Grey propaganda against Signal

In the middle of last January, when the big tech oligarchs were nailing down their digital supremacy of the internet, Facebook announced in passing that it was going to harvest all the user data on WhatsApp, which it owns. This broke the deal making promise it’d made in ’14 when it took it over. Given Zuckerberg’s almost olympian arrogance and the times, it wasn’t expected to make such a big splash with all else that was going on.

Within a week, millions of people started ditching WhatsApp in favour of similar apps. For instance, the number of downloads of the Signal app from the company store shot to 40 million by the end of that week, and it’s currently standing at 50m downloads. Knowing how deceitful the tech oligarchy are, I’d say the true number is higher judging by the number of my contacts popping up on Signal with the automatic message “Joe Bloggs is now on Signal.” They’re mainly my business and professional contacts and their reason for dumping WhatsApp is the same one Elon Musk gave – the risk to business and client confidentiality if Facebook is reading everything.

There are two catches to simply dumping WhatsApp and using another similar app. The first is that like most people you’re probably already heavily invested in family or friends chat groups, and the second one is that while you may try to cancel your WhatsApp account by whatever means, all your chats with them will still be on their phone. The first, there’s not much you can do about except have both apps on your phone, and the second is just spilled milk I’m afraid.

As predicted in the last Signal piece, the propaganda offensive against Signal has been preceding apace. A hitherto unknown one man and a dog software outfit announces they have cracked its encryption, but are curiously reluctant to provide a demonstration of doing it. They’ve given up on the CIA own and run it yarn and switched to a new one. This time with certain phones and under certain conditions, the CIA can easily read the encrypted conversations. Forgive me for asking the obvious but if they run it, then why are they supposedly trying to break into it?

These grey propaganda reports are getting just the right amount of not too far out of the way coverage from fake news who’re backing them up to the hilt with their usual anonymous sources in the intelligence community. It’s all pretty much following the propaganda campaign I outlined in my last piece on Signal. What they all indicate to me is that they’re trying to frighten people off it and since no such campaign has ever been mounted against WhatsApp, it suggests they, like Facebook, can already read WhatsApp traffic. That’s something I long ago discovered from personal experience, most lately over a targetted Amazon suggestion that I might be interested in buying a baby monitor.

Like they say, when the flak is getting heavy, it means you’re over the target.

A creditable reservation about using either WhatsApp or Signal is that you have to supply the provider with your telephone number to use the apps. However, the method used by security minded people to get around that problem is very simple. Buy the cheapest phone you can find using cash, do not turn it on, go to a location that’s not home or watched by cameras, turn it on, memorise its number, install Signal, register with them under another name, turn it off and then never turn it on again. If you think you might tempted, apply a hammer to it or give it a nice place to spend eternity in, such as a lake bed. Destruction is always safest, even if the phone is supposedly turned off.

It’s one of those do it today things, because the day is fast approaching, if it hasn’t already arrived in your country, when you’ll be asked for proof of identity before you can purchase a mobile phone.


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5 Responses to “Grey propaganda against Signal”
  1. NoFixedAddress says:

    skynet is already operational


  2. NoFixedAddress says:


    A mere suggestion.

    As with this sites famous/infamous “Pratt of The Year” Award may I suggest another annual poll to do with the deteriorating freedom in all countries.

    I went to Hong Kong in 2016 and thought it bad enough then but the thought of going in 2019 was too much and I deferred and went to Singapore.

    Singapore 2019 was an eye opener and not because of well known laws.

    Belt and Road posters adorned the airport like I couldn’t believe.

    And I have flown into and out of Changi Airport previous.

    Will never go back there again.


  3. NoFixedAddress says:


    I’m putting this back here for in-conspicuousness! LOL.

    I have told you where I live.

    PLDT announced they have trouble with underwater cable connections to overseas.

    The Chinese had just previously sent a flotilla of 200 ‘fishing’ boats into Philippine territorial waters.

    It got me connecting the Chinese 200 ‘fishing’ boat fleet that swarmed The Galapagos Islands and a recent note I saw of the RN patrolling the seas to protect against submarine attacks on underwater cables!


  4. NoFixedAddress says:

    finally got connectivity going again… sort of!

    I have been using LinuxMint for some years and went sideways to LMDE4 when it came out.

    But… as of this morning the only ‘mirrors’ available for software updates are all in Chyna!!!!

    Trying to download Debian 10.9 as we speak.


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