I shouldn’t do it, but WTF.

Sometimes you discover something all on your own and realise it was always there right under your nose but you’d simply failed to ask an obvious question. In yesterday’s piece I said the most immediate thing people can do is stop using social media platforms in order to protect themselves and really hurt the American oligarchs of big tech. The only one I had was Twitter, so I attempted to close Pointman’s account there. Since it was only ever opened to follow the tweets of the real president circumventing fake news and talking directly to his deplorables, now seemed as good a time as any since he’d already been banned.

Apparently, you can only deactivate an account there, you can’t actually close it. Associating the word close with a Twitter account would obviously hurt Jack’s feelings. To Hell with it. A rose by any name, I decided to “deactivate” my account. All went swimmingly until I hit the deactivate form, which seemed simple enough. One data entry field labelled password, four or so helpful paragraphs underneath pointing out how I could reactivate it and a button labelled deactivate.

After typing my password and pressing the deactivate button, lo and behold, it came back with just the same form with no error message or anything else added. Gave it a few more attempts, but no progress to my deactivation. Calling an account closure a deactivation really does have a Borg overtone to it, doesn’t it? Poor little me, I’d been assimilated and there was no escape.

Strange, I’m sure I used the correct password, but since I’m not possessed of any papal infallacy, I repeated the same procedure with exactly the same result. Undeterred and my dander well and truly up and pointing directly at mullah Dorsey, I logged out, logged back in and tried again with the same result. My Damascene moment had arrived. It wasn’t actually possible to leave Twitter. It answered the obvious question I’d failed to ask myself. Given the despotic behaviour of the mullah and his little army of censor imps, why hadn’t millions of people closed their account there? Answer – they can’t, hence no bloodbath reports of people deserting the platform. Doh!

When confronted by an act of tyranny which you can do nothing to fight, the normal reaction is to get frustrated and angry in the face of being helpless, which I was, but it also brings out the “fuck you and the hoss you rode into town” attitude in me. Let’s change the game here and have a little bit of fun at the same time. Waste my time and energy, then I’ll bloody well waste yours as well as pissing you off as I have a lark. People tell me it’s the bad side of me, the trouble maker, the awkward bastard, the devil in me coming out to play, all of which are lamentably true and I fret about constantly. But everyone also knows the devil always has the greatest laughs. Look around you if you don’t believe that.

Okay, I’m not allowed to leave this festering pustule on the mullah’s ass which squirts puss every time he sits down on his users, so let’s make them throw me out. If you’re doing what they expect you to do, you’re playing their game.

Fine, I now have a clear objective, so it just comes down to means and methods. Which to use though? Mekratrig suggests hurling them down onto the burning marl to roast for eternity in agony – he can be a bit unsubtle like that. Number one, I can’t get my hands on them and two, there’s a worldwide shortage of marl cause by global warming. Bastard environmental loonies, always causing difficulties, so as a plan it lacks certain practicalities but at least imagining it does have a cathartic value.

Left to my own infernal devices, the answer would seem to behave like a really really bad boy, and they’ll be forced to give me the Spanish archer, otherwise known as the elbow. One well thought out tweet massively offending every sensibility they have should do the trick, that’ll show Johnny Censor. Naw, it’d be too quick. Pleasures are best enjoyed if there’s a slow and gradual buildup to a climax. Start off mildly offensive and build up the payload until they finally ban me. Not sure of how exactly their Kangaroo court works though. A warning first? If so, good. I’ll make a suitably grovelling apology, accept their judgement like a good little fellow, behave myself for a while and then gradually resume my ascent of Mount Insufferable.

Enough of that and I guess I get suspended for some period of time. Yipee. Same routine again, grovel time, cessation of hostilities afterwards and then a resumption of my climb but this time using suitably ambiguous tweets that can be read a lot of ways – philosophical, rhetorical or just plain insulting. Mix in an element of humour, always every fascist’s blind spot, and my plan to get banned looks to be hot to trot. The only attendant risk will be if they read this (low probability), or if the von Schlieffen plan falls victim to the wholesale banning they’re currently doing. The fun will be in inching them towards banning me while I fight tooth and nail to stay on it. You won’t snitch on me, will you?

Okay let’s roll, cue the satanic background music, best evil Vincent Price cackle, gleeful rubbing of hands and let’s start tweeting with “I don’t think Jack Dorsey knows censorship is wrong”. Every hook has to have a bait. Using the mullah’s name should automatically attract the censor’s attention. I’ll keep you appraised of what’s happening in the comments, though any suggestions on your part might be inspirational.


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55 Responses to “I shouldn’t do it, but WTF.”
  1. hunterson7 says:

    +10, Pointman.


  2. NoFixedAddress says:

    lol Pointman

    faceache is about the same!

    I’d be more inclined to complain that jack dorsey needs to learn how to do censorship properly whilst spreading to slagging off at as many hollywood ‘sensitives’ as possible.

    I should join twotter to complain about you.


    • Pointman says:

      Complaining bitterly about me might help. I’ll have a bit of a yebbut fight with you before giving in and grovelling, as per plan. All are welcome to play a role.



  3. Pointman says:

    Casting bait …



  4. eweturn8 says:

    I’ll play too! Don’t forget to put the @ in front of “jack” so he’s tagged and trending


  5. Pointman says:

    Not sure if this is from one of you scamps, but anyway, but staying in awkward cuss role.

    Latest URL *https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1352708921744642053



  6. another ian says:

    In that spirit

    And in that spirit

    “Bumped: OAN reports that Trump has offered NG troops free lodging at his DC hotel.”



  7. Pointman says:

    No bite, so stronger bait required

    “@Jack, I’m sure you’re against censorship. I’ve it on good authority that you and Vijaya discuss it often in your intense one-on-ones”

    Disappeared immediately. Probably SOP for anything with @Jack in front of it.


  8. cdquarles says:

    I deactivated mine. People I follow there I can read as a web page, so I just bookmarked them. 30 days after deactivation, it should delete itself if you don’t reactivate it. At least, that was what I saw as a response.


  9. Margy says:

    Twitter is like Facebook – you deactivate for 30 days then it is permanently deactivated, though it seems like the information is probably kept on their servers because it is easier than trying to erase it.
    I tried to change the name of my Facebook Page, and was told by a machine that I can’t do that because it doesn’t meet their page guidelines and might confuse the people who liked my page.

    So, I was going to cancel both my Twitter account and my Facebook account, but then I thought maybe it was better to fight the dragon from within the dragon than try to hurt it from the outside…


  10. 1957chev says:

    I am still “on” Twitter, although I rarely use the platform anymore. It would be worth going on again, to openly discuss subjects that will “bring out the best ” in our oppressors. They bring out the best of the worst in some of us… You ‘ve made it sound like fun, a delightful cat and mouse game!


  11. another ian says:

    Pointman FYI

    Useful idiots getting theirs? And so soon too!

    “71,000 Antifa Accounts Closed”


    And no doubt expecting sympathy?


  12. Brian says:

    I deactivated my Twitler account when they censored the NY Post article on Beijing Biden’s Ukrainen corruption. I, too, was surprised that I couldn’t close it completely. All hail Twitler! I’m tempted to reactivate it just so I can follow your cat and mouse game (as a previous commenter so aptly put it).


  13. Bill The Bunyip says:

    As I don’t have either a twitter or a facebook account I can only applaud from the sidelines as you go about your mischief making. This will make for some entertaing reading in these dark hours of Sniffy’s reign of stupidity.
    I follow another blog where “Wirecutter” posts the stuff that he uses to try and get suspended from facebook. Sometimes he is successful with seemingly innocuous things and some of the ones that I think should get him banned are published. No apparent consistency but then it is the nature of totalitarians to lack any senses at all. ogdaa dot blogspot dot com but be aware he is definitely not for the meek.
    Bill The Bunyip


  14. Felix says:

    Have followed😀


  15. Pointman says:

    Time for another tweet. It appears anything with “@Jack” disappears instantly into the censorship machine, so let’s simultaneously use and abuse that. Learnings are no good unless you put them to good use. It’s been in there about 12 hours, so either the mullah’s imps are very busy, they’ve picked up on the not so subtle hint about Vijaya or the reference to me having a good authority inside has pricked the extremists natural paranoia. In passing, they’ll be purging their once vaunted Sturmabteilungen (AKA Antifa and BLM) pretty soon for reasons of making the regime respectable

    So, we’ll have two tweets with one addressed to the mullah and one not. The first should disappear instantly into moderation, but will the second? Have I made the special treatment list yet? If it doesn’t appear, that’s a win, so I’ll just keep on escalate tweeting like a demented Galah until they finally ban me. If it does appear, I’ll give you the URL, so just pile in with supportive or snowflake ferocity but don’t forget to report it for violating wokeness. I seem to have acquired some new followers who’re no doubt in the bleachers watching events unfold.

    Anyone else who’s “deactivated” their accounts, please reactivate them and be vociferous supporters and have a good handbagging with the snowflakes. After all, they wouldn’t let you close your account and your choices became knuckle under or get banned. What’ve you got to lose?

    Don’t forget to become followers, that’ll spike their interest. Like all dissidents, my follower numbers have gone backwards. Currently showing 326 so if it goes down that’s another little win.

    First the auto-disappear tweet

    “@Jack my last tweet disappeared! I’m beginning to think you approve of censorship. I know a lot of people say that, but tell me it’s not true.”

    Now the same one not addressed to the mullah and with enough of a variation in the wording to fool the automatics which catch duplicate tweets.

    “My goodness, my last tweet disappeared! I’m beginning to think you approve of censorship. I know a lot of people are starting to say that, but please tell me it’s not true.”

    Will it disappear as well? You may have noticed I started a new tag on the article above – “Resist The Regime”. Should I add it as #ResistTheRegime to the tweet? On balance, save that adornment for the next tweet.

    Tea break over, sandwich eaten and a new cast into the murky waters.


  16. Pointman says:

    Two torps in the water running straight and true. Let’s see what happens …


  17. Pointman says:

    Very interesting, as that guy in the Jerry helmet used to say on that old comedy show whose name momentarily escapes me. The tweet addressed to the mullah *https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1352950820875235330 or

    didn’t disappear immediately like the other one. Could it be because it contained the name of the perfumed Vijaya? Looks like special treatment for her then. It could be confirmed by an innocent tweet using the same trigger word Vijaya (looking at you eweturn). Could be good ammo further up the mountain.

    The variation appeared at *https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1352951359721582599 or

    as normal. Damn, looks like I haven’t made the special treatment list yet. Got one like though and I hope a few reports by Chalkie’s snitches.


  18. another ian says:




    And “Ooh the irony” – Amazon not in favour of mail in voting on a staffing question due to “unreliability”.

    Talk about no standards at all without double standards.


  19. Pointman says:

    Today’s move. I’m going to transition from being an innocent believer in the good intentions of the mullah, to raging at him. Not sure how much wellie to give it initially. Lets start with –

    “@Jack not only don’t you believe in free speech, but you’ve chopped down most of my followers as well. I’m going to close my account with you.”

    Posted without the @Jack at the beginning. Just testing something.

    “You scoundrel @Jack. Not only don’t you believe in free speech, but you’ve chopped down most of my followers as well. I’m going to close my account with you.”


  20. All_on_Red says:

    Hey Pointy
    I got suspended in the ‘Purge’, so of course when I go to Deactivate my account, I can’t…
    It just won’t let me.
    Good luck with your battle


  21. another ian says:


    For when you’ve got the methodology down pat –

    “Richard C (NZ)
    January 25, 2021 at 7:57 am · Reply

    >”…they [IT companies] actively suppress the first amendment rights of one side and prop up the nonsense of the other.”

    Exhibit A: Instagram Is Forcing Users to Follow Biden White House Account So That It’s Not So Pathetic Even When Users Repeatedly Un-Follow the Page”



  22. maiane santos Santos says:

    I don’t understand people’s propensity to join this bullshit so-called social media crap and spill their guts trolling everyone who isn’t in their corner, I wish the whole scam would just fuckoff but we all know that won’t happen, pointmans point is quite pointed and well taken, I belong to two forums for relaxation, one a tractor forum and anoher a complete 180, a gun forum, specifically S&W, enjoyment and camaraderie, no trolling.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Pointman says:

    The worm is starting to see the light about the mullah, so escalation

    “@Jack You really are a scoundrel. It’s not possible to close my account, only deactivate it, and that doesn’t work either. No wonder there’s no exodus of users.” or

    Let me know if you can’t see it. Getting shadow banned will be half way there.


  24. Pointman says:

    Very interesting.

    Looks like my experiment has borne fruit. An hour after my last tweet and yet it still hasn’t made an appearance on my timeline. Let’s try it again but with the @Jack embedded in it rather than just the first word to confirm. “You really are a scoundrel. @Jack. It’s not possible to close my account, only deactivate it, and that doesn’t work either. No wonder there’s no exodus of users.” or “https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1353724575448788995”

    Embed the @Jack and it appears on the timeline. What they’re doing is censoring the timeline of the conversation by removing any of my tweets beginning with “@Jack”. It’s not quite shadow banning, but it’s subtle and perhaps useful.


  25. stewgreen says:

    Surely the simplest explanation is that all they are doing by hibernating your account
    is stopping someone hijacking your name/reputation.
    If they actually deleted your account, I could choose that name as my own and hijack your reputation or even trash it.


  26. NoFixedAddress says:

    Perhaps you can ask how was President Trump deleted!


  27. Pointman says:

    Get your lazy asses into gear and report my offensive tweets. “https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1354038529224024065”



  28. Peter Shaw says:

    OK, I’ve reported
    “Pointman ATS @ThePointmans
    Jan 25
    You scoundrel @Jack. Not only don’t you believe in free speech, but you’ve chopped down most of my followers as well. I’m going to close my account with you.”
    as being disrespectful.
    I shall follow this interesting exercise and report again when the ante goes up.


  29. Peter Shaw says:

    I’ve also posted a link to this article on https://social.quodverum.com with an invitation for participation from those who might be interested in doing so.


  30. Pointman says:

    Next step. Lotsa thoughts on this one. Get together a petition, printed T-shirts, TV campaign and organise a community protest. All rubbish ideas.

    Why not use the mullah’s own features against him? I’ll invent the hashtag #FreePointy. Anyone who wants to join the war of liberation simply adds it to every tweet they make. It might even trend. If it does’t, I’ll accuse him of manipulating what’s trending. We all know he does it anyway.

    “I’m getting really ticked off being stuck in here by @Jack, so I’m going to use the hashtag #FreePointy. Use it everyone, free me. Put it on every tweet.”

    Posted, URL is – “https://twitter.com/ThePointmans/status/1354386236698451968”

    You know what to do. Lashing of reporting and at the same time hashtag #freepointy the hell out of them everywhere.


  31. Truthseeker says:

    Why don’t you just hashtag Hunter Biden’s laptop and Stop the Steal. Surely that will get you kicked off fairly effectively.


  32. kennysmom says:

    What you’re doing reminds me of this.


  33. Pointman says:

    I’m pretty sure using the hashtag #freepointy didn’t cause this

    But some progress has been made



  34. Pointman says:

    Time to do a bit of work on spreading the #freepointy hashtag. After a little experimentation, I find I can add it to my Pointman display name. A little edit of my profile to explain what it means. Next poser, do I include a link to this piece?

    Of course I do, I’m trying to get banned after all. If the mullah’s censor imps don’t read it, nothing lost. If they do, they’ll have to decide to ban me or determine to ignore me as I escalate. Either works for me.


  35. Pointman says:

    Back to the grindstone. What to use though? Gorrit.


  36. Pointman says:

    Hmmm, some success to report. Shadow banning.

    Jack obviously doesn’t like Aunty Pravda.



  37. Pointman says:


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