A message in two parts – part two.

There’s a reason this is a two parter. I wanted to have right of reply on my own blog to refutations or perhaps contra arguments to the personal assessment I’d made that the climate wars were over and we’d won before rolling on with part two. As it happens, there wasn’t much beyond an expected it’s not over until various fat ladies etc etc, so I’m rolling on.

In a way, I was hoping some telling argument might be made which might let me off the hook, but it wasn’t.

Every one of us skeptics in the climate wars were unpaid volunteers from the very start, and just as I make no judgement on any one of us whose assessment is we should continue prosecuting the war with vigour in the same way towards what they consider a firm conclusion, then as a matter of common courtesy I’d wish my individual choice to disengage at this point to be respected by the skeptic community, which by and large it has.

I’ll still be in the fray with an occasional article on the subject though to a much lesser extent, but I do wish them every success with their continued endeavours.

This was never a snap decision and looking around the skeptic community, I can see others in it and in different ways are moving off in new directions. For me, the thing is over, as I signalled it would be several years previously to some unwelcome ears. It’s pastures anew time before I become just another sad bastard flogging an obviously dead horse.

A final thing I’d like to say before moving on to the substance of this piece is that there was always a reason why global warming was such a long drawn out battle – it was the maskirovka being used to justify what was the social engineering of the west along more socialist lines, a philosophy which was deeply out of favour with most people. It was never about saving the planet or sharing the wealth with the developing world. All the pushers of it were always at heart population controllers, also known as Eugenicists or elitist bastards, who actually didn’t give a tinker’s cuss about the collateral damage to the “excess people” on the planet anyway.

A number of commenters and readers of part one correctly intuited in what new direction I was going, and therefore what direction this conversation which has always been a campaigning blog was going to go.

I’m talking about protecting our freedom of speech on the internet.

At this point I’m going to ratchet backwards about ten years or so. The whole of the mainstream media were doing the full on madness of crowds bebop-a-luhlah about global warming but there began to emerge this contra narrative on this new fangled thingy called the internet which they had no interest in and therefore no control over.

To summarise a few behind the scenes mainstream media conversations – “I’ve heard of the Internet but what is it, what’s it do?” While the internet may have been new, blogging was definitely well into terra incognito. Here there be dragons, and there were. That was the one loophole they’d no control over which we exploited. Anyone could start expressing their viewpoint without fear of the thought police’s heavy stamp of censorship.

We piled in hard, overcoming any decorum, innate lack of any talent whatsoever or any idea of what we were actually doing with the sheer enthusiasm of finally finding a forum where we could stand and speak forthrightly. All those apparently innocuous options to add a comment underneath a piece in the legacy media’s attempts to surf the fibre-optic wave of the internet became forums in themselves. They really didn’t know what they were letting themselves in for.

It was a glorious first flowering of being able for the first time ever to interact and respond to information in real-time that had been presented to you, no matter how clumsily or in how nerdy a fashion it had been done. It was two-way, unmoderated (ie uncensored), roughty toughty and certainly no damn place for the upcoming generation snowflake. There were no safe spaces for the thumb suckers.

One by one, all those forums in the legacy media where we could come together and express our viewpoint by commenting on an article, have been closed down by disallowing comments or just dropping their blogging activities completely. Even before comments were banned, various oppressive “moderation” regimes were gradually put in place which were so restrictive they killed any substantive discussion.

As the internet has matured, this creeping form of censorship has not only got progressively worse, but nearly all of the most popular social networking apps have become enforcers of a liberal bias in all things. As far as they are concerned, their services are only for the use of leftward leaning people, with anyone of a rightward leaning being censored to hell or their account suspended. A graphic illustration of this almost systemic bias was an experiment done by two journalists to test out how equitable Facebook’s so-called “moderation” actually was.

They set up two Facebook pages; one that was pro-Zionist and one which was anti-Zionist. They gradually posted more inflammatory but equivalent rhetoric at each site. When they stated making complaints to Facebook about both sites, the Zionist one was promptly closed down whereas the anti-Zionist one was allowed to continue, even after its content became progressively even more extreme.

The video streaming on Facebook of the torture and abuse of an 18 year-old mentally handicapped child can be ignored because he’s white and the four abusers are black, and Facebook will over the objections of its users refuse to close down the feed. Perhaps what made them agonise for so long before deciding to cut it was the abusers shouting things like “fuck Trump” or “fuck whites”. Lord help us all. How many people irrespective of their colour think that’s wrong?

My account at Facebook has already been suspended and can stay so because I wouldn’t tell them who the Pointman persona actually was. I wouldn’t trust them with any significant information about me.

Google can go a whole presidential election year only mentioning Trump occasionally as an afterthought in the tending list, but blasting Clinton at us on a daily basis. He was nearly invisible on Google News at times, except when there was some sort of scandalous fake news to lard on the negative publicity. Try googling for hard information on Hilary Clinton and compare the number of hits you get on a similar query on Donald Trump, and then if you’ve got the time order them by the amount of adulation or hatred of the individual.

Twitter, unless you’re very careful about what you say, will yank your account and everything you’ve ever said, and it will be as if you never existed. As per the pattern, it’s a haven for assorted liberal extremists, foul-mouthed trolls and the usual anti-Semites, but woe betide little old you if you decide to express dissent if not disbelief in leftist sacred cows such as Obamacare.

YouTube can not only yank videos they don’t like, but the whole account of people they don’t like either. Like me. It seems that their business plan of making money by facilitating breaches of copyrighted material is fine, but allowing the free speech to air different political views is against their virtuous moderation policy.

I could go on, but the pattern and the trend are there to be seen. Those are the mechanism by which selective control by companies abusing what are obviously monopoly market positions are disappearing or suppressing the voices of dissent. It’s not all bad news though. WordPress, the blogging software I use, I know have been pressured to close down blogs unpopular with the establishment. To their credit, they’ve allowed me and other much more influential blogs to roll on, but they’re just a corporate takeover away from closing down this blog and several others for which they’ve taken a bullet or two over the years.

All that is bad enough, but the other bandwagon being pushed along by Obama and the legacy media is to actually close down so-called “fake” news sites. Make no mistake, what they’re talking about is closing down dissent by people or internet sites they can’t get control of. They’d close down Project Veritas and WikiLeaks in a heartbeat, but in the meantime have to be content with doing things like treeing Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy.

So, not only are the facilities we use to find information being manipulated, but the whole concept of free speech is under attack from people like the President of the USA and pretty much all establishment figures downwards of him.

What were a decade ago the elemental tools of the ragged and penurious resisters to climate alarmism on the wide open frontier of the internet have now become tools of an establishment determined to exert the sort of control on the internet that they currently exercise over the printed media and television channels.

I intend this year to repurpose this blog to fighting this attack on free speech on the web. If we lose that battle, campaigns like the one we ran against climate alarmism will no longer be possible, and that’s their aim. The blogosphere aspect of the internet has an influence but won’t be a mass opinion former until internet access is both ubiquitous and universal, which will happen.

The legacy media is dying for several reasons but the main one is the ordinary person no longer trusts it. A vacuum is forming and if the blogosphere gets its act together, it could be part of filling it. In a world where globalisation is both welcomed and feared, the “we don’t trust the media” meme will travel far and fast, especially in the wake of the self-damage it did to itself in trying to get a generally despised candidate like Clinton into the White House against the people’s wishes.

At face value, they look to be in a good position to achieve the control of the web that they are seeking. Google, Facebook, Twitter and the other big corporates can be leaned on to comply, and I’ve no doubt will be absolutely delighted to help banish any nasty dissenters out of their safe spaces. At a more elemental level, and the one they’ll almost certainly use to control your particular surfing activities, they’ll lean on the your internet provider (ISP) to simply make sites they don’t approve of inaccessible to you.

One day you’ll click on that link to a favourite site or blog and receive a nice screen saying your access to it is blocked permanently because after you strip away the legalistic jargon and references to obscure pieces of legislation you’ve never heard of, it offends the thought police in whatever country you live.

My ISP knows every site I’ve visited, every email account I have and every keystroke is recorded by Microsoft Windows and sent back to them. Yes, actually, all of that’s true. I’ve always acted on the basis that they’ve got it all in terms of my internet activity. It’s a privacy nightmare not even Orwell could have anticipated.

However, I know how to circumvent all those restrictions, all that snooping on me and recording of my activities and can do so without either breaking the law or being a computer whizz kid. Teaching you how to do that will be the secondary objective of this blog. Ten years ago, a lot of climate skeptics learned how to do new things on the internet, and if you decide to come along for the ride, it’ll be the same fun of figuring out a few new skills. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed learning something new.

That’s quite an ambitious aim for an already modest blog way out on the periphery of anywhere, so if you want to bale, now would seem to be an opportune moment. However, if you stick with me, your reward will be that you’ll become a ghost surfing under everyone’s radar and evading all the restrictions the compulsive controllers will try to place on you.

I’ve never chased the hits, so from now on you’re going to presented at times with the very real question of whether I’ve gone full-on tin foil hat paranoid, or perhaps I might be on to something. As usual, you’ll be getting my fully opinionated view with extra wingnuts added but what you make of it is your choice.

I can promise you nothing beyond my stubborn honesty and my best very unfashionable attempt to articulate that, however unpalatable it may be. The only thing I can really promise you is that it won’t be comfortable, you’re going to have to venture outside your comfort zone once in a while, nobody is going to luvya as usual, it’s all going to get a bit undefined at times, but I think it’s going to be an exciting trip.

The big question is, are you up for it kiddo?


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50 Responses to “A message in two parts – part two.”
  1. donaitkin says:

    Like you, I decided that the climate change thing was exhausted. We don’t know and no one else does, how significant ‘global warming’ is, but we can say two things. One is that the claims of doom are way over done, and two is that we seem to be rolling on with weather, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, sometimes dry, as we have done for a long time.

    Freedom of speech is really important. I don’t now whether you are on to something important with respect to the social media sites, but I’ll keep on reading ! Good luck.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Garrett says:

    I’m IN, sign me up, I got yer back, etc etc. Canada, land of Justin Trudeau, is going through the 3rd reading of bill C-16 which intends to criminalize misuse of gender identity terms under the guise of harassment. I’d say your switch is timely and I encourage you to go for it. Climate change, gender issue, religion, and a host of other “catastrophic” issues du jour become the fodder of the left, SJWs and special interest groups that stand to make a piss pot full of money to further their own fucked up agenda….am I allowed to say piss pot? A difference of opinion and challenging the status quo could become criminal here in Trudealandia, it’s a sad day for free speech indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Old Rooster says:

      ” Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”
      —HL Mencken: In Defense of Women (1918)

      Just wondering if True d’oh❗️might actually be the brother of Homer Simpson?

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  3. hillbilly33 says:

    Hi Pointy. I’m getting to the age where I’m not sure I”ll be around all that long and even if I am, whether the remaining neurons will keep firing, but I’m more than happy to be aboard for the ride. Your cause is an extremely important one for all of us, and I always remember and continue to be inspired by one of the early climate bloggers, the late John Daly who chose Tasmania as his home and provided his own unique evidence- and observation-based take on scientific matters and an open forum for many international scientists and similarly concerned CAGW sceptics.
    The best of luck to you in whatever transpires.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Pointman says:

      Billy, it’s the job of tribal elders like you to give us young bucks a good kick up the arse when we need it to keep us on the straight and narrow. You’re not going to disappoint us on this new adventure are you?



  4. “The big question is, are you up for it kiddo?”

    O yes! Please ask for any help we can give you. Some of the anonimizers are good but always suspect as to just who is peeking.


  5. Blackswan says:


    Good call – the current Socialist imperative to gag free and (allegedly) democratic people is a far greater threat to our rise from serfdom than the weather.

    In the run-up to Australia’s Federal election in 2013 part of Tony Abbott’s platform was a definite promise to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act whereby a person could be prosecuted for causing “offence” to any person. It was ‘open slather’ for any aggrieved individual with an agenda ( and an insatiable appetite for monetary compensation).

    As Prime Minister, Abbott reneged on that promise much to the dismay of his right-wing supporters.

    However, the entire focus on 18C is a classic red herring.

    Under this Section, to be convicted of “offending” a person carries only a civil penalty, not a gaol sentence.

    In 2012, dumped ex-PM Julia Gillard, in an attempt to cover-up her nefarious past as a crooked industrial lawyer, succeeded in having Section 474.17 of the Criminal Code Act passed quietly into Law (with bipartisan support) which carries a jail term of three years for using a carriage service to give offence.

    That’s us folks!

    Section 474.17 sits quietly in the background like Damocles Sword, smugly happy that 18C gets all the publicity … nothing but a gummy dribbling tiger … while 474 has the ‘fangs’ that will get you a criminal record and a gaol term.

    We can only wonder what other countries have similarly passed ‘carriage service’ Laws that have been generally kept under wraps thus far.

    Best to check the ‘lie of the land’ in your jurisdiction than to be caught unawares and find yourself arrested, charged and convicted as a NSW man discovered when he posted a ‘politically incorrect’ Facebook rant against a politician.


    Pointy, yours is an important ‘call to arms’ in defence of our freedoms, so the Swan is on board. And yes, I’m always up for learning something new so look forward to what you have to teach us about the murky depths of the deep waters in which we novices currently dip our toes.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Blackswan says:

      “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

      ― Samuel Adams

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    • Russ Wood says:

      Down in South Africa, the ANC (sort of) Government are trying to get a ‘hate speech’ law passed. And it is expected to probably try to stop whites only, and will attempt to prevent anyone from making ‘incorrect’ remarks about Government people (and especially Pres. Zuma!). The main opposition party is almost certainly pre-preparing legal cases to be brought against all of the politicians and student leaders who declare that whites must be (a) stripped of all of their possessions, (b) driven out of the country, or (c) killed. Legal paradise!


    • PaleoSapiens says:

      “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the great legislator of the Universe.”
      – John Adams (1735-1826) – 2nd U.S. President

      “NO WRITTEN LAW may be enforced by the government unless it conforms with certain unwritten, universal principles of fairness, morality, and justice that transcend human legal systems.”

      “….Raw force is always the resort of those who cannot present a good argument for their actions. Although the modern State enjoys the support of countless court intellectuals and apologists, it rests at bottom on the use of violence in the event that we do not accept the excuses it makes for its crimes.” ~ Robert Higgs

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  6. retired dave says:

    I am strapped in Pointy.


  7. Laposa says:

    Hell yes Pointy, well up for it. Locked, loaded and ready.


  8. Selwyn H says:

    Go for it Pointy. We will be with you all the way, particularly those of us in Australia who have already had brushes with the “Thought Police”. Being banned from writing dissenting letters to the local newspaper giving the facts on the climate change scam was a bit annoying until the paper was dust binned by its big city owners for low revenue returns. Poetic Justice!

    I have just had a rancorous exchange of emails with my son after he accused me of supporting conspiracy theories on global warming, citing “argument from authority” as his reasons for believing in it. Both of my children in their 40’s believe the scam because people they respect say it is gospel, one with a degree in International Business and my daughter with Honours in Psychology. All I can say is, what are they teaching in our universities these days as it appears to be a form of brainwashing.

    I will be very interested in any information you can impart on how to stop this invasion of our privacy by big government and even bigger business thieves.

    All the Best in your Endeavours.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Blackswan says:

      Selwyn – If it’s any consolation, one of my Cygnets enrolled in the ANU Canberra as an innately curious, free-thinking 18 year old and emerged 4 years later with an IT degree clutched in her hand, thoroughly brainwashed by that hot-bed of Marxist/Socialist/Green indoctrination.

      Today we retain a mutual respect with a pact to ‘agree-to-disagree’. I vowed a long time ago never to allow any corrupt political agenda to come between me and mine. Good luck to you and your family in finding that middle road.

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  9. catweazle666 says:

    I’ll have a piece of that, Pointy.

    And watch your six, mate!

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  10. hunter says:

    Count me in, sir. The current US President betrayed his oath to uphold the constitution by granting foreign control of the internet. He did it deliberately knowing that it would make it easier to shut down the voices in his head that he hates so much….the voices of you and me….the voices that don’t toe his line. I hope to see the day when politicians dare to even suggest that free speech is harmful are run out of office. The reports by other posters here of pernicious obvious efforts to censor their citizens for merely disagreeing with a policy or law tells me that the great oligarchy running so much of the western world is in many ways too corrupt and incompetent to effectively lead. Instead they are leaning towards ruling us. THAT is worth fighting. I look forward to finding out how.

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  11. Amr Marzouk says:

    I’m in and ready. All the best in this endeavor, and your future.


  12. James n says:

    Ok I came initially for the climate stuff. If that changes so be it, I’m not going anywhere. It’s been hard not to notice the growing trend toward censorship, I think that’ll definitely be the next battle. Sign me up, along for the ride whatever you want to call it. This should be interesting.


  13. plodinec says:

    Definitely in. Probably worth pointing to what Sp!ked is growing in the same vineyard.


  14. meltemian says:

    Looking forward to it Pointy,

    Liked by 2 people

  15. GerardW says:

    Count this lurker here for years well up for it. It’s so good to see someone arming us to fight back. Any help you need, please shout Pointy.


  16. hunter says:

    apologies, this may be a duplicate post. So one thing that will be important for the fight against censorship is to find and support pro-liberty information sources. I offer the Washington Free Beacon as one of those sources. Their pro free speech position is clear. Their reporting quality is excellent. The unflinching style is what all journalism should aspire to. We need to not only resist those who are working hard to create a new tyranny. We also need to support those already doing the same. Read, by the way, the latest on how Obama’s team violates the rights of America’s college students. It is chilling indeed. I strongly support the Washington Free Beacon, but I am sure there are more pro-freedom sites and news sources out there.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Snert says:

    “..Eugenicists or elitist bastards..” such as St David of Attenborough perhaps?


  18. Rustbelter says:

    Cut the path for us Point and then stand back bro. You need anything you just holler.


  19. Juliet 46 says:

    The big question is, are you up for it kiddo?

    Hell yes!!


  20. dithotx says:

    to paraphrase a hero, “LET’S ROLL”.


  21. Erny72 says:

    Count me in Pointy.


  22. Annie says:

    I dunno whether I’ll be up to it but will certainly give it a go! I think freedom of speech is too important not to. Annie.


  23. A bit over a year ago I decided I’d devoted enough time and energy to the CAGW scam and I’d back off, though I still have letters in The Australian where there is some hope of having influence. I’ve also been giving more attention to freedom of speech issues, which have long been a focus for me. A personal story: following the impact of a family break-up around my second birthday, I tried to get love by “being good” (doesn’t work!) and have had honesty and integrity as my watchwords since early childhood. But I kept getting into trouble; perplexing. The first time I got stoned, aged 25 in Istanbul in 1967, I realised that there were thousands of ways of looking at the world, and the one I’d been shown by my society was wrong: either the elders of society were wrong, or they were lying. I had to find out the truth for myself. And without freedom of speech and open exchange, this becomes harder. In a IPA member survey last year, “freedom of speech” (and freedom to differ and search) was my main priority, without it there can be no democracy. So, more power to your arm, Pointy.

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  24. Keitho says:

    I’m not running away so count me in Pointy. Fuck ’em all I say.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I was actually expecting this ‘Part 2’ to announce a total shutdown of the blog and a ‘cheerio’ from the Pointman as we know him. Very glad to know you’ll still be blogging, as you’re one of my original inspirations.

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  26. PaleoSapiens says:

    In the spirit of facing down inhibitors of free speech, the following ‘story’ is submitted:

    Two gals, Liza & Caroline, happened to meet in town one day.

    Liza excitedly began, “Oh, Caroline honey, you would not bee…lieve what I’ been up to…”
    Liza then launched into a monologue of how she had become a millionaire’s maid with all sorts of ‘perks’ and ‘privileges.’

    Caroline politely and every so often responded with, “That’s jus’ faannn…tastic (fantastic)!”

    After completing her 5 min. rant to Caroline, Liza asked, “By the way honey, what’ch y’all been up to?”

    Caroline responded, “Oh, I’ jus’ been goin’ t’ Charm-School…”

    Liza interrupted, “Oh, what’ch y’all been learnin’ in Charm-School?”

    Caroline replied, “Well, right now we learnin’ how to say FAANNN…TASTIC! instead o’ BULL-SHIT!!”

    [You too, now know the Charm-School definition of FANTASTIC!!…] 🙂

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  27. asybot says:

    I am like many, willing to learn and ready to help!


  28. jacobuszeno says:

    Yep – I was churning last night about the lack of perspective of many of the younger “really bright” folks in western democracies who either have never had a clear understanding of the human condition or have lost the historical perspective of this dilemma. We will have to arm them with the tools to fight for freedom – which as you note probably has to be internet based.

    Cultures that celebrate creativity have advanced civilisation, those that are simply an analogue of an ants nest are to be feared and discouraged… It is my understanding that this can best be done by encouraging the notion of free will in a child’s development whilst they must consider the impact of their actions on others welfare.

    I’m in!


  29. rapscallion says:

    You can count me in too Pointy. Of all the freedoms, Freedom of Speech is the most important.

    We could all do with some good advice on how to “circumvent those restrictions”

    There are many of us who need to be anonymous for a very good reason or we’d lose our jobs etc. So anything that keeps my identity known only to me is a huge bonus.


  30. Old Rooster says:

    I think you are right that it is time to move from the specific instance of climate scams to the more general problem of groupthink supported by censorship. You point🖕🏻—I’ll shoot‼️


  31. Ready to learn new things. Looking forward to it


  32. johnrmcd says:

    The picture (“icon”) is more than 10 years old. But, as a miserable old bastard now approaching 75 years old, I will be happy to go on your crusade with you. I have been following your “rants” for some years; but only rarely commenting. Why comment when you have nothing to add to a well-turned argument? At my age I do not really give a great rat’s ass what “the authorities” think of me and my (50) years in a rough industry full of aggressive bastards (Mining) suggests I am not planning on backing down soon. But the businesses to which I dedicated all of those years are rapidly filling up with modern day pansies and (what seem to be) unashamed SJWs. This was a part of my decision to retire at the age of 70.
    As a student of Latin, History and Engineering I am happy with the pig-Latin:

    nil bastardi carborundum

    en avant, Pointman

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Climate Otter says:

    Your new cause is just as important as the ‘old’ one (and the fat lady has Yet to sing- I mean, have you ever heard michelle Obama sing? I haven’t). So I will always be watching!


  34. beththeserf says:

    Serfs think the climate debate and free speech
    are locked at the hip like love and marriage The
    long war betwixt open and closed society is never
    ending, even if the fat lady bursts into song.
    Constant vigilance is needed … Odysseus’
    cunning, Steve McIntyre’s forensic analysis,
    Judith Curry perseverance, Pointman’s passion,
    serfs jest do what they can …



  35. dadodeaf says:

    I’m in. This has been a passion of mine for some time. Some handy nuggets for me have come out of understanding the “tools of the trade” (those being used against us).

    A handy (and brief) compendium can be found at:


    In particular


    Short studies all, but seemingly comprehensive.


  36. The Quiet Farmer says:

    Go for it Pointy. The Age feed this morning was Politics too important for social media. I think you’re case rests The Age is a lefty Australian rag in a city called Melbourne.


  37. gallopingcamel says:

    Thanks for all you did but today there are more important things for your genius to address.

    One by one, Bishop Hill, Verity Jones, Lucia, Jeff Id and dozens more have retired from fighting the non-existent armies of “Consensus Scientists”. The climate wars were won but in Europe you still need to build something to replace the “Wind and Solar”. Here in the USA it won’t be difficult as we never drank the Koolaid.

    Everything here has changed following the Trump victory. I was writing a book to persuade Americans to return control of K-12 education to the local community:

    Writing a book seemed beyond my ability and once written would anyone read it? Even if people read it would anyone take heed and follow my advice? Suddenly none of that matters because the POTUS has promised to return control of K-12 education to the local community. Now my role is transformed……………….instead of writing a book I will spend my time in Tallahassee lobbying legislators to implement reforms that seemed impossible only 60 days ago.

    My efforts won’t be needed on the energy front as billions will be invested to develop cheap energy sources, creating several million jobs.


  38. Richard Thal says:

    Yummy…bring it on.


  39. JerryM says:

    –>> are you up for it kiddo? <<–

    Oh … go on then 🙂


  40. peejos says:

    Oh yes, trying to find like minded commentaries replicates the search for hen’s teeth and your blog has been a bright light in the gloom. Please sign me up


  41. Uninformed Luddite says:

    I love the expression ‘tin foil hat paranoid’ because it can actually work. US Patent 4877027 and other similar microwave methods of causing sound/voices in a target’s head can actually be blocked by a tin foil hat.


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