The arrogance and inhumanity of Nancy Pelosi.

We are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. The last numbers I saw say that worldwide 440,000 people have been infected and there’ve been about 20,000 deaths attributed to it. Given those numbers and comparing them to the avian flu epidemic of 1919 which killed a conservatively estimated 50-100 million people across the globe in six months and then mysteriously disappeared, I’m not entirely convinced we’re in to the middle of a real pandemic, but if the severe precautions recommended by medical experts are being put in place to save another 50 million lives, then we should all of course comply.

The measures being enacted to stop geometric contagion are draconian. Small, non-essential businesses are being ordered to close down and people to self-isolate in their homes until the whole thing blows over, though when that might be seems to be highly debated, even amongst the experts themselves. The soonest date I’ve seen is end of May, but I’ve a feeling that even they’ve no firm ideas on that question.

The impact of closing down non-essential businesses around the world and telling people to stay in their homes and don’t go out is considerable. The prime consideration in any business is cash flow. If your takings exceed your outgoings, you’ve got a healthy enterprise. If your outgoings exceed your takings, you have to close it down. Apart from your logistic chain, the biggest outgoing is paying employees. A lot of people are being laid off simply because no employer can keep paying them when there’s no money coming in. That’s not being hard hearted. Inevitably, a point will be reached where you simply won’t be allowed by your bank to keep writing paychecks from an account that’s empty.

In some ways, the ripples are like the ones you get in a recession. With everyone self-isolating at home, nobody is going out each morning and picking up a newspaper and pack of smokes on their way into work, nor popping out at lunch break for a coffee and a sandwich to eat at their desk, or spending a weekend evening chatting with their friends in their favourite bar or restaurant. When the tide goes out, every boat in the harbour drops.

In America alone, last week over three million people registered for unemployment relief.

Some crises bring out the best or the worst in people. In Britain, the National Health Service (NHS) put out a call for volunteers. Within 24 hours, nearly 500,000 had volunteered. Despite being sneered at by the smug far-left media for decades, the heart of what used to be called the Battle of Britain spirit still beats strongly in the shires of the land. My own health problems put me in the high risk category and I’ve done an amount of community volunteer work in the past, but I still can’t help feeling a sense of shame I can’t be one of them helping out and mucking in.

Trump reacted quickly, by using an executive order to close down flights from countries heavily effected by it or whose governments appeared blasé about dealing with the problem. In addition, he proposed a generous relief package for businesses being temporarily shuttered who would soon be closed permanently and the consequently unemployed people who’d have no source of income for the duration of the thing. There was an unquestioned willingness on both sides of the aisle in congress to rush it through, so it looked to be a shoo in piece of legislation.

The other side of the coin is that some crises bring out the very worst in people because they see it as an exploitable opportunity.

Nancy Pelosi flies back from her holidays and immediately stamps down on the common consensus. Within a few days she pulls out of her skinny butt a 1440 page bill demanding a bizarre list of demands before she’ll allow the relief bill to pass. Things like demanding a reduction of aircraft emissions, a $33 million gift to the Kennedy Centre, 50% representation on every corporate board by the workers, more tax breaks for windmills/solar and a lot of other equally extortionate demands.

It was holding a gun to Trumps head. Accede to my demands or watch a lot of people dying or in hardship, and you’ll get the blame for not mitigating their misery and suffering, which will much improve our chances in November. Cynical political blackmail. It amounted to socialisation of America by the back door under the pressure of a national emergency. One democrat representative even said to the fake news machine that they didn’t want to hand Trump a win by passing the bill.

Even within her own party people were astonished and ashamed and her blackmail note pretending to be a bill got zero support. To any decent person, and they’re rare in Washington these days, it was akin to a hostage taker putting a gun to their victim’s head and threatening to pull the trigger unless their demands were met, with American coronavirus victims being the hostage.

We’re talking here about a woman who on a weekly basis flies the width of the American continent and whose bar bill on each flight rarely drops below four digits demanding tighter emission regulations on aircraft. Whether the so-called bill was inspired by TDS, hate, spite or her usual inebriation, she soon realised it was yet another of her massive political misjudgments.

Within two days of unveiling it and a universal hostile rejection of it, she quickly binned it but to save face agreed to endorse Trump’s aid package, but only with a token face saving bone Trump threw in her direction. A $350 million aid package for illegal immigrants. It’s peanuts in the context of how big Trump’s two trillion relief legislation is but notice how her final petty demand wasn’t aimed at ordinary American people, but illegal house invaders.

She was forced to pass Trump’s legislation which gives $1,200 to each adult thrown out of work and $500 for each of the children at home. You can see why the blue collar people love him – he knows what’s important. Cash in your hand to buy groceries for the family and meet utility bills. It also includes $350 billion for small companies to keep them afloat when they’ve got no customers coming through the doors, and what’s more, if they just use it to keep people on payroll rather than letting them go, the loan is forgiven. In other words, the loan becomes a gift.

That’s a real oxygen line to a vast numbers of small businesses whose only option left was to close or let people go, and believe me having that end of job conversation with a loyal, reliable and hard-working employee is a bastard. No matter how financially justified it was, you still feel dirty after it.

Her sheer hatred of Trump means when it comes to a choice between some way, any way of getting him or crashing the economy and putting thousands of people out of work or dying in a pandemic, her overriding priority is to take him down and screw any other consideration. The blue-collar, working class people are the ones the Trumpie monster is trying to protect from the economic fallout of this crisis, rather than her rich bulge bracket wallet corporate sponsors within swampland.

She really doesn’t give a shit about them there little people her jet flies over twice a week. When she looks down out of her jet window, they’re just tiny little ants running around in circles. Trump cares.


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7 Responses to “The arrogance and inhumanity of Nancy Pelosi.”
  1. Truthseeker says:

    I would like to think that all of this will still be in the forefront of people’s minds come November. It may be wishful thinking on my part but one can always hope.


  2. philjourdan says:

    Slight correction. The unemployment filings were for a single week. Not a month. And the next week will probably be bigger. Basically, almost every sit down restaurant has closed (except for takeout), so that is a huge chunk of them. Plus almost every store that does not sell food or TP has also closed or greatly reduced hours.

    I will add on the Pelousi thing – that even the sycophantic fake news could not cover for her this time. The financial crises of 2008 was about money. And Pelousi thought this was the same. But it is not. This one has money issues, but the fake news has made it about life and death for everyone. Pelousi was too stupid to understand the difference.


  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    In the part of South Australia I live the local bakeries have no tables, no cutlery, no plates only paper bags for takeaway. There are lines on the floor indicting where you should stand in line. Meanwhile quite a number of businesses (hotels, wineries) have announced that they are now supplying takeaway.
    It remains now for the authorities to try and stop people going out to pickup their takeaway meals.
    Federally, the Opposition (in parliament and the media) are also trying to stop the governments gaining any credit at all, including the Queensland Govt. threat to fine those who didn’t vote in the local government poll last Saturday. It must be something to do with FaceBook rotting their brain.


  4. Nessimmersion says:

    There is an increasingly strong probability that the economy has been crashed and millions thrown out of work due to the hysteriacs in govt being listened to instead of the adults.



  5. Pointman says:

    The first thing the Kennedy Centre did after receiving the $25million Pelosi extorted was to make an immediate donation to the Dem party election war chest of $5million. A kickback or what?



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