When you attack, you hit them with everything you’ve got, and all of it at the same time.

In last week’s article which was about the so-called deep state, I concluded.

“After months of congressional hearings that’ve gone absolutely nowhere, and since they’ve exhausted themselves and any credibility they ever had trying to scale a wall of nothing burgers, I suspect he’s finally decided the timing is right to start the counter offensive. They’re jaded and in disarray, so it’s the perfect moment for the hearings and investigations of them to begin.”

There’s been rumours for some time of a counterattack being mounted by a Trump administration being besieged on all sides, but nothing ever came of them. This time around and picking up on a few stray clues, I thought we might be seeing the start of the counterattack very soon, and that appears to be what’s begun to happen in the past week.

Judging by results for the last year, Trump plays the politics game better than any of the swampers in Washington but he brings an added dimension to his game – he thinks long term and at times in a very simple military manner, which is probably a result of his teenage education happening in a military academy.

It’s a commonly accepted rule of thumb in the army that you need roughly a three to one superiority in soldiers when attacking a well fortified position. If the defenders know what they’re doing, the attack will fail, which is one of those perfect opportunities to catch a wounded and demoralised force which has just lost a battle and is in full retreat.

We’ve had nearly eight months of politically inspired congressional investigations by the Democrats into supposed Russian collusion in getting Trump elected with the end result of proving exactly nothing, except how irrelevant they were being to the national mood. I saw a survey which yielded the statistic 6% as representing the number of voters who thought there was anything in the Russian thing.

The take away from all those months of fruitless witch hunting was they gradually eroded the respect the ordinary voter had in them as a coherent political party in touch with the real everyday concerns of Americans. They and all the fake news media outlets like CNN and the NY Times ran continuously “nothing burger” stories about a Trump Russian connection, to the point where they lost all journalistic integrity, never mind large numbers of consumers of their news product.

While all this quite frankly juvenile displacement activity was going on, Trump razed the meager accomplishments of the Obama regime to the ground and implemented his own policies – all of this barely commented on by a Russia fixated congress and a mass media sharing the same obsessive compulsive disorder.

For the months these phony investigations were running, Trump barely acknowledged them, secure that his twin objectives were being met. Get his agenda through with no more than the usual partisan obstruction and let the media themselves destroy any shred of credibility they had with the public. There’s always loose ends, but while the former objective has still some legislative miles to travel, the second one has been a run away success.

The timing of a counterattack is perfect, and that’s what happened this week and will continue into next year.

On Thursday the House Judiciary Committee wrote to AG Jeff Sessions and the Deputy AG requesting they provide a special counsel to investigate the activities of most of the notables in the previous administration; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice among others.

The ground to be covered includes; the Clinton email server scandal, her deletion of 30,000 emails, her mishandling of classified information, her Clinton Foundation pay to play abuse while being in the office of Secretary of State, Comey’s decision not to prosecute her never mind even mildly censure, Lynch misleading the public about the emails investigation, her meeting at a remote airport with the husband of someone currently under FBI investigation, the DOJ’s and FBI’s mishandling of the email investigation, the illegal surveillance of political enemies, Comey leaking confidential conversations with the president to the press, the unmasking, the immunity deals handed out to senior members of the administration and a lot more. A comprehensive list of areas to be investigated can be found on the committee’s letter to AG Sessions.

If that wasn’t a bad enough can of worms to open up and dump all over the Democrat’s heads, Sessions has demanded a detailed audit of all payments made for the last ten years out of what was called the DOJ slush fund that he’d already closed down, which was there to use the punitive fines the DOJ extracted from companies as donations to bona fide charities.

All those benefiting organisations by law should only have been charities, with political activist groups specifically excluded. In Washington circles, the fund was cynically known as the liberal slush fund because of all the extreme left political groups it was used to funnel money to.

The next blow came from a FOIA request of emails from the FBI which has indicated an unprecedented degree of collusion between the DOJ and the media to suppress reporting of Lynch’s meeting with Clinton. Remember, Comey originally lied when he said the FBI had no emails on the meeting. Yet another occasion when he was being economical with the truth.

Hard on the heels of that lot came claims that an investigation should be made into Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the activities around her employing a network expert who’s since been arrested for bank fraud and also is suspected of selling confidential if not classified information to Islamic extremist groups. That investigation I suspect won’t be needed, the police will flip him and in return for a lighter sentence, he’ll spread shit in all directions. Now’s the time to engage a good criminal lawyer Debbie.

Attention turned to bringing the media to heel on Friday with the simultaneous arrest of four leakers and them being charged immediately with leaking classified information. Patently, that was the fruit of a very stealthy investigation that had been running for some time. Examples will be made, with people actually going to prison. The Trump administration has a very hard and different attitude to those who choose to betray their country than Obama’s. Quite the reverse actually.

The other hammer blow that fell this week on the media was AG Sessions saying that a review was going to happen of subpoenas to be served on journalists who were in receipt of and publishing classified information. In generations gone by, journalistic integrity enforced the unwritten rule that nothing was to be published that put the lives of American servicemen or agents of the US government at risk.

In the age of a feral media, that unspoken rule has long fallen by the wayside. They publish everything and anything just to get internet hits, and to hell with whoever it gets killed.

The real problem the media will have with the DOJ’s possibly changing the Rules of Engagement with them, is they’ve fallen so deeply out of favour with the common person, any new restrictions to be placed on them by government will either be welcomed or met with complete indifference rather than raising some massive howl of public outrage. That was always Trump’s long game to deal with them and it’s worked beautifully. They’ve been thoroughly marginalised and have few friends left except beyond the discredited Left.

If you think all of those things happened to occur in such a short time frame, you’re not recognising a counterattack in progress and the golden rule involved with doing one – go after them with overwhelming force and keep pouring in the troops to maintain the pressure. Keep them on the back foot, going backwards, fix them on ground of your choosing and then destroy them.

There are so many real scandals involving so many high profile people, that the investigations will still be running strongly next year, just in time to do the most reputational damage to the Democrats in the interim congressional elections. Most of them will take a bullet for Obama, but you never quite know with people who indulge in criminal activities. That’s what took down the Mafia, the under bosses sold out the godfathers.

It’s the result that always occurs when a deep thinker in absolutely no rush deals with short attention span prima donnas whose thinking only extends to their next sound bite moment in the sun. The thinkers always play the long game, which is terra incognita to the ephemerals.

On entering the presidential race, he was given zero chance; a joke. One by one, he took out each of his GOP opponents until he was the only one left. For reasons of pure political snobbery, the last person the Republic party wanted running against Clinton was him, and yet against the vehement wishes of the party’s grandees, he became their party’s presidential candidate. In the head to head against Clinton, he was given no chance at all of him winning, and yet he did.

If you want to stack all that up as just happy end to end flukes by some populist idiot rather than someone who was all along out thinking the lot of them, you’re his kind of opposition.


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38 Responses to “When you attack, you hit them with everything you’ve got, and all of it at the same time.”
  1. 42david says:

    Thanks Pointy.

    More good stuff to bait the anti-Trumpers with..

    And I love the cover photo. Our mob could do with a few squadrons of these.

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  2. Margaret Smith says:

    Thanks. I need the optimism of these articles, especially after reading a Tony Heller piece recently about the depth and breadth of the ‘establishment’ swamp.

    I believe a Dem was going to start impeachment proceedings. TV here proclaimed this and that Russia would be Trump’s Watergate….then nothing more.
    All this is nothing if not exciting – a real case of Cometh the Hour; Cometh the Man.

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  3. Blackswan says:


    “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small.” A tad too slowly for my liking and a darn sight not small enough!

    Your article has given me new hope on all fronts.

    In recent years, having waited patiently for ‘justice’ to catch up with Australia’s recent (and current) cabal of criminally corrupt Prime Ministers, politicians and bureaucrats I waited in vain for the Clinton Crime Family to be called to account by the Trump Administration, and for those crooks to be made to answer to the American People for their heinous crimes, hoping such prosecutions might prod our own Federal Law Officers to get off their collective butts and throw a few of our own crooks in prison.

    To date, all our corrupt politicians have been sheltered behind a wall of collective arse-covering by a System THEY designed to do exactly that. It’s been a disgraceful in-yer-face denial of justice and accountability to the People and the Law.

    Hopefully, as the investigations and prosecutions gather momentum in the USA, it will be the catalyst for a flood of similar action around the world and the Clintons’ political partners-in-crime here, and elsewhere, will finally answer for their brazen in-plain-sight corruption.

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  4. What I need right now is a call to action in the form of a “March on Washington” by old fogies like me driving large vehicles like SUVs and RVs. We should get as near Pennsylvania Avenue as possible with the aim of creating total gridlock until the GOP leadership pledge to keep the promises they made to get elected. If they can’t do that they must resign.


  5. Pointman says:

    PERJURY=> Loretta Lynch LIED UNDER OATH – Told Trey Gowdy She Only Uses Official Email (Video)


    An ex AG lying her head off to a congressional hearing and caught in video. He was right, Washington is a swamp.

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    • philjourdan says:

      I would not put much stock in that. Her predecessor, Holder, was found in contempt of congress. Nothing was ever done.

      This is the Trump show, not the Republican’s show.


    • Pointman says:

      He was indeed Phil, but this is a Trump administration rather than an Obama one. Trump’s history is never one of forgive or forget when it comes to an enemy. His inclination is always to crush them unless there’s an angle in it for him. That becomes their only escape.

      “Everyone knows for sure a lot of false information about Trump, but there’s two things all the people who actually know him agree on. The first is that he’s a loyal friend, almost to a fault. He uses his money to help out individuals he meets and never uses such private generosity for publicity purposes. He’s been hurt on several occasions by people mistaking his kindness as some invitation to abuse it, and throwing a media tizzy when he cut them off.

      The second is, if you cross him, he’s relentless and will make it his business to get even with you in the end, no matter how long that might take”

      From – https://thepointman.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/an-analysis-of-the-trump-election-victory/

      He’ll crush his way through the underlings over the next few until he reaches the person who’s always been his true target – Barack Hussein Obama.

      “This is the Trump show, not the Republican’s show.” – A huge amount of truth in that remark.



  6. Pointman says:

    DOJ Releases 400-Plus Pages of Lynch-Clinton Meeting Emails – After Comey’s FBI Said No Records Existed



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    • Graeme No.3 says:

      Hot on the heels of the fiddling of data by the australian BoM comes news of deliberate destruction of some data. see JoNova.
      There will be what one author descibed as a biological action; the animals form a circle with the weak and feeble within and horns projecting out towards the attackers. The problem for the establishment is that the BoM hasn’t filled the public with confidence in its abilities for the last 10 years or more. Despite their faith they may find it necessary to send out a sacrifice or rather a scapegoat.

      PS great attack, pour in reinforcements.

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  7. philjourdan says:

    I have long since stopped trying to read the “present” when it comes to Trump. I am always looking for the “angle”. The left derides Trump as a simpleton and idiot. Yet as you noted, he always seems to be one step ahead of the opposition. He is not the smartest man on the planet, but he is one of the smartest. So their beliefs about him seem to be more wishful thinking than any in depth analysis.

    I have been expecting that his lack of activity with regards to the leaks and attacks was a grander scheme he was playing. I think he has played the Russian collusion piece to the maximum, and has done a lot with that. As you also noted, diminishing the opposition with their incessant promises with no returns. My problem is that I am not as smart as Trump, nor have the business acumen so do not know when it is time to spring the trap or pull the rug. So I sit back and enjoy the show, and for the first time in a very long time, without knowing the end result (my son hates that about me with movies and books – I have figured out the criminals and the plots before it is half over).

    I read your blog for several reasons, but not the least of which is being an outsider to the US. While you have your biases and preconceived notions, they are not tainted by the steady din of the US Media or the left over here. I am sure the left in the UK hates Trump as well, but they have other fish to fry, so they only mention him at times, and not all the time.

    It is going to be an interesting year. I suspect that, unlike the Russian probe, we are going to be treated to releases continually from now until the election in 2018. And then Trump’s next trap will be sprung.

    A final note on your article. DWS can lawyer up all she wants. But she is not a smart person. My only question is “Will she roll?”. She is going down.

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  8. Pointman says:

    Trump Launches ‘Real News’ Broadcast; Fake Media Goes Nuts.


    On Sunday, Trump announced the launch of his own TV channel. When you’ve got them going backwards, hit them harder, and keep doing it.

    CNN has been put on suicide watch. I think he only did it to hear the media liberals squealing like stuck pigs.



  9. Pointman says:

    Despite MSM Ridicule, New ‘Trump TV’ Draws Millions of Views.


    You can almost taste the fear in medialand. All he has to do now is start his own newspaper and the fake news shitheads are finished for sure.



  10. Geoff Sherrington says:

    The suspense is unnerving. You can see Trump plans unfolding, you can agree that you would go for similar outcomes, so you cheer him on — but knowing that in that political shark tank, just one slip and he might be gone. Suddenly, with no similar talent in sight to carry on. Geoff


  11. NoFixedAddress says:


    This was posted at Catallaxyfiles and may be worthy of including in your side bar,

    Some alternatives to Google



  12. Pointman says:

    Trump Attorney: Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Scandal Linked DIRECTLY to Obama White House (VIDEO)


    If it’s true, another hammer blow. Strange it should come from an attorney of Trump …



  13. Pointman says:

    Watchdog Files Complaint Against DNC For Colluding With Ukraine During The Election


    And another blow. The counterattack rolls on.



  14. Pointman says:

    Report: Hillary Email Investigation Reopened, Plea Bargain Offered.


    Amazingly good timing about how this leaked out just at this moment.



  15. Pointman says:

    Judge orders new searches for Clinton Benghazi emails.


    Coming to end of week 2 of the counterattack, and all the scandals the swampers thought were safely behind them are suddenly coming alive again.



  16. Pointman says:

    A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack


    I don’t think this comes as a surprise to anybody.


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  17. Pointman says:

    TRUMP JUST WON: His Laywer Just Leaked Loretta Lynch’s Worst Nightmare on Live TV


    I wouldn’t say he’s won, but slowly the Tarmac meeting is being linked back to the WH.



  18. Pointman says:

    GOP Rep. Demands Mueller Testify In Public Congressional Hearing Over ‘Conflicts of Interest’ With Hillary Clinton


    An suddenly there are calls to investigate the witchfinder general himself. He and Comey have been best pals for years …



  19. Pointman says:

    Wasserman Schultz IT Staffer Indicted By Grand Jury On 4 Counts.


    It’s getting closer and closer to Debbie and she’s still sort of sticking up for them. Perhaps there’s something in the blackmail angle after all.

    Strange innit how there’s been nary a mention of the Russians since the Trump Summer offensive began.



    • philjourdan says:

      Strange innit how there’s been nary a mention of the Russians since the Trump Summer offensive began.

      I know your comment is rhetorical as we both know why. What we do not know is how Trump is playing this. For the first time in a long time, the government is looking like a good movie, where the end is NOT known 10 minutes into the drama. That is almost as much fun as watching the left’s heads explode.


  20. Pointman says:

    Federal judge to FBI: Yeah, no, you have to release the Hillary e-mail documents


    New Evidence Reveals Comey Exonerated Hillary Before Key Witness Interviews


    The long slow agony of the Obama legacy deconstruction continues as the summer offensive grinds its way inexorably through the underlings Clinton and Comey towards the real target.



    • Blackswan says:

      One overlooked facet of the “deconstruction” of the entire Obama administration, is Trump’s recent presidential pardon of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio on a concocted criminal contempt conviction.

      What the NYTimes and every other MSM puppet is doing, in failing to connect the dots, is to obstruct any reminder that it was Joe Arpaio’s forensic team who, after a 5 year investigation, proved conclusively that Obama’s purported birth certificate (and every other bit of documentation offered to prove his eligibility for office as POTUS) … were computer-generated forgeries used to perpetrate one of the greatest frauds in world history.


      Trail-blazing investigative journalist Diana West covers this issue in a radio interview five years ago …

      Trump is indeed getting all his ‘ducks in a row’ before taking out the lot of them when his federal prosecutions finally get under way. It’ll be fun to watch the toxic sludge levels drop as the swamp begins to drain.


  21. Pointman says:

    It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s


    “The thing to understand, what has always been the most important thing to understand, is that Jim Comey was out in front, but he was not calling the shots.”

    Closer and closer to Obama.



    • Blackswan says:

      Obama blatantly lied when he said he had no knowledge of Clinton’s home basement servers, but a subsequent Wikileaks disclosure proved that not only had Obama been communicating with her on those servers, he had been using an anonymous ‘tag’ to do so.

      A classic example of ‘mens rea’ if ever there was one.


  22. Pointman says:

    Judge orders feds to release details of Clinton email probe after FBI refused request


    The net’s closing.



  23. Pointman says:

    Maryland Judge Demands Bar Investigation Of Hillary Aides Who Helped Destroy Private Emails.




  24. Pointman says:

    GOP Senator: Two Witnesses Exist Who Testified Against Comey – Say He Knew He Wouldn’t Prosecute Hillary Months Before Probe Ended.




    • Blackswan says:

      “Gowdy, ….. predicted that the probe wouldn’t change the outcome of the Clinton email investigation. But he said it’s a worthwhile effort to restore confidence in the Department of Justice.”

      Wouldn’t change the outcome? Why not? Isn’t that the point of furthering the investigation?

      If this whole charade is about restoring “confidence” in the DoJ then, without prosecuting Clinton, Comey, Lynch and every other party to the Clintons’ crimes, then it’s a futile effort.

      The Swamp simply becomes more rancid.


  25. Pointman says:

    FEC Complaint Alleges Hillary, DNC Broke Election Law By Not Disclosing Trump-Russia Dossier Funding.


    and then …

    FBI informant in Obama-era Russian nuclear bribery cleared to testify before Congress.


    Another thread in the tapestry of deceit begins to unravel. The DNC have already started to throw Hillary under the bus.



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