Australia – you beaut.

We have lived in a globalised society for a lot longer than that relatively recently coined phrase might suggest. Because we’ve greater and easier access to foreign news, and even if we don’t take advantage of that, more foreign news is still reported on by domestic outlets, but usually through the prism of a local worldview.

By and large, this new global information age is a good thing but I think it comes with some downsides. Possibly the most obvious is that in a certain sense, it’s a global disinformation age. The line between reportage and pure opinion is too often blurred and this combined with a supposed short attention span of the internet reader, leads to ridiculously short and simplified articles on complex issues. All too often definitive and authoritive statements are made which have absolutely no provenance, and the sad thing is that it’s rarely noticed.

The worst problem is information overload – there’s simply too much of it and teasing out a useful signal from the background noise can be challenging. I once knew this guy who was a RIO (Radio Intercept Officer) on a MacDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom. He spent a lot of time in the rear seat of one as it made occasional hops into places like Hai Pong harbour with a lot of people trying very hard to kill him while he was visiting. He told me something interesting.

He turned off stuff, in point of fact, he turned off pretty much everything except the essentials, closing down most of those multi-million dollar systems so he could concentrate on those few which could actually help complete the mission and save his own and his pilot’s life. In an analogous fashion, looking on the web for information on a controversial issue involves tuning out the crap, because there are too many creatures like William Connolley skulking about.

The more subtle problem is that it gives the impression that we’re all somehow aligned across the world in terms of popular opinion on controversial subjects. At a grassroots level, this is certainly not true and is compounded in the developed world by the stranglehold the left has over most organs of the mainstream media. They have a statist tendency to represent what they think the people should be thinking rather than what they’re actually thinking.

Granted, we may all eventually come to the same rough consensus but that rarely happens as some sort of global gestalt thing. More usually, an opinion which eventually becomes mainstream thinking, is first expressed somewhere and the growing sentiment is reflected independently at different rates around the world.

Such changes in sentiment happen suddenly or they can be quite gradual. The sudden variety are usually brought about by things like surprise attacks such Pearl Harbour, the Twin Towers, or the Madrid or London bombings. Suddenly nobody’s talking about multiculturalism any more but rather integration and oaths of allegiance by immigrants.

The hysteria about global warming, something nobody had even heard of twenty years ago, came about quite gradually. It was created by a building synergy between a headline hungry media, political interests, a coterie of activist scientists on an ego trip, some good but badly misguided intentions and of course greed by the seamier side of the financial services industry. Slow change like that becomes the establishment line, and since so many people and their livelihoods have become heavily invested in it, is very difficult to reverse. Where something deeply flawed has become so ingrained, it’s usually reversed just as slowly and mainly by people quietly withdrawing support for it once its problems have become apparent to all.

That process of slow reversal has to start somewhere and the longer it’s delayed, the stronger and more violent it will necessarily become. No one wants to be the one to do it first, but it’s inevitable and when it eventually happens, the unthinkable has been expressed and soon gathers support from the silent watchers who’ve long ago come to the same conclusion. The pressure of the magma underneath that great tectonic plate of public opinion has simply grown too great and finally breaks through somewhere. A change is gonna come.

We’ve just witnessed that eruption in Australia.

For decades we’ve had a united political front displayed by major western governments about a need to fight global warming and that has just been shattered into a million pieces by Australia. The newly elected government, after eviscerating the duplicitous and climate obsessed previous administration, is beginning the long process of dismantling both climate legislation and its administrative organs and has said flatly that it won’t be kicking any money into the various global warming relief funds being pushed by the UN.

What’s more, they’re hacking back government spending on research aimed at combating global warming and by the abolition of such feel-good spinoff things as the Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee, Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Committee, National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council; National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing, Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee, Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula, Maritime Workforce Development Forum, Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, Insurance Reform Advisory Group and the National Housing Supply Council among others. A lot of fat cat rent seekers have just been tossed out on their butt.

This is a government taking an axe to big government.

They’re not even sending their environment minister, who’s thankful he’s got more than one ministerial portfolio, to the COP19 meeting in Warsaw and what’s more, the language being employed is unequivocal. The junior representative turning up at Warsaw carried the “leaked” message that Australia – “will not support any measures which are socialism masquerading as environmentalism”. That tell it like it is form of words will probably be on the headstone of what looks to be the final annual climate conference of any significance.

The fallout is of course unfolding. The home-grown media is tearing its hair out and rending its garments like a distraught drama queen having an attack of the vapours but the ordinary person, once you get outside the ambit of stylish chatterati circles, is pleased as punch with a bit of muscular government which is for once doing what they wish for a change. The red light going off for climate alarmists is that Australia’s gutsy stance was backed within days by Canada and there’ll be more. The first girl has left the party and instead of being talked about, will shortly be joined by the rest.

I wrote an article last year about what I saw as the alarming erosion of basic democracy in Australia. All those bad bad signs were there. Censorship, a phoney political choice, a media which was a grovelling mouthpiece of government, attacks on free speech, a proposed Soviet style Finkelstein regulation of even blogs and the petty bureaucratic intimidation of any small opposition like the Thompson family. Of all the countries threatened by creeping totalitarianism masquerading as caring for the planet, Australia was the one on the very cusp of tipping over into that nightmare abyss.

Instead of that disaster happening, within the space of a year it’s turned around big time, delivering a long overdue kick up the arse to its political establishment, reasserting its right to national prosperity and shucking off the foreign UN vampires wanting to feed on its lifeblood.

If it was going to be anyone, it just had to be the bloody Aussies. Well done you bunch of diggers.


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35 Responses to “Australia – you beaut.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    Thank you for a great post about the Aussie ‘enlightenment’ of recent weeks. Still, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Labor and the Greens are still hammering the same old message and while our new Prime Minister Abbott will get his legislation through the Lower House by virtue of his numbers, it still needs the support of the Labor/Greens to have it passed into law through the Senate. The Spoilers have sworn to reject it.

    In response Abbott has vowed to dissolve both Houses of Parliament and call fresh elections if the Opposition fails to acknowledge the overwhelming mandate from the People to rescind the Carbon Dioxide Tax and dismantle the majority of its attendant infrastructure.

    In a perverse sort of way many of us are hoping for fresh elections of both Houses – the Greens would be annihilated for all time. Now THAT would really be a game changer – to consign those reptiles to the scrap heap of history would be a dream. Their policies still influence our state governments and local councils but people are demanding changes locally where every facet of our lives is strangled by Green Tape.

    There’s certainly a distinct feeling of optimism around the place these days and your words of encouragement are much appreciated.


  2. hillbilly33 says:

    Pointman -You Beaut! I’ve asked before but I’ll do it again. Are you sure you’re not an Aussie?
    You’re another breath of fresh air from across the world to add to the feeling of relief that has swept our country since defeat of the socialist mob that was threatening many of our freedoms and way of life. The adults are back in charge, and as you indicate, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the home -grown media, particularly from “our” Anything But Conservative ABC, academic and various other fellow-travellers.. Let’s hope our fatally flawd National Broadcaster and the fatally corrupted Union movement are next to feel the effects of a new broom!

    We have now been cleansed from the malevolent influence of Julia Gillard and the bumbling egotistical incompetence of Kevin Rudd, the latter coincidentally the day before a Royal Commission was called into his failed “Pink Batts” insulation scheme which cost four young lives and countless wasted millions of dollars.

    Many will fully endorse the remarks of Blackswan and let’s hope it is the beginning of the end of the CAGW scam. Thank you my friend for doing what you do best – saying it as it is!

    Cheers and all the best. H/B


  3. johanna says:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    What has been interesting since the election last September is the state of frozen outrage of the now disenfranchised luvvie media. They simply cannot believe what has happened. Their latest gripe is that the Government is not giving them as much information as they want for their stories. One of the major failings of their predecessors was that they played to the 24 hour media cycle, constantly making empty announcements which were never followed through, not to mention conducting their internecine warfare via leaks to favoured stenographers.

    Now, the tap has been turned off, and to their horror, journalists actually have to research their own stories. Oh, the humanity! From a daily smorgasbord of media tarts to three frugal meals a day with no snacks, and eat your veggies before you get dessert. They are squealing like Oprah Winfrey on a forced diet.

    Meanwhile, the government’s ratings have actually risen since the election. The MSM are disconnected from public sentiment to the point that the public is applauding what they are deploring, whether it be on balancing the budget, stopping the flow of criminal gang run “refugee” boats or resisting the urge to stick their faces into the public’s loungerooms on TV at every opportunity.

    Let’s hope it’s the first of many dominoes to fall in the West. I can’t believe that the public in other countries would not respond to a similar policy stance on many issues – it’s just that the politicians are too mesmerised by the media’s and their own propaganda to believe it.


    • bushkid says:

      I have to wonder, Johanna, if it is just fear that is holding back more nations/governments from actually stating the bleeding obvious – that the CAGW emperor has no clothes. Fear of censure by a hollow media, by those who are really against letting people just get on with their lives and be happy and productive for the ultimate good of all. Control freaks will always be control freaks, but those who fear them and allow them the control they desire have to know that ultimately ordinary people want and need their own freedom, and will support those who give it to them.

      It has indeed been a pleasant change to be able to heave a clean sigh of relief at knowing we have drawn back from the edge of that awful abyss that the ALP/Greens were relentlessly and remorselessly pushing us towards. We have had a narrower escape than many realise.


  4. If anybody believes that we humans caused the typhoon which devastated the Philippines I say bring out your proof. You cannot hide behind motherhood statements that 97% of scientists agree because more than 3% have said they do not agree.

    Australia now pays a monstrously high Carbon Tax and donates billions in the name of “Climate Change” because the Globe is not warming. Please can anybody tell me by how many kilometres per how was the typhoon slowed by our efforts.


  5. stan stendera says:

    A few years back an Australian won the World Series of Poker. Upon winning he yelled Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Well I yell Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!!!!


  6. nzrobin says:

    Yeah. Good on ya Ozzie. Great work.


    • stan stendera says:

      You are right nzrobin. It was Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.

      I love birds. What is a New Zealand robin? Interestingly almost all societies have a bird they call robin.


  7. WJohn says:

    I think that it was a close run thing though. It seemed that all the politicians with power, all the media all the international pressure were of one mind. The urban elite had forgotten what/ who produced all the wealth that kept them cosy and that they were determined to give away or eliminate. They were busy trying to upset the existing social balance such as to make a change in national attitude permanent.
    Truly Advance Australia Fair and show the rest of us the way.


  8. meltemian says:

    Yes indeed…well done Australia!!
    I fear we ‘Poms’ have a long way to go before anything like that happens in the UK, our politicians seem to refuse to see the link between higher fuel prices and green taxes. Still it does give me hope that one of these days we just might get rid of the Climate Change Act, and if we could also escape from the EU I’d be delighted.


  9. g1lgam3sh says:

    That’s the Oz I have always admired.


  10. clive says:

    Tony Abbotts Gov’t has made the first move.It’s up to all of us,to spread the word far and wide,that Australia doesn’t beleave this AGW bulls..t.If the UN want a fight,then bring it on!I’ll be the first one to put my hand up to defend MY country.

    Time to Defund the UN.

    ‘Socialism masquerading as environmentalism’Love these words.


    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Clive – the UN’s cut of our carbon tax was/is AUD$10 billion a year, a sweet money-for-nothing deal cooked up by that old Labor hack Bob McMullan, our UN Climate Ambassador. No doubt our ex-PMs Kevin Rudd (the Milky Bar Kid) and Julia Gillard (the Queen of Tarts – she has a penchant for pinching married blokes from their wives and children) thought all that cash to the UN would buy one or both of them a cushy UN post in NYC. Abbott isn’t inclined to oblige either of them, so that’s good news too.


  11. AndyG55 says:

    I have even heard rumours that the removal of the Renewable Energy Target is on the table.

    Very very big grin if that is the case :-))))


    • Graeme No.3 says:

      As you know the ALP left wing, the Greens and their Media outlet (the ABC) have gone hysterical, blaming bush fires, typhoons and their sweep ticket not being the winner on Tony Abbott.

      All he has to do is wait for several of them to claim that “renewables” are the same or cheaper than conventional sources, and drop the RET. At the moment I think he is waiting until scepticism about global warming reaches 75% before chopping it.


  12. Jarryd Beck says:

    Now we just have a media which is a grovelling mouthpiece of the opposition. Since day one of LNP being elected, our media which is supposed to present the unbiased facts has attacked every single thing that Tony Abbott and his team have done.


  13. Beth Cooper says:

    ‘There is a crack in everythin’
    That’s how the light gets in’.

    H/t Leonard Cohen.

    New book in Oz re more representative democracy.

    Beth the serf.


  14. PaleoSapiens says:

    Many, 19th & early 20th century, locals in the U.S. used to have a quaint little practice. It was roughly called “…tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.”

    I wonder if those wonderful Aussies would like to revive the ritual… 🙂


    • johanna says:

      We tend to laugh them out of town. One of our worst epithets is “you’re a joke, mate”.

      US political culture is traditionally a bit more physical than ours.

      Our recent physical confrontations have been initiated by the Left and radical Islamists. Like the loser from the Refugee Action Collective who is suing the Victorian police because a police horse at a demonstration dribbled on him:

      Subsequent statements have made it clear that the rent-a-crowd socialist demonstrators just want police horses banned, at least in part because they regard it as animal cruelty. These are the same people who throw ball-bearings and marbles under the horses’ feet. The fact that mounted police are very effective at demonstrations has nothing to do with it, of course.

      Anyway, you deal with your nutters as you think best, and we’ll deal with ours. 🙂


      • PaleoSapiens says:

        Re-read the original comment in a rhetorical & tongue-in-cheek sense. Major clues are the smiley face and historical reference.

        One part of freedom that is not free is, we are all responsible for – and subject to the consequences of – our actions…


  15. Barry says:

    Slow down! Let’s not forget the ‘creative inertia’ of the Howard conservative government when it came to rolling back the Left’s agenda.

    I would like to be sure that all of the measures mentioned above are not just talk.

    We have seen the Abbott government ‘wimp out’ on abolishing the Australian ‘Human Rights’ Commission. Also, there seems to be mixed messages about the repeal of 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. For the benefit of readers of this blog who are not Australian, this odious political weapon of the Left allowed political appointees, applying their subjective values and beliefs, to punish anyone who expressed an opinion relating even remotely to race, if someone happened to take exception to. The Howard conservative government had ample time and opportunity to remove this oppressive regime, but they failed to do so. I have seen mixed messages in the media about the intentions of the Abbott government. One view is that 18C will be repealed, as it should be, but another view is that it will be ‘modified’, meaning that we will still have an arbitrary law on the books under which you can be persecuted depending upon how the law is subjectively applied by the political appointees who administer it. Conditional freedom is not freedom at all.

    I’ll be happy that we have a genuine conservative government when I see changes to the welfare, youth, immigration, justice, policing and education policies that have made Australia what it is today (


  16. Brian H says:

    I think a muscular addition to the Resistance has just occurred: Japan.


  17. A.D. Everard says:

    It’s rolling forward. It’s catching on. It’s wonderful!

    I am so proud to be Australian!

    Thanks for a great post, Pointman, you made some pretty beaut remarks in there. Now, on the world stage, the fun begins – and what a joy that will be to watch. Oh to see the panic of the watermelons! 😀


  18. Adam says:

    Bing Blang Blaow!
    The Aussies in da house!
    We’re gonna keep our cash!
    U could have used it to buy carbon permits,
    But you can’t now!
    Cuz we’re gonna keep it all!
    And rub it on our titties!
    Bing Blang Blaow!


  19. Geoff Sherrington says:

    I am proud to be an Australian who has been active in rebutting juvenile AGW claims since 2005 or so. In 2006 I was writing to Phil Jones questioning the rigor of his data.
    The combined effect of numerous of us must have had some effect on the Prime Minister’s attitude and policy shifts. However, being a ‘disbeliever’; ahead of the pack, as I was, can lead to loneliness.
    If you want to applaud our PM, why not email him at Parliament House? He’d be delighted to see a burst of supportive emails heading his way, the best ones having positive, politically-achievable suggestions for more changes.


  20. Pointman says:

    A sign of the times. Canadian government telling the greens to finance their own trip to Poland. In the nicest terms though …



  21. bushkid says:

    Thanks Pointman. It’s so good to know that someone on the other side of the world is noticing that things are a-changing down here. Perhaps you could enlighten out public broadcaster the ABC. They seem to be stuck in a time warp and think the ALP/Greens cabal is still sitting on the Government benches in our Parliament House. The national broadcaster has become a huge embarrassment, and is now actively fomenting strife between us and one of our nearest neighbours. It seems they will not be happy until the LNP is out of government and we are at war with someone, anyone, so they can breathlessly beat up non-stories and blame PM Tony Abbott for everything, whether he is responsible or not. We came perilously close to losing our entire future before the last election, and it seems that the adolescent culture of entitlement to bitterness and bad judgement and the “right to be offended” is alive and well in a portion of our population, simply because the vast majority of Australians did not want to lose their future.


  22. aussiebear says:

    For those outside of Australia, if you wish to know the kind of BS we had to go through in Australia for the last 6 years with that incompetent Left-leaning ALP/Greens Govt; have a look at how the Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard (Socialist-Feminist) handles the concepts of debt/deficits and borrowing.
    (The video was recorded in April. We had the Election in September. Hence the reason for the “Election clock” at the end of the video).

    …We weren’t “enlightened”, we were just pissed off at the sheer stupidity and incompetence. Shoving that stupid Carbon Tax down our throats was the biggest political backflip of all time.

    Some of us did protest against the Carbon Tax in 2011.

    That’s why we voted them out in September.

    Essentially, it got up to a point where we realised something:
    => “They aren’t going to listen to us. They are ignoring us and imposing their nonsense upon us! They have spend and spend our money like it was nothing. We have no choice but to vote them out.”

    Well technically, she was thrown out by her own party! They restored the original guy she politically stabbed in the back. (Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd)…Mainly because they were concerned with saving Electoral seats, as they knew they were going to lose the Election. He was more popular than her. (The only thing he ever does effectively was promise things he could not deliver. Trying to be everything for everyone. After a while, we caught on to his BS!)

    If you want to understand the kind of stupidity they offer in practice, here’s an example. The Former Treasurer (Wayne Swan) had this incredibly flawed paradigm of spending taxpayer’s money based on Treasury’s financial models. (Which are NEVER right!). When the money was spent and reality didn’t meet those financial models, he would then claim there wasn’t enough money coming in! (Even when in reality, money coming in increased by 7%!)

    …They have this really flawed idea that if they just keep repeating a chant, it will happen. So for over a year, they kept chanting about how we’ll reach a financial surplus in the next Federal Budget.

    It never happened. And it turned out, (with the new Govt running audits and reviews), that we’re heading into the financial red of close to AUD$400 billion! This is what a Left leaning Govt left us! The current Govt proposes we lift the debt ceiling to AUD$500 billion so as to have a AUD$100 billion buffer in order to have time to fix things back up. Basically, undo the mess created by the Left. Naturally, the Left are against this.

    Suffice to say, it doesn’t matter which country it is, the political Left have repeatedly demonstrated in the real world, that everything they touch pretty much turns to crap. They really are incompetent when the rubber meets the road. (One can pretend to be smart and skilled, but if one doesn’t demonstrate it, you can expect an Australian to point it out. We just don’t like or tolerate BS.)

    Notice how they always use “for the children” as a reason to justify their policies. If they were really for the children, they wouldn’t be leaving them a deficit/debt to pay off! They act all moral and righteous, but in reality, they repeatedly do the most immoral thing to future generations!

    Here’s another example of stupidity. Gillard wanted to raise the grades of Australian schools and “help the disadvantaged”. The policy was called “Gonski”. After the guy who did the study/report. The idea was simple. More money = Better grades. The focus on grades was purely because Gillard envied Asian countries doing better than Australia. So in effect, this was a policy based on vanity! Hers! And what was she willing to spend? AUD$16 billion! (She had already spent AUD$19 billion on her previously failed education programs when she was Education Minister…I consider it a failure when nothing has improved for money you invest in. AUD$19 billion was pissed away on building libraries or school halls and handing out free under-powered laptops to kids.)

    And you know what’s the sad thing? These Left leaning Elitists get away with all the pain they cause! Gillard herself now owns a AUD$2 million home by the seaside. The kind of seaside that was supposedly going to be wiped out if we didn’t have a Carbon Tax in order to address Climate Change!

    (See the hypocrisy of these people? They want you to suffer and sacrifice, while they live in the life of privilege and indulgence!)

    Bare in mind, Gillard is the kind of disgusting, self-appointing, radical feminist creature you expect. A privileged white woman holding the title of the Prime Minister of Australia (earning close to AUD$500K per year) acts like a victim of oppression and hiding behind her vagina at every opportunity. Effectively turning Feminism into a “First World Problem”.

    Everyone was happy to see her go. No man liked her nonsense, and women were embarrassed by her.

    When things got tough, she went nuts and pulled the gender card…
    (“Women for Gillard” campaign. A feminist’s wet dream.)

    …Unfortunately for her, shortly after that nonsense she was thrown out by her own party! The feminist wet dream group gathering turned off Australian men and the ALP freaked out at the fall in popularity numbers. (The reality that they realised they were going to lose power.)

    I apologise for the long post, but people outside of Australia must know the monster these Left leaning, incompetent Elitists really are. They are the parasite that clings to Western society. The only good news is that they cannot thrive where open, honest debate thrives.


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