Another RINO gets found out.

I watched the buildup to the 1/6 first anniversary with the same disdain as most people of my opinion of it shared. It was manufactured, hysterical and totally over the top and variously compared to Pearl Harbour, the Twin Towers attack and even somehow tenuously connected to the Nazi extermination camps. Patently, the false narrative being built up by the regime and its mouthpieces in CNN and the like wasn’t having much mass penetration so all they could do was really ramp up the volume.

The reality about this variously described insurrection or attempt to destroy democracy was that nobody brought guns to the party except the regime and the only person killed was an unarmed 15 year up veteran who’d been shot through her face at a range of five feet from behind a barricade by a policeman who can be best described as having a chequered past. One of his career highlights was leaving his loaded sidearm in a cubicle of a restaurant’s toilet after he’d had a dump.

Such people should never be entrusted with a firearm but anyway, he was quickly and anonymously cleared by the DC swamp of any wrongdoing and is no doubt still walking around equipped to kill and guarding the loons in congress. Contrast that treatment with those individuals arrested by the secret police, formerly known as the FBI, for what amounts to trumped up misdemeanors on the day and who’ve been held in solitary confinement for over a year.

Most of the people adding their voices to the chorus of post 1/6 trauma were the usual culprits you’d expect. There were one or two surprising ones but none more so than Senator Ted Cruz of Texas who casually described the events of the day as a “terrorist attack” on camera. His career highlights are a failed primary run at the presidency in 2016 and during congressional hearings picking the wings off various insectoids who’ve been nominated for some high office by the regime – which he’s quite good at.

Saying publically that 1/6 was a terrorist attack was the sort of first class political blunder only a smart ass lawyer could have made. The court of public opinion is actually quite different from a court of law and the optics of him saying it without a second thought played disastrously badly to Trump supporters who are in reality the bedrock of the GOP nowadays – no matter what the GOP quislings in DC Swampland say.

The activist news media leapt upon the gaffe immediately, since it neatly put a Mk 48 torpedo into any realistic hope he entertained for the presidential primaries of 2024. Once you lose the bedrock supporters of the party, another tilt at the WH becomes a vanity exercise. Someone more politically savvy obviously had a word in his ear telling him he better walk his words back PDQ or he could kiss goodbye any hopes he had for 2024.

Within 24 hours he’d begged a slot on the Tucker Carlson show to do the aforesaid walking back but the manner and rationale with which he tried to do so were truly cringe worthy, to the point where Carlson finally had to stop him. Pushing a TV host like Carlson – who’s sat and listened with a straight face to more than his fair share of BS from interviewees – out of the TV politeness zone where he had to tell Cruz directly on air, please stop, I don’t believe you, so let’s just end this terrible car crash of an interview. You stopped doing yourself any good 30 seconds into it.

Cruz limped off air like a whipped cur and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought he’d originally made a bad error of judgement and had now massively compounded it on air to a huge audience of his natural supporters who might have been inclined to support him in two years time. I kinda feel that won’t be happening now. It’s a venerable life lesson that there’s no bad situation that can’t be made worse by taking the wrong remedial action, and that’s exactly what we’d just witnessed.

Ashli Babbitt was no longer the only casualty of 1/6, but in Cruz’s case, the wound was self-inflicted.


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5 Responses to “Another RINO gets found out.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    I continue to marvel at your insightful commentary and analysis of the American political theatrics. And here you have hit another home run.

    To add weight to your conclusions, in 2016, I was first and foremost a Cruz supporter. Up until the bitter end where Trump clinched the nomination. I supported Trump mostly because I figured he would be a thorn in the side of the swamp denizens, but held out little hope he would be a good president. Needless to say, my political insight is not as good as yours, and I was very happy with his presidency, so much so that I am a full supporter of his now.

    But I will never support Cruz for anything ever again. Carlson is correct. Cruz does not use words carelessly. I think he was hoping he could walk the tightrope and get some support on the left, while maintaining support on the right. In that, he is clearly not as astute as he thinks he is. The left will never cut him any slack, and the right will not grant him any benefit of the doubt again.


    • T Walker says:

      Maybe your right Phil, but you will get us nowhere by attacking Cruz. A little while spent watching him on YouTube tackle nutters before senate hearings shows him to be one of the good guys.

      You and Pointy, whose opinions I respect are hoping for purity here, whereas realpolitik often needs a more nuanced approach.


      • philjourdan says:

        I see your point T Walker. However, I am tired of politicians promising one thing and then delivering on something else to curry favor with fake media and the democrats. Trump showed us you CAN keep your promises. The fake media will not treat you any differently, except for perhaps a few moments when you become the useful idiot. Cruz should have spoken the truth, not the talking points.

        I do not live in Texas, so I cannot vote for him for senator (or against him). But I will not vote for him for president. He has shown he is just another swamp denizen. I can fully support DeSantis.

        I am not looking for purity, I am looking for honesty. We do not have to “settle” for less. And it is time we stopped doing so.

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      • Fen says:

        I would agree, except that we have been betrayed SO many times now. Someone in Congress who is not keenly aware of that is out of touch and no longer represents us. It’s a Let Them Eat Cake moment.


  2. Fen says:

    I sent an email to Cruz thanking him (I actually campaigned for him). I said that most of my people still had faith in the Rule of Law, but that his remarks were a rude wake up call – if someone like Ted Cruz could betray us then maybe it was all rigged, maybe violence is the only solution. My people had false hope, and he destroyed it with his remarks. Much appreciated.


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