Grey propaganda against Signal

In the middle of last January, when the big tech oligarchs were nailing down their digital supremacy of the internet, Facebook announced in passing that it was going to harvest all the user data on WhatsApp, which it owns. This broke the deal making promise it’d made in ’14 when it took it over. Given … Continue reading

Things to do today.

The coup has succeeded and a foreign regime has been installed in the White House. That being the case, they’ll quickly move to consolidate their grip on power. As always in any crisis, keep a couple of things in mind. The first is there isn’t one that can’t be made worse still by losing your … Continue reading

Your survival kit – Get off radar.

During WWII, the British developed a weapon to defeat radar called chaff. It was essentially bales of aluminum strips which were dumped into the night sky by leading elements of the bomber stream. The effect was that instead of the German radar operators seeing individual planes, their screens became filled with millions of radar contacts, … Continue reading