Things to do today.

The coup has succeeded and a foreign regime has been installed in the White House. That being the case, they’ll quickly move to consolidate their grip on power. As always in any crisis, keep a couple of things in mind. The first is there isn’t one that can’t be made worse still by losing your cool, so now it the time for some cold, clear thinking. Second, while there may be a lot of things to be done, concentrate on the immediate ones that you can do right now.

Fake news and big tech have between them already censored free speech to the point where the first amendment is effectively dead. News they don’t like will either be lied about or simply not be reported. Any opinion by the people on news events that isn’t regime friendly, will find few platforms open for it. Any web sites that publish critical articles will be either be intimidated off the web or simply deplatformed by one means or another. The same will apply to any commentary by its readers. Their imperative will be to locate and close down any and all sites reporting news not to their liking.

They’re fanatics and the invariable driving trait of all fanatics is to get total control of other people and that being the case, your freedom to surf the web as you wish will be progressively curbed by taking down sites they don’t want you to see or hindering your access to them to the point where you can’t reach them. Increasingly because of the ease of mass internet surveillance, your surfing habits will be logged and monitored, and eventually much more tightly controlled by the state. They’ll dress it up as “law”, but that’s what it’ll amount to. While there’s nothing you can do to stop that, you can download and use the TOR browser to prevent them from spying on your internet activity.

You can still download it at either of big tech’s Stores, but that’ll cease fairly soon, so download it to your phone or PC now while it’s still easily available. If you don’t, then at some point in the future you’re going to be limited to their version of internet freedom. If you’ve got TOR, you’ll also have access to the dark web, which is where their tyranny of the web will eventually drive the sites that are defiant of their rules and restrictions on free speech.

The second thing you can do is stop using all social media platforms that only exist to sell on to various parties information provided by you. That’s how they got rich and powerful enough to topple the Republic and that’s how their accumulation of wealth will continue unabated. Just walk away from them. If enough people do that, it’ll bring them to their knees. You won’t be alone in boycotting them and fake news. Already the Signal app has had 50 million downloads from Google’s Play Store as people flee WhatsApp over privacy concerns at Facebook hoovering up all the user data they promised not to touch when they took it over.

If you don’t organise these immediates now, then one day you’ll give up in exasperation at only being allowed to see what they’ll permit you to see, and you’ll turn up at one of the two company Stores to find TOR is no longer available from them as an easy free download. It’s the laxy but costly habit of some people to always be a day late and a dollar short. There are other simple ways of obtaining and installing it to cloak your surfing activities from them, but by then finding a site on their web detailing exactly how it’s done will be problematic.


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