Trump booting out the World Health Organisation.

We all have areas of expertise. In terms of making a living and bringing in a steady income for your family, that expertise might vary from the most exotic to the very prosaic. Waitressing food to a table, office work, repairing a broken loo’s flush mechanism, administration, pumping gas, accountancy, running a good steady household ship with the kids aboard while the other half is out making some money in some employment you know he finds utterly joyless but yet he keeps on turning up every morning, knowing how to use a saw and a plane to make a pleasing wooden staircase, pole dancing to support that child the father did a runner on the both of you before he was born without accepting being treated as a slag, helping people who really need help filling in a form to get the aid they need because they’re barely literate and don’t know how to work the system like all the clued up sharpies of the welfare class.

Most people have lives that function because they’ve learnt some way to make a crust. Where it gets difficult is where you need something and have to trust someone with knowledge outside your area of expertise. You’ll end up going to them, usually because of an unquestioned assumption about their competence or a recommendation by someone about their expertise. If you’ve bumped around a bit in the world, your experiences tell you to make some quick and accurate judgements of them.

If you get a bad feeling, you tell them you’ll get back to them, which in real speak means never on a month of Sundays. You get a good impression, you start giving them some business. In the beginning, fairly modest, but as they deliver, trust grows and you pull them in for bigger jobs, but the downside is you start to take your eye off them, and that’s when the problems can gradually arise without you knowing.

You notice something, perhaps something small, so you start to keep a more careful eye on them, and slowly realise they’ve got their own agenda and it isn’t aligned with your own best interest, but theirs. Trust is lost, and once lost, it’s never regained.

The performance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in the run up and through the current coronavirus emergency has been absolutely dismal. It’s been around for some seventy plus years and has chalked up some big wins, but in the last few decades it appears to have done nothing but get involved in fashionable politics and smarmy up to some despicable regimes, most noticeably China.

It runs an annual budget of $4.2 billion, employs 8.500 people in about 147 countries, and is generously funded by most countries attached to the United Nations (UN), whose child it is, with the biggest contributor being America which for decades has kicked in approximately $400 million each year. Trump has suspended all US contributions to it until an investigation into their failure to give appropriate advice and prompt recommendations about the virus.

They delayed for weeks warning the world about what was happening in Wuhan, repeated the Chinese propaganda that it wasn’t human-to-human contractible and criticised Trump for imposing flight bans from China, but by that time, it was too late. The thing had already spread around the globe causing thousands of preventable deaths, throwing people out of work because of their employers being directed to shutter a business and I think crashing more than a few economies. It’s estimated that if they’d come clean even a week sooner about the true situation in China, then the flight bans would have been put in place earlier and 60,000 lives might have been saved. Even then, when the travel bans had been put in place unilaterally, they attacked them.

You can put that sort of lethality down to several things. Sheer incompetence, being gullible enough to believe a notoriously dishonest Chinese communist regime, or most probably, being paid off by a country famous for its corruption. My money is on the latter. After all, in an age when phones and teleconferencing are commonplace, the WHO spends in the region of $200 million in airplane flights a year. These lazy bozos are very well adjusted to an all expenses paid lifestyle and from there a plain bulging envelope containing dollars is the next door neighbour.

Whether Trump will ever authorise a resumption of payments after the investigation is doubtful. There are elements of Congress setting up their own investigation into the WHO’s performance and there’s been rumblings from other countries of questioning the point of the WHO when the first world-wide viral pandemic they’ve had to handle was so badly mismanaged. In response, the WHO said they will launch their own investigation but some time next year, which probably means never. In a similar vein, suspending payments to a failing organisation is the half way house to terminating them forever.

The big fear of those useless well-paid individuals who’ve been on the virtuous gravy train for years and will eventually reach the fat pension terminus, is that it’s Trump moving to defund the UN as well. It only ever supports any US resolution about 30% of the time, and as America is its biggest donor, that’s not a lot of bang per buck. A position there is widely seen as a plush sinecure for life with joke but well-paid committees like the Human Rights panel mainly composed of the worst offending countries in the world.

Well, the gravy train has just come off the rails and dropped into the ravine.

With the virus killing thousands of Americans because of the WHO’s incompetence or corruption, he’s going to close them down and any connection to them permanently. Anybody who hurts his beloved country or people will find out that despite his nice words, what biblical level vengeance looks like.


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16 Responses to “Trump booting out the World Health Organisation.”
  1. Stephen M Sasse says:

    Let’s hope that the scrutiny of the WHO extends to all of the UN agencies – I would start with a critical look at the damage and cost generated by the WMO and its climate change fellow travellers

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  2. Truthseeker says:

    I think I may have a way for the US to get out of debt. Make China the defendant in a SCOTUS litigation by the US for their responsibility for COVID-19 and then take the damage settlement out of the debt that the US owes China. Kill the debt and the Chinese economy at the same time.

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  3. Blackswan says:


    This global move by the Chinese has been in the making for 15 years – all they needed was the technology and expertise to put it into effect, and they’ve begged, borrowed and stolen it … from the West.

    The CCP had no problem with Ethiopian Communist Tedros Adhanom, a listed terrorist. The WHO was key in making this engineered virus globally effective. They have a history with him AND bio-weaponry in his own country.

    Ethiopia found huge natural gas deposits in its eastern Ogaden Basin in the 1970s. China has been developing the Calub and Hilala fields there since signing a production sharing deal with Ethiopia in 2013. They needed a 760 km long pipeline to get the stuff to the Red Sea but the local tribes and herdsmen protested loudly that a pipeline traversing their lands would cause ruin. For the Chinese, anything is possible …

    ”The mystery sickness bringing death and dismay to eastern Ethiopia”

    China has a ‘history’ with Tedros Whatsisname. He was Health Minister when he repeatedly covered up cholera outbreaks among Ethiopians, and was Foreign Minister when the gas deals were signed.

    Yep …. as shoe-horned-in head of the WHO, he was definitely their Man in the right place, at the right time to launch a project to destroy the world economy and put China in the box seat.

    But they underestimated Trump. He’s a world leader in every way, with the cojones to play them at their own game.

    He’s already hamstrung the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the WHO was next. We can only hope that the UN is next on his to-do list and he kicks the lot of them out of NYC – the Rockefellers can find something else to do with their iconic building on the East River.

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  4. Carol Sutton says:

    Thank you, Pointman. It is a cheery sight to see your name in my inbox.

    Sent from my iPad

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  5. Peter says:

    Yes, Pointman. This can’t happen soon enough. Thank you as always for putting your thoughts into words, eloquently. I think there’s a seismic change coming to the world, and I hope it’s for the better.
    BTW, there is an interesting analysis of his recent “light at the end of the tunnel” statement, in which one can read between the lines:

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  6. Another Ian says:


    Seems to fit about here. The proverbial might be in the fan

    “Wuhan Flu: WHO Emails Leaked?”


  7. oebele bruinsma says:

    From a CCP point of view, the Wuhan virus pandemic is a brilliant one: to compromise and shut down rivelling economies without a bullet fired. The only mistake they (CCP) made the release, intentionally or unintentionally, too early. The release no doubt was to coincide with the Olympics in Japan to wave the blame away from Peking. The effect unfortunately remains the same, media hysteria everywhere and cooperating politicians except a few like Trump. Analysing the raw date, the virus (man made or not) shows flu-like killing rates. I admit once you catch the virus it is a nasty beast to conquer: own experience.

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  8. Another Ian says:

    Pointman another thing to wonder about:-

    “Australia Sex Ratio Covid
    Posted on 22 April 2020 by E.M.Smith

    In the Dr. John Campbell update, toward the end, he cites reports of Australian data where they are NOT having more men than women getting Chinese Wuhan Covid. Strange, that. In Australia, it is loaded with sun and lots of similar genetics to the Uk. So why?”


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Ian, there’s so much false/misleading/fake news flying about when it comes to COVID19, it’s hard to sort out what’re real facts. For instance, I seen it mentioned that the virus will die out with the coming of warmer, but if that’s true, why’s it still going strong in Aus?



      • Blackswan says:


        Came across an interesting bit of info this morning that people might like to take into account when coming to grips with the Big Picture of this enforced Virus Vacation.

        Watching a vid from Ezra Levant (from Rebel News) and he dropped this little gem … in the US state of Nebraska, every “declared” coronavirus patient in a hospital gets that hospital a $300,000 “grant”. Tick the ‘virus’ box and EVERY time, there’s a $300K bonus to your bottom line.

        Really? Golly gee …. who knew? That prompted me to wonder if similar ‘grants’ apply in Australia.

        We have a two-tiered health system in Oz … the free-treatment Public Hospitals funded by Govt with looooong waiting lists and no choice of doctor, and Private Hospitals usually used by patients who have private health insurance and better choices.

        Found this …

        ///The Federal Government has struck a deal with the country’s 657 private hospitals, giving the Commonwealth access to another 34,000 hospital beds to help tackle the coronavirus crisis.

        As of Tuesday lunchtime, there were 20 Australians with COVID-19 in ventilated intensive care beds across the country.

        Australia normally has around 2,200 ventilated intensive care beds available, one third of them in the private sector.

        The Government is working to increasing the number of ventilated intensive care beds to 7,500.///

        The extent of my maths expertise is limited, so forgive me if I’m way off on this, BUT!!!!!! does something look weird to you about the numbers?

        That grant gives private hospitals approx $2 million each, making 2200 ICU beds available, and as of this week only 20 (TWENTY!!!!!) of those beds are occupied by virus patients ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY including all public hospitals.

        If Oz only has 20 virus patients in ICU nationwide, why are we paying for access to ALL private hospitals for public patients at all? AND wanting to pay even more to jack up the ICU bed numbers to 7,500?

        If I thought the Climate Fraud Scam netted the crooks Billions, this Virus Villainy knocks the Climate Carpetbaggers into a cocked hat.

        Last week in the UK 3,000 recent deaths, from all causes, were “deemed” to have been caused by the virus even though the patients were never tested for it, and exhumations to prove it have been forbidden, but the numbers will be added to virus stats and fed into computer models anyway.

        This Virus Villainy as a means to crash Economies and empty Treasuries is global. I think we should take all of this information on board in making our own risk assessments on living our lives again.

        As one woman said recently; “I’m no longer concerned about losing my life. I’m concerned about losing the life I’ve built.” (h/t American Thinker)

        “Overnight, our society is doing what radical leftist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow Green New Deal fanatics have demanded: An almost total end to air travel; personal automobile travel down to a trickle; promises of free health care for all quickly becoming the new status quo; and the ability of people to sit at home without working and receive a pay check from the government. The Democrats want that to continue indefinitely.”


      • David Chappell says:

        The woodpile occupant factor regarding Australia (and the rest of the Southern hemisphere) is that their regular flu season has not yet begun. June/July onwards is when it may become critical.


  9. Another Ian says:


    Different subject but might be worth watching here

    “Wikileaks Dump”

    “So here’s a place to post any bits of juicy tid, or otherwise.”


  10. Pointman says:

    Trump administration moves to formally withdraw US from WHO

    It was only a matter of time.



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