The anti-democratic scum running social media.

About this time two years ago, I mulled over the reason I’d been blogging for years. That Christmas break I always take a couple or more weeks off blogging, enjoy family time, but it also gives you time to think. An essayist approach to blogging consumes a lot of time, so to turn off the computer and give them your exclusive attention is a pleasure. In return, they don’t have to look at dad hunched over a keyboard seeking for what the French call le mot juste – the right word.

The conclusion I came to was we’d won the climate wars. Sure, it wasn’t just us, we’d all served honourably and usually at some personal expense. There was also an element of what became known as climate fatigue – you can only scare people to death a certain number of times before they become inured to it.

It think it’s a Greek or Roman proverb – the price of eternal vigilance is indifference.

Sure, there are still holdouts and fanatics, but it’s been a very long time since the environment by any decent honest poll has made it into the top fifteen concerns of ordinary people. It was a long and vicious war but we won it. When the Guardian announces it’s closing down its environmental coverage, that’s a final white flag being waved. Knowing that we’d already triumphed, my concern had already moved to protecting the platform we used to gainsay the mainstream media narrative. We fought the war on the web, because it was the only organ of information dissemination they didn’t control.

Some feedback on announcing that decision politely indicated I might be trying on the tin foil hat for size, but subsequent events have I think proved my forebodings correct. The liberal and extreme left want to own the web as well, and their brutal exclusion from social media of any opinion the doesn’t agree with their agenda confirmed my worst fears, especially in the run up into the mid-terms. There’s not even been a pretense of being even-handed.

We’ve had over a year of Mueller’s desperate investigation of the ludicrous proposition of Russia being able to influence over 150 M American voters and at the end of it, he’s ended up shuffling around Washington like an incontinent idiot with his trousers and soiled underpants down by his ankles. The reason you haven’t heard much of him lately is quite simply his “investigation” has inadvertently blown both the FBI and the DoJ out of the water and the CIA is in full shit duck and dive mode from the various electric fans Mueller’s investigation have kicked into life. Mueller is an orphan these days, but Trump cruelly refuses to close him down.

He’s being kept in place to show America what the Washington swamp looks like. Always four moves ahead of an imploding Democrat party, and about five from the idiots who think they’re still in charge of the GOP. The penny is finally dropping after all the firing Trump has done – you still serve at the pleasure of the president and not some mob of lemon sucking losers who think they can overturn the democratic will of the people. In response, I have a feeling that the Republican turnout at these mid-terms will break all records.

Despite the pure retro McCarthyite searches for reds under the beds interference in elections, Mueller has turned up absolutely zip after a year of flaccid investigation. The fake news establishment like CNN have leapt on anything however irrelevant Mueller could produce, and did their best hand job to wank it up to some Earth-shattering event to boost their flagging ratings. The last time I looked, the children’s cartoon channel had higher viewing numbers than CNN. Good luck with selling it off by the way, you’ll need it.

But of course the story they’re all pointedly ignoring is the blatant interference in the mid-term elections by the current masters of the universe running social media like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

They’re not only deplatforming prominent conservative people and conservative organisations, it looks like that’s being extended to any supporter or anybody who ever subscribed to their feeds.

It’s brutal and simple, they’re pushing a liberal agenda by simply suppressing any viewpoint that isn’t liberal. My feeling though is that the Dems are going to lose heavily in the coming week despite such blatant tampering by the social media masters of the universe scum, and you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to know what the implications of that are.

It’ll give Trump a mandate to attack such monopolies, which are blatantly being abused. He’ll geld them.


8 Responses to “The anti-democratic scum running social media.”
  1. 1957chev says:

    I look forward to the day that President Trump holds the fascists at Twitter, Facebook, etc, accountable for their actions! They don’t even try to hide their disdain for the right, anymore!

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  2. Annie says:

    Hear hear! I hope they all sink into their own morass. We need a President Trump equivalent here in Australia and also in my native country, England…the sooner, the better!

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  3. Blackswan says:


    Having never taken a liking to what people refer to as Social Media … gabby me would never be satisfied with trite one-liners … my conservative views mean I’m not at risk of losing accounts I never had, though subscriber notifications from Youtube conservative channels are becoming more spasmodic by the week and I have to go looking for them.

    Your header pic poses the question “Is Democracy Dying?” … an interesting question indeed. Does ‘democracy’ truly reflect the will of the People? In Australia and the UK (not sure about the processes for candidature in other Western nations) it’s not the People who select candidates for political office – it’s the apparatchiks of the Party Machine. People are “pre-selected” by Party number-crunchers and head-kickers, not by the communities that candidates will purportedly serve.

    With the voting processes so blatantly corrupt, and “elected” candidates working for the Party and not their constituents, Democracy is merely a manipulated demographic numbers game and the ‘Will of the People’ has simply become an empty cliché that means nothing.

    Today the MSM is apoplectic over Trump declaring an illegal invader hurling rocks at defending police and soldiers will be considered the “same as a rifle” and be responded to accordingly. A rock the same as a bullet? What nonsense! the snowflakes shriek.

    Considering that stoning a woman to death for adultery or for being a rape victim is considered to be a legitimate and prescribed form of capital punishment under Sharia Law in many Islamic countries, why would a rock not be considered a lethal weapon in the hands of an aggressor whatever their age or gender?

    As Trump noted, Mexican police and soldiers were injured and left bleeding by rocks and other missiles, so why would an aggressive rock-hurling invader who called their bluff NOT be regarded as an ‘armed enemy combatant’? How could an officer be expected to know what was being hurled at him from out of a braying mob? Rubber bullets would do the job nicely.

    Rocks and molotov cocktails can be ‘lethal weapons’ in anyone’s hands so the Social Media hysterics need a reality check … Trump being just the man to give them one.

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  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    If it is still there when you return try

    as a comment on russian interference (by the russians).


  5. Pointman says:

    We’re on the scene in Macon, GA for the #TrumpRally and there are VERY LONG lines waiting to see @realDonaldTrump

    Strolling it through the mid-terms.



  6. NZPete says:

    I’ve watched the last few days waiting to see if Andrew Torba could get gab ( back up after having his hosting pulled from him by Joyent ( and today he succeeded, although it’s still flaky. I don’t know the details of how he did it, but it will be interesting to see how things pan out, as I see the platform as a real alternative to twitter.


  7. NZPete says:

    I’ve been watching as much of the Trump rallies in recent days as I can, and the number of people turning up to them has been awe inspiring. RSB Network ( does a good job covering them on a budget with donor support, thanks to being constantly demonetized by YouTube (, and are worth supporting IMHO. There’s something captivating about the energy shown at these events. Roll on the election results… it’s going to be quite a day on the 6th November, one way or the other.


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