An analysis of the Trump election victory 2016.

A few days ago, all the pundits and experts were telling the world that there was no way Trump could win and assuring us with 95% certainty that Hillary Clinton was going to win. Now, exactly the same bunch of media-savvy, televisual, every fang capped, not a harsh word of disagreement between the lot of them, irrelevanceroes and irrelevancettes are telling us with equal certainty how he won and she lost.

And we’re supposed to be stoopid enough to listen to the people we ignored before the election? Are they for real? They were wrong then and they’re wrong now.

I’m gonna tell you in my own opinionated way why he actually won and why she actually lost, and contrary to the soundbite infolite explanations being rammed down your throat in the mainstream media, there were several factors at work, nearly all of which the political pundits and pollsters of the media were totally ignorant of before the election, and still persist in not seeing in its aftermath.

Like a number of political bloggers, I’ve been drawing attention for a long time to the developing popular forces which would make the 2016 result or something like it inevitable at some point. If you hear the faint refrain of a brass section as you read this piece, it’s just me taking the opportunity to blow my own trumpet.

Brexit was a foreshock of the earthquake which was going to hit America with Trump’s election win, but the reasons behind it were very much the same.

Having done the longish prologue and thereby disposed of the TLDR snowflakes with their reading age of twelve and the brain-damaged attention span of a fly who has already forgotten the pane of glass they crashed head first into 1.2 seconds ago, let’s all gather in the library and begin the grand denouement with the ever popular blame game.

Names will be named, blame will be apportioned, the guilty will skip away scot-free and as usual the innocent will be punished severely. There are of course no innocents, since they’re still guilty, if only because they were careless enough to allow themselves to become victims. Life is cruel, and then you have to banish yourself to Canada.

The first guilty one is Barack Obama. He was elected on a wave of euphoria to dispel the not quite yet runt end of the Bush dynasty and a policy slogan that consisted of nothing more than we can do it, but actually nobody quite knew what the “it” was and therefore how it was to be done. As it turned out, the it consisted of nothing better than standing transfixed like a deer in the road at night while the headlights of successive crises bore down on him and he wimped out every time.

All the big dictators in the world and even the little tin-pot ones who made tinny but big noises in social media, sniffed that weakness about him as all predators naturally do and his selections for Secretary of State to take the heat off him in dealing with such nasty people didn’t improve the situation.

First up was Hillary Clinton who was prone to advocating regime change and war, but could also be bribed fairly easily via hubby’s Foundation but she was eventually fired by Obama after simply too many foreign policy disasters and when her usage of an office of state for pay-to-play access became too outrageous, even by the standards of the notoriously corrupt Clintons. She was replaced by the totally inept but supposedly harmless John Kerry.

This bozo’s thumb was so far up his butt hole, he genuinely believed that global warming was the biggest threat to America, rather than boring things like plain old terrorism that had already killed three thousand Americans or an expansionist Putin rolling up the Ukraine like it was the Sudetenland in the good old days.

Needless to say, he was dispatched off to Antarctica on a fact-finding mission for the duration of the recent election. One loose cannon at a time, please. If America ever dodged a bullet, it was him losing in a previous presidential race.

After eight years of spineless incompetents in charge of it and major U-turns every few years driven by foreigners just saying No, American foreign policy, like its prestige, sunk to new lows around the world. You needed some money? Just do what the Iranians do, kidnap a few Yanks and the Great Satan will cough up millions to get them back, though it’ll be disguised as some sort of foreign aid donation.

There was no way the media could put a positive spin on that disastrous state of affairs, though they tried to project it as a new cuddly caring America, but the average American didn’t like the situation. There is still only one superpower in the world, and why it had to constantly apologise for its existence and eat a steady diet of humble crow from various arsecracks around the world didn’t sit well with them either.

At the end of Obama’s first term, I couldn’t escape that nagging feeling he was just someone so completely out of his depth, he just desperately wanted someone, anyone, to relieve him of the responsibility of having to make hard decisions that would almost certainly result in someone shouting at him whatever he did.

He had that desperate cornered creature look, but there was to be no escape. The neo-liberal media knew it was them single-handedly who’d got themselves a real black elected as president, and they were determined he’d run for another four years and they’d beatify him at the end of it.

Against a background of an ignored middle America consisting of blue-collar Whites, Blacks and Latinos who were buggered if they could see what he’d done for them, if anything, the media went full on adulation, the cult of personality as the Communists call it bloomed and got him re-elected despite the Democratic vote falling.

The sheer totality of the all singing, all dancing media snow job had convinced any opposition that even turning up at a voting booth would be a futile gesture, but the unnoticed dark spot of sin at the heart of that accomplishment was that a lot of Democratic voters didn’t bother to turn up either, since every organ of the media was trumpeting (no pun intended) Obama as a shoo in. He was duly shooed in and another four years of massively accomplishing nothing much of note ensued.

Alarm bells should have been going off in several quarters, but they were drowned out in the general euphoria of believing that since everyone moving in their political/media circle found it an agreeable result, it therefore represented the will of the American people.

It didn’t. Far from it.

It represented nothing more than moneyed interests and the media getting their way and the virtual capitulation of what’s now called the great forgotten in the democratic process, since obviously it was a whippy dippy juggernaut of the twenty-first century and they were by now the surplus to requirements people, elements of humanity laying by the trackside of a glorious, prosperous country like a train hammering along past them at breakneck speed, which somehow seemed to have bypassed their dying local communities.

Though few were aware of it, his re-election marked the high water point of a monolithic media’s influence and power to distort a nation’s political narrative to suit a liberal agenda. There was still at that point an implicit trust that the mass media were somehow impartial in the finest tradition of journalism. This simply wasn’t true, and Obama’s unexpected re-election when people compared notes on why he was pretty useless, began the steady deterioration of trust in it, and trust once lost is never quite regained.

Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate he defeated was advocating nothing startling in terms of policy and indeed was so middle of the road on most controversial issues, that he could have run on a Democratic ticket. From the viewpoint of the forgotten people, there was actually no difference between politicians of the left or right, except the media could always be relied to push the Democrat cause while at the same coming down hard on whichever anodyne suit on wheels the Republicans were currently rolling out.

Not only in America, but around the world, people became disillusioned with a mainstream politics, which seemed to offer nothing but a choice between virtual clones, whose policies while pandering to various vanishing small minorities, did nothing to alleviate the problems the general populace were having to contend with.

Indeed, if you were concerned with mass immigration and the resulting plunge in your wages, you were howled down by the mob as a racist. Whatever it was that concerned you and didn’t agree with what appeared to have become the all-powerful state’s official line, there was a knee-jerk insult ending in “ist” to dismiss you.

The simple reality is that if you spend years screaming racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot, Neanderthal or whatever at people who don’t agree with your patently superior view, they become resistant to such abuse. You may have howled them down and banned their access to the mainstream media to express themselves, but they haven’t gone away and inevitably all you’re doing is building up a well of smouldering frustration which will express itself in the end.

It wasn’t just trust in the media which was damaged, but also the reputations of several institutions which had hitherto been perceived as the objective guardians of the rights and freedoms of the common people, because they were supposed to be invulnerable to grubby political machinations or pressures.

The Attorney General, the highest law officer in America and the head of the Department of Justice (DoJ), was caught flying into an airport and in a secluded part of it boarding the private jet of Bill Clinton for a harmless discussion in which everyone was supposed to believe the then running investigation of his wife Hillary wasn’t mentioned. Immediately after this innocuous meeting, she flew directly back to Washington.

A fish, as the proverb says, rots from the head down, and WikiLeaks uncovered emails from people inside the DoJ breaking every conceivable rule of ethical behaviour for officers of the court by briefing the Clinton campaign on the progress of investigations into the Foundation and the Clintons.

The reputation of the FBI may never recover from what was seen not only externally but also internally by its own people as political interference in prosecuting offences for which anyone else in the country but Clinton would have been tried. The director Comey called off the first investigation after rumours of political pressure and suffered a wave of resignations from the FBI in protest. He then reinstated the investigation for a number of days before calling it off again.

The message hometown America took away from the behaviour of people running the DoJ and the FBI was that there was one law for the little people like them, and another law for rich and powerful people like the Clintons. That was a huge thing for an America that swore allegiance to the flag in the sure and certain conviction that nobody was above the law. They’d kicked that idea out with George III.

I’ve heard it said that in the wake of the election result and the revelations of its shameless acts of partisanship which went diametrically against any idea of journalistic ethics, the mainstream media is dead. It’s not dead, but the unquestioning trust it once enjoyed from middle America is – and after losing that, the writing is pretty much on the wall, albeit a few lingering years hence. In its current irredeemable shape, I can see it slowly fading away.

It’s extraordinary behaviour was revealed by WikiLeaks. It and prominent individuals disgraced themselves by doing things like leaking live debate questions in advance, asking the Democratic campaign what questions they could pin Trump with and worse, but what really came across was them working hand in glove with the Clinton campaign and determined to sink the Trump one.

The incisive investigative reporting it should have been doing was completely absent, and yet again that function had to be performed by the young Turks of the new media in the shape of Project Veritas, whose covert penetration and videos of Democratic party associates plotting criminal activities to get Clinton elected revealed the dark underbelly of an organisation whose driving directive was to win by any means possible, whether legal or not. It revealed a dirty side of politics that most people found simply cynical and repulsive.

The central problem is the people supposed to be journalists are deeply compromised by the notion that the end justifies the means. You only print good spin on the people and policies you approve of, while suppressing the reporting of anything negative. On the other side of the coin, while dealing with people and policies you don’t approve of, you make sure to print nothing but negative stories, whether true or not, and anything good ends up on the spike.

I used the adjective irredeemable because the Soviet style, think alike, herd mentality is the result of conditioning in tertiary education, where only a liberal viewpoint on any controversial topic is tolerated, and it’s for that reason it’s often called the legacy media by the upstarts of the internet journalism age. They simply know they’re fighting for a higher cause rather than doing fuddy-duddy, old-fashioned journalism.

In America as elsewhere, the printed truth has now become a very malleable concept, possibly because Bill Clinton relaxed the monopoly legislation around media ownership, resulting in it all being concentrated in the hands of only four massive companies who operate quite comfortably with each other. What sort of kickback Bill got out of that concession is yours to speculate on.

What’s truly appalling is that the media world-wide has the same attitudes and the same dismissive way of dealing with dissenting viewpoints.

The pollsters, like the all-knowing political pundits, ended up with egg all over their face. How could such a glittering assemblage of political expertise honed to a fine point by years of experience inside and outside election campaigns have got it so badly wrong?

The short answer is they’re not all-knowing but mainly media people with enough of a smattering of political vocabulary to sound authoritative. They’re only knowledgeable about business as usual politics, if that, and both suffer from the almost incurable habit of only talking to each other or people in their strata rather than Bob the Builder or Betty the Waitress.

If they been bothered enough to get off their lazy backsides and away from a computer screen for one evening a week, they’d soon have seen the “surprise” the electorate was going to give them, and contrary to the latest conspiracy theory doing the rounds in the aftermath of the election, none of Trump’s voters were proclaiming themselves to be Democrats until they got inside the polling booth and double crossed everyone. Their evolution of their voting intentions was always there to be heard, if only the pundits had listened in the right places.

All these supposed wizards of political prophecy had to do was find an ordinary bar or diner off main street frequented by ordinary people; the kind with absolutely zero chance of bumping into one of their esteemed colleagues. If they made a few friends there, or just listened to the conversations around them, they’d have seen the lit fuse sizzling its way towards the dynamite conclusion of the election.

They forgot the cardinal rule of any research – always go for raw data and process it yourself, otherwise you’re just as likely to be working on someone else’s assumptions and errors. They didn’t and judging by their ridiculous excuses for their piss poor performance, they won’t in future either. You can safely ignore them.

Again, they’re another group whose reputation for impartiality has been severely compromised in this election. If you know something about the statistical processing of raw data, which I do, it wasn’t a long stretch to see how they’d been massaging the results by various devious means, to the point where their polls while being essentially debased, pointed without exception to a Clinton victory.

Even allowing for a blanket ownership of the mainstream media, the Democratic party should have known better than to sandbag the only change candidate their own deeply disenchanted followers longed for, Bernie Sanders. As is shown yet again by the Wikeleaks material, they conspired with Clinton and her campaign to get him shunted out of the primaries phase, and succeeded in doing exactly that.

When you add in the dirty tricks the party was up to such as paying people to turn up at Trump rallies and be violent, bussing in phoney voters, accepting contributions knowing full well that they were in contravention of Electoral Laws and so much more, so bloody grubby much more, the party really needs to have a stiff house clean, but I fear they’re faced with an Augean Stable task.

To a smaller extent, the Republican party revealed itself to have become a weak pushover in the face of the Trump steam roller. Their determination and failure to run their preferred type of losing candidate against Clinton nearly resulted in a schism of the party. Yet again in this election cycle, supposedly politically savvy people acted like petulant children, resulting in a uniquely tepid support of their presidential candidate.

The standout individuals of that party such as Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani who supported Trump loyally once he’d won the nomination will do well in his new administration, but as for the rest, they’re doomed to four years in the wilderness. What they’re about to find out is when you cross Donald Trump you do so at your own risk, because he doesn’t do kiss and forget. Not ever.

The real problem with both parties was that they wanted to do business as usual in the face of an electorate who were asking for change. The democrats got away with running their establishment candidate, but they were so out of touch with down home America that they couldn’t see that the Clinton brand, whether sporting bollocks or a vagina, was quite simply so toxic with large swathes of the electorate that no amount of media spin could perfume its pathway into the White House.

Let’s turn to the man of the moment, President-elect Donald Trump, because he’s the most enigmatic and puzzling person in the whole sorry tale. Given the dearth of accurate information about him and the sheer volume of deliberate misinformation courtesy of the debased mainstream media, researching him has been an interesting but challenging experience.

For someone who came to public prominence on a reality TV show, he simply doesn’t leak personal information, which is a trait I found intriguing. Stopping people who’re running for public office talking about themselves is usually a monumental task in itself. The enigma that’s Trump simply doesn’t do that. He’s more prone to listen than talk in one to one situations, again an unusual pattern, but at the end of all the listening, a snap but shrewd decision is made.

He’s an amazingly private person. The straight names and dates stuff about him is all there and easily findable, but scratching beneath the surface to find out what actually makes him tick takes some real sleeves-rolled-up determined research. There are nuggets of personal information about him scattered in out of the way places, but invariably by people he’d helped out quietly. They do attest to a strong character with some deep motivations that’ll keep driving him onwards. He’ll never retire.

Getting an idea of the true character of any person is a process of collecting small personal but telling details about them. It’s like gathering pieces of a puzzle and fitting them together to get a picture beneath the presentation surface of them. He neither drinks nor smokes, which are unusual attributes for a man in high-stakes business. It’s a puzzling detail which when you do enough deep-dive research into him you find an older brother whom he adored but who killed himself on alcohol, smoking and other excesses.

You may have noticed in his acceptance speech, everyone in the family got a mention, including that decades-gone brother. His history is he never abandons a loved one or a friend, even a dead one.

He comes from money, but by New York standards, a modest amount of money and certainly not what’s called old money – it was all earned by his Dad who showed him the essentials of how to do business. Although he’s always moved easily in that well-heeled NY circle, he’s been sociable enough but he never appeared to settle into it comfortably. As a businessman and entrepreneur, he’s had his fair share of booms and busts, and perhaps having looked into the abysses a few times, he’d be one of the very few of the ultra rich who knew what losing it all felt like.

Look at the picture above, he’s wearing a thousand dollar suit and the working men surrounding him are what’s commonly called shitkickers or construction workers in ground zero America, the real backbone America, and yet he’s as comfortable with them as they are with him. Not many billionaires can pull that one off.

If you want to get a feel for him, ignore everything that’s been written about him and instead just watch his major speeches in their entirety. It’s not high oratory, never Lincolnesque, but you can feel the connection he makes with his listeners and their connection back to him. In the end, people went to his rallies because the word of mouth about him was just go and see the frigging guy for yourself, and to hell with what the media was saying about him. While towards the end of the campaign Hillary had to have crowds photoshopped into her rally pictures, trump was filling successively larger venues.

Despite the Clinton campaign’s more virtuous than thou catch phrase of “when they go low, we go high” the reverse is actually true. If they could find a low blow to hit him with or simply had to make one up, they used it. He on the other hand never said a word about the obviously fragile medical condition of Hillary Clinton. When the Clinton campaign insisted on a stool for her, and him having to have one too as a prerequisite to one of the debates, he acceded to the request without comment.

A campaign aide suggested that a few minutes into the debate he should make a show of moving his stool to the back of the platform, leaving her with the stark choice of either stumbling around the stage unsupported or keeping hold of the chair, Trump replied – that’s their way of doing business, it’s not mine. The stools stayed where they were for the debate.

That’s decent but it’s also very classy. He’s always massively determined to win, but not at the price of breaking his own standards of conduct.

Everyone knows for sure a lot of false information about Trump, but there’s two things all the people who actually know him agree on. The first is that he’s a loyal friend, almost to a fault. He uses his money to help out individuals he meets and never uses such private generosity for publicity purposes. He’s been hurt on several occasions by people mistaking his kindness as some invitation to abuse it, and throwing a media tizzy when he cut them off.

The second is, if you cross him, he’s relentless and will make it his business to get even with you in the end, no matter how long that might take. A very pertinent example will illustrate this. Out of the blue in 2011, Obama invited Trump to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It was an ambush. In what was possibly the most tasteless display of presidential authority to publically humiliate a private individual, Obama delivered a carefully rehearsed script intended to do nothing more than crush Trump.

It was an ill-judged twenty-minute piece of self-indulgence as well as the worst mistake of Obama’s entire life. If there’s one thing I’m sure he’d like to take back from his entire presidency, that bad bad decision to humiliate Trump in a room full of hundreds of people would be it, and you could see it on his face last Thursday when they met for the ritual presidential handover pleasantries.

Trump sat through the whole humiliation in granite-like silence surrounded by hundreds of the great and the good of Washington who were having a good old snigger at his expense, but I’m willing to bet you that experience was the moment Trump decided to run for president, if only to disassemble every shred of that decidedly modest set of accomplishments referred to as Obama’s legacy.

Climate change action, the EPA, cosy government funding of quasi-political activist organisations, lavish funding of UN white elephants, reversing every executive order with a stroke of the pen – he won’t leave two bricks of Obama’s legacy stacked atop of each other, and when he’s finished, he’ll bulldoze the bricks and dust of it all into the Hudson river; and nobody of consequence will care.

They’re not sniggering now.


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33 Responses to “An analysis of the Trump election victory 2016.”
  1. philjourdan says:

    As you say, listening to the media that got everything wrong is going to give you the wrong answers. And I agree. I found your analysis to be harsh, but fairly accurate. I will correct one thing (and again it is merely opinion at this point). Clinton planned to leave in 2012 so she could prepare for her 2016 run, so she was not actually fired. However, there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas so Obama was not sorry to see her go either.

    However, Clinton was the embodiment of the Obama Foreign policy. As such, she was merely the vessel, not the steering wheel. That was all Obama. He never would learn about foreign policy, and indeed that will be a major part of his legacy – his abject failure in that area.


  2. catweazle666 says:

    “…and assuring us with 95% certainty…”

    97% surely!


  3. paul says:

    Good article. You write a lot like you were inside my head mining my thoughts.
    Speaking of my head, if someone had held a gun to it & told me not to do it,I would have marked the X for Trump anyway.I grew up in the back side of the ’40’s & the ’50’s & I can honestly say that much of the change I have seen come down the pike over the years has not been for the better.The last 8 years have been the worst yet.I don’t know if Trump can turn it around,but I’m in his corner.
    Wanna say I been following your blog for about a year now & have read most of the past articles.
    They’re all good. I found you thru a post on WUWT


  4. Beware of Geeks Bearing GIFs says:

    Great post. Totally hits the nail on the head about that election.

    The video of Obama and his friends slating Trump was the biggest amount of karma I’d ever seen. Trump sat there looking really pissed off, but quiet. But you know, when someone of a determined character through the carnage of business, such as Trump, that has that shoved in his face, you know someone of strong character will rise to the bait.

    And he did.

    Oh boy, the look on Obama’s face at the recent meeting between them. Schadenfreude, pure schadenfreude.

    One can only hope the new president will drain the swamp to reveal the nasty, slimy, wriggling creatures that have infested it.

    We do indeed live in interesting times.


  5. 42david says:

    Thanks Pointy. During the seemingly interminable campaign I tried to find out what sort of person Donald Trump was. A difficult task with someone who, despite the assertions to the contrary, is so enigmatically quiet.

    Brexit, “the Donald” and an increasingly pissed off “conservative” electorate here in Oz seems to be a good indication of the rise of the “ordinary bloke” [and woman] frustrated at being given the mushroom treatment.


  6. Blackswan says:


    Largely I agree with all you say in this post, except that I’m nonplussed with Trump’s conciliatory comments in his victory speech.

    Election night, as Clinton gave her loyal supporters the flick while she ranted, raved and sobbed into the night, Podesta faced the heartbroken throng and told them …

    “she is not done yet. Let’s get those votes counted and let’s bring this home.”

    Then, shortly thereafter, Trump replies with … “I’ve just received a call from Secretary Clinton….. we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very sincerely.”

    WTF?? That woman (and her husband) have succeeded in dragging the good name of her country into a cesspit of crime and corruption.

    I could NEVER be as gracious in victory as Trump – but then I’d never be seconded to the Diplomatic Corps either.

    Let’s hope he makes the likes of Trey Gowdy his Attorney General or Special Prosecutor and nails the Clintons’ collective arses to the barn door.

    Then we can all sleep easy knowing Lady Justice is indeed blind to status and wealth and whose sword will see an end end to ALL who spit on the Rule of Law.


    • meltemian says:

      I believe Trey Gowdy has announced he is going to re-open the investigation into the Clinton emails, just wish he’d look into the Clinton Foundation… there’s a can of worms worth opening!


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        There is a rumour – I cannot put it any stronger – on the internet that the FBI has moved agents into Alabama to ivestigate the start of the Clinton Foundation. Said Foundation was supposedly to fund the Clinton Presidential Library and any other payouts would raise legal questions. There are the spin off Clinton Charitable Funds to which the Australian Government has made hundreds of millions in contributions, apparently to ensure employment for an ex-Prime Minister. Their claims to have spent a whole 12% of proceeds on charity are disputed. They too could be investigated.


  7. asybot says:

    Thanks for the analysis. One thing I totally disagree with though.
    We don’t want any of these wastrels in Canada. We had a good thing going with Harper until baby Obama won the inner cities in the last election. So please give them tickets to the country they seem to love so much , Venezuela. China doesn’t have an immigration system that allows foreigners and Putin doesn’t want them either.


  8. Selwyn H says:

    As usual Pointy a very well researched article which encapsulates all the contrary information we had been getting through the blogosphere over the past few months. Watching some archive footage of the “Donald” as a kid sitting with his father on a dozer at one of his construction sites gives you an indication of why he relates so well with the workers.

    Why was it so obvious to us that he was in with a good chance of winning when the MSM and the pollsters were getting it so wrong? It was because we were researching it for ourselves as the media should have been doing and coming to a different conclusion.

    Here in Australia the mood is very similar to the USA with a disillusionment with both major parties and they are now taking much more notice of the rise of the One Nation party which will win some seats in the forthcoming Queensland elections and probably hold the balance of power.

    Unfortunately our dim witted Prime Minister didn’t have enough sense to hold off on ratifying the Paris Climate Treaty and will now have to defend the CSIRO’s pseudo science against increasing calls from Senator Malcolm Roberts to provide empirical evidence on the dangers of human CO2.
    Tim Ball and Tony Heller are down here now providing all the expert testimony that Malcolm needs.

    As they say here in OZ, we are going to have a “field day”.


    • bushkid says:

      Actually Selwyn, I’m afraid I find myself thinking that our PM knew exactly what he was doing and why when he ratified that blasted agreement! There is just so much information available for a few mouse-clicks that can at least give even a vaguely/marginally intelligent person pause for thought on the CAGW scam, that there is absolutely no excuse for “believing” in it any more. It’s a con, and anyone claiming it’s “settled” etc is a con, pure and simple.


  9. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:
    Long, but worth it.


  10. Timbotoo says:

    Excellent piece. I am reading and listening to all the butthurt comments by the media and talking heads here in Spain who called it wrong to a wo/man and are now doubling down on the racist-islamophobe-illiterate meme to describe the Republican voters.
    There is, to be fair, a brief mention from time to time about the flaws in the Democrat candidate, but not as a prime factor in her defeat. Truly amazing.

    Coffee made with their tears is quite tasty!


  11. Keitho says:

    =ditto= Pointy.

    Their demographic is “the educated stupid”.


  12. dadodeaf says:

    Though the 2011 event helped to galvanize Mr. Trump’s decision to run, it likely more than anything gave him the necessary intelligence concerning the swamp and its occupants. According to a recently published book “The Chaos Candidate” the moment of decision actually came when he and his wife were watching yet another cultural meltdown on television one night. She turned to him and told Mr. Trump that if he ran for President he would win. Apparently the topic had come up previously but she had said he was too brash. He asked what was different this time (since she’d brought it up and not him), to which she said “the nation is ready, you will win if you run”. According to the account in the book, not long after that, and after talking to some of his attorneys, he filed the needed paperwork to become a candidate.

    Funny, the influence a good wife can have on a man.


  13. G. P. Brown says:

    You may like the brief summary of Obama’s tenure.

    “He never put a word wrong”

    A send up of the English saying “He never puts a foot wrong” (which is praise for actions).


  14. NZPete says:

    Pointy, another good analysis, with which I agree.
    Regarding the paragraph
    “The Attorney General, the highest law officer in America and the head of the Department of Justice (DoJ), was caught flying into an airport and in a secluded part of it boarding the private jet of Bill Clinton for a harmless discussion…”
    every report I’ve read stated that it was Bill Clinton who boarded *her* plane in Phoenix, surprised her, and had a conversation that lasted some 39 minutes.
    For example:


  15. Blackswan says:

    President-elect Trump tells “60 Minutes” that Hillary and Bill Clinton called him separately to offer congratulations, characterizing the former president as “gracious” in his call and his former opponent in her call “couldn’t have been nicer.”

    Be careful Mr Trump … the Clintons are the kind of “nice” who will give you a warm hug while knifing you in the back … probably to remove your liver, which they will undoubtedly then sell as an ‘organ donation’.

    Being “nice” is their stock in trade – it’s how they have scammed billions of dollars from gullible ‘marks’ around the world. That is just who they are … nothing personal, just business.

    Have no doubt that the Clintons are STILL dictating the narrative in the MSM with the sole intent of bringing Trump down – from the “spontaneous” meeting of a woman “hiking with her children” who turns out to be a long-time Clinton aide and fundraiser to the “outraged Clinton supporters” demonstrating and doing TV interviews in the streets who are revealed to be Clinton staffers.

    The Clintons will do ANYthing to avoid prosecution for their crimes – we are already seeing MSM reports of such prosecution being nothing more than “revenge politics”, “politicising the DoJ”, “tainting Obama’s legacy”, a “petty witch hunt which will achieve nothing” – it will not end until the Trump administration is brought to its knees … or to heel … whichever comes first.

    This is the man who will right an egregious wrong ….


    • Kevin Lohse says:

      Hi. I value your commentary ,wherever and whenever it’s made. Invariably, I read what you’ve written and think to myself,”why didn’t I write that”? Have you considered that The Donald, given his CV, has actually been playing the rube and is more than aware that pond-life like O’bummer and the Clintons are his deadly enemies, even so than the RINOS, and all should be supped with using a very long spoon?


      • Blackswan says:

        Hi Kevin, thank you for your generous comment. Yes, it has occurred to me that Trump was playing a long game but my major problem is I’d never sit at the table in the first place to sup with the likes of the Clintons or Oh Bummers, so I’m not fussed about what cutlery is used.

        They are despicable users and abusers, destroyers of lives and indeed, nations.

        It seems Podesta was on the money when he said “she is not done yet”, if this report is anything to go by ……


  16. Melissa says:

    Thanks for a great article. The sixth paragraph had me laughing out loud.


  17. mike fowle says:

    Just a couple of thoughts: I have seen some of Obama’s speeches which seemed devoted to attacking his opponents, with a sycophantic Washington media fawning over him, but he seemed to me a small minded spiteful individual; and Trump and Putin are likely to be on the same side against the greater enemy.


  18. dadodeaf says:

    Revenge is particularly sweet. This should be appreciated by most frequent visitors to Pointy’s blog.

    and even the NY times is up in arms.

    The edifice may be crumbling – though it will be a long slog through the swamp while it’s being drained.


    • mikerestin says:

      My fear is when they start unpacking who has all the money in renewable energy stocks and other funds they’ll find it’s us. Our pensions, mutual funds, blind trusts etc. will be filled with wind mills and solar panels and if they fall so goes our future.


      • dadodeaf says:

        It may very well be as you say, but think of how vested and connected everything would be if we DON’T start exposing such. At least starting now we’ll be able to have some time to respond.


  19. gallopingcamel says:

    The three words we need to remember from this election are DRAIN THE SWAMP.

    However it won’t be easy and there will be many things that make it difficult to remain focussed…………..when you’re up to your a**e in alligators, it’s easy to forget you came to drain the swamp.


  20. jccarlton says:

    Reblogged this on The Arts Mechanical and commented:
    There’s an old saying, “never create your own monsters.” The video here explains EVERYTHING.


  21. rapscallion says:

    Pointman. You have absolutely nailed it. You’ve pretty much covered all the bases, the average man and woman’s revulsion of the dirty tricks, the corruption, the relentless lying and obfuscation.
    Most people don’t like being insulted or ignored, and just like in Britain, one got called a xenophobe, Gadfly, fruitcake and the obligatory”racist” As you rightly say, after a while you’re inured to it, but you don’t forget. Just like in America it seemed that there was bugger all difference between the major parties, in fact you could barely get a fag paper between them (cigarette paper to US readers). It ended up with the Establishment, the moneyed classes and the MSM on one side and Mr and Mrs Joe Average on the other. The look of shock on their faces is something that cheers me up no end, the sheer disbelief that the Hoi polloi dared to defy them. I can’t figure out how they never saw it coming – it was obvious to those who knew where to look. Just like it was in America last week. I thank God that Mr and Mrs J Doe roared their defiance and fought back to regain their country. Well done America.

    One little story I heard about Donald Trump (and I don’t know if it’s true or not) and something that you alluded to (helping people out quietly). Apparently he visited a centre where ex soldiers were recovering from their wounds. They were playing pool when Trump walked in. Naturally he engaged them in conversation just like I suppose he did with the construction workers in the photo at the top of this piece. He looked at the pool tables that were worn, patch and grubby and asked “was this all they had” “Yes” they replied, looking embarrassed. Trump turned to his assistant and said that he wanted the same number of new pool tables of the best quality in here tomorrow – “I don’t car what it costs – these men deserve better than this”

    This tells me all I need to know about the man. His instincts are bang on. People remember stuff like that. They’ll run through brick walls for you and if need be, follow you to hell and back. I sincerely hope and pray that his presidency is a roaring success.


  22. jb frodsham says:

    Wonderful Pointman, just wonderful. You are the man.


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