Fighting Big Tech – Dump Youtube if you want uncensored news

A number of years ago before big tech began to think it was a Master of the Universe, I set up a Pointman account with Youtube to upload a few harmless videos. With the passing of time and what I perceived to be the growing malignancy of big tech, I stopped using it at all. Them being taken over by an increasingly manipulative Google clinched that decision. As always, I also set up a tripwire account to monitor anyone taking a special interest in the Pointman account.

This week I received an email on my Pointman account from some anonymous Youtube cog informing me that any videos I uploaded that said the election was fraudulent would be deleted. It appears that I wasn’t alone in receiving that email and I’m unexpectedly pleased to be in some illustrious company (@4:56) in being shat upon. Kinda chuffed in fact. That bad news is my tripwire account didn’t get the email, which indicates that I and the others are on somebody’s hand-crafted shit list.

Beyond that, there’s no impact since I don’t upload to it. However, I do reference it in articles occasionally by embedding links to relevant speeches or interviews. I used to be in the habit of doing a quick catchup with events by watching the opening monologues of people like Tucker Carlsen, Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs but since items like that have disappeared or are so far down the list of search results you begin to lose the will to live in ever finding them, it’s not much of a loss in that way either since I long ago replaced youtube as my access mechanism to such summaries.

Okay, so no more hiding behind the fig leaf of some ever shifting community standards – the censorship they’ve been pretending not to do is finally out in the open and explicit. It’s always been there but in a pick and choose fashion, as has shadow banning and demonetisation of conservative uploaders. The response to that started some time ago with a host of sites springing up to cater to the conservative side of politics.

It’s an exploding niche market and it’ll follow the usual business sequence of too many providers, then a shakeout eliminating most of them, leaving two or three big ones. They’re all a 5 minute registration asking for nothing more than your handle, password and an email address to activate your account. The every alert businessman in me sniffs an opportunity here. The only way for a tiddler to survive a shakeout in a market area is to go specialist. Open your own channel specialising in Country, Classical, alt Rock or whatever and given a fair wind and attracting some quality uploaders in that genre, a nice little business could be established. But that’s a window starting now and ending when the big shakeout arrives.

As always, I won’t be recommending any specific one except to say which ones I’ve tried out and currently use. Things change quick in news dissemination (anyone remember Fox news?), so what was good yesterday may have gone down the tube today, pun intended. They all have their own flavour, so it’s a matter of trying them out for five minutes before you register, by searching for various topics to find which one or ones most closely match your interests. None of them attempt to stop you if you’re visiting them cloaked – which’d mean you should never use them anyway.

The one I tend to use the most for uncensored political news is Rumble. It’s one of the newest and in a short time has attracted some pretty big hitters who’ve abandoned youtube. Contrast the results of what Rumble returns and Youtube returns for the same search term “election steal” and you’ll see what I mean. A whole new world versus selectively regurgitated fake news propaganda. It’s quite comical really.

You do have to see the funny side of a business like youtube, which was founded on and still thrives on, disseminating copyrighted and therefore illegal musical content, turning around and wagging a censorious finger at uploaders because their stuff clashes with their narrow woke political agenda.

It’s yet another example of the utter hypocrisy of big tech.


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3 Responses to “Fighting Big Tech – Dump Youtube if you want uncensored news”
  1. Hal in Florida says:

    I never get my news from youtube. I go to the so-called dark web and as strange as it seems at first glance, the dark web is more accurate than corporate and government sites.


    • NoFixedAddress says:

      “youtube, which was founded on and still thrives on, disseminating copyrighted and therefore illegal musical content”

      Never forget that FaceBook (zuck is a kuck) and Google/youtube were associated with ‘black money’ funding.

      Some of those connections were expoused in BYTE magazine articles.

      And never forget that gogle cross seeded with CCP.



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