A wake up call for Australians

The worst and most pervasive form of censorship is self-censorship, especially nowadays in America but it’s increasingly a worldwide trend. In innocent ways, it acts a a social lubricant. You’re talking with someone about something that’s happened in their lives and doing sympathetic noddies. They’re telling you about their travails and you’re thinking all their problems are self-inflicted or you know the real story behind whatever it is and are being fibbed to, and by this stage they half believe their own story about whatever is was that happened.

When it comes to politics though, it’s more subtle. Given the twin evils of a woke media’s vision of how everyone should think and it being rigidly enforced by big tech’s monopolies of nearly all social platforms, you have to self-censor to stay on their platforms. A person starts to think before they make a remark or add a comment online because they fear it might provoke woke outrage or offense.

It’s unconscious and after a while they get used living inside their own DIY censor chamber. In the end, they begin to think it’s probably something wrong with themselves and what feels like a huge crowd shouting the one correct opinion on anything through hundreds of megaphones at them is probably correct.

That’s the end user effect of large scale programming of people, otherwise known as propaganda and censorship with both positive and negative feedback built into it. Go with the flow despite your reservations or you might get excluded from something or other. Your social circle or God forbid, social media. You’re not aware of the process or that not only are you self-censoring but what you’re being presented with as truth is so often lies.

The combination of propaganda and censorship is frighteningly successful with a substantial part of any population. In the end, they base their opinions not on facts but factoids, which is internet speak for consensually believed facts which simply aren’t true. An armed mob of thousands of MAGA supporters descended on Washington, killing and rioting. Trump is hated by most Americans. Of course the puppet president isn’t senile. His son isn’t some degenerate criminal. Everybody simply knows these things.

Where the programming starts breaking down in an individual’s case is usually a single personal experience. An event. After that, some of the other factoids they firmly believed in start getting examined for the first time and once that happens, a process of personal de-programming has begun. It’s a small scale, personal version of the fabled Damascene moment after which nothing is ever quite the same again.

I wonder how many of Australia’s 16 million Facebook users had that moment last week? They tried to add a news link to a comment and suddenly were told right away that they weren’t allowed to do that. Shock. Horror. Gasp. I’m being censored by some megalomaniac midget in Silicon Valley. Censored. Not only that, but I can’t get any other news at all from Facebook. None.

They truly realised for the first time the arrogant and autocratic nature of the big tech oligarchs, because it was happening right there in front of their eyes on their computer screen or the mobile phone in their hand. And perhaps they also realised how much their dependency on social media had put them at the mercy of a foreign thug who’d no compunction at all about flicking the off switch on them anytime he wanted and without any notice.

What they do from that moment on remains to be seen. Sink back into addiction or strike out for pastures anew.


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6 Responses to “A wake up call for Australians”
  1. They weren’t bullying us we were pulling the free rug out from under them. They are now negotiating to pay for the content they have previously used(it would be called stealing if i had put it on my website). They have already negotiated a payment regime with one news source and Canada is following AU’s lead. So I don’t think we have been bullied. The AU govt actually did something right for once.


  2. Pointman says:

    As Australian government caves, Facebook announces first proposed deal with media after lifting own news content ban


    “As a result of these changes …” is the pertinent bit nobody is going into any detail on.



  3. another ian says:


    O/T on “The Light Sarcastic” side

    ““The True Nolan says:
    23 February 2021 at 10:14 pm

    “@Ossqss: “I observed, while at a crowded restaurant yesterday, the 1′ plexiglass dividers ”
    WHAT?!! Only one inch thick?! No way — we need to install plexiglass AT LEAST 3 inches thick!”

    LOL! 5 inches of Plexiglas would be better and 10″ better yet. Give it a year or two and the mandate will be for three yards of Plexiglas between booths… but only a foot above head height. I can see it now. Restaurant owners will soon be required to just install Plexiglas wall to wall and then patrons can sit wherever they… oopsie! No seating at that point.

    Diners will learn to hang from the ceiling like bats and do the best they can. I can see sandwiches increasing in popularity and soup sales declining.

    That Kung Flu virus is almost as amazing as CO2. I mean, what other virus lays low until 10:00 pm on the dot and then comes out to claim its victims? And just how does that little Chinese virus know not to attack people in grocery stores or big box stores, but jump all over people in baseball card or jewelry stores? What?!? Do canned vegetables offer immunity from the virus?”


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  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    I see that Space X have nearly completed putting up the SkyNet satellite system.


  5. The Pedant-General says:

    Hmmm… I’m conflicted. Sort of want both sides to lose. 🙂
    Govt is bonkers if it thinks it can force you to pay and not allow to you to opt out of the service.
    Facebook is evil and needs a kicking, but this is the right response.

    With luck, we might get a small regression back to the blogosphere of the mid 2000s – no central control!


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