Bump Harris sideways and dump Biden.

The coming mid-terms this year are expected to be a bloodbath for the Dems. Judging by general sentiment and opinion polls they’re expected to lose heavy, perhaps one if not both houses of Congress. The fact that the thieves who brought you the big steal of 2020 are already saying it won’t be a legitimate election should be a claw hammer hint to the top of your head that they’re expecting the worst. Even allowing for the propaganda public opinion polls that you can’t trust these days, the numbers are dire. One thing’s for sure – the combination of Biden and Harris are electoral wolf’s bane even with their own Democrat bedrock voters.

There are none so blind as those who will not see, but it’s become obvious to even them that after the disasters of the last year, Biden is senile. It’s a degenerative condition, it just gets worse until they finally go catatonic, so his handlers are already looking at a shelf life problem. When he finally needs to be tucked away into the funny farm, they’re going to be forced to promote Heels up Harris from veep to president. The problem with that prospect is she’s clumsy, lazy, incompetent, unpredictable, error prone and clinically stupid. Add in the fact that most people either actively hate her or despise her, and she’s not much of a trade up from Biden.

I think some bright spark in the cabal actually running the presidency have had an idea about how to solve both problems and are field testing it in a well tried fashion. Float the idea by leaking it via a friendly news source (no shortage of those) and see what the public reaction is. In broad strokes, the plan runs something along the lines of get Heels Up elected to the SCOTUS, appoint a successor to the now empty office of veep, retire Biden on health grounds, move the new veep up to the top spot and appoint another pliable veep.

Step one is feasible if done before the mid terms because they might not have a majority in Congress after them. After all, Biden did promise the next Justice of the SCOTUS would be a black woman prior to the 2020 steal. She’s hardly a legal Brainiac, more a sleazy slapper who shagged her way up the Californian rapid promotion ladder of married men who just happened to be her bosses, but she has at least some legal qualifications. Given the amount of flak and animosity she’s managed to attract in less than a year as veep, I’m sure she’d be glad to be shunted off the firing line.

The next problem is picking out a suitable replacement of her. As I’ve said before, the cabal have got a taste for running America, so that person would need to be someone they can continue to use as a front man while they get on with rebuilding America as a socialist utopia. They’d have to be docile, biddable, televisual and be able to field unexpected questions with a rich selection of banal answers that don’t commit anyone to doing anything. Find a type of Justin Trudeau creature languishing in Congress somewhere. There’s no shortage of those types on Capitol Hill.

There is one indicator that the cunning plan might have started. It’s just a rumour but it has a hard fact attached to give it some credibility. The word on the street is that the Justice who’s retiring only learned that he was doing so by reading about it in the media who were already speculating about who’d be his successor, the most prominent of whom was Heels Up. Was that them testing the waters of stage one of the plan – shunt Heels Up into the SCOTUS? It was nearly a week after the story broke that he finally issued a formal announcement of his retirement. It strongly suggests he was bounced into that decision by the regime.

When people retire from any senior position in government, it’s always a well controlled and sequenced procedure to prevent uncertainty about what’s happening with an important office of state. In this case, there’s a suspicious element of furtive chaos about his exit, as if he didn’t go willingly into that good night and it took some time and arm twisting to persuade him to make an official announcement.

As cunning plans go, it’s feasible but it’s not one I’d think to be politically easy, if only because it has a lot of moving parts to it. Perhaps it’s merely a figment of my at times Machiavellian imagination, but desperate people often detach from practicalities, and this could be an option they go for. The economic, and therefore political landscape is dire for the regime, they’re clueless bureaucrats who also appear clueless in terms of what measures to take to improve it. The mid terms already look to be an unavoidable disaster and the only hope is to somehow improve things before the presidential election of 2024.

To stand any chance in it, they’ve got to find a way of tossing the Biden / Harris combination overboard. Clueless and frightened people in a hurry tend to make poor decisions. The bounce from one misjudgement to even bigger ones. Given the basic incompetence they’ve shown in running America, this course of action or a variation of it my be the one they choose.


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5 Responses to “Bump Harris sideways and dump Biden.”
  1. Marzouk says:

    Clinton as veep so she can be incumbent in 24???????


    • Margaret H Smith says:

      But…she’s hated too. Anyway it’s interesting to watch. The Dems will cheat as much as possible to mitigate the disaster, demonise the GOP for cheating and maintain the fiction. Biden has to go as he’s getting worse by the day and things are closing in on Hunter.
      However, with control of both Houses the GOP can prevent the worst excesses – if the RINOS can be controlled. Well, that’s my view…


  2. hilton33 says:

    They’ve got themselves in quite a quandary haven’t they. A demented old pervert and a cackling old shrew, who slept her way to the top of California politics. Then given the job of VP, not because she was qualified but she checked all the boxes. It’s going to be interesting.


  3. jrchips says:

    There’s nothing the Dems can do about Biden/Harris. Why? First, Harris wouldn’t survive the grilling by the Judiciary Committee if she’s nominated for SCOTUS. So far, she’s been unable to handle softball interviews well, so she would almost certainly struggle against the Republican sharks on the Judiciary Committee. To nominate her and then have her shown up will do the Dems real harm. Second, we shouldn’t underestimate the desire for Dr. Jill and the White House staff to hang onto their ego-gratifying power. Why would they willingly give it up? My bet is that Biden will hang on as long as his handlers can keep up his facade. If the Repubs win the Senate and the House then, for the remainder of his term, Biden will just be a figurehead anyway.
    The Dems real nightmare will be if his condition worsens significantly and it can’t be papered over. Then the very real prospect of Harris as president will scare everyone and the infighting and jockeying for position within the party will become very intense. It will be ugly.

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  4. yarpos says:

    If you are looking for a malleable Justine Trudeau clone look no further than G Newsome, what could possibly go wrong?


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