Who’s actually running this game?

I’ve said on previous occasions that although Trump habitually likes to seize the initiative in surprising ways when confronted by problems, he’s actually more of a long-term planner. He understands that some problems have a quick fire tactical solution, but other problems have what can only be called inertia. They need patience and can’t be solved quickly, but must be picked apart over a few months or even a year or two. Any legal problems certainly have inertia and the concept of a quick settlement is a very relative term in legal circles.

His handling of the Mueller investigation has been classic Trump. The whole idea of Russia being able to significantly influence a presidential election was laughable from the very start, especially as I’ve no doubt Putin would rather be dealing with Clinton than Trump for reasons that have become obvious over the last year and a half. Trump has curtailed Putin’s territorial ambitions on Russia’s western approaches and is presently pushing him out of his toehold in Syria. Trump is brutally taking back all the ground lost in the foreign policy disasters of the Obama, Clinton and Kerry years.

Given that Vlad didn’t help him win the presidency, Trump has nothing to fear from the investigation. If it were to start manufacturing a case against him, he’s got more than enough money to hire enough legal firepower to rip it apart, which is why Mueller will steer well clear of going after Trump directly. But there’s another consideration. If you think the whole thing was just set up to somehow delegitimise and most optimistically pull down the Trump presidency, which I do, then it would be a large part of the devious plan to staff it only with Clinton sycophants and Trump haters, which is exactly what they did.

At face value, that might seem a tough situation for Trump to make the great escape out of, but on sober consideration, it has one central and very exploitable flaw running through the whole thing. You don’t just pluck hitherto honourable people out of the air and then instruct them to do dishonourable things just to bring down a legitimate presidency by any means possible. So, you have to go in the other direction, and staff it with compliant scum who’ll do whatever they’re told to do. People who have no professional integrity were always like that. They didn’t suddenly make that change in mid-career. Scum are scum from the word go.

A good example of that is Hillary Clinton, who as a junior lawyer attached to the Watergate investigation, was fired from it for lying and a lack of integrity. As I said, scum are scum from the word go, and they don’t change either. It was as if Trump was sitting down to play a game of poker, but had the advantage of knowing for sure every other player around the table was a cheat. Once you’ve spotted that weakness in your opponent, the problem then becomes one of how to exploit it to maximum effect.

As far as I know, Trump didn’t raise any significant objection to Mueller’s appointment, the terms of reference of the investigation – long since abandoned in desperation by Mueller – nor the selection of personnel on it who were supposedly going to decide his fate as president. When your opponent is putting together a very bad move, you let them get on with it. Mueller duly brought back in all the old Obama/Clinton henchmen who were veterans of several previous dodgy exploits. The whole kangaroo court he ended up with was a left-winger’s wet dream and Trump’s impeachment, for that was what would surely happen, was now only a few month’s away. Oh to have a political hymen like that again.

Seemingly, he’s practically ignored Mueller for over a year. By refusing to engage with the whole thing, he’s made them look like little lap dogs furiously nipping at his heels in a vain attempt to get his attention. He’s been very presidential, and the optics are he’s held himself well above the partisan grubbiness of it all while he got on with the more important matters of state. His hands have always been clean in that he directly had nothing to do with the various scandals that have rocked it about its legal basis and personnel, all of which have devalued any possible judgment they might come to, but I’ve no doubt it was occasionally his hand behind the scenes moving a few pawns around on the board.

In the year the investigation’s been running, there’s been a steady drip of revelations that have totally undermined the whole legal basis of it, never mind any supposed objectivity on the part of the various lawyers and investigators attached to it. Who actually paid for the black ops dossier which was the legal rationale for appointing Mueller in the first place. The machinations of people like Comey, McCabe and McCain in routing that dossier through the swamp to create the investigation. All the leaking of classified information by people like Clapper, Comey and others in a gross betrayal of office. The hate Trumps texts being exchanged by Strzok and Page as they conducted their adulterous affair, as well as supposedly objective investigations into Trump. The list goes on and on.

If it were a trial, rather than an investigation that in blatant disregard of its terms of reference, seems to want to keep investigating Trump for years back until it finds something anything to indict him on, the whole thing would have been thrown out of court months ago because of the fruit of the poisonous tree rule. It’s not so much a poisonous tree but a whole forest of them.

It all smacks of a typical Trump plan; drive them insane over months with a latter-day version of the chinese water torture. A long slow push of minimal moves to achieve the maximum outcome. The net result is that instead of the investigation deligitimising Trump, it’s the investigation itself which has been deligitimised. Mueller has spent a year on a political goose chase and has come up with precisely nothing. It’s a sign of how successful Trump’s strategy of dealing with the whole situation has been that he’s now begun to openly taunt Mueller and the investigation on social media, calling it a witch hunt.

Mueller is desperate, and looking for some way out. The recent FBI raid he ordered on Trump’s attorney was a unique and brutal violation of any notion of client attorney privilege whether you were a special counsel or not. To quote Newt Gingrich’s reaction to it – “Setting up a precedent that a prosecutor is allowed to dig into your life until finding a crime is a threat to the rule of law and a threat to every American.”

It was Mueller’s one last gasp attempt to get out of his dilemma by provoking Trump to fire him, which Trump won’t oblige him by doing, since he’s now got him exactly where he always planned to have him. That’s to say, wiggling on the end of a hook blown high in the wind, and he’s going to leave him dangling there in full public view for as long as possible.

The longer the farce runs on, the more damage will be done to its credibility by the accretion of more nuggets of scandal magically appearing out of nowhere and sticking to it. Trump will see to that. Superficially, its game over, but that’s not the true end game being played here. If you’ve wondered why it’s all gone so silent on the Mueller investigation front, it’s not just because it’s ran out of steam, which it actually has, but because I think they’ve finally spotted what the true end game really is.

All the time, and quietly in the background, AG Sessions has been reopening his own inquiries into various things like the Clinton emails scandal and its investigation lite exoneration by assorted people. All the Obama era scandals formerly thought to be safely buried are being exhumed by him, and all the wrongdoing coming to light about various people involved in investigating Trump are providing him with the legal cause to do so.

A lot of the cheats around the table were involved at a foot soldier level in those dubious investigations as well as other questionable activities, but are still around, their bums polishing FBI and DoJ seats while by all normal procedures, the DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility would have long ago had them frog marched out of the building in disgrace.

The obvious and only conclusion to be drawn is Sessions has flipped them and they’re just sitting there on ice, because some sort of deal has been done. The first one to flush the others down the toilet and turn state’s evidence escapes a prison cell. If you don’t cooperate, you get hurt, as McCabe found out when he was not forced to resign, but fired unceremoniously from the FBI with only one day to go to reach a fully pensioned up retirement.

The harshness of his treatment set off a lot of red alarm lights in swampland, because as we approach end game, the kid gloves will come off and the knuckle dusters will be put on in their place, and that was a brutal foretaste of things to come. The message is people are going to end up answering for their misdeeds of previous years. Forgiveness just doesn’t play a big part in Trump’s psychological makeup.

What the implosion of the Mueller investigation has revealed is the manufacture of evidential documents, the outright lies to courts like FISA and too many people having lied under oath, and perjury is still an offense, whether you’re a liberal or not. There are strong grounds to suspect AG sessions has impaneled at least two other grand juries he’s keeping under wraps, but more importantly I wouldn’t be at all surprised if covered warrants for various individuals are being drawn up.

Once you open up warfare on the legalities front, you in effect begin the construction of an intricate machine that on an almost daily basis becomes ever more complex. In the end, it has way too many moving parts for you to keep an eye on all of them. People can no longer just mouth off unsubstantiated rumours as facts; they have to restrict themselves to provable facts that can withstand a cross-examination. If you make up stuff, otherwise known as lying under oath, you open yourself up to legal punishment, as Bill Clinton found out when he was impeached for lying to Congress.

The latest effort of the DNC on the lawfare front is to sue Russia, Wikileaks and various people involved in the Trump campaign, but notably not Trump himself. Call me cynical, but interestingly, none of the supporting paperwork mentions any “facts” thrown up by a year’s worth of the Mueller shenanigans in support of the suits. It is of course madness, not only because there’s no hope of winning any case against any of those parties, but even if a case could be brought to a successful conclusion, it would neither fill their severely depleted coffers with money nor would it roll back the election result of 2016.

Patently, there’s no win there for them beyond trying to irritate various people, but there are several downsides to such a dumb move. I’ll mention only one, since it’s already been mention by the Don himself on Twitter, and that is it introduces the legal complication of the discovery process. Essentially, that means I get the legal right to see the documents and evidence you’re basing your accusation against me on, never mind getting sucked into the obvious move of a counter suit. You either have to hide the embarrassing internal documents, and risk legal punishment, or you have to hand them over to eventually appear in open court.

But that’s not the big danger that goes with such a dumb move. They’ve learnt nothing from the Mueller débâcle, and if they persist along the legal Yellow Brick road, Trump will run exactly the same number on them as he did with Mueller, and make equally sure that road ends abruptly at a similar precipice. Of late, the DNC have that sweaty smell of hurried desperation about them, so I wouldn’t put it past them to plough on with such a bad move. Time will tell.

What’s beyond doubt though, is that there’s only ever been one person manipulating the strings attached to various witting and unwitting puppets all the way through the hearings, and that’s been Trump. What was originally intended to hurt him, has by design been reversed to end up hurting them badly. All in all, he played the Mueller investigation beautifully.


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23 Responses to “Who’s actually running this game?”
  1. 17CatsInTN says:

    I trust the man we hired to do the job and see it through to the end. He will drain the swamp amidst much weeping and waling and gnashing of teeth which will be swept aside by the cheers, tears and heartfelt thanks of American patriots who will FINALLY see justice prevail.

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  2. nzpete says:

    Brilliant analysis. I seen similar thinking on a few select twitter feeds.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Great thinking. Trump is becoming more popular in Australia despite the frantic brainwashing by the ABC and SBS. Unfortunately for them fewer and fewer people are watching them. The last I saw the ABC was claiming 45% audience share but that was based on viewers who watched 5 minutes a week, in other words those with small children (watching programs from overseas) or switching channels and seeing a bit of the replay of the replay of Antiques Roadshow.
    Many taxpayers are wondering if we could get a Trump-like politician. The most common comment I hear is “he’s doing what he promised to do, before the election”.

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    • Sceptical Sam says:

      Firstly G No 3, to “get a Trump-like politician” in Australia we need a politician who has an IQ similar to President Trump’s, of around the 145 – 155 mark. The Federal pollies in Australia would be lucky if they had an IQ that sits within one standard deviation of the mean – and that’s flattering them.

      Secondly, politicians in Australia are fully captured by either the unions (Labor) or their crony-Capitalist old school chums (Liberals).

      So where to from here? You tell me.


  4. Blackswan says:


    It’s obvious that the Trump faithful are assured that criminal prosecutions are in train for the Clintons, Obama and half the crooked FBI and DoJ “scum” BUT …. asking us to be endlessly patient is like asking how long is a piece of string? It’s bound to run out eventually.

    “Setting up a precedent that a prosecutor is allowed to dig into your life until finding a crime is a threat to the rule of law and a threat to every American.” Gingrich is right, but the only crime I can see is one of Trump being blackmailed. That makes him the victim of crime, and a lousy husband, but not a crook.

    Were there no terms of reference for Mueller’s ‘investigation’? What possible relevance would Trump’s private dalliances 10 or 12 years ago have in his current role as POTUS?

    Now we have Giuliani saying that Trump knew all about Cohn’s ‘arrangement’ with the Porn Trollop even though Trump had denied it. Whichever way you cut it, her threat to expose the one-off incident ONLY when Trump declared his candidacy and not before, smacks of blackmail, pure and simple. Why aren’t those charges being laid against her? “Pay me or I’ll wreck your marriage AND your tilt at the Presidency.” The payment itself is proof of her criminal threats.

    It really must be said – what were you thinking Mr Trump? There is NO piece o’ tail on the planet that’s worth $130,000, and in her case it would be like joining rush-hour on Grand Central Station!

    Meanwhile, the Clintons and the Obamas still have their passports, are still jet-setting round the world raking in millions on their rip-off so-called ‘speaking tours’, and making a mockery of any form of Justice anywhere.

    Whatever the machinations of the Trump strategy, could he please just get on with it?

    Liked by 3 people

    • EWeatherwax says:

      My take on it……I don’t know if Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels or not, but I’m inclined to think not. First, he’s a major germaphobe. It seems unlikely that he would sleep with a porn star. Secondly, his wealth likely ensured he had plenty of women to choose from, and Stormy seems rather like gutter-shopping. Lastly, she herself wrote a letter saying there was no affair.

      Whether the affair happened or not, it is commonplace for money-grubbing people to come out of the woodwork when they see an opportunity–sometimes on their own, and sometimes with prodding. It is also common that wealthy people who are targeted for these kinds of shakedowns have lawyers who have a part of their job description, fixing things like this. I also think that it is not uncommon that the targets aren’t familiar with the details or even the existence of many of these threats–if the lawyer can fix it, why both the principal?

      So Stormy (or her representative) approach–who exactly? I guess Cohen, and threaten to go public claiming an affair with Trump right before the election. From Cohen’s perspective, it doens’t matter if the allegation is true or not because it likely will damage Trump’s campaign. It’s all in the timing— “Trump slept with a porn star a decade ago” would likely be met with a “who cares”, except in the middle of a campaign.

      So Cohen negotiates a nondisclosure with her and thinks that’s the end of it. He may not have told Trump about it, especially if it appeared to be a simple shakedown and if Stormy seemed completely satisfied with the loot given her. Cohen adds the $130K to his expenses for the month and Trump pays it back as a matter of due course. I suspect that Cohen submitted substantial expenses regularly so that this did not raise any questions.

      But then Story decides to break the agreement. Who knows why. Perhaps those who want to destroy Trump saw an opportunity. After all, what is Stormy getting out of this? She had $130K, and she certainly isn’t going to extort any more money from Trump since she already played her card.


      • bentley1blog says:

        Why would DJT try to deliberately contract herpes, HIV etc? Puleese!


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        I must admit to not following the unveiling (sorry!) of Stormy, but I too wonder what is it for her? If she signed a non-disclosure agreement then she has set herself up to be sued for breach of contract. If she wrote a letter saying there was no affair, then she had better watch out for perjury if she testifies under oath. I wonder about the timing, did this suddenly break out when the Democrats were getting nowhere?
        Who put her up to this? Her Manager wanting to revive her career? The Swamp creatures wanting to dump Donald? Or Donald (remotely) leading the Swamp creatures to the edge of the canyon?


      • Pointman says:

        Apparently she’s admitted she’s not paying her lawyer’s bills. I wonder who is? Follow the money …


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  5. brh82 says:

    Your writing style is admirable. I can never too often read that President Trump will ALWAYS hold the trump card.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. philjourdan says:

    I have to agree with your main contention that Trump’s plan is becoming apparent to many now. I am not a “brilliant” planner like Trump, and I figured out the gist of it several months ago. But then I do have the advantage of NOT looking at Trump as a “politician” (everyone has that advantage, yet most do not use it), so could look at what WAS happening to figure out the path of the road. While I will not go so far as to say Trump “forced” the hiring of Mueller, like you, I agree he did not oppose it nor fight it since.

    But there is an argument for Trump being the force behind the hiring of Mueller. After all, he did fire Comey and he did provoke Comey. Trump does not operate in a vacuum. It could have been a mistake of the naïve. But in retrospect, it looks like part of his master plan.

    And that “master plan” is one person. Hillary. if she had shut up and walked off into the sunset, Trump would not have set this about (he would have done a Bush and let bygones be bygones and gone after the rot of the Obama administration instead). But she just cannot shut up and made it personal with Trump. And Trump will not let that slide.

    I agree that Mueller has finally figured out what his purpose is – to serve as a distraction while Sessions builds the case against the Obama regime. That probably pissed the holy hell out of him! But like any trap, the victim only realizes the nature of the trap after they have well into it. And so Mueller has as well. The latest revelation is another worm on a hook – hoping that they will pursue what is essentially nothing as the rest of Mueller’s witch hunt was dying. Mueller is about to lose Flynn (due to prosecutorial malfeasance – and the fact there is nothing there), and is in danger of losing Manafort as well (the back dating of the letter of scope was pure genius!).

    But while Mueller has figured out the game, the MSM still has not. They are the obedient (albeit unwitting) servants of Chess Master Trump. So they continue their reporting still thinking that Trump is some kind of stupid Politician instead of a master negotiator and gamesman. I love to watch them trot out their supposed “intelligent” geniuses to analyze the latest news and get it so wrong! If nothing else comes from this presidency, the revelation that the Emperor (the MSM and their toadies) are indeed naked is worth every penny of it!

    My amateur opinion was that Trump wanted to drag this out for another 3 years to spring his surprise just before the next election (indictments, and convictions along with the turned deep staters giving us daily updates during the 2020 campaign). But I do not think it will last that long as the diversion (Mueller) is wearing out (as evidenced by the hiring of Giuliani).

    The most boring part of a chess game is the end game when the outcome is no longer in doubt (and the reason so few are played to the last move). So I suspect it will be a boring 2 years after the mid term elections since it appears much of Trump’s plan will become obvious to even the morons in the MSM.

    I guess we can’t have everything. 🙂

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    • Graeme No.3 says:

      I doubt that he wants to drag this out for 3 more years. Probably timing a series of “earthquakes” before the mid-term elections. Results: collapse of the opposition as they worry who will be next for jail, leading to frantic mistakes. A boost in Trump supporters in Congress and retirement for opponents (in both parties). A much calmer atmosphere in Washington for the next 2 years of his Presidency as his authority is enhanced.


    • nzpete says:

      I watched the HRC interview on TV1’s “Seven Sharp” last night here in New Zealand by Hilary Barry. Her (HRC’s) age is really showed, but what made me cringe was when asked about the creepiest moment on the campaign trail she regurgitated the lines about how Trump invaded her personal space on the second campaign debate.
      There’s an interesting counter view here:
      https://710wor.iheart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2017-08-27-hillary-lies-again-donald-trump-never-invaded-her-space-in-the-debate/ although most of the media coverage pushed the false narrative that Trump had done so.
      It’s amazing to me to see so many in the media fawning over this ancient has been that will not go away… this has to be good for Trump, surely.
      TVNZ, like so much of the MSM, has lost a lot of credibility.


      • philjourdan says:

        I never could understand the media on that one. She stepped in front of him! So she invaded HIS space. But that is how American liberals operate. Always accuse your opponent of your transgression.


  7. gallopingcamel says:

    I attended Trump rallies where Geoff Sessions warmed up the crowd and he really impressed me. He came across as a fine and principled person. Yet he has done Trump more harm than any of his enemies.

    There are reports of dozens of sealed indictments ordered by Sessions that will be unsealed when the moment is right. Month after month that fantasy seems less and less likely…………………I have come to the conclusion that Sessions is like Jimmy Carter. Carter was a fine man with excellent qualifications but he lacked the management skills to run a large organization.

    My expectation is that Trump will bring about the collapse of the forces arraigned against him without any help from Geoff Sessions or the GOP leadership. The first to fall will be the corrupt top management of the FBI and folks like Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Holder, Yates plus multiple small fry such as Strok, Page and the Ohrs.

    After the fall of the FBI mandarins, the rest of our corrupt institutions will be purged even though it may take several years. How long depends on Trump’s ability to fire up public opinion in the face of unrelenting hostility from the “Media”. A year ago I was quite pessimistic about this but given the success of Trump’s policies at home and abroad my optimism is growing.

    The Democrats and the Media believe there will be a “Blue Wave” in November and they are looking good given that they are in full campaign mode. Trump won’t hit the campaign trail until September given that he has a country to run. Once Trump starts campaigning things will turn around ……..remember George Bush in 2002 picking up seats in the House and the Senate? Trump’s achievements far exceed those of the early Bush administration. “It’s the economy, stupid”.

    We have already seen Democrats winning elections by being pro-Trump so it should not be too hard for Republicans seeking election to declare themselves pro-Trump too! If enough GOP candidates jump on the Trump bandwagon 2018 could be even worse for Democrats than 2002. Stay tuned!

    A straw in the wind. It was reported that Lisa Page resigned today.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Two FBI officials who have faced scrutiny in recent months resigned from the bureau on Friday, Lisa Page, who served as an FBI lawyer and close adviser to former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, voluntarily resigned Friday,
      Page came under increasing attack after her text messages with FBI special agent Peter Strzok criticizing President Donald Trump came to light last winter. She briefly served on special counsel Robert Mueller’s team last summer before returning to her duties at the FBI.
      James A. Baker, the former general counsel for the FBI and one of former FBI Director James Comey’s closest advisers, also resigned Friday, according to a source familiar with Baker’s departure. A second source familiar with Baker’s thinking said his departure was unrelated to Page’s resignation and that hers came as a surprise to him.

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  8. hoppers says:

    Interested to know where you get the idea that Trump is pushing Russia out of Syria, just the opposite, and for that matter what Russia’s territorial ambitions are. If you mean the Ukraine, Russia wants nothing to do with that expensive mess, and frankly can’t afford to fix it even if they wanted to. Europe’s going to have to pick the bill up because America won’t.

    Mueller’s major mistake so far seems to have been indicting Concord Management and Consulting LLC, the so called Troll Factory. They have hired Washington attack dog lawyers who have demanded all kinds of discovery which could get interesting. Mueller desperately trying to delay as i write.



    • Denis Hardiman says:

      Mueller needed to be appointed SC to avoid the crap he has previously created and his uselessness to have ever held a job in the FBI.


  9. Halya says:

    I’ve always believed that President Trump is the patron saint of the booby trap…

    Liked by 2 people

  10. Denis Hardiman says:

    When Trump wins 2020 I will not be surprised to see the FBI ripped apart and passed back to the States.

    They have too much crap that originates out of Washington.


  11. Denis Hardiman says:

    John Kerry told a lot of crap about Vietnam.

    Did Mueller?


  12. Denis Hardiman says:

    Who is the bloke and where is the one bloke that Mueller saved in Vietnam?


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