Fighting big tech – WhatsApp

Up until ten or so years ago, the usual way of sending a typed message to anyone was via texting. All you needed was their mobile number and you could send a short text message to them which similar to them checking their email, you’d be sure they’d get the next time they turned on … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Dump Youtube if you want uncensored news

A number of years ago before big tech began to think it was a Master of the Universe, I set up a Pointman account with Youtube to upload a few harmless videos. With the passing of time and what I perceived to be the growing malignancy of big tech, I stopped using it at all. … Continue reading

What’s happening with Facebook?

First of all, let’s get your head straight about Mark Zuckerberg. Any big enterprise falls into one of two categories, and Facebook is no different. It either operates along the lines of a horse designed by a supposed committee of excellence, which results in a camel or it’s a pure sleek predator rapaciously growing the … Continue reading

C is for Confidentiality

Back in 2004, the then UK Information Commissioner said in an interview that he was concerned that people were sleepwalking into a surveillance society. The warning was too late then, and today we live in what can better be described as a saturation surveillance society. It’s everywhere and although it might have some benefits, it … Continue reading

Redux from 18th August 2017 – The Evil Empire of the Internet must be broken up.

There are a number of articles over the years I’ve written on the censorship tendencies I thought big tech would take. Excess is the invariable trait of any monopoly. At the time, I suspect they were greeted with mild skepticism, but as we’ve found in the recent presidential election, they weren’t too far off the … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Stop using Google.

There are a number of very good reasons why you shouldn’t be using Google under any circumstances. From a pure searching for information viewpoint, it distorts reality and when it suits its politics, blatantly lies to you. If you’re old school, you’ll have been taught as a child that lying is a sin that comes … Continue reading

Fighting Big Tech – Some general thoughts on protecting your personal data

I will be writing a series of small articles on fighting big tech by using simple ways to protect and secure your personal data, but before launching into that I thought it useful to go into the reason why I think you should give some consideration to doing so now, if you’re not already doing … Continue reading