Nathan Phillips speaks with forked tongue.

Last weekend after the annual March for Life in Washington DC, an incident happened on the Saturday that encapsulates the increasing mob mentality of both social media and the fake news propaganda machine. A three-minute heavily edited video emerged from the online swamp of a group of 15-year-old students from Covington Catholic school in Kentucky apparently abusing a “tribal elder” who was also a Vietnam veteran. The crown jewel of the video was a central portion where a young kid was chin-up and smiling tightly at the Indian bloke.

I’ve seen that certain sort of smile once or twice before coming from a kid, and in similar circumstances.

As the day went on, all the fake news media, the usual show business poseurs and social media, mainly in the shape of Twitter, piled in, condemning the kid, his parents, all the other kids, the school, the Catholic church and anything remotely connected with that lot. It continued to escalate in terms of verbal violence until open threats to injure or kill the school children blazed across the web. By end of day, their own school board had disavowed them and the cherry on top was their own bishop joining the hang ’em high mob.

Poor bloody kids, but their parents, and the teachers who were there with them, were the only ones to speak up in their defense. The one thing that didn’t happen was not one of them breaking ranks with the rest of the group to escape the pressure of the media attack dogs. They might have a shit school board and a yellow bishop who’s a bloody disgrace to his diocese, but they stuck together under fire.

Most people know the term hen-pecked and associate it with a husband being nagged, but the origin of the phrase is agrarian and altogether more brutal. When free range chickens are scratching around the yard for food, occasionally one of them accidentally pecks another, producing a blood spot. Blood is actually nourishing and a steady food source not only for some animals, but for certain cow herding tribes in Africa. Having got a taste of blood, the chicken continues to peck the other chicken, producing more blood flow.

Pretty soon the other chickens, attracted by the blood, flock around the chicken being attacked and as the frenzy builds, they will quickly peck it to death. Flock, that’s what brainless chickens do. Once he sees what’s happening, the farmer has to quickly get that chicken out of the middle of them, not to save its life, but to save the whole flock. You see, in their feeding frenzy, the blood spatter goes everywhere and they start pecking each other, until they can start pecking each other to death.

That’s exactly the sort of behaviour I observed on Saturday.

Casting around for information on the centre of attraction, Nathan Phillips, or the Indian of the hour, I found various scrabbled together reporting on him, both new and old. He was described as a Vietnam veteran who’d done two tours in the Marines as a Force Recon Ranger. The last three words set the phony detector alarm bell off. Both the Marines and the Army have groups of highly trained volunteers who’ve got through a gruelling selection process and received intensive training. The Marines call their group Force Recon while the Army call their group Rangers.

There’s no such thing as a Force Recon Ranger. Soldiers who’ve earned a Ranger or Recon patch are fiercely protective of both its name and reputation.

Delving a bit deeper into the background of Honest Injun Phillips, it emerged he was born in 1955. Doing the math and verifying that the Marines were indeed out of Vietnam by 1971 before the last of the regular Army units, that would mean he’d completed two tours by the time he was sixteen. In passing, Marines got to do an extra month on top of a year in country, just for the bragging rights. But the numbers don’t stop there. He had to have completed basic training, humping his ass all over places like Parris Island for three months and then volunteer and be accepted for Recon training, which can take anything up to a year and even two if you show some aptitude.

Squeezing the numbers together, assume he finished his two back-to-back tours in 1971, puts Phillips being deployed at about fourteen, but let’s not forget that year or two of basic and specialist training which he’d have had to do before deployment. That puts him entering the Corps at the tender age of twelve. The numbers simply don’t work and we might possibly be looking at a case of “stolen valour“.

Researching him, I find something interesting about the Vietnam service claim. When he’s on the record he expresses it in a very careful form of words. Rather than actually stating that he’s a Vietnam veteran, he says he’s a “veteran of the Vietnam era”. See the switch? A sloppy listener takes that to mean what he’s just said is that he’s a Vietnam veteran, whereas all he’s actually saying is that he was alive when the war was going on. He’s using a misleading but defensible lie. If ever challenged on his war service, he can say he never actually claimed he was there.

Off the record, he seems to have embellished his background in personal conversations with people, who talk of him as a war veteran, without him ever correcting them, even when it’s said on his behalf in a money-raising documentary he’s in.

The next stop is to find out if he was ever even a marine. An individual’s military service record is publically accessible in the US, but someone had already beaten me two it. Enter retired SEAL Don Shipley, who’d done the spade work on Phillips. There’s a video of Shipley giving the results of his researches accompanied by some colourful language to vent his anger, and a few alternative media articles which used his work. Another citizen journalism job of putting Phillips’ claims under an even more detailed microscope was done by a poster called NoMan2000.

It turns out Big Chief Spreading Bull did actually serve in the marine reserve, but never saw service in Vietnam. He enlisted after it was all safely over in ’72 and left in ’76, though whether that was with an honourable discharge or not appears to be contested. His records show he spent his time in service as an electrician doing the dangerous work of maintaining fridges in places like Lincoln, Nebraska. He also managed to pack in three AWOL episodes which no doubt resulted in some brig time.

What does come across about him is he’s the sort of person who’s slippery and conniving, and you’d be naive to take anything he says or is inferring at face value. Prior to joining the corps, he says he was with a group of Indians who sporadically occupied the abandoned Alcatraz prison from 69-71, froze their butts off all the way through the winters, and after being totally ignored by everyone, slunk off back to dry land. By his own admission, the years since his Ramboesque time in the corps were mainly spent in an alcoholic blur until he found God or something, but there is no record I can find of him until he turns up at the centre of more stoked up race hatred.

Apparently, he claims he was abused by college kids in 2015 who surrounded him, but the kids deny it, saying it was him who approached them and burst into a party they were having. He insisted they surrounded him, just like he’s insisting the Covington school children surrounded him in DC. They counter accuse him and say he walked over to them and started doing his native schtick of chanting and banging his drum. He obviously likes making accusations at kids.

The emerging, unedited video coming to light about the incident tells a totally different story, showing how a bunch of high school kids waiting for a bus were initially abused by a hate group called the Black Hebrew Israelites, shouting things like “dumb-ass niggers”, “Uncle Tom-aholics”, “You got all these dirty-ass crackers behind you”, “Look at this sea of demons,” “a bunch of future school shooters”, “You want us to love you, but the Lord said He had a perpetual hatred. Who is he speaking about? These so-called white people!” The abuse and threats continued on in a like vein.

After the hate group had exhausted their meager vocabulary of adding prefixes or suffixes to the word nigger, Phillips and his half-dozen band of discards approached the school party, banging the drum in their faces and chanting creative insults like “Go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land!” and “America will be destroyed!”

As the truth has come out, a lot of fiery articles from the fake news have been hastily amended or “disappeared” but the internet never forgets. Abusive, libelous and threatening Tweets of various levels of criminality have all had screen shots taken and the families have engaged a raptor class lawyer to sue the ass off the media in a class action, while a Kentucky county prosecutor has confirmed multiple investigations into criminal behaviour are underway. The lawyer had already received bomb threats by last Wednesday.

I think the only way of stopping this irresponsible and instant trial by social media and the fake news follow through, is if the class action suit being brought by the victims takes a huge financial bite out of the media businesses. One so big, that a few go under and the rest take some big damage to their year-end bottom line.

As is usual with the one-sided social media censorship, none of the accounts making the libelous or criminal threats have been suspended, though there’s a lot of surreptitious walkback going on. What’s astounding is that even when the true facts have emerged, some of the lynch mob are doubling up on their accusations, libels and threats. There’s even a potentially dangerous item uploaded by a teacher, who misidentified a student who wasn’t even there, who still refuses to take it down, even after death threats have been made to the kid.

If you look carefully, a lot of high and low-level scumbags are scurrying back into their sewers they came from like the rats they truly are. A news media so degenerate that it whips up a lynch mob against a school trip of students, who didn’t even realise what was going on around them, is beneath the contempt of any decent person. If someone is killed or injured as a result of such activities, people need to be brought up on criminal charges.

Even Chief Spreading Bull’s behaviour on the day is a cause for concern. A security guard prevented him from interrupting a church service going on with drums and chanting while other people were at worship. Apparently he has some sort of grudge against the Catholic church and I’ve no doubt it comes with its very own dubious victimhood “story” as well.

There’s no getting away from it, the kids were targetted and then deliberately exploited by the media for political purposes. They were young, mainly white, from a faith school and wearing MAGA hats – perfect targets for the extreme-left media and mob. After the harsh abuse, threats and betrayal those students were subjected to, it comes as no surprise that their parents are so pissed off they’re refusing to let their children be confirmed by their own bishop who rushed to judgment on them, unless he makes a full apology, and there’s more than a few of those due.

I said I’d seen that sort of smile before.

It was in a park in summer on a bank holiday, and because it was a lovely sunny day, there were dozens of families dotted about the place having picnics on spread car rugs. Our children were very young. Lots of noise, kids laughing and running around playing chase, zig zagging between the blankets and generally having fun. I noticed this woman had started screaming at what was obviously her kid over something or other. He looked twelve or thirteen, skinny, all elbows and knees as they are at that stage. He stood straight as she screamed at him six inches from his face and he tried a small smile.

This drove her over whatever edge she wasn’t already over, and big man hubby joined in the screaming into the kid’s face at six inches routine as well. Though my heart went out to him, I truly admired that bloody kid’s fortitude, not flinching or cowering under that assault. It ground to a halt when the pair of scumbags realised the whole park had more or less just stopped and was staring at them silently. How they treated that poor kid out of sight, Christ only knows.

That same determination to crush the Covington kid was in the faces of his abusers last weekend.

At the end of the afternoon, we were trudging back to the car carrying all our junk and one of the kids started to talk to me with that hesitant opening of “Dad” they used before approaching a tricky question. I knew exactly what he was going to ask me about, and headed him off at the pass with exactly the same form of words my father had used on me so many years ago after we’d both witnessed a kid being similarly abused by an adult. He’d never lifted a hand to any of his children, and neither have we – ever. For them, this was a new, scary and shocking thing adults could do to children.

“We’ll talk about this one day when you’re older”.


8 Responses to “Nathan Phillips speaks with forked tongue.”
  1. rapscallion says:

    The Left always go too far. This time they really have blown it. I hope the parents of those unfortunate kids sue every man and his dog involved in this disgusting spectabce for everything they’ve got. That means the gutless Bishop, Nathan Phillips, Twitter, the whole shebang. It is time to get real nasty with the Left, and they will have brought in on themselves.

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  2. PaleoSapiens says:

    It’s chief Dirty Butt from the No Wipey tribe!

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  3. Blackswan says:


    Nick Sandmann has shown the world he IS “the best a man can get”.

    In that exuberant milling crowd of smooth-faced, flushed-cheek boys what was it about young Nick that made the old fraud wade through the throng to single him out? Maybe it was something in his eyes, or perhaps his toothy grin as he joked with his mates. As the minutes of confrontation ticked by those eyes said it all.

    The old man’s arrogant assurance that he’d teach this young pup his place was a great miscalculation as instead, the pup’s testicular fortitude showed the world what the old flea-bitten ‘coyote’ was made of; malice and arrogance with a large measure of stupid.

    The impasse was eventually broken as the buses arrived, the teachers called the boys on board, and the world went on about its business. But not for Nick and his family.

    Before those buses had even landed back in Kentucky the old coyote had scanned the video his offsider had shot, made sure it was edited to a short enough ‘grab’ to run on the network news slots, uploaded online, and a GoFundMe appeal opened in expectation of a $50,000 payout in sympathy with his claimed ‘victim’ status. He had his story ready, probably concocted as he tried to stare the boy down, his mind working overtime if only he could get the networks on-side quickly. He knows the drill … get in first and your story will stick. Then everyone else will have to play catch-up but the cash will already be in his pocket. This lame Washington gig won’t be a waste of time after all.

    Five days later and the old coyote has the grand sum of $521 filched from 17 fools.

    These are hard life lessons for young Nick to learn, but knowing who he can (and can’t) trust will stand him in good stead across the years. I just hope his parents do a better job of protecting him than his teacher chaperones did that day as the minutes ticked on and nobody came to his aid to defuse the situation.

    Here’s hoping that the PR firm his parents hired don’t feed him through the political/media meatgrinder as his TV interviewer tried to do when she asked him if he owed anyone an “apology”. WTF? And yes, it would be exciting for POTUS to invite him and his mates to the White House, but I really hope he doesn’t.

    The boy doesn’t deserve to be used for political photo-ops yet again.

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  4. oebele bruinsma says:

    To me it was quite obvious: quit a number of Lefties are not able to control their own emotions, therefore they have to control the behaviour of others with and sometimes without violence.
    Little doubt this starts already at schools with PC level eduction. The future seems bleek.

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  5. Pointman says:

    Caught on video saying the magic four words “I’m a Vietnam Vet. I served in Marine Corps 72 to 76. I got discharged May 5, 1976. I got honorable discharge and one of the boxes shows peacetime or, what my box says is that I was **in theater**. I don’t talk much about my Vietnam times.”

    A legal dream being put together.

    ‘MAGA’ teen’s family hires high-profile libel attorney –

    SCOOP: ‘Defamation Dream Team’ of Five Law Firms Assembling to Take on Journalists, Media Outlets, and Celebrities Who Attacked Covington Kids –

    They just can’t give up on Covington.

    NBC Sets Up Covington Again: Say Gay Kid’s Speech Banned. Turns Out He Went to Different School –


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  6. Blackswan says:

    Open letter to Roger Foys, Bishop of Covington …

    Mr Foys, Sir,

    (I don’t go in for “Most Reverend” or “Your Excellency”, bending knees, kissing rings or any of that stuff) ….

    If you want to know about taking REAL responsibility for poor choices in life, you might begin by using the singular pronoun ‘I’ instead of the collective ‘we’ – that would be a good start. When you’re the Boss-man, trying to spread the weight of responsibility when tip-toeing over thin ice just doesn’t work.

    And blaming “bullies” and those who “pressured” you into a hasty response isn’t working too well for you either.

    You denounced the death threats to students and their families BUT made sure to mention a bomb scare at the Diocese of Covington building, thereby hoping to put yourself and your staff in the “victim” category as well.

    You told students: “I am on your side. I want you to come out of this in a positive light.”

    In a positive light??? Mr Foys, in this whole sorry saga, those students ARE the only positive light.

    “These last four days have been a living hell for many of you, for your parents, for your relatives, for your friends and it certainly has been for me,” you reportedly said, going on to lament that you hadn’t “slept peacefully” since the story broke.

    Yep, there’s the poor-bugger-me attitude again. And you might want to reconsider what “a living hell” actually means for some people.

    From the Cincinnati Enquirer – “This is a no-win situation. We are not going to win. No matter what we say, one way or another, there are going to be people who are going to argue about it,” Foys is quoted as saying.

    “The best we can do is, first of all, to find out the truth, to find out what really went on, what really happened. So we do have investigators who are here today, a third-party who is not associated with our diocese.”

    Mr Foys, instead of subjecting your young students to the added stresses of such an Inquisition by investigative strangers, perhaps you might simply ask young Nick for the truth of what happened to him and his friends. No need to outsource it in the hope of ‘damage control’ – just do your bloody job!

    On the one hand you preach to your congregation that their strengths lie in Truth, and now you tell this school community that “We are not going to win. No matter what we say …”

    Make up your bloody mind Mr Foys.

    Either you are nothing more than a petty ecclesiastical bureaucrat who’s done a lousy PR job, or you’re the spiritual leader of your Diocese who could have turned this experience into an OPPORTUNITY to bring strength and peace to your ‘flock’.

    Take a peek at your Bible Mr Foys … it’s all there in Ephesians 6 ….

    13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. 14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 

    Nicholas Sandmann could have told you all about that Mr Foys. He lived it when called upon to do so.

    And, in addressing that school community, you never once mentioned the actual reason those boys were in Washington in the first place … to march in defence of an unborn child’s Right to Life. To so completely ignore their courage in that worthy mission, your failure to come to their defence only made your betrayal of them complete.

    Yours MOST sincerely,

    An Angry Village Warrior.

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  7. Margaret Smith says:

    Chief Spreading Bull! Great title that gave me a good laugh when I needed it.
    Two good essays on this appalling incident.


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