not operate on that ethos. Nowhere near it.

They almost feel entitled to become the President because of their gender, colour, minority status or it’s simply their time and they thoroughly deserve it. That’s why they’re all policy lite. Who needs to commit to a policy when it’s your turn anyway? On the few occasions where they’re backed into a corner, they’ll make a choice, but that doesn’t count as any sort of commitment. They’re quite happy to reverse positions since none of those positions are sincerely held.

Contrast that with the Trumpie Monster they’re running against, which will never actually come about in any parallel universe this side of the planet Zharg, but anyway. He has positions that everybody knows. The wall, lower taxes, get the economy moving, rebuild the army, get America back on the world stage as a power to be reckoned with. He’s a conviction politician. Ask the average politically unengaged meh voter what Trump stands for, and you’ll get that selection of items straight away, because the fake news machine have been doing his policy PR for nearly three years.

Ask the same person what any of the Dem contenders stands for, and they’ll just start scratching their head because none of those people are conviction politicians. They’ll promise you anything to get your vote and then just as quickly forget whatever the hell it was you wanted.

In short, there’s no Presidential timber there. Not even some kindling.

All of them are running an election strategy based on identity politics, and the electorate is heartily sick and tired of such politics. Once you get outside the circle jerk of the fake news political commentary, people recognise how divisive the results of the Obama years were. As somebody said, I think it was Denzel Washington, it ripped the heart out of America.

Everybody stopped being an American and became a minority, a persecuted minority and a bloody angry persecuted minority, who felt entitled to attack and kill others. Street level political violence in the shape of thugs like antifa became acceptable, while the police had been instructed to stand down by city politicians. The rule of law died. Abortion evolved into infanticide. Your religious beliefs became a failing to be sneered at, except if you were a Muslim.

Sexual deviancy instead of being quietly tolerated in a civilised fashion was pushed as a nearly de rigueur life style to children in schools whether their parents liked it or not, and that was if they even knew it was being done. Education spiralled down into producing nothing more than angry and intolerant debt slaves who’d been politically brainwashed and hadn’t learned anything more challenging than how to punch someone in the face who didn’t share their rigid set of liberal views.

Again, contrast that lot with the politics on offer from Trump. He doesn’t give a fig about your colour, gender or creed when he’s in charge of the country, he just cares about the country and its wellbeing. For him, it’s all about America – first, last and everything in between. In essence, his politics are most simply expressed as let’s all get back to being Americans again, with decent but defended baseline values and a humane toleration of each other’s differences.

It’s early days, but unless something fundamental changes with the Democrat offering to the electorate, or Trump has a disaster, 2020 might well spell the end for the Democrat party in its current shape. You might even be looking at a political schism on the other side of a big loss. Don’t forget, there was once a party called the Democrat Republicans that split down the middle on the issue of slavery. In a similar way, a big loss by an establishment candidate against Trump will result in the dethronement of the old guard and the Democrat party being dragged leftward into socialism. If it happens, that could trigger a similar split of the party.

That split of the party after 2020 is not as remote a possibility as it appears to be at this point in time. All across Europe, the traditional two party domination of a country’s political system is crumbling under a wave of reawakened nationalism. What were once major parties, like the Tories in the UK, have become marginal because they tried to ignore that resurgent nationalism. They thought they could control it as usual and that’s proving to be a terminal mistake. It cast them into the mold of a political elite ignoring the will of the common scum, and the scum have duly taken their revenge on them in the polling booth.

Trump embraces if not embodies that worldwide trend in America, while the Dem party, like the Tories, think they can ignore it as they lurch into socialism. I’m far from convinced they’ll drag their traditional left of centre power base with them, and that’s the demographic of the party that’s vital if they ever realistically want to regain power. Their choice is simple – drift into unelectable socialism and risk the resultant split, or realign their electoral offering back to more traditional values, but that’s a big ask, especially since they seem to have constrained themselves into an inescapable straight jacket of identity politics.

Right, I’m going to say something to you now, and you need to hang onto to your hat Dorothy, because we’re leaving Kansas.

The DNC already accept 2020 is lost.

Given the current outlook and assuming Trump doesn’t make a huge blunder over something or other, that’s the situation at the moment for several reasons, some fairly obvious and some less so. To mention but a few; a booming Trump economy, common resentment at the two-year long Mueller witch hunt, the backlash from a failed coup attempt, the looming trials dragging on over the next eighteen months of various people of Democrat leanings for crimes tantamount to treason, the complete loss of credibility of their propaganda fake news asset, a party padlocked into an Iron Maiden of election killing policies it can’t seem to escape from and the complete absence of any candidate with even a smidgen of populist charisma. Take your pick out of that lot.

Add in the money problem of traditional donors not donating because they’ve made the same political calculation, so their presidential war chest is severely depleted, while people are throwing dollar bills at the Monster in humongous quantities at every rally. Hillary spent an estimated $2.5 billion in her 2016 campaign, but Trump still beat her while spending a billion less. He knows how to make a dollar earn its keep.

But there’s an even more fundamental problem that’s exercising the minds of the left-wing thinkers, and yes, such people actually do exist.

As Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher fundamentally changed the political landscape of their countries in the eighties, and as Nigel Farage looks set to do in the UK this year, Donald Trump is already well into doing the same thing to America again. He’s re-engineered American society, stripping the Washington swamp, the fake news scumbots and even an institutionalised Republican party of their comfortable hegemony of all political power in the country. He’s not quite there yet, but a lot of his plans are coming to fruition.

He’s empowered all those deplorables such as Joe the truck driver, Betty the waitress and all those others holding down two jobs to make family ends meet who’re quietly patronised by the media and cosmopolitan elite. He’s given them what they’ve needed for the last three decades, a booming economy, lots of full-time jobs, an unemployment rate that’s on its way to a fifty year low, a real rise in wages for the lower paid for the first time in two decades and the prospect of a better life for their kids. All the Dems are offering are things like a $5 trillion plan to save the world from climate change, and they know who’d be paying for that as well as into whose pockets all that money would flow.

The brute voting demographics are that there are a lot more deplorables out there than latte sipping SJWs, who all work artistically on an Apple Mac, nodding knowingly at the far-left NYT opinion pieces, lapping up CNN fake news or having a good old cry along with some lesbian on MSNBC lecturing 65M people on how disgraceful they are to have voted Trump. To be fair to MSNBC, CNN and the other fake news outlets have more than their fair share of holier than thou sexual deviants lecturing as well, but that’s the way the me too fake news machine works. No Joes or Bettys need apply for a job there, never mind getting their views aired.

The real problem for the DNC about 2020 was persuading someone to take the hit of losing against the Trumpie Monster for reasons that are peculiar to the American presidential election system. Ask the average person to name the last five presidents and after a bit of casting around, they’ll usually remember the last four or even the full five. Then ask them who each of them ran against to win the presidency in each of their terms and you’ll be lucky to get one or two names.

Losing a presidential race is the fast track lane to political oblivion in American politics, and everyone in the swamp knows it. The only one who ever beat that curse in living memory was Tricky Dicky who first lost against Jack Kennedy. Nobody wants to win the party’s 2020 nomination. Once the carefully leaked news got around that Creepy Joe was decided to be the anointed one for this election cycle by the DNC, and had agreed to be the sacrificial lamb who’d take a bullet for the party because he was at end of career anyway, all the rest piled in because they knew it was safe.

If they know they haven’t a chance, and didn’t want a serious shot anyway, why the mass hog charge to get to the swill trough? Simple, they’re just jacking up their name recognition for their ultimate goal, which is having a decent go at the presidential race in 2024 when they won’t be running against either the Trumpie Monster or the Dem oldies, who’ll all have been put out to pasture by then. Failing that and even further out, perhaps a shot in 2028.

The Dems will be moving towards the extreme left, but as the older and wiser heads in the party can see, America isn’t moving to the left with them – quite the contrary. In general, everyman America is doing very well under Trump and his attendant push to crush the neo-liberals, suppress the socialists while all the time moving America back to the more traditional values of mom, apple pie and the Marine Corps.

Well, that’s the Dem candidates’ political thinking, as far as such things are discernible in what feels like an exercise in pattern recognition while looking down a microscope and seeing nothing but random Brownian Motion, but as usual I think Trump is already formulating other plans.

The Dem party strategic thinking is so poor that it has led them to the low point where an idiot like this is commonly perceived as leading the party around by its nose to some sort of socialist utopia, which will always be a no-sale in a prosperous Trump economy. These days, they appear to be barely thinking from one sound bite to the next, never mind years ahead.

In comparison, Trump’s thinking is long term. Bar the screaming and shouting, he’s already bagged 2020 and is now planning for 2024. Sure, he’ll take a quick decision when it’s needed, but he’s a chess player who’s already figuring out the third move ahead when his opponent is still floundering around trying to deal with his first unexpected move. If you don’t believe that and prefer to think of him as an idiot, that’s fine and you’ll have lots of company in that assessment, like his primary opponents in 2016, the fake news machine, the Democrat party, Hillary, the Republican establishment determined to stop him at all costs, Mueller and of course what’s left of the deep state in Washington. Stack those wins back to back over a span of nearly three years, and he’s without a doubt the luckiest idiot who’s ever existed.

Trump was groomed to take over the business by his father Fred Trump, and as we all know, what’s taught in your youth is what’s learned. He’s not about to hand over the eight solid years of blood, sweat and tears he’ll have put into getting America back up on its feet again to some media friendly RINO gobshite hand-picked by the RNC, just to see all that work pissed up against the wall, which it would be.

Predictably, the RNC establishment will be only too glad to finally see the end of the Trumpie Monster phenomenon and relieved to be getting back to business as usual in the swamp, but he’s not about to let that happen. In my estimation and as the Republican party has shown him little loyalty, he’s going to return the favour and effectively nominate his own successor to his presidency.

Just as the Godfather picked and groomed Michael Corleone to be the inheritor of his power, I think the Don has picked his son Donald Trump Jr to pick up the reins he must relinquish in 2024 and continue with his project. Watch carefully the product placement at every rally and major event, and you’ll see it, which is why the Dems are already coming after him. It’d not be necessary, but if Don Jr is handed a shoo in seat to Congress next year or in the 2022 mid-terms, you’ll know for sure.

22 Responses to “The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 3. Planning the succession.”
  1. spetzer86 says:

    I’d like to agree with your final conclusion, but I’m not sure America is going to bet on another hereditary power transfer. The Bushes and Clintons have more-or-less worn out their welcome. And if America did want a Trump offspring, Ivanka would be at least as logical and offer a bone to the “let’s have a woman president” crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Timbotoo says:

    The only quibble I’d have with your admirable essay is the prospect of Don Jr as candidate. After the Bushs, Clintons etc. I think America is a little suspicious of dynasties and American royalty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Graeme No.3 says:

      You could include the Kennedys in that.
      Various off-spring still infesting the political landscape, but not keeping up with AOC.

      O/T Pointy but Bob Hawke has died. Another old lefty gone, probably despairing of the current lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. nb says:

    ‘unable to contend with the out of control millennials in the party who seem like brainless but enthusiastic children’
    Graeme No.3, May 16, 2019 at 9:25 pm says ‘Another old lefty gone, probably despairing of the current lot.’
    The problem for the old guard seems to be the quality of the favourites they have advanced. Succession planning has failed.
    It is the best, the energetic with independent and practical minds, who most resist leftist rule.


  4. John Lack says:

    I hope your vision of 2020 proves accurate. I enjoy your insight.

    P.S., Virginia’s Shenandoah River doesn’t empty into the Atlantic. It runs north to the Potomac River. William “Tecumseh” Sherman’s “March To The Sea” went from Atlanta (Georgia) to the Atlantic at Savannah (Georgia)..


  5. Blackswan says:


    You nailed it with … “They almost feel entitled to become the President”. Almost? Explains perfectly the current gaggle of geese whose irrational self-aggrandisement and Presidential aspirations remain a mystery to any sentient being. Hard work and merit aren’t a factor.

    You’re also right about a media phenomenon that’s emerged in the last few years; that of being an “Influencer” who can acquire millions of advertising dollars simply by “name recognition”. That’s what they want – to become a ‘Brand’, to be ‘Followed’ and ‘Liked’, and be the Go-To guy that election strategists will sign up to the Gravy Train as a likely contender to bring millions of sheeple votes with them – just because they can read a script and parrot ’talking points’ in 10 second sound-bites for the 6 o’clock news. Nobody expects them to actually have any original ideas or strategies for success … the thinking is done for them elsewhere.

    As for Don Jnr … I’ve never understood how nepotism can even be legal in the taxpayer funded Public Sector anywhere. Family businesses and privately owned companies are another matter, but electing an individual to public office who then promptly employs his spouse, kids and extended family members to enjoy high salaries and fat pensions thereafter remains a mystery to me. Their merit-based appointment can be argued, and in Trump’s case he had too few people he could trust, but it always seemed odd to me.

    We’ve had political ‘dynasties’ of our own in Australia – Alexander Downer being a prime example of how scrumping such low-hanging fruit can get so rotten – just ask George Papadopoulos.


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Was outside the local polling booth for a few hours (handing out howtovote cards) and I almost felt sorry for the Liberals who had to face up to Georgina Downer being walloped for the second time with one or two voters being impolite about her. One I know was a ‘rusted-on” Liberal voter.


      • Blackswan says:

        G’day G3 – great to wake up to the news that Labor Leader and aspiring Prime Minister, Bill Shorten, has resigned the leadership after his defeat.

        Shorten, accused rapist (currently under police investigation), union thug, taker of secret commissions, sell-out of low-paid union members’ work conditions (for a price), general head-kicker and destroyer of corruption whistleblowers … has finally stepped down.

        Who will take his place? His current Deputy? The woman married to a convicted heroin dealer who, on his release from prison, got him a job in Education administration paying a not-to-be-sneezed-at $400,000+ per year?

        “But, but … everyone deserves a second chance” she snorted. (pun intended)

        Headline … “Morrison’s Miracle” as Conservatives win the un-winnable election.

        Do you think we’re seeing the beginnings of a ‘great awakening’?

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Blackswan says:

    Today, the 18th May, marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of our friend and blogging buddy, NoIdea (aka) “Horace”.

    If we live long enough, many people will pass through our lives – and some, such as NoIdea, will not readily be forgotten. What is it that makes the difference? Was it his good nature, his humour, his empathy … or maybe his ferocious courage in the face of adversity? Perhaps an amalgam of all those traits leaves an indelible imprint of a person on the lives of those they touch.


  7. Graeme No.3 says:

    A little (anglicised) levity.
    A man was driving into London when he found himself at the back of a queue of cars.
    There was a chap going from car to car, so when he got to him, the driver asked what was going on.
    The chap explained that he was collecting donations because terrorists had seized the Houses of Parliament and all the politicians and were demanding ransom, or they would pour petrol over them and set them alight.
    Ahgast, the driver asked “What’s the usual amount everyone is giving”.
    The reply “about a gallon”.


  8. Lon Spector says:

    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. As the Bible says, the struggle is not against humans, but DEMONICALLY POSSESSED HUMANS. The Deep State (Which includes the media.) Is of, by, and, for Satan. And Satan’s bag of tricks is very large indeed. Only God can
    defeat Satan. We won’t know whether or not until that Tuesday in 2020.


    • Pointman says:

      They better keep the Clintons away from that fund, or large chunks of it will make their way mysteriously into the Clinton Foundation. When Hillary left the White House, she decided to take with her approx $250,000 of art pieces donated to various presidents over the last two hundred years.

      The curator of the WH collection told her it’d all have to be returned or he’d personally see to it she was charged with grand larceny theft. He got it all back, but she made sure he got fired.

      Nice people the Clintons.



  9. Pointman says:

    The old order at their bumbling worst. Can’t even remember who came to the press conference with them. It’s no wonder the Trumpie Monster walked out of yesterday’s meeting with them after 3 minutes. That’s got to be some sort of record.



  10. Doonhamer says:

    Nice article, as usual. Thanks.
    But you yourself are more interesting.
    If ever you produce an autobiography let us know.
    Small thing. You spell ” shoo in” the correct way. Just a symptom of a care for language.


  11. Pointman says:

    It’s time to help her off the political stage …



  12. Bear says:

    The Dems seem to be running on two general issues: Abortion with no restrictions, and free everything else including entry into the country. Heaven help us if one of the Dems wins. Biden is horrible but the rest could destroy the country with their idiocies.

    “Après nous, le déluge” is what I’m afraid of. The Swamp is just too big to drain. The smarter ones will wait out Trump and when he’s gone they will resume to openly defy the deplorables because there are no viable successors (I don’t think a Trump dynasty is likely). It’s also not the Republicans against the Democrats, it’s the deplorables against the elites so the 2024 race will most likely be two of the oligarchs fighting it out. I see Trump’s successor as a repeat of Regan-Bush. We’ll go from Regan the outsider to Bush the insider who will claim to be Trumpian and then reveal his elitist coat once elected.


  13. Pointman says:

    Tucker: Gillibrand was the worst candidate to ever run



  14. Pointman says:

    Letting the cat out of the bag – Brad Parscale: ‘Trumps Will Be a Dynasty’ for Decades.

    The cat in question – Donald Trump Jr. Won’t Rule Out Running for Office: ‘I Definitely Enjoy the Fight’.



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