The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 1.

The presidential election of next year is sweeping towards us and although it’s still a year and a half away, the ragbag of Democrat contenders are assembling. That sounds almost as if it could be the title of a new DC comics film – Ragbags assemble! Some of them are just flying a kite. It’s like that thing junior cogs in the corporate machine do – apply for a job they know they’ll never get because it shows they’re ambitious, keen, sucking up etc.

Most have already thrown their hat into the ring, but not all. At the moment there appear to be only three favoured contenders amongst primary voters selecting from a record turn out of ragbags :- Biden, Harris and Sanders. That being the case, they’ll get some coverage here while the rest will barely get a mention. The also rans tend to be assorted nuts on various ego and delusional trips. One, a clown called Michael Bloomberg with more money than sense, even flirted with a candidacy, got some honest feedback from people outside his ass kissing coterie of hangers-on (you don’t stand a snow flake’s), and promptly ruled himself out of a run.

Before the start of the year, the party elders and the pundits had got together about the profile of the candidate they wanted to go up against Trump. Before going on, bear in mind the party elders have made one serious cockup after another and as for the pundits, according to them Hillary should now be president, or failing that, Trump has been impeached for something, anything, just to get him out of the Oval Office, as if that’d magically make Hillary president.

Their ideal candidate was to be a woman and black. As soon as that leaked out, the genital restraints had to be fitted on Michelle to stop her charging into DNC headquarters. That said, there were still some pretty long drag marks on the ground from her minder’s heels as they finally pulled her to a halt. She’s surprisingly strong for a ladyboy.

The thinking was they’d give ladyboy a miss, because with the “Gestapo” Müller inquisition having come up with nothing but a few innocent civilians who’d had a red-hot poker shoved up their rectum, the Trumpie Monster was about to return the favour and start his own inquisitions into the coup attempt.

The chances are, once he got his own red-hot pokers heated up to his own particular brand of white-hot and applied them to the fundaments of merry henchmen like Brennan, Comey and McCabe, the name of laughing boy who pretended to be a president might just pop out as the mastermind behind it all. Mastermind? Gimme a break, but anyway.

It’s a sad comment on the times we live in that you just can’t lay your hands on good henchmen these days. Time was, they’d throw themselves in front of an onrushing Congressional investigation to save their beloved chief. Heart breaking. There would have been broken little pink bodies strewn all over the landscape, but no more. Nowadays, one hard look and the race is on between them to become the first to rat you out and get the magic get out of jail card in the form of a plea deal.

While everyone was thoroughly engaged dragging the Michelle beast’s ego to a halt, someone who fitted the profile took full advantage of all the blood, snot and feathers flying around to sneak in a candidature declaration. Kamala Harris, otherwise known as “Heels Up” Harris to the sniggering spear carriers of the DNC.

She is definitely a woman. There are quite a few sexual indeterminates in the Dem party, but the betting is she comes fully equipped between her legs for some straightish sex after sleeping her way steadily up the ladder with a succession of married superiors to get her off of the intern shop floor, hence the Heels Up nickname.

Nothing unusual about that really, except she managed to get a lot farther than others using the give ’em a leg over to get a leg up strategy. Usually somewhere in their ascent they bump into the wife who’s heard all about them and hubby gets the ultimatum – get rid of the little tramp or I walk, and the career damage aside, I’ll wrench every penny of alimony I can get out of you.

And she’s black – sorta. Her mum’s Indian, subcontinental rather than Injun, while her father is Jamaican. She’s been working on her blackness credentials by telling stories of her time at college smoking dope while listening to Snoop Dogg, but a little examination of her stories turns out they’re just that – stories. Snoop cut his first record ten years after she’d attended her rather posh college, but nice try anyway.

Just like her mentor Hillary, she’s another liar who thinks nobody will ever fact check whatever they say. We’re all supposed to be gullible and stupid in her presence. You don’t have to be a red-hot investigator to catch them out in their lies because they’re lazy lies. Like Hillary getting away for years saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary the climber. A cute and inspirational story that falls apart when you find out she was born four years before Sir Ed shinnied up Mt. Everest.

Interestingly, her father condemned her for telling such stories because it brought her family and race into disrepute. You work that hard to get them well positioned in life, and then they have to rubbish the whole effort by talking and acting like a foul-mouthed black ho, as if that was somehow hip and stylish and guaranteed to pull in the black vote. It’s the usual patronising insult to black Americans. You know, like Hillary always having some hot sauce in her handbag, and that worked out so well for her, didn’t it?

Speaking of trash, her nephew by some circuitous route is Jussie Smolett, who just got a walk after pulling a hoax race hate crime. Part of the attack fantasy was two white dudes wearing MAGA hats hanging a noose around his neck. The timely outrage it momentarily sparked helped Heels Up get some sort of pet law about lynching passed. Let’s ignore the fact that a federal law against lynching was passed in 1922, by the Republicans of course, so the usefulness of Heels Up’s legislation was moot, but Jussie’s little stunt before it was exposed could be seen as supportive.

That’s the windy city for you. Chicago and political corruption has a long tradition. It has the best politicians money can buy, according to Al Capone. It’s of course a solid Dem city, which explains the corruption, soaring murder rate and the fact that the middle class have fled the city. The smart money is on it looking like Detroit within the next ten years, that’s to say a ghost city that’s shrunk to 10% of the size it was in its glory days. Watch out Baltimore, Chicago is fast taking the lead in the downward spiral race.

People don’t become corrupt liars overnight – there’s usually a rich history of such behaviour if you dig into their back story. I don’t imagine it’d take much digging to unearth all the skeletons of her previous escapades.

She’s really quite emblematic of the new wave of Dem politicians. They still want to play identity politics, even after its abject failure when run against the more inclusive and less divisive brand of politics Trump offered America in 2016. That’s bad enough, but she comes from a rich and privileged background and seems incapable of understanding the real concerns of the minorities she’s pretending to speak for.

Black and Hispanic Americans are enjoying historically low unemployment under Trump’s control of the economy. Wages are actually rising and their thoughts are turning to being upwardly mobile, not wallowing in victimhood. As for American women, they’re also enjoying employment levels that haven’t been around for two decades, and I’ll tell you something else about how they’ll vote. Any woman, black, white and all shades in between, and especially a married one, will look at Heels Up’s rise via adultery with other women’s husbands with a DNA level of contempt.

Given that sort of response from the unelectable, there’s been a slight rethink. The party seemed to shift focus back to the old guard in the shape of Joe Biden, an ex-vice president, who’s been around the swamp for decades and wouldn’t be a problem to steer along obliging paths by what’s left of the deep state after the decimation it suffered at the hands of the Trumpie Monster.

At face value, not a bad candidate to put their influence behind, but there are problems. From his earliest days as a freshman in Congress, it was obvious he had appetites that were not quite normal, but as the Washington swamp itself is a sexual cesspit, they weren’t especially commented upon. It didn’t take too long for him to get nicknamed Creepy Joe. However, once he was in the WH as vice-prez, the fake news machine had to work extra hard not to report certain things and on occasions when that couldn’t be done because he was up to his old habits on camera, not comment on them. Bending over backwards to look in the other direction doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The problem, which unless I miss my guess goes a bit deeper than dirty old man groping, is containable just as long as the fake news whores play their part and the up and coming millennials allow their pathological hatred of Trump to overcome any sense of common decency to support a degenerate like Creepy Joe. That’s not as outrageous a plan as it might appear at face value. Let’s not forget a predatory satyr, in the shape of Bill Clinton, served and finished two terms as president despite multiple accusations of rape, payoffs of sexually assaulted victims, being disbarred from practicing law and finally impeached. So you see, a degenerate as president wouldn’t be a first.

The switch of preferred candidate from a black woman to a white man by the party elders is understandable, but to settle on Creepy Joe as their preferred candidate shows the poor judgment I mentioned earlier. We live in an era where even complimenting a woman on her looks is tantamount to rape with the holier than thou set. Creepy Joe doesn’t stand much of a chance I think, especially since for the last two months a rolling campaign outing him has been running on social media, although it doesn’t get a mention by fake news.

It’s definitely a campaign, simply because it was suddenly everywhere, pervasive and it’s vicious. Add in a few unprovable allegations of molesting magically appearing and it becomes obvious that somebody is ensuring he’ll be an early drop out in the Dem primaries. There are suddenly t-shirts with dubious Biden inferences but you really know he’s sunk when the Trumpie Monster himself starts twisting the knife in him on Twitter.

Possibly the most disgusting thing I ever saw in politics occurred when he was vice-president. He was dolling out some award or citation at the WH to a junior member of congress who was accompanied by his wife and their young daughter. Creepy Joe spent a few moments posing for the obligatory photos with the family and then moved over to stand behind the kid whispering in her ear and massaging her shoulders. The bright shiny congressman and his Stepford wife stood there with rictus-like grins pasted over their faces and didn’t interfere at all.

Such is political ambition, I suppose. You’re ready to feed your children to predators.

I’ve often moved in what’s euphemistically called the lower orders of society. They’d no status, money or prospects but if they’d ever caught some dirty old man in a thousand dollar suit grinning while molesting one of their children in plain sight, they’d have broken his fucking neck without hesitation, even if he was the vice-president of the US of A.

Things invariably happen for a reason and a negative campaign outing Biden appearing out of the blue is no exception. Asking the cui bono, or who benefits question, narrows it down to one of three culprits within the party, if you ignore the minor players who don’t have the political juice to risk pissing off their elders and betters by holing their preferred candidate below the water line.

The name will come out in the end but in the meantime a bit of speculation. Heels Up is a possibility but negative stealth campaigns are a two-way street and my feeling is she’s got some pretty good dirt she’s busy hiding as we speak, so her kicking off a mud sling with Biden is a risk she wouldn’t be up for.

The next likely candidate is the newly energised socialist wing of the party, otherwise known as the mad dogs. Any notion of party loyalty, even of the usual lip-service kind, is foreign territory to them, so they wouldn’t hesitate and have very good connections on social media to carry the trick off. It’s not so much that they dislike his foibles, it’d be more that he represents the DNC establishment and Clinton machine they hate with a vengeance. I wouldn’t put it past them. My money’s on them.

The third and final suspect is Bernie Sanders. Despite the principled but harmless Pappa Smurf image he likes to project to a middle America that still thinks he’s a dangerous communist, he’s in deep shit from several sides. The mad dogs are now assuming the niche of the left-wing conscientious objectors to American capitalism that he’d made his own over his years in Washington where he’s achieved remarkably little.

It may have been a small and modest role that pulled in the left of centre vote from the millennials and the well to do, married, mortgaged generation X’ers developing a social conscience at the arse end of their money-grubbing mid-life crisis, but it was his role. The dogs want rid of him because they finally realised he’s all mouth and trousers, a sell out and quite frankly, bloody useless at political infighting; a fact amply demonstrated in the 2016 Dem primaries.

On the other side, he burnt a few bridges with the DNC royalty in the same primaries, so they’ve no particular love for him. They and the Clinton machine totally sabotaged his run at the party ticket because they knew Clinton was a better bet than some pious loser never short of a sanctimonious speech about the unfairness of American society. They spanked his bum in public and like a suitably chastised school boy, he swung behind the Hillary Harridan and supported her run at the presidency like a good little chappie.

If the party decide to go old school in the primaries, Biden would be his only opposition of the candidates who’ve already declared. Taking him out would make sense, especially as he’s rumoured to still be bitter about the events of 2016, but even if he’s the only old school candidate left in the race, I don’t see him getting full backing from the party machine, because they know as soon as he opened his mouth he’d lose the bulk of the middle America vote to the Trumpie Monster.

He’s tried to do a bit of kiss and make up with them by graciously signing a pledge to run as a Democrat if they back him for a shot at the presidency, but my feeling is it’s a no deal for them with him for a number of reasons.

Primarily, the machine blame him for the party’s leftwards lurch towards socialism it has done in the last two years that’ll make them unelectable in what is still a basically conservative America. Their worst case scenario is fielding an old school candidate against the Trumpie Monster, the candidate losing badly, which’ll mean the left-wing of the party sweeping them aside, taking complete control and going for the full socialist agenda, which’d keep the Dems out of office for decades.

If he actually turns out to be the Dem contender in 2020, a possibility not as remote as you might think, there are certain liabilities, leaving aside the big he’s a socialist (née communist) attack point, that would have to be heavily PR’ed. His habitual shtick of speaking for the downtrodden workers of America would have to be balanced off with him being worth about three million, not bad on a congressman’s salary, owning several mansions and a penchant for driving around in some tasty cars each worth about the price of three modest houses in Gainesville Kentucky.

Add in his wife’s various well paid positions of power in enterprises she ran into bankruptcy but not before appointing her daughter into part-time positions paying a six figure salary which your local sanitation maintenance engineer, who’s never heard of a GPA, could hold down with the little finger of his left hand, and you’ve got an interesting presentation problem.

I suppose the get a grip on reality thought about running him against the incumbent president is to imagine him in a one on one television debate against Trump. The Trumpie Monster would have him for dindins and ask for a doggie bag to put all that was left of him, the bones, to take home to Fido.

At this point in time, and bear in mind we’re still a year and a half away from the presidential election, polls of the party faithful say these three are the main contenders for the ticket, but as America learnt in 2016, when it comes to the Democrats, the pollsters have their head up their arse. If you’ve any doubts about that, recall the eve of election poll of polls coming up with Hillary at 98% of the vote and the Monster trailing on 2%.

Perhaps a tip for 2020, if you want to get some realistic bullshit free numbers on who’s where, visit a betting site in Las Vegas. The odds they give are always a lot more accurate than the pollsters simply because if they get it wrong, they lose money. The pollsters never have any money on the line. Like they say, money talks, bullshit walks.

The next part of this series will take a brief look at the assorted rabble, all disrespect meant, taking a leap at that high brass ring of getting the party’s nomination as well as trying to make sense of what is becoming a comically crowded field of aspirants.


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9 Responses to “The early Dem candidates for 2020 – part 1.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    That Biden creature is of particular interest to me. Your astute observation … “Things invariably happen for a reason and a negative campaign outing Biden appearing out of the blue is no exception. “ What if? What if the focus on the Creepy Joe shenanigans, well documented and photographed for years, is simply a red herring being waved about by Biden’s own useful idiots? And followed by the hive mind of the DNC.

    The Creepy Joe tag has been a running joke (and source of outrage) among Conservatives for years, but nothing ever came of it. Perhaps because, without specific proof and witnesses, Creepiness is the ultimate in ‘plausible deniability’. “Golly gee folks, ole Uncle Joe is just a very kind and tactile man, always wanting to put White House visitors at ease. Nothing untoward there.”

    Perhaps this so-called ‘harmless’ red herring is to divert attention from Joe Biden’s very real (and highly profitable) record of corruption as Obama’s mouthpiece in dealings with oil-and-gas-rich Ukraine.

    A dive down the Biden/Ukraine rabbit hole reveals him to be an arrogant, shameless individual cut from the same contaminated mould as all his corrupt Democrat predecessors.

    “In his own words, with video cameras rolling, Biden described how he threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in March 2016 that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending the former Soviet republic toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.”


    “The prosecutor he got fired was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings that employed Biden’s younger son, Hunter, as a board member.”

    First question; why would Burisma appoint Junior in the first place? This isn’t just a can of worms – it’s a nest of vipers, with head reptile being imposter Barry Soetoro (aka Obama), closely followed by good ole Uncle Joe Biden.

    These characters aren’t politicians, representative of the People – they are criminals on a global scale. The longer they walk free and unaccountable, their acolytes around the world continue to empty Treasuries, pile up mountains of debt, legislate to conceal their crimes, and strip hardworking societies of their heritage and nation states.

    Australia is crawling with them.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Graeme No.3 says:

    The question is “what sort of people think they could beat Trump”. Arrogant? Delusional?
    Or like my spell checker which gave several obvious word finishes, but failed to suggest anything starting with Trum (except true).


  3. JohnTyler says:

    It is simply a fact that one of the two major political parties in the USA will select a candidate for president that is totally unqualified (by any definition you care to present) for that position – as were Hillary and Obama – or it will be the communist Bernie Sanders.
    In any case, it will be a nominee who has contempt for EVERYTHING about the USA, in particular special contempt for the US Constitution .
    Sanders – your typical Brooklyn, NY communist who never held a real job in his life – is now aware of the machinations to which he will be subjected by the demokrat party boss elites, and he can take measures to thwart these efforts. Also the demokrats now know they will be under scrutiny which will serve to minimize their dirty tricks against Sanders.
    They simply will not be able to just hand over the nomination, as they did with Hillary; at least not in the same manner (e.g., through the fraud of “super delegates”).
    Bernie has a lot of big $$$$ being tossed his way and if wins the requisite primaries he will be the demokrat nominee. (Of course, if elected president, he will take the oath of office on a copy of Das Kapital, and most certainly replace in the White House Churchill’s bust with that of Lenin’s. ).

    Clearly his running mate will be female; black or otherwise. Regardless, she too will be an empty dress; either Kamala-sleep-your-way-to-the-top-Harris, Elizabeth-Pocahontas-Warren, or maybe even Michelle-it’s-been-a-struggle-Obama (Michelle; a grad of Princeton and Harvard, two universities that 99.5% of white folks have zero chance of ever attending. Yea, it’s been a real struggle to succeed in racist USA).

    And yes, whomever the dems nominate will receive a significant percentage of all the votes.
    Essentially, here in the USA we have an uninformed and, at the risk of me coming off as an arrogant jerk, ignorant voting population.

    (Do not forget that Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris were freely elected into office; Hillary came with a hair’s width of winning; Obama won TWICE !! and that other fraud, the Irish faux-latino Robert Francis O’Rourke, aka Beto, came real close to beating Cruz in Texas. I wonder, if one scours all of Latin America and Spain, how many genuine “latinos” would you find with the name Robert Francis O’Rourke? My guess; about as many light-brown haired, blue eyed , fair-skinned Cherokees, Apaches, Iroquois or Dakota Sioux).

    Yep I am one of those folks who thinks Sanders (and AOC and Warren) are very dangerous people. Why?
    Because they provide false messages to the electorate that many voters find attractive; maybe attractive enough to squeak out a victory for president.
    Just look at interviews of “educated” college kids; they are all in with Sanders and his neo-communist message. And he has been re-elected how many times?

    Warren, a socialist through and through, has won election in Massachusetts how many times? Her lies, deceit, dishonesty notwithstanding.

    I sure hope Trump prevails in 2020, but you never know what can happen.
    I hesitate to mention, yet again, the suicidal voters of Venezuela who should look in the mirror to see how they got themselves into their present situation, but history is replete with these sorts of disastrous outcomes.

    Maybe I am just a scaredy-cat.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. philjourdan says:

    Pretty good high level view. The one thing about the democrat primary is that the press has to cover the scandals as Candidate 1 will bring it up against Candidate 2. It will disappear once the general election is under way and the press will then act like it never happened.

    But one point you made, I want to comment on. And that is the repercussions of the Mueller failure. THe blow back will indict many of the Obama’s administration. But like good minions they will fall on the sword and it will never get past Lynch. Which is the end game anyway. Obama covered his tracks with plausible deniability, And no one wants to indict an ex-president. So he is safe. But what it will do is paint him as a complete incompetent idiot that had no clue on what was going on in his administration. He will be spared jail time. But his reputation will be destroyed.

    Trump always plays the long game.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ray Gaskell says:

    I agree with your big picture assessment of the Dems and their machine BUT the big unknown is the twin problems of demographics and vote rigging. It appears that California is the example state of the future US. The stronghold of Reagan and Nixon is all but completely Democrat now for both those reasons.


  6. Pointman says:



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