The democrats – one stupid move after another.

The basis of a healthy democracy is that you have one party elected into power and running the country according to the policies they campaigned on and another party currently out of power whose job is naturally to fight the current administration on party partisan issues. Politics is not for the faint of heart. In public, harsh criticisms are made in either direction, but off camera, mutual respect and even friendship is often the case between opponents supposedly at daggers drawn.

Sure, there’s been a few cases of pure vendettas, but in the main behind the scenes politicians of opposite political stripes have to be able to make deals and compromises with each other to get anything done at all. To use a phrase that’s all too rarely used – a gentleman’s agreement is in place because if it isn’t, then congress can’t work, which means the country breaks down.

Well folks, the bad news is that informal system is no more. The Democrat party has steadfastly refused to accept the results of the 2016 election. They have twice shut down the government payroll scheme, obstructed and character assassinated every new appointee, ran an unprecedented campaign of personal vilification against the president and his children, even his twelve year old son, used paid thugs to cause violence outside Trump rallies and mobilised an overwhelmingly liberal entertainment industry and fake news machine to manufacture one vile story after another.

All the Democrat party deals in now is hate. And it’s not going down at all well with middle America.

In a move reminiscent of the Nazis coming to power, it’s a two tier attack on the basis of American democracy. The Nazis had their official party, but they also had their brown shirts whose job was to conduct street level violence. There was just enough distance between them and the respectable party for their more extreme acts to be deniable. Of course, as soon as the Nazis came to power, they put down the brown shirts like dogs.

In the bad old days, the Dems had their own deniable street level thugs; the KKK.

With the demise of the KKK, the Dems have acquired a new band of thugs calling themselves Antifa whose job is guess what? Yes, intimidate and beat up the opposition. Not much changes with that party, does it? When the ordinary person of middle America sees gangs of masked thugs rioting and assaulting people, and they associate them with the Democrat party, it’s an electoral kiss of death no matter how righteous the thugs feel.

You have to ask yourself what is all this pandemonium supposed to achieve? It certainly won’t remove Trump from office. I’ve even heard one idiot suggesting that it’ll force a military coup d’état against the president. Newsflash, law enforcement and the military absolutely love him. If he ordered them to bayonet their way through an Antifa mob, they wouldn’t hesitate for a second.

I don’t think there’s a single patch of poisonous ground objectionable to the average American voter that the Dems haven’t managed to contaminate their brand with. Let it rip immigration, no wall, support for MS13, disband ICE, higher taxes, turning rest rooms into pervert hunting zones, glorying in every sort of sexual perversion as if it’s normal, destroying the reputations of the FBI and DoJ, one grubby sex scandal after another, despising any sort of traditional family values, failure to condemn the activities of the KKK, sorry I meant Antifa, the corruption and phony investigations of the totally corrupt and treasonous Clintons, the associations with disloyal scum like Comey, McCabe and Lynch, openly provoking a race war, calling for physical violence against their political opponents, despising their own country and the fighting men putting their lives on the line for it and that’s just a selection, because the list simply goes on and on.

Once you roll in mud like that, it sticks like tar. You don’t need the feathers.

The net effect is what used to be regarded as a mainstream party is now perceived as a weird ragbag assortment of protest groups who don’t seem to have a single coherent policy that would have some broad appeal to the electorate. An American friend of mine, a lifelong Democrat, said they’d allowed themselves to become scum. He’s crossed the aisle and will vote Republican through gritted teeth for the first time ever in his life because Trump’s the only one upholding any notion of traditional values.

Given the public perception of what the Dems support, Trump has had to do very little in retaliation, because they’re tearing themselves apart in front of his eyes. He sits like a king upon his throne in Washington, content to watch them committing political suicide. Defections like my friend’s to the Republicans are not that unusual; they’re also losing their traditional black and Hispanics voters too. They’re leaving the Democrat plantation. I suggested a few months back that the coming mid-terms would be bad for the Dems, but with their latest dumb move, I’m beginning to think it’ll be a blood bath.

This caravan of South Americans heading to the border to force entry, otherwise known as invading America, is not going down well with the average American. The Dems, true to form, are hooting and crowing about it, but the damage it’ll do to their mid-term prospects is going to be severe. Trump is presenting it as an aggressive invasion of America, and his citizens are nodding vigorously in agreement, because that’s exactly what it is.

Sure, it’s a paid for PR stunt, but the reality is they’re only marching when there’s some fake media about to film them. The rest of the time they’re being bussed in. Trump won’t let them in. There’ll be women with babies carefully placed in the front row for the propaganda and publicity shots for the fake news machine. Trump will play it out quite simply as – see now why we need a wall? And he’ll blame the Dems and the RINOs in his own party. If there are any of the deaths the Dems are hoping for, there’ll be condolences expressed for five minutes before getting straight back to the party line.

If there’s one lesson of history that’s written large, it’s that a country at war or under threat by a foreign force of invaders always unites behind its king, and this so-called caravan is being portrayed as a sponsored invasion, which it almost certainly is. That’s the policy line Trump will take, and it’ll pay handsome dividends in the upcoming mid-terms.

A modern example of this phenomenon was Margaret Thatcher facing almost certain electoral defeat for a second term being saved by General Galtieri invading the Falkland Islands. A brief but bloody war broke out, the whole country swung behind her and the troops, she won the war and then went on to win the following election by a landslide.

The next logical step is what to do to prevent such invasions in the future. Already, Trump’s stopped aid to Honduras but the time is fast approaching when South American countries who wave them through saying it’s not our problem get their foreign aid from America stopped. They need America a lot more than America needs them. Perhaps even the cancellation of the recently concluded USMCA agreement with Mexico in tandem with a complete closure of the southern border. After that, go after the shadowy organisations who’re organising and financing these caravans.

Because of the caravan, I hope there’ll be enough room for all the new passengers hopping onto the Trump train.


13 Responses to “The democrats – one stupid move after another.”
  1. Shoshin says:

    Foreign dollars are screwing up our politics in Canada as well. We can’t even build a pipeline and it’s costing us $100 million a day in lost revenue. US special interest groups are interfering not just in our elections, but in our day-to-day governance. British Columbia has gone past being a banana republic and is now a weed-addled sativa republic.

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  2. tomo says:

    Once you roll in mud like that, it sticks like tar. You don’t need the feathers.

    I’m going to steal that


  3. Blackswan says:


    “Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself.” … a maxim commonly attributed to Napoleon, and remains true today.

    Nothing being more indicative of the stupidity of the Socialist/Marxists than their latest puerile move of sending their own ‘luminaries’ fake pipe bombs. Nobody is buying it, and even their own pundits seem embarrassed by such crassly transparent idiocy.

    Meanwhile, back in the White House, Trump must be incredulous that he is being handed the mid-terms on a platter. His wisdom in letting his enemies get on with their own destruction is a masterstroke.

    As for the ambulatory invasion force heading north, predictably they’ll use the women and children as ‘human shields’ and dare the defenders to use ‘lethal force’ to turn them back. American Patriots defending their homeland is not something we’ve actually experienced before, but it won’t be surprising to see this ‘caravan’ go the way of the last one … to dissipate and return whence they came.

    Once upon a time it may have been true that “a gentleman’s agreement is in place” to allow governments to function at all, but that was when a ‘man’s word was his bond’ and duty, honour and ‘noblesse oblige’ weren’t derided as a weakness.

    However, that was before parliaments were filled with quotas of whining Harpies and Crones bleating about their victimhood, who take full advantage of ‘a woman’s prerogative to change her mind’ or the touchy-feely virtue-signalling of handing out ‘free stuff’ paid for by other people’s money.

    End of rant, but you’re spot on Pointy – leaving the last word to Chinese General Sun Tzu …

    “The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

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  4. Power Grab says:

    Re: “However, that was before parliaments were filled with quotas of whining Harpies and Crones bleating about their victimhood…”

    Excellent point. Thanks for the opening.

    I took a course in college called “Administrative Strategies for Women in Business”. One of the biggest take-aways I got from it was that one of the major differences between men and women in business is that, while men often go at each other tooth-and-nail (e.g., lawyers in court), they usually operate like old buddies and head for lunch together when off the clock.

    On the other hand, women have a habit of taking things personally and never forgetting an offense. I’ve been told that among Native American tribes, when the tribe’s men are finished with a prisoner, they then hand him off to the women of the tribe to torture and kill slowly.

    Privately (don’t tell anyone I said this, because I’m a lady), I think there’s a lot of truth to the verse in the Bible that says a woman will tear apart her home with her own hands. So when I see a women put at the top of a company or state or country, I find myself wondering how long it will take for that entity to be disintegrated, or at least weakened and no longer hold a position of leadership.

    Of course, there are also men who like to take established, functioning entities apart…but I keep wondering what woman in their life goaded them on to wreak such destruction.

    Also of course, there do exist good women leaders who maintain and carry on. But they’re not usually the ones who break ground and blaze new trails.

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  5. Christopher G Laidlaw-Bell says:

    On target – excellent. I am less sanguine about voters waking up ; the results of the mid terms will tell.


  6. Apologies for going OT, but perhaps this might be added to your section on the cultural suicide of the West:

    As for the mid-terms, I hope you’re right.


  7. JohnTyler says:

    Trump should immediately break diplomatic relations with Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico; close our embassies there and order their diplomats out of the USA.
    Trump should also immediately embargo any transfer payments from the USA into those nations by individuals, and then within 30 days, by any company, group, association, etc.

    Trump should close the border with Mexico immediately, and prohibit any importation into the USA of any and all products from these nations.

    You watch and see how fast the “caravan” is halted.

    The Soros funded groups that organized this invasion force must have had the cooperation and active assistance of these nations.

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  8. Pointman says:

    Blexit. If you’re a black American and a liberal, there are some uncomfortable home truths on this site. It’s up to you to check the facts presented yourself, or run away from them.



  9. gallopingcamel says:

    Pointy, you are amazing! IMHO your analysis is on the money.

    Likewise with Blackswan. Trump must be wondering why his opponents are defeating themselves. Trump Derangement Syndrome means abandoning reason even though it means self destruction!

    With six days to the election I predict that the GOP will retain the House and gain seats in the Senate. A triumph of Common Sense over Conventional Wisdom.

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    • gallopingcamel says:

      Ooops! I got that one wrong!


      • Blackswan says:

        I don’t think you did get it wrong GC. Common Sense will always triumph over Conventional Wisdom.

        However, it became increasingly apparent that voter fraud was rampant in the 2018 election. Fraud and criminality will always get the upper hand … until Law & Order takes it back.

        “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything” has been attributed to Stalin, but whoever said it knew a thing or two about modern elections.

        As the 2018 results came in, with certain GOP candidates looking to be front-runners, the electoral counts took longer and longer to be declared and, Hey Presto! – the voting trends were overturned and Dems claimed the House. Thousands more votes were counted in some electorates than there were registered voters, and millions of voter registrations were found to be outdated and defunct but the ‘votes’ cast in their name still stood.

        Judicial Watch either has, or threatened, to sue Blue States for failing to update their electoral roles. Giving illegal non-citizens drivers’ licences as a form of ID to place illegitimate votes has been rampant, especially as recently shown in New York with hundreds of illegals queueing around the block to get in on the action for 2020.

        As long as Law & Order continues to take a back seat, and no subversive who shreds the Constitution has been thrown in jail, who knows what can be expected in this year’s election?


      • Blackswan says:

        By the way, after my comment, this newsletter hit my Inbox ……

        ///Judicial Watch announced it is continuing its efforts to force states and counties across the nation to comply with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), by sending notice-of-violation letters to 19 large counties in five states that it intends to sue unless the jurisdictions take steps to comply with the law and remove ineligible voter registrations within 90 days. Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act requires jurisdictions to take reasonable efforts to remove ineligible registrations from its rolls.///

        My questions are many …. Why is such action being left to JW?

        Who polices National Voter Registration? Who is NOT doing their job?


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