Who is Michael Smith?

This is a guest article by one of our regular commenters, Blackswan. Among other things, it demonstrates the new reality that if the mainstream media allows itself to be muzzled by politicians, or chooses to only represent views it finds itself in agreement with, then those views can nowadays find an alternative platform in the wide open plains of the internet and the blogosphere. This is a great success story showing yet again that one determined person can make a difference. Given a moribund mainstream media which is increasingly detached from the ordinary person and which is hesitant to do investigative reporting of powerful interests, I think it’s the shape of things to come.


From time to time there arises in the affairs of men (and nations) extraordinary circumstances beyond the experience of most mere mortals. In 2007, Australia elected a Labor government following eleven years of conservative Liberal rule and Kevin Rudd became our Prime Minister with Julia Gillard as his Deputy, the first woman to hold that office.

Few Australians knew of Gillard’s background and a number of profile pieces emerged in the press telling us that she began her career as an industrial lawyer in 1987 following a nine year university career including a period as part-time employee and member of the steering committee of the Socialist Forum which evolved after the Australian Communist Party was disbanded.  The young ingénue was made partner in the major law firm Slater & Gordon (S&G) at the age of twenty nine after only three years in the Industrial Unit under the guiding hand of her boss and mentor Bernard Murphy.

It also emerged that Gillard’s name had been mentioned in the Victorian State Parliament in 1995 regarding an alleged fraud perpetrated against the Australian Workers Union (AWU) by Gillard’s then lover who happened to be an official of the AWU, her firm’s major union client, and that she had received benefits from that crime including extensive home renovations.  At the time she dismissed the matter as scurrilous politicking and was adamant that she had done “nothing wrong”.

Meanwhile the Rudd/Gillard government lurched from one financial crisis to the next, with Rudd’s popularity in the polls plunging into the 30s zone.  In 2009 Gillard, with the backing of the faceless Union puppet-masters of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and an election due the following year, made her move in a late night strike at Rudd’s leadership, ousting him from Office with herself duly installed as Prime Minister by the Labor Caucus. Her term in office was even more disastrous than Rudd’s with the Parliament at times sounding more like a fish market than a sober chamber of debate in the nation’s administration.

The Liberals won a slim majority in the 2010 election but in a last-minute bid to avoid the Opposition benches, Gillard signed a post-election deal with the Greens and three so-called Independent MPs thereby forming a coalition wresting control from the Liberals and forming a minority ALP government with a margin of one single vote. Our democracy teetered on a knife-edge.

In August 2011 Glen Milne, a senior mainstream journalist, revisited his earlier profile article on Gillard and expanded it to examine those old ‘rumours’ about her involvement in the AWU matter and her defence of the alleged corrupt behaviour of one of her ALP MPs Craig Thomson, whose conviction on any criminal offence would see him expelled from the Parliament and Gillard’s minuscule majority lost. Milne’s retracted article can be found here.

It was reported that Gillard’s reaction to Milne’s article was “ballistic” and she demanded a retraction and apology from the publisher. The CEO complied and Milne was fired.  Not satisfied with that, Gillard also demanded that Milne’s appearances on our taxpayer-funded national broadcaster, the ABC, cease forthwith and he lost his regular spot on a weekly political commentary program.

Gillard wasn’t finished yet.

In the offending article Milne had mentioned one Michael Smith, a Sydney talkback radio broadcaster/journalist who had been pivotal in extracting vital admissions from the allegedly crooked Thomson. Smith’s radio station began promoting a forthcoming interview with a one-time President of the AWU, Bob Kernohan, who intended to discuss the long history of corruption, fraud and theft in the Union movement and its extensive cover-up over decades. For Smith, what took Kernohan’s story out of the realm of rumour, gossip and innuendo was the fact that he had extensive documentation from old court proceedings to validate his concerns.

Gillard went for the jugular. Ten minutes before the pre-recorded interview was due to be broadcast, station management called Smith in and ordered him to ‘pull’ the interview.  Although Smith had extensive legal advice to clear the interview of any likelihood of litigious consequences, the management was adamant and Smith was suspended from the airwaves.

He was told that unless he signed a legally binding agreement to cease and desist from any story on Union corruption or the Prime Minister’s close historic connection to it, he would not be returned to his desk. He refused to sign the document and resigned forthwith.

And now the most extraordinary chapter in this story begins.

The Press Gallery, the majority of whom knew nothing of the detail in Gillard’s pre-political background, were caught flat-footed and although the older hands knew about it, most had long since chosen to keep a lid on its possible implications. Several internet blog sites began to detail her activities as a lawyer in the 1990s.  She called impromptu press conferences, denigrated the allegations on the blogs as vicious “smears” by “internet nutjobs”  –  nothing to see here, move along.

That is when Gillard and her Communications Minister Conroy, a long-time crony from the bad old days, decided that a far-reaching “inquiry” into the mainstream media was due and the Finkelstein Report was commissioned with terms of reference that included controlling blogs and internet news communications.

Meanwhile, with Gillard on the warpath and MSM CEOs cringing at the prospect of a Finkelstein axe hanging over their corporate heads, nobody would touch Michael Smith with a barge pole and his promising broadcasting career came to a shuddering halt.

Smith had an interesting and varied career  –  he had been a soldier, a police officer, managed a state symphony orchestra, been CEO of a telco in Indonesia, and had spent several years as a very popular and charismatic radio broadcaster and journalist in Queensland. He had been head-hunted to Sydney, the mecca of  talkback radio, much of it syndicated to regional areas. He had a deceptively relaxed, easygoing style which often lulled his political interviewees into a false sense of security. He was not intimidated by the usual political double-speak and doggedly pursued probing questions which made him popular with his listeners, long fed up with being sidelined by the arrogance of the political classes.

At the core of Smith’s distress in being banished from the airwaves was a promise he had made to Bob Kernohan, the one-time AWU President who had been pursuing the theft of a million dollars from AWU funds for 17 years.  Nobody would listen to him  –  he had been bashed in the street and left for dead, he had found bullets in his mailbox and it had taken 9 long years for the AWU to pay him his wage entitlements when he had left his job on medical grounds following the bashing. Bob was a broken man until … Michael Smith heard him and promised to do all in his power to get to the truth of the matter.

Events escalated when the seemingly impossible happened; Harry Nowicki, a lawyer researching a book on the AWU, located Ralph Blewitt and persuaded the one-time AWU official to return to Australia from his current home in south-east Asia to make a sworn statement to police confessing his role in the 1990s exploits of Gillard and her lover, Bruce Wilson. He was described as Wilson’s “bag man” and his role was pivotal in the siphoning of hundreds of thousands of dollars into spurious accounts and laundering the cash.

Blewitt had watched from afar as Gillard rose to power and he became increasingly troubled by his past. As a veteran of Vietnam war service getting older and seeking some redemption in his latter years, Blewitt resolved to “puts things right” and see justice finally take its course. He was refused immunity from prosecution for his confessed crimes but returned anyway, making full statements to police, waiving any client privilege in legal documentation involved and prepared to let the chips fall where they may.

With no funds and little experience in the blogosphere michaelsmithnews.com (MSNews) was born. It is a website that has become a phenomenon, unprecedented in its scope and popularity in Australia and probably unique in the world. Drawing on his creative flair and a fearless ‘anything is worth a try’ attitude, Smith has devised a very innovative format and style.

He began with the hundreds of documents Kernohan brought to him, even going so far as to consult a forensic handwriting specialist to determine that Gillard’s own handwriting and signature were on various incriminating documents. He digitally scanned every one of those documents and all were posted on MSNews. His policing background gave him a unique perspective on these matters and he carefully explained every one of his conclusions and concerns, asking increasingly probing questions as to the implications of what those documents revealed.

Beginning with his devoted radio audience, people began to login to MSNews in increasing numbers. Few people outside of Brisbane or Sydney had previously heard of Michael Smith but gradually hundreds from around the country climbed on board. This was amazing, unique  –  instead of our news being pre-digested by a journalist hack who generally put a left-wing bias into every news item, here we could see documents for ourselves  –  lay people with no previous knowledge of the union movement or the legal profession could read the material, see for themselves the relevant pieces of legislation involved and have it explained to them either by Smith or other bloggers, professionals themselves.

Suddenly there was a pool of expertise working in tandem on the website  –  lawyers (some retired, some not), paralegals, accountants, conveyancing specialists, banking staff, skilled researchers and most of all … journalists and political staffers … monitoring every word on the blog.

As the evidence mounted, Gillard became even more strident in an effort to distract, deter, and denigrate Smith and his blog. She saved her most vitriolic attack for Blewitt describing him as “an idiot, an imbecile, rotten to the core and a stooge.” Her famous ‘misogyny speech’ erupted in her increasing attempt to adopt ‘victim status’, to become a martyr who was only being criticised because of her gender not her incompetence or highly questionable moral, ethical or legal practices. She stood in the Parliament and shrieked “Who is Michael Smith?” dismissing him as just another shockjock who had been “sacked for his lies and smears” against her. That question became a catch phrase on the blog  –  ‘who is Michael Smith?’ It became farcical as most of the MSM continued the cover-up and refused to challenge her shrieking denials.

Meanwhile MSNews moved on  –  relentlessly.

A huge area of political conflict had been the Gillard/Rudd border control policies which had induced over 50,000 illegal immigrants to jump the queues of the UNHCR and climb aboard flimsy Indonesian fishing boats to make the perilous crossing to Australia. Over 1,500 men women and children had perished in the attempt.

A regular MSN blogger came up with website images of coastal patrol vessels and navy ships as they plied the Timor sea and, directed by the Labor government to be nothing more than water taxis, were sent to carry human cargo off fishing boats in Indonesian waters after phony distress calls summoned them. As the illegals began to be transported around between detention centres, aircraft movements were also tracked by our intrepid blogger. All of this was possible by mandatory transponder tracking, a safety measure used by all such vessels and aircraft. The Gillard government ordered the transponders in that region to be turned off.

Another regular blogger is a very proficient photographer and had been photographing the illegals coming ashore, becoming increasingly concerned at the type and demeanour of those brought into the country. She had offered these pictures to the MSM for several years and had been ignored. Smith saw their significance and publishes them on a regular basis.

He developed an Audioboo format whereby he greets readers with his cheerful voice most days, chatting about everything and nothing  –  his fishing expeditions or road trips with his delightful children  –  or explaining various legal aspects of his latest blog posts. These short audio spots often include interviews with persons-of-interest or segments of his radio archives with revealing past interviews.

And all the while the audience has grown, taking MSNews into uncharted territory for an Australian blog site. In 15 months he has had over 15 million page views, moderated and posted several hundred thousand comments, scanned and published hundreds of documents and all as a one-man operation. Regular bloggers, appreciative of Smith’s work on their behalf, post donations to his nominated bank account, his only source of income to maintain the site and its resources.

Recent weeks have seen several prosecutions end up in court hearings in Melbourne –  one being the allegedly corrupt Health Services Union (HSU) Secretary/MP Thomson who used his union credit card for thousands of dollars worth of hookers, pornography, family airline tickets and $100,000 worth of ATM cash withdrawals. Such prosecution was only taken after Michael Smith extracted certain admissions during a past radio interview.  That investigation led to the revelation that the head of the HSU and a former national president of the Labor Party, Michael Williamson, had stolen $20 million from the Union over a long period. He took a guilty plea on only $1 million and currently awaits sentencing. Very convenient  –  no witnesses called, no further investigation of other parties involved and $19 million vanishes into the ether as though it never existed.

In another courtroom appeared Gillard’s old boyfriend Wilson who is busily pleading legal professional privilege over documents seized in a police raid on her old law firm. That action was only taken after Michael Smith lodged a formal complaint with the Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Squad over an alleged ‘false instrument’ Gillard signed to further her lover’s money laundering operation.  Smith also lodged a formal complaint with the Victorian Law Society over the false entry in her law firm’s Trust Account which further concealed the source of stolen money.

MSNews has some more ground-breaking innovations. Several regular bloggers, known only by their tags, turned up in courtrooms to hear the proceedings for themselves. One of them took detailed notes and they were posted on the blog, along with an Audioboo report, and several of these citizen reporters even sent photos of themselves in the court precincts  –  some very cheerful faces including our cyberpal Bob Kernohan.

This week Smith came up with something new. He invited readers to send him their phone numbers, he’d call them back, delete the number, and have a few minutes chat on Audioboo. It was a great novelty to hear the voices and humour of regular blog posters. Curiously, many regulars have met up over a coffee or lunch, or have established email contact with each other discussing aspects of the case against Gillard and it’s become a very tight community within the blogosphere, much appreciated by all.

There are other highly talented contributors who produce fabulous spoof parodies posted on the blog with clever montages of images, music and lyrics that can be hilarious or sobering, with wry humour or bitter irony in the faces of many of the Rogues Gallery who sit in our Halls of Power in our Parliament. Just a sample

Not all agree with each other, and a range of views are held, but the one constant running through MSNews is that all have utmost respect for Michael Smith, his honesty, integrity and pursuit of the truth. The hours he devotes to the site are well understood and appreciated by all.

Most significantly, it is journalists themselves who have used his website and his research. Political staffers and politicians keep tabs on his latest news posts. Even Julia Gillard, now out of politics, has demonstrated in several of her speeches that she too lurks on the threads of MSNews and readers often address their comments to her directly. She has been working tirelessly to shore up a fan base of followers, busily networking with her local and international contacts in seeking to cloak herself in protective layers of insulation from any possible repercussions from her past behaviour and the choices she made as an ambitious and driven woman whose constant mantra appears to have been “Whatever it takes”. It’s now seemingly become “Too big to fail.”

Whatever the outcome for Gillard and others of her ilk, a new benchmark has been set for public communications. Michael Smith has conceived a new and dynamic platform that combines the elements of other media, has broad appeal across the spectrum and continues to gather pace in its scope.

Happily for Smith and his family, after two years in the broadcasting wilderness, the leading Sydney talkback radio station 2GB has given him a weekly afternoon spot for political commentary and this Christmas will see him hosting a full program when the current popular host is on holiday. It’s a step in the right direction for Smith. The owners of that radio network are not entirely altruistic in their choice; they are masters in the advertising world and read the winds of change in the broadcasting industry. They know that Smith will bring with him a devoted base of discerning listeners from across the country who will tune in on the internet and broaden 2GB’s reach way beyond its current licensed broadcasting footprint.

Meanwhile MSNews remains unique; a new genre in communications that combines politics, the law, anti-corruption whistle-blowing, humour, entertainment, interactive participation in published comment or by the phone, interaction between commenters themselves, and most importantly, a new optimism within the community that they actually have a voice, they will be heard and that the tentacles of corruption that have blighted our nation can be weeded out.

Justice will prevail.


UPDATE:  On 9th December 2013, Melbourne Chief Magistrate Lauristen upheld the claim of the Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Squad that all documents seized under search warrant from the offices of Slater & Gordon, and claimed by Bruce Wilson to be subject to ‘legal professional privilege’, were in fact created “in  furtherance of a Fraud”, thereby allowing Police to continue their investigations.

Those investigations are in response to Michael Smith’s formal complaint that Julia Eileen Gillard had created a ‘false instrument’, namely a Power of Attorney (PoA) which was pivotal in Wilson’s money-laundering operation. In 1992, Wilson and Gillard attended a house auction and that PoA was used in the purchase of a property in Blewitt’s name. The PoA was used to raise a $150,000 mortgage with Gillard’s law firm on that property, again in Blewitt’s name and without his knowledge. Also, the entry in the S&G Trust Account was false and further concealed the source of the funds used in the purchase.

Finally, after almost 20 years of obfuscation and cover-up, these matters will be resolved and ‘persons of interest’ will be held accountable.

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55 Responses to “Who is Michael Smith?”
  1. Amr Marzouk says:

    So good.


  2. Truthseeker says:

    “Who is Michael Smith”

    A true journalist.


  3. NoIdea says:

    St Smith and the Dragon/ abridged

    St. Smith then looking round about,
    The fiery dragon soon espy’d,
    And like a knight of courage stout,
    Against her did most furiously ride;
    And with such blows he did her greet,
    She fell beneath his horse’s feet.

    For with his launce that was so strong,
    As she came gaping in his face,
    In at her mouth he thrust along;
    For he could pierce no other place:
    And thus within the lady’s view
    This mighty dragon straight he slew.

    © Anonymous British.

    I took the liberty of adapting a couple of verses from




  4. Rob Moore says:

    Pointy and Swanny- What a great story and far from finished!
    I’m a landowner (sheep and cattle) and won a prize on 4BC( Michael’s station) in Brisbane- for two listeners to have an interview with Christoher Monckton ( first trip). The four of us all got on that well that 52 minutes were recorded in what was a 20min scheduled interview.
    I came away with immense respect for both and the other listener asked good Q’s as well.
    A couple of years later when it hit the fan for Michael- about a hundred people came out of the woodwork to hear him first speak of his demise and the start of his blog (Brisbane)- so it was very small beginnings. Pointman- you and I know how much time it takes to try and do our bit for facts and truth and I warned Michael that it will send him mad if he’s not careful lol.
    As Blackswan says above- he has a tonne of guts and has broken all records…
    Mind you there have been many bleak weeks when the forces of evil seem to be untouchable
    … infact he has been my role model on the many times that I feel like throwing in the towel.


  5. A.D. Everard says:

    It’s amazing, isn’t it. There is so much the MSM could get their teeth into – huge stories to be had and plenty of people eager for it. Yet they won’t go there. I seriously thought that would change once Gillard was gone, but no, and what a pack of deceivers – or wimps – they turned out to be.

    Thank god for Michael Smith – at last, someone with backbone who won’t be silenced!


  6. Adam says:

    It’s like the Australian version of Watergate. The differences being that Nixon didn’t try to legislate the press into oblivion to protect himself, and the entire US press was not subdued into silence. The one thing I have never understood about this entire saga is how on earth The Australian newspaper, a conservative pillar in the Aussie press, was able to be so run over by Gillard’s goons to the point where they sacked Milne and retaracted the story.


  7. hillbilly33 says:

    Very well documented my dear friend Blackswan and a huge thank you to Pointman for publishing the guest post. I regard your blog as special and unique too and if you wish to be an honorary Aussie, I’m sure we members of the .Michael Smith News family will happily bestow the honour!

    We are all aware of the tremendous odds that face us in trying to change such a tainted culture in an apathetic society that has largely become accepting of the endemic corruption which has tentacles reaching into every profession: politics, journalism, and legal ,right up to and including the judiciary!

    “Our” ABC national broadcaster and much of the MSM has largely failed the people of Australia and Michael Smith has shown them what real investigative journalism is all about.. Most journalists and presenters are now just talking heads, reading the latest crap from political spin doctors and adding their own particular wilfully blind ideologically biased opinion to further avoid the real truth..

    The people who have sacrificed the most are Michael Smith and his family. Time will show Michael has been subject to one of the worst ever abuses of power in history, by a person holding the office of Prime Minister.

    Of course, the exposure of the coverup of what has become known as the AWU Fraud Scandal, has only just begun. There will be many in political circles, legal firms and high office beginning to have some very sleepless nights!


  8. greynotmad says:

    Well done Blackswan, it is likely that “Who is Michael Smith” will become the Australian catchcry to match Ayn Rand’s “Who is John Gault.”

    Jim Spigelman, at the National Press Club, provided thinly veiled comments about blogs like michaelsmithnews.com and it was apparant to people who do not wholly rely on the ABC for news that he was worried by this type of media.

    Michaelsmithnews.com has become the adult social media for people interested in contrasting opinions within the political spectrum.


  9. Sally says:

    This article is an example of the wonderful community that exists on Michael Smith News. People may not always agree and there is the occasional troll, but you are always treated with respect and somebody will always point you in the direction you seek. Michael is not a man to trifle with, one of the many reasons for his defensively loyal following. Well done blackswan.


  10. Mike T (WA) says:

    Go Michael Smith – a true blue Aussie – you show that the ABC, CH 7,9 and 10 are leftist to the core as well as most newspapers


  11. Brian H says:

    It’s horrifying that things have to go so far before outraged opposition arises. michaelsmith et al may have to replace the entire country’s MSM with new attempts to “tell truth to power”. There would appear to be no hope of cleansing and reform of such deeply compromised institutions and firms.


  12. tomo says:

    good one black swan


  13. brennan says:

    Fantastic synopsis Blackswan. I have been a reader of MSNews since almost day 1 and will be listening to him on 2GB over the break.

    Michael Smith is what reporters should be like, and with few exceptions like Hedley Thomas and Kate McClymont, there are almost none in Australia.

    I’m going to be busy emailing this blog post off to many people.

    Oh, and so Pointy doesn’t feel upset, I read all his blog posts, but seldom comment.


  14. val majkus says:

    thanks Blackswan; beautifully said!


  15. meltemian says:

    Thank you Swanny, I’ve followed all your previous links to Michael Smith with great interest and this post sums up everything you’ve been telling us about the shenanigans in Australian politics. What every country needs is a Michael Smith. There seem to be no real investigative journalists anywhere these days to shine a light on the dark corners of corruption and cover-ups.
    The only bright spot is that more and more people are shunning the MSM and getting their news from the internet and that opens up a whole new field of possibilities.


  16. NoFixedAddress says:

    Well said Blackswan.

    I would just like to add that MichaelSmithNews.com also won The Best-Kept Secret Weblog category in the Thirteenth Annual Weblog Awards

    …. but now you and Pointman have blown the secret…LOL…


  17. thojak says:

    Thanks, big ones!, for an outmost interesting article/thread! 😀
    When mr. Abbot won the election, many people on this side of the globe wished for a cloning of him, a couple of ‘copies’…, now, with this article there are two great persons in OZ we’d like to have cloned.
    Good for you all, that you’ve started the long and tough march back to reality and common sense. Here in Europé, we can only hope/wish that such a march will start, the sooner the better.
    Thanks again & Merry X-mas to All of You!

    Brgds from Sweden


  18. Law 'n Order says:

    Excellent article, Blackswan!! And many thanks to Pointman for putting it up for all to see. Our Michael Smith is one in a million… he took on this battle for justice knowing that it would be a long, hard road… and he won’t give up. We all know that and we will back him all the way! God bless you, Michael Smith.


  19. Retired Dave says:

    A great Guest Post Blackswan – an amazing story, and in many ways a heartening one as well.

    Thank you to yourself, Pointman and to Michael Smith – whoever he is???


  20. Aussie says:

    Reblogged this on A world at war and commented:
    Thank you my friend BlackSwan for an excellent article. Who is Michael Smith? We will soon find out 🙂


  21. Aussie says:

    Pointman, thank you for allowing the Guest Post from BlackSwan. This is an excellent article with very precise detail about what in fact happened.

    It is the first time that someone has written the truth, that Michael Smith was not sacked but that Juliar Gillard was demanding that he be dismissed, and that he resigned from 2UE.

    We are all waiting for the next chapter in the saga. It should be that Bruce Wilson, Ralph Blewitt and others have been charged with fraud.


  22. johanna says:

    Good work, Blackswan (and Pointy for publishing it).

    It is indeed an indictment of the flabby MSM that what should have been a red-hot story and opportunity for journalists to make a name for themselves was allowed to sink without trace. The old media whine and snivel about their decreasing market penetration – but it never seems to occur to them that their own laziness and cowardice might have anything to do with it.

    Smith has an astonishing work ethic, and his one-man operation puts to shame most so-called “journalists” with the resources of a big organisation behind them.

    While Smith did the heavy lifting on the AWU case, there were other sites that also ran with the story, and directed traffic his way. Andrew Bolt, Tim Blair and Catallaxy files come to mind. Their combined readership is many times greater than his.

    The dinosaurs are mostly irrelevant “legends in their own lunchtime” these days. I for one do a quick skim of MSM websites, then get into the blogs to find out what is really going on.


  23. greynotmad says:

    It is interesting to note the high number of comments on this blog by women. Not the shrill socialist shriek which we hear at question time in our Parliament but careful, rational, incisive argument by women who care about our future.
    Pointman you are to be commended for giving them a voice.


    • bushkid says:

      Not just this blog Greyman, we also post on Michael Smith News and others. Some of Michaels best, most experienced, educated and capable “research assistant” contributors are women who clearly have high level professional backgrounds. Others of us have had less distinguished careers, but have vast experience of life and have had to battle a bit and put in the hard yards to get to where we are. We seriously appreciate blogs like MSN and Pointmans, they treat all contributors with respect and value our contributions. Can’t say fairer than that…….


      • greynotmad says:

        No-one is more appreciative of sensible comment by men or women than I am. My comment was how refreshing it was to hear sensible comment by women after the shrill, shrieking, tirades I hear from many of the women elected to Parliament. Many of the female contributors to Pointman and michaelsmithnews.com would be a welcome addition to the Governance of Australia.


      • Brian H says:

        I have long observed that an un- or under-used pool of talent, when eventually opened up and accessed, will (necessarily, statistically) provide an initial wave of stellar canditates, long overlooked.


    • Pointman says:

      I understand the point you’re making Greynotmad and how easily it could be misinterpreted. Women, both as bloggers and commenters, speak with as strong a voice as men on the skeptic side. The alarmist role for women is purely as enablers for their menfolk. There’s an article there which I’ll write.

      This is a troll-free zone where nothing more is asked of any commentator but civility, honesty, clarity or failing all that, a bit of humour. Which dangly bits you’ve got or don’t, are irrelevant. The only sort of men who exclude women from a conversation are those prats who feel threatened by them. I like to think we blokes around here are all wearing our growed up trousers.



      • greynotmad says:

        Thanks Pointman I agree with everything except that some of these shrill females are speaking for their memfolk. Some are just demented others may think they are men.


  24. johanna says:

    Heh, BlackSwan – are you a surfer too? See this amazing footage:


    Bet nobody has ever seen a wussy white swan bodysurfing!


    • Blackswan says:

      Aw shucks Johanna – I’ve been sprung! The brothers and I were just taking a little R&R on the coast.

      You’re right about those wimpy white dudes swanning around with their airs and graces.


  25. Blackswan says:

    Thank you everyone for your positive feedback and many thanks to the Pointman for offering this story to his international readership. Corruption, anywhere in the world, can only be confronted head-on and summarily dealt with – sweeping it out of sight for political expediency serves nobody but the criminals, and betrays the nation as a whole.

    In trying to stick to salient points, many details were necessarily left out, but there is one instance that I suggest bears mentioning as it shows the degree to which our Parliament became utterly dysfunctional under Labor’s rule.

    When Gillard stood in the House and named Michael Smith, claiming he had been “sacked” for telling lies about her, she defamed him. Under our Constitution, any citizen so named under Parliamentary privilege has a Right of Reply. That person must apply to the Speaker of the House for permission for the matter to be considered by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee, with severe penalties available for those found to be in breach of such privilege.

    Michael Smith made such an application and the Speaker granted permission.

    The Chair of the Committee refused to table the complaint in the first instance, and subsequently failed to address the matter when the Committee convened a month later. How could such deriliction of duty be permitted in our House of the People? Simple really.

    The Chair of that Committee was a long-time pal of Julia Eileen Gillard. Nicola Roxon worked for the Maurice Blackburn law firm in the 1990s, taking over the AWU files when S&G lost the account due to Gillard’s activities.

    When Gillard came to power as Prime Minister, Roxon was appointed Attorney General, the highest law officer in the land. She proved to utterly inept and generally clueless as to the responsibilities of such a role. As the pressure mounted on the AWU scandal, Roxon resigned as AG due to “family reasons”. Gillard compensated her with the $20,000 pa job as Chair of the Privileges Committee.

    It is worth noting here that Bernard Murphy, Gillard’s one-time boss, mentor and friend at S&G also left the firm at the same time as Gillard when their activities came to light, taking the AWU account and files to go to the Maurice Blackburn firm, becoming Roxon’s boss. Gillard’s Government duly appointed Murphy (a solicitor and never a barrister) as a Judge in the Federal Court of Australia.

    He remains there today, refusing to answer any questions about his role in the AWU scandal.


    • greynotmad says:

      Thanks for the expansion Blackswan, there are two other comments I would have liked to be included. First Bill Shorten was also a member of Maurice Blackburn and Roxon’s live-in lover before the transfer and possibly during the transfer. Second that Gillard used Parlimentary Privilege to defame Blewitt who should also have made a complaint.


      • Sue Hayes says:

        Two good points greynotmad, explains Shorten agreeing with everything she says even though he had not heard it. They are so disgraceful the money they stole out of the union funds belonged to the hard working members of the unions who gave these thieves their trust.It’s a shame these unions could do so much to help the members with so much, houseloans for an example or short term loans. Instead they have lied, cheated and stolen every cent they could and then covered up for each other and still do.


      • Blackswan says:

        Greynotmad – There are enough issues within the Labor/Union Cabal to write a dozen posts like that. From “a senior Labor figure” currently under police investigation for the rape of a minor twenty years ago, to the spouse of another once gaoled for heroin dealing and now slotted into a senior government post on $400K pa, to another who goes to an illegal Thai knock shop each week for “therapeutic massage”, to another currently charged with fraud and theft who has been found to be still ripping off the taxpayer on ‘expenses’ entitlements.

        Labor is like the Magic Pudding – no matter how many of these issues are resolved over time, there will always be another to keep the police and the Media busy.

        It’s true that there is a mere handful of mainstream journalists who have attempted to cover these stories, albeit partially, but what an indictment on a nation of 23 million people, that you can count those journalists on the fingers of one hand.


      • greynotmad says:

        Thanks again blackswan, I was trying to keep it simple. But let me complicate it further. S&G asked Blewitt to waive privilege on the conveyance which he did. As the conveyance included the mortgage on which there are a number of queries re the trust account records and the sale of the mortgage. Has this now created privilege between S&G and the ex-partner who was the trustee for the mortgage?
        Have a great Christmas.


  26. Pointman says:

    I’d echo the thanks of other commenters on your piece. It’s very difficult to present such a devious chain of events without sounding like a policeman reading from his notebook in the witness box. A great piece.

    Some of the MSM reactions to it are fun. Piers Ackerman, on being given a link to your article –


    “No, Edward, there were always some mainstream journalists prepared to find the truth behind the scandal.”


    Try and rewrite history all you want but you sat on your hands, kept your mouth shut (and your comfy salaried job) and said precisely nothing. It was the free blogosphere which picked up the torch which the MSM dropped.

    We’re going to be seeing a lot of revisionist history like that in the years to come.



    • greynotmad says:

      The Mainstream Media have been so lazy or corrupt that they are now being swept downstream like flotsam and jetsam.


    • johanna says:

      They are like rabbits in the headlights, pointy. Frozen with fear and dread. And yet, they don’t seem to understand how they ended up in the middle of the road in the first place. We are talking about organisations with hundreds, or thousands, of employees who have allegedly been selected for, inter alia, their brains.

      Remember the old saying – the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker – well, which one is now out of business? They just don’t seem to get it.


    • Brian H says:

      I have little direct contact with the industry, but can posit a scenario where editors (themselves on short leashes) routinely spike any challenging or counter-narrative pieces submitted by reporters or commentators. Even without explicit directions, “It doesn’t take a weatherman …”, and this internal gatekeeping would soon enough be taken as a given by all who managed to keep their jobs.

      When you add pusilanimous advertisers who dare not be accused of funding “deniers” and the like, the corral is complete. But if Abbott’s accession makes “speaking truth to power” PC for long enough to open the floodgates, some astonishing debris is likely to get dislodged — some immediately, some later when a few layers of mud have been removed.


    • Leigh says:

      “We’re going to be seeing a lot of revisionist history like that in the years to come.”
      They can try but thanks to blogs like yours and Smith’s so many of us will know better.
      It is up to us who follow the news blogs outside the mainstream to tell people when the mainstream is not telling the “true story” or more often than not, not even reporting it.
      Truer words were never spoken than “to keep the bastards honest”.


  27. aussiebear says:

    Didn’t old friend of Gillard and Former Attorney General Nicola Roxon also tried to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act 2012 to suppress opposing opinion?

    => For those who don’t know, under the cover of “making things simpler” or “streamlining”, Roxon tried to amend the law such that one is presumed guilty until proven innocent. That is, anyone who feels offended can accuse anyone else on a whim…And the accused has to prove they are innocent from the accusation! (Yes, I know…WTF?!)

    The reason for this is because the Anti-Discrimination Act (Section 18C, if I recall correctly), was used against an Australian Conservative political commentator, Andrew Bolt. They silenced him with it because he spoke something that was politically incorrect in their eyes.

    The Institute of Public Affairs Australia (a publicly-funded think-tank that promotes free market economic policies), made a huge stink about this new proposed amendment. They led the way as more and more people became aware of the proposed amendment. Eventually Roxon was forced to drop the whole matter.

    A week after dropping the proposed amendment, she resigned from her position due to “family reasons”.

    …I suspect it was more because she became an Election liability for Gillard.

    It didn’t matter in the end as Gillard was thrown out by her own party and the Australian people voted out the Labor/Greens minority Govt a couple of weeks after.

    For reference…

    “The Gillard government’s latest assault on our fundamental freedoms”
    => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynJsHs9T02I

    “Quick update about anti-discrimination inquiry”
    => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwOq9vNIYHQ

    “James Paterson and David Marr agree anti-discrimination law goes too far”
    => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67DAwIzwZaI

    “A victory for freedom of speech”
    => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J77HBodzPqw

    …As a consequence of the Australian people voting in a new Govt, the new Attorney General George Brandis (like other Ministers of the new Govt), has to review everything and find if there are more “spiders in the closet” as left behind by the previous Govt.

    “George Brandis asks Australian Law Reform Commission to find laws that encroach on rights, freedoms and privileges”
    => http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/george-brandis-asks-australian-law-reform-commission-to-find-laws-that-encroach-on-rights-freedoms-and-privileges-20131211-2z6qm.html

    As you folks can see, for the last 6 year, Australians went through hell from the political Left.

    …From watching and reading various American sources, it looks like Americans are undergoing the same pain in recent times. (I see Obamacare has been a hot-topic thanks to its fundamental flaws. Both as a policy and as a technical problem in that website.)


    • Brian H says:

      The Act itself is an omnibus dog’s breakfast. Inter alia, AFAIK it establishes the Civilian Defense Force under direct Administration control “equally well equipped and funded as the armed forces”. As part of that initiative, Homeland Security has pretty much cleaned out the US market’s stock of anti-personnel ammunition rounds, 1.6 billion (~5 per capita for the whole population – should suffice!). Supposedly for “target practice”.


  28. Blackswan says:

    An Update on the Update:

    “FORMER union official Bruce Wilson has launched a Supreme Court appeal against a court decision linking him to a fraud, saying the magistrate should have disregarded statements from his former bagman and potential “slush fund” co-accused Ralph Blewitt.”


    Wilson is an interesting character to say the least. While his lawyer lover Gillard went on to become PM, Wilson ended up flipping burgers in a sports club on the NSW coast. Before the Gillard era, as an AWU organiser and thug he was leading an illegal raid and occupation of an offshore oil and gas rig and was reputed to be driving round Western Australia with a car boot (trunk) full of illegal gelignite, part of his arsenal of threat and intimidation against mining and construction companies in the west.

    So now, in 2013, we have a paunchy old man working as a short-order cook in an out-of-the-way club who can suddenly afford barristers and Supreme Court appeals. It seems a brace of Labor lawyers are offering him their services pro bono.

    The basis for their appeal is risable; that Blewitt can’t be believed because he’s a self-confessed fraudster, so all his corroborated evidence on the fraud is …. a fraud.

    Stay tuned … this could get really stooopid.


  29. Blackswan says:

    On the afternoon of 7th January 2014, Sydney radio 2GB made Australian broadcasting history.

    Michael Smith, in his summer season drive-time program, held an extensive interview with Bob Kernohan the Labor/Union corruption whistleblower who was bashed and left for dead on a Melbourne street. For three solid hours the issue was discussed in detail, and talkback callers rang in expressing their thanks and support to Smith and Kernohan for finally disclosing to a wide audience that their sitting Prime Minister Gillard had been under criminal investigation while the mainstream media largely kept the issue under wraps.

    For Sydney’s leading commercial radio broadcaster to allow three hours of airtime to the disclosure and discussion of this matter is completely unprecedented.

    While interspersed with news bulletins, traffic reports and advertising segments, the discussion continued. Smith outlined the mountain of documentary evidence that puts Julia Eileen Gillard directly in the frame for conspiracy to commit fraud, and her later ‘abuse of office’ as Labor Prime Minister to shut down exposure of her past.

    She was defeated when her leadership was finally challenged by Kevin Rudd, and she didn’t contest her safe seat when Labor went on to lose the 2013 election. The current Labor Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, a one-time industrial lawyer and Union official, was directly involved in the corruption cover-up.

    While these details have been a hot topic for two years on michaelsmithnews.com , the broader public has never been exposed to the actual documentary evidence or the fact that search warrants were issued or that procedural court cases have already been heard on the matter.

    The taxpayer-funded ABC has flatly refused to report on the Gillard search warrant at all and the commercial television networks have remained silent on every aspect of the case. They all stand condemned for their cowardice and their ongoing betrayal of the Australian public interest.

    For this reason alone the management of Radio 2GB have taken an extraordinary step in allowing Smith the latitude to present his program as he saw fit. It was a massive demonstration of their belief in his integrity, honesty and judgement.

    Congratulations 2GB Management Team – your leap of faith in an honourable man has been richly rewarded.

    The podcast of the interview is here …. http://www.2gb.com/audioplayer/27741#.UsvCDLThfz0


  30. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    They say you are what you eat, but I don’t remember Michael Smith eating a dead set fucking legend… 🙂


  31. Jenny winward says:

    Thank you for publishing this contribution from Blackswan who has explained so beautifully the dark days of the Gillard govt. it has been a very painful time for those of us who continue to follow the matter against very strong opposition in support of the fearless and valiant michael smith. It is a privilege to share his journey in his fight for truth and justice. Our country has been under siege and we need more michael smiths in the world


  32. greynotmad says:

    For those of us who have followed this saga on Michaelmithnews.com and other areas there was little new in the interview itself.

    However, the broadcast was a changing of the guard. For centuries newspapers and their editorials were used to expose corruption and criminal conduct. Recently the Newspapers and Editorials were used to hide corruption and cover-up criminality and into the void they left stepped a broadcaster.

    Station 2GB has entered the void left by the Mainstream Media and inserted into the National psyche the information that for three years their Prime Minister had misled the Parliament and the people about her past and her involvement in the furtherance of a fraud.

    Even though the ABC has again failed to report the event , enough of the population has now been exposed to the evidence that the cover-up will collapse like a house of cards.

    “Who is Michael Smith?”

    Just a broadcaster who changed the face of reporting. The man who brought back the science of reporting and ended the reign of the art of journalism. Hopefully also the artifice of journalism.


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