The Afghanistan pullout shambles.

Someone once observed that a camel was a horse designed by a committee. American foreign policy is starting to look like a diseased and toothless camel that’s being pimped out as a pure-bred Arabian stallion. The senile president who can barely decide whether he wants a Wendy burger or piggies in a blanket for his dindins and the cabal of puppeteers actually trying to run the presidency by proxy are alarmingly incompetent.

Finally getting out after two decades was the right idea, and originally floated by the dreaded Trumpie Monsta on whom some brain damaged sections of fake news are trying to shift the blame to. Having totally destroyed al-Qaeda’s base of operations in a country where it was safely protected by the brutal Taliban regime, that was mission complete but ye olde mission creep came into play.

What had been a very successful targetted operation was allowed to drift into Vietnam Mk II, except that it lasted twice as long. Back to spending vast amounts of blood and treasure for no discernable strategic objective. Not quite the fifty thousand dead GIs or the estimated two million dead Slopes in south-east Asia, but still a big bite out of blue collar America’s backbone with the added bonus of not much change out of an estimated ninety billion of taxpayer dollars.

It’s difficult to imagine how more incompetently a disengagement from an unwinnable war could have been executed. Announce in May, the start of the fighting season, that you were going to do a runner at a picked out of the air date in August. From that moment on, the provincial capitals started to fall one by one. There was no prior discussion with the Taliban to establish some face saving conditions. No nod and a wink to the Afghani government to let them know your intentions. Even better, don’t even bother telling your allies who’ve still got troops in the field what you’re going to do.

A bucket of blood red writing was suddenly thrown on the wall. Within a month, the Germans and the others with their heads not up their ass started to evacuate their people. Never mind all the Washington swampland media speak, just get them all the hell out of there before it all turns to shit, which it rapidly did.

Worst of all, thousands of US citizens were left struggling to get to the airport along roads controlled by the Taliban. They’re getting no priority and that’s really just asking for another Tehran hostage situation. Thoroughly modern Milley says thev’ve “got no capability” to get those people out. This, from the commander of the biggest and most powerful army in the world? The Brits have been sending their troops out to scoop up any stragglers without taking any bullshit from the Taliban.

Just to improve things, the Biden administration provided a list of Americans and Afghans they wished to be let through the cordon around the airport. While that absolutely insane move might have eased access for the named Americans, it also gave the Taliban a death list which they promptly acted on by visiting the homes of the named Afghans, slaughtering their families in front of them before either beheading or hanging them.

This disaster by the administration not even fake news could ignore though there’s some attempts at putting various grotesque spins on it. The Taliban is not the Taliban of old – no, it’s much kinder and cuddlier than before. Touchier, feelier than before. Why, they’re even asking the village elders for lists of the names of all girls thirteen and older to be married to their fighters. How sweet. What a nice spin to put on something that everybody knows means a massive injection of new livestock into the sex slave trade.

The effects for the Afghan people are dire. It’s back to middle ages barbarism after twenty years of relatively civilised living. It’s not a small country, there’s about 40 million of them. It’s no wonder that thousands of them are running for the border or doing things like throwing a baby over a barb wire fence around the airport. The GI Joe on the other side has the choice of watching a baby hit the concrete or dropping his weapon and catching it. Once he’s caught it, the baby is on its way to safety because the mother is relying on the common decency of the soldier who caught it.

As you read this, the Taliban are busy hunting down workers of the previous government, human rights workers and women’s rights workers. They want their heads – quite literally. You’ll be able to keep up with their progress on places like Twitter because while conservative voices are banned from most social media platforms, the Taliban isn’t.

Every terrorist group is booking flights to Afghanistan which will once again become safe territory for them. In a reverse fashion, 30,000 unvetted Afghans have been shipped into America and you can be damn sure that al-Qaeda have seeded that quota with a few fanatics. Don’t be surprised if the next 9/11 is done or facilitated by some of them. As a friend of mine remarked, as soon as these fanatics can get their hands on a critical mass of fissionable material, we’re going to lose a major city and it’ll be an American one. Iran will be the provider of the uranium.

An even bigger attraction for them beside sanctuary is the staggering amount of state of the art military hardware left behind. The picture above is the Taliban’s recreation of the raising of the stars and bars by the marines on Iwo Jima except this time it’s the Taliban raising their own flag. Notice, they’re all dressed in American uniforms and wearing American equipment.

The foreign policy implications for America are even worse. Let’s leave aside the massive global humiliation and consider the impact on America’s traditional allies. Can you really trust the word of such an incompetent and blundering America? The next time it goes on a military adventure, will you think twice before joining them? If Putin decides to invade westwards, will America actually live up to its Reforger commitments and come to NATO’s aid?

The odds of Putin doing any such thing are vanishingly small. I imagine he’s more seriously concerned with the unpredictability and sheer incompetence of the Biden administration than anything else. With Trump he knew where he was. Predictable, agreed positions. With this lot, what they’ll do next is anyone’s guess. After enough disasters they may even go for the classical unpopular king way forward – declare war on another country to distract your own dissatisfied people and unite them all behind you. It’s obvious the enemy they’re already moving towards and blaming everything on is Russia.

More realistically, what if China decides to invade Taiwan? Will America just stand by and watch while the WH press secretary spews some palatable spin-jitsu which fake news will lap up. Is America’s commitment to anything worth a damn any more? Is it now a highly unreliable friend to have?

The world is a dangerous place and America acting like a drunk, irrational, imbecilic chimp who’s got its hands on a fully-loaded BFG and is waving it around erratically makes it a much more dangerous one. After the Afghanistan pullout, everyone is preparing to duck when it comes to American foreign policy.


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5 Responses to “The Afghanistan pullout shambles.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    You nailed it. I see 3 major repercussions from this grotesque comedy of errors.

    1. America’s enemies will not respect or listen to us for the foreseeable future. They know the current occupant isa toothless senile idiot.
    2. America’s allies will not respect or listen to us for the foreseeable future. They will not want to get caught behind the lines again.
    3. The Taliban will use the Americans as hostages and terrorism will be stronger than ever before for it. Old gropes will not do a thing lest his hostages meet an untimely separation of body and head.

    As you said, it could not be any worse other than Biden surrendering this country to the Taliban. Which he did, just not officially yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Margaret Smith says:

      I know this song – someone completely jaded. You begin to feel helpless with the relentless march to destruction of the climate fraud and the virus response fraud. How do we combat all this?


  2. Janie M. says:

    Pointy, your post brings to mind a really OLD Walt Kelly ‘Pogo’ cartoon (from the 60’s) – “We have met the enemy and he is us.”


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