Steady the Buffs.

It’s an old military expression, I think mainly popularised by Rudyard Kipling. It’s come to mean hold your nerve, hang on in there, take whatever hurt is going to come your way, but in the end you’ll be able to advance with your fellow soldiers and it’ll be payback time. With this self-imposed isolation and lock down, I think surprisingly few people are starting to feel cabin crazy after a couple of weeks of it. Sometimes, that’s just as good as it gets, so you just have to contend with the situation.

I think though it’s not as hard as it could have been because of the technological advances in our lifetimes. There is a gregariousness about human beings that when denied contact with others for long periods, drives us up the walls. It’s why solitary confinement as a punishment for errant prisoners is so effective. What is mitigating this isolation is types of social media in its various forms.

You can phone each other because it’s cheap as chips these days, but you can also video call each other. It might not be the physical presence of a loved one, but it’s pretty damned close – you can see them, hear them and chat away, sometimes as a group using free video conferencing software for your phone or computer like Jitsi. You can use free apps like WhatsApp to exchange links, texts, pictures, videos and music.

As always, it’s not the apps, it’s the content that’s paramount. One of my nieces came up with the idea of everyone in what is a large extended family doing a mobile video of them receiving a loo roll from their right and simply passing it out of shot to their left. We’d all been laughing at the panic buying of loo rolls. We’re the practical lot stocking up on tinned foods in advance of the apocalypse. Across four continents and with a considerable amount of imagination and fun, the bog roll movie got shot and spliced together by her.

I’d like to share, but a lot of permissions would be required. She did a very good job of editing all of our contributions together. There’s an outta left field creative streak in our mob that makes boredom our most deadly enemy, so I’m expecting some more collective projects of one sort or another. I’m pretty certain there’s another clan cooperative piece coming down the road, but Lordy knows what it might be.

I’m in one of the high risk groups for health reasons, so I haven’t been out in my beloved garden for two weeks, but the large study window lets me see squirrels, foxes and Spring powering out of the ground. I’ve heard there’s an expectation that the coming hot weather will kill off the coronavirus, but there’s so much misinformation flying around, it’s hard to know who or what to believe, especially when you’ve a media who are as irresponsible as this.

When everyone faces a common enemy, it’s human nature to forget your differences and band together to fight it, but not it appears in these more enlightened days. I think the worst two offenders are first of all the media, who’re giving conflicting advice via expert sock puppets who’ve got exactly zero medical knowledge when you research them. All they want is sensation and more clicks, and who cares about how many people get killed in achieving their aim.

Senator Ted Cruz recently went on record to say the media are actually rooting for a massive death toll. It’s a debased, corrupt and totally irresponsible channel of information, and there still is a law against what’s generally called reckless endangerment, and it should be used on the media in these extreme circumstances. When a city has some kind of disaster, the jackal looters come out and in the end the army will be given orders to shoot them. It works very well.

Formerly prestigious organisations like the NY Times, CNN and MSNBC have become disgraces not only to journalism, but disgraces to humanity and their homeland in a time of its need. People are not stupid, and perhaps for the first time a lot of them are seeing them for what they really are, a spoilt brat, which is why their numbers are tanking. The irony is they’ve spent three years saying Trump is another Hitler, and they’re now howling at him for not placing even more draconian strictures on personal freedom. Any vestige, any notion of honesty, objectivity and fairness is no longer there, and the moral compass fell off the thundering bandwagon of liberal outrage long ago.

The other offender is the left-wing parties like the Democrats. In WWII, the Republicans and Democrats were essentially a coalition government for its duration. The same thing happened in Britain with the Conservative and Labour parties. Without that common sense, I suspect that war might have lasted a year or two longer, with a subsequently greater loss of life. But that’s not what’s happening these days.

Nancy Pelosi tried to blackmail Trump into including totally irrelevant far-left policies into his relief bill. She crumpled under popular outrage within two days, but how many lives were lost in those two days while she played partisan politics in Congress? He threw her a few scraps, but it was disgraceful behaviour in a time of national emergency. A democrat member of congress even on camera admitted he’d never vote for Trump’s relief bill because he didn’t want to give him a win. Adam Schiff is as we speak trying to launch yet another investigation into Trump for his handling of the pandemic. A governor of a state banned a drug Trump mentioned as a possible treatment and was subsequently found to have a large personal stash of the very same drug.

What is wrong with these people? They’d rather see people die and make some political point scoring than muck in to save lives.

The Democrat party has become nothing more than the party of spite and it’s totally focused on bringing down Trump, rather than alleviating the hardships the people who voted for them are now having to contend with. I wrote an article five years ago about why people had become very cynical about politics and parties, and in the subsequent years things two things happened. The Dems got massively worse, but it was counter balanced by the election of the Trumpie monster whose every move enrages them, and even more, he totally ignores them, which appears to be a force multiplier on the TDS front for both them and fake news.

As you’re reading this, Trump’s supplementary bill for an extra $250 billion for small business aid is being blocked by Pelosi and Schumer unless they get cash handouts for their pet projects and interested parties. They might be able to deepen a crash of the economy by such behaviour but the other side of the coin is that’s something Trump can definitely use against them in November, and people tend to have long memories when it comes to such blackmailing.

Basically, they’re Washington scum who’ll do anything to get back to the good ole days of swampland before the Trumpie monster came along. Between them, politicians and the media, forcing an even deeper crash of the economy to stand a chance in the 2020 elections is a good move in their minds because it’ll damage the monster, and never mind the estimated 17 million people already out of work and the Army Corps of Engineers on a crash project of building 22 new hospitals in the coming weeks.

You even find people wishing that anyone who doesn’t agree with their particular brand of far-left politics will catch it and die. A recent outbreak of real hate speech broke out on Facebook over Boris Johnson in intensive care on a ventilator fighting for his life. Perhaps most surprisingly, a lot of them were employed in legal firms. The traditional phrase is that the law is an ass, but employing such people in a profession where lawyer client confidentiality is paramount, shows whoever hired them in the first place was a complete ass. I wouldn’t be trusting them with an iota of personal information for fear of them leaking it to the media for political reasons.

Somebody even posted that they wish they’d catch it so they could go to a Trump rally and infect everyone. That’s not just a death threat, it’s terrorism and should be dealt with accordingly. One 9/11 was enough.

As I said, these people who’re so anti-society never mind community, are scum.

But early on, I could see the better and more common side of humanity. Ordinary decency. Nowadays, neighbours checking in with people living alone and fetching groceries and stuff for them and leaving it outside their door, we’ll settle up after this is all over or screw all that settling up arithmetic, half a million people answering the call by volunteering within 24 hours to run errands for the NHS to back the pressure off a bit, people in supermarket queues and shops thanking the person behind the till for taking the very real risk of turning up for work every day. Given the number of customers, it puts them in the prime infection danger zone.

It was a learning curve for me that started as a young man with watching one badly injured man giving comfort to another equally injured. I hoped I’d be man enough have that grace, generosity and selfless concern for another in similar circumstances. Most children are naturally takers but it’s a sign of maturity when they switch over to being givers. Becoming a parent produces people who either run away from their responsibilities or embrace them fiercely. A mother packing in as many happy experiences for her child who has cerebral palsy after the grim conversation with the doctor about how the stats were he’d be lucky to get past the single year digits of his life.

The picture above is a good actor portraying colour sergeant Frank Bourne who by all accounts was instrumental in stopping Rourke’s Drift being overrun on the same day of the Ishwandala disaster. I was lucky enough to stumble upon a recording of his grandson reading his account of the event. It’s remarkable, even after a century or so. Every auxiliary group deserted them, so being just over a hundred men facing thousands of savages, they were determined to stand, and by sticking together, they survived.

Steady the Buffs.


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9 Responses to “Steady the Buffs.”
  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Two possible typos:

    7th paragraph “exactly zero medial knowledge” MEDICAL knowledge?

    9th paragraph “perhaps for the first a lot of them are seeing them for what they really are”
    For the first TIME?

    Enjoyed this essay but I have cabin fever after one day enforced staying in. I, too, am in the danger zone age-wise. The appalling behaviour of the Dems shows all they have ever wanted is power (absolute) and money (lots of it). Fortunately, everything they do seems to make Trump stronger. Here, some extreme left MPs and union leaders are showing the same illness. Can’t see it doing them any good.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blackswan says:

    In times of uncertainty, such as this carefully engineered global pandemic, it’s in our own best interests to search for any positives that might be gleaned from such a negative situation.

    It’s now over a decade since the Climategate fraud was exposed … you know, those trustworthy “scientists” who manipulated climate data and swore to the “accuracy’ of their bogus computer models.

    There’s a distinct echo of deja vu right now, as reality bears little resemblance to the panic-inducing computer models currently destroying our Global Economy. (As the Tucker Carlson video on the RHS of this page illustrates.)

    One thing we were warned of back then was our ‘food security’, but nobody paid much attention. The WTO and the EU championed their ability to lengthen the ‘food miles’ of the ever-increasing range of products on our supermarket shelves, and we lapped (or rather, gobbled) them up with relish.

    The old advice of “shop local, eat seasonal” fell on deaf ears. Why bother making anything from ‘scratch’ when a bottle of this or a jar of that sat in neat rows on supermarket shelves? Well, now we know the consequences of being reliant on an ever-lengthening supply chain.

    Also, we are now aware of the folly of outsourcing our pharmaceutical and medical equipment needs, with President Trump having to invoke war-time production priorities to bring that offshore manufacture home. The price for not re-industrialising the West, especially after entrusting production to an aggressive hostile nation, is deadly. We have to be prepared to pay more for homegrown product; consider it an ‘investment’ in our children’s future.

    Right now, our biggest threat is from our own easily compromised and bought-off politicians, so it is up to us, We the People, to demand what we know to be in our own best interests. Lifesaving drug production independence being a priority. Energy independence servicing our industry being another.

    It’s up to us to decide those priorities, and use our discretionary spending accordingly. It’s our insatiable consumerism that powers a free-market economy, and it’s OUR responsibility to direct our wealth for an outcome that provides a future for our children and grandchildren.

    We’ve “settled” for the status quo for a long time – because it’s easier. After all, why rock the boat?

    Well, it’s a now a tsunami of manipulation and control from all directions that threatens to overturn this leaky boat we’re all paddling, and it’s up to us to keep our heads and grasp the tiller, taking us into calmer waters.

    This isn’t about “believing in” theories or individual leaders to get us out of this orchestrated maelstrom of fear – it’s about “believing in” ourselves and our inherent ability to prevail over adversity. Countless generations have done it before us (or we wouldn’t be here), so now it’s up to us to succeed.

    “Steady the Buffs” indeed.


    • Blackswan says:

      Climate Sceptics (whom I always preferred to call “Realists”) have always looked beyond the obvious propaganda blanketing the MSM, and sought the facts.

      This Global crisis is no different. Who are the players? What’s their agenda? What do they seek to gain at our expense?

      ‘Amazing Polly’ is a skilled Canadian researcher, with a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to seek the right dots and join them up, fearless in her exposure of disturbing documented truths.

      Watch this video, judge for yourself, and make your own inquiries to verify her research ….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Monica says:

    People in my area have adapted well to the new circumstances. Nobody wants to catch it nor pass it on to somebody else. It’s steady the Buffs time.


  4. Pointman says:

    Surgeon General Jerome Adams Challenges ‘Big Momma’ Political Media Firestorm

    The media scum at work really helping out.



  5. Russ Wood says:

    It’s a bit O/T, but that clip from the Film ‘Zulu’ at the top shows the background of the Drakensberg ‘Amphitheatre’ cliffs. The family used to stay in the hotel below the escarpment, where the cast stayed while filming. Great place – until the Parks Board closed the hotel…
    Meanwhile, back in urban South Africa, the lock-down has been extended, and the police seem to be just as bad at overreaction as the UK ones – just more violent. When (if?) the lock-down ends, lots of people will be wondering where their jobs have gone. The economy was in a bad way to start with, and the ANC government seemed intent on splurging huge amounts of tax money on civil serpent salaries, together with failing state enterprises. The big problem seems to be for the ‘masses’ – what will see them off first? Covid or starvation?


  6. Pointman says:

    Having used that picture from the movie Zulu, I watched it last night. Great story, great script, music by John Barry, good actors. What’s not to like? It’s aged very well.



  7. Pointman says:

    Dems Blocked Funds From Helping Americans, Feinstein Pitches Helping Iran Instead

    What is wrong with the Dem party? Ready to drive their own country into the ground just to get one man?


    Liked by 1 person

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