The deep state.

There’s a new term that’s come into common usage over the last year – the deep state. Depending on who you speak to, the meaning of it slides from the darkly malevolent to the mundane. Some imagine it to be a cabal of rich and powerful people who have all politicians of whatever leaning in their pockets and therefore are the master puppeteers pulling the strings behind the scenes and running governments, if not whole nations.

At the other end of the only mildly paranoid scale, it’s considered just a more dramatic term for what is usually called the establishment, but increasingly it’s the former and more extreme shade of meaning that’s becoming the agreed one.

It’s not hard to see why this should be so, because since the election of Trump, there does seem to be a concerted effort from all sides to depose him by any means possible. Not only do you have his nominal opposition, the Democrat party, after him, but seemingly a large proportion of the Republican party congressmen quietly determined to stymie any significant legislation he’s trying to get passed.

When you add in a uniformly hostile media who do nothing but churn out fake news and manufactured scandals in an effort to get rid of him, it does begin to appear as if there’s some hidden force behind the scenes orchestrating the whole campaign.

The appearance of the term a year ago does seem to match up with the timing of Trump becoming a serious threat to such a cabal. They’d bought and paid for their marionette candidate Clinton, the GOP were fielding the usual anodyne losers, and the media were bending over backwards to get her elected, even if she was commonly distrusted if not outright disliked by large numbers of the ordinary voters, even by many in her own party.

Suddenly it seemed as if the ass fell out of the usual plan of foisting the least despised politician on America with the unexpected appearance of Trump on the scene, so the dark forces all swung into action to prevent him winning at any cost. Against all the opposition, the opinion polls, the whole massed ranks of the mass media and the expert predictions that turned out to be complete rubbish, he did go on to win the presidency.

That unexpected result caught a lot of people with their trousers around their ankles.

It does all come together to make a decent conspiracy theory, but while there are definite elements of a nebulous deep state in action, I think the answer is a lot more prosaic. There is a conspiracy of sorts there between a lot of diverse interests, but it’s only because they all face the common threat of being destroyed by Trump. It’s more of an unspoken mutual survival pact between strange bedfellows rather than a full-blooded conspiracy.

The democrats were always going to hate him because he’s driven a coach and horses straight through their supposedly winning strategy of ignoring ordinary people and concentrating on irrelevant fringe but emotive issues which were only of importance to the more enlightened liberals amongst us. Basically, they only talked to the swing voter last year, and that’s why they lost. Trump did something entirely different.

The so-called politics of identity; about being black, about being female, about being gay, about being Muslim, about being lesbian, about being a hermaphrodite, about being any vanishing small demographic in an America that’s still overwhelmingly white and Christian is a political strategy that’s now dead in the water.

Despite the impression you might have received from TVland, the percentage of people in America who don’t have a pink ass comes in at about 12-13%. I’m sure there’ll be howls of racism at the foregoing statements, but data is data I’m afraid no matter how confronting, if not outright threatening you might find it to your comfort zone. Your surprise at that statistic is a product of your conditioning over the last decade or so.

Every ensemble cast program you watch nowadays will always be fully multi-racially stocked and increasingly the token white person thrown in is a cardboard stereotype. She’s usually a ditz or if it’s a bloke, he was the one at the back of the line when God was handing out street smarts.

What’s important is the never mentioned number of people in that non-pinky assed demographic who voted for Trump, because they were so fed up at being treated like field slaves whom their benevolent massa in the form of the Democratic party was promising to promote to house slaves, just as long as they’d vote for them.

We all know about such promises. One day, some day, soon, very soon, really, very very soon, seriously, very soon.


That promotion never seemed to happen, except for a few house trained one or two of the blacks who showed a ready appetite for corruption. The whole narrative was they were white-abused victims who were incapable of looking after themselves unless they and their children and all the generations following them were “helped” into a welfare dependency for the rest of their natural born lives.

Those black Americans, having seen what Trump’s already done for job creation, especially because they’re the ones who actually need real bloody jobs, will vote GOP just as long as Trump is leading it and actually keeps on getting things done.

They’re fed up with all mouth and trousers types whose fine words somehow always end up doing absolutely nothing for them, except stroking their victimhood for the happenstance of being born into a minority. Everybody goes home from the revival tent feeling energised but year after year, nothing actually ever changes.

The house nigga Obama cashes in on his presidency by giving $350,000 a pop speeches to the great and good of a Wall Street that he let off scott free after the crash of 2008, and then sells his memoirs for $50 million. The rest of his time he spends on holiday with his billionaire pals like Richard Branson on their privately owned islands, sipping on Daiquiris while he snipes at his successor. Eventually, pennies do start to drop, even if you’re black.

From whichever way you look at it, the Democratic party in the aftermath of the Trump victory and their quite frankly irrational behaviour in the months since, is in a terrible state.

They’re starting to beg their former foot soldiers for dollars to keep going because they’ve lost the big bucks. After managing to screw up what was supposed to be a shoo in election and looking like it’ll be a lot more years until they might win one, their former Wall Street bulge bracket donors have abandoned them with the same speed as the Clinton Foundation slammed its doors shut after last year’s disaster.

Money talks, bullshit walks, especially when it comes to corruption, no matter how subtly it’s being done.

As a political party, they’ve lost their way. They no longer have a message, a key, a way into speaking to an America whose attitudes are changing fundamentally, and until they recognise that, they’ll stay in the political wilderness. The entrenched and arthritic leadership of the party seem incapable of seeing that.

The old way of doing business is simply bouncing off an America which has become heartily sick of supposedly accepting always being in the wrong, of forever being intimidated into feeling guilty, of perennially being in the back of the handouts line and not living up to unrealistic expectations that have no practical relevance on God’s good green Earth to any facet of their lives.

The Republicans mostly support him, but there’s always an element of them doing so through gritted teeth, because they see him as some kind of monster they’ve no control of and therefore to be feared. He financed his own campaign himself, accepting no corporate donations, which is to say not accepting bribes. He’s not a bought man and not beholden to any of them.

From their snobby viewpoint, he’s simply not political gentry, but then again he simply doesn’t give a shite what a bunch of irrelevant yesterday’s men think of him. Why should he? He’s beaten them at every turn.

With every day, he gets stronger and stronger, and they by their lukewarm support of him look increasingly like wild animals caught at night time in the onrushing headlights of the Trump bulldozer tearing a swathe across the old political landscape.

They waste copious amounts of time figuring out a way of handling him, of reasserting a control over him they never actually had in the first place, and all the time he’s at least two jumps ahead of them. They’re nominally his party, but with next year’s mid term election, he’ll finally squeeze out the old guard and anyone left who still think there’s a safe path to tip toe through between Trump and the old party dinosaurs who hate him.

By next year and by his deliberate intention, no such path will exist.

The comfortable phoney war that’s always existed between the two parties was finally recognised by an electorate in last year’s election, and they voted accordingly for a real change candidate who spoke of those traditional things like jobs, security, family, country and God forbid being proud of being an American.

Each and every one of those things had gradually been inched into some sort of shame zone by a media which lived in a complete world of its own, but none of those things have ever gone away in the common psyche of America. Unlike gender-free toilets, they are the important eternals of life, whether currently in vogue or not.

Trump was astute enough to know that the only way to win was to completely bypass a hostile media who were in the business of disrespecting such fundamentals by going directly via social media to a manifestly unrepresented demographic he knew was still there and would vote for someone genuinely addressing those concerns. It’s basic thinking, for God’s sake. Sorry, I mentioned the G word again.

At the same point, he set his mind to destroying the most egregious elements of that media, and he’s largely succeeded. The sight of 40,000 boy scouts at their jamboree last week chanting “CNN sucks” while he was addressing them was always the endgame he’d designed, and I think the media sort of recognised early on how much of a threat he was to their comfortable existence.

That was enough for them to buddy up with anyone, absolutely anyone who’d fight Trump.

And they chummed up with anyone and everyone, Islamic extremists, vagina costumed feminists, anti-semites, murderous BLM types, masked street thugs and basically every minority that in its own way took pride in giving some sort of deep offense to a silent mainstream America, which all played into Trump’s hand of marginalising the lot of them.

The Democrats, in managing to let themselves get welded to such irrelevant but largely transient political flotsam, are doing themselves an amount of damage that will take years to repair.

There is no deep state, but there are certainly a lot of jaded old institutions playing catchup with a rapidly changing public sentiment and doing extremely badly at that activity. Add in the loonies on the fringe who were overly indulged by the previous administration, and there’s a lot of basic fear pretending to be loathing swirling around the White House.

The world has had it up to their armpits with identity politics and are going back to basics. It’s a second grand extinction of the liberal dream. The first one happened in the eighties and it was all about reconstructing society under the guise of helping the poor, but this one was more diverse because all those poor are still there and still shit poor, so even they won’t buy that particular story. The second liberal dream time is crumbling, and the nightmare has only just begun, to misquote the Carpenters.

It worked to his Satanic vices all along to let them poke away at him for all these past months without reply, but having watched him from afar, I think the deep state or whatever it’s called must reach an accommodation with him or he’ll destroy it completely. Substantially, he already has. They’re his bitches now.

After months of congressional hearings that’ve gone absolutely nowhere, and since they’ve exhausted themselves and any credibility they ever had trying to scale a wall of nothing burgers, I suspect he’s finally decided the timing is right to start the counter offensive. They’re jaded and in disarray, so it’s the perfect moment for the hearings and investigations of them to begin.

It’ll take a year or two, but be in no doubt, there will be blood on the floor of Congress.


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20 Responses to “The deep state.”
  1. 42david says:

    I had the misfortune at a function to get stuck at a table where eight of the ten at the table were ridiculing “the Donald” as a loser and somewhat dimwitted.

    As, like myself, none of them are US citizens so could not have voted anyway I spent a pleasant forty minutes baiting them with his accomplishments since he had come to power. “But what about all the negative media?” was the response. As an example I asked if any of them could point to one solid piece of evidence to indicate the frenzy over Russian involvement in the election and, of course, none of them could.

    Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well but it is great fun baiting those afflicted.

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    • Pointman says:

      There’s a cruel and wicked streak in you David that I recognise only too well LOL.



    • philjourdan says:

      A man after my own heart! I will fully support your “cruel and mean streak”. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • rapscallion says:

      Nice one David. It’s such an enjoyable pastime isn’t it? I call it winding up the unthinking.
      The thing is, as you’ve probably noticed is that the Left is all about “feeling”, which is why they accuse us non-lefties of being “unfeeling” or “uncaring” What they cannot cope with is cold hard facts. I enjoy asking them nice simple questions like “How much, as a percentage, is there of CO2 in the atmosphere”? Just about every answer is at least over 10%. The look on their faces when I tell them that actually its just 0.04% is a wonder to behold.

      It’s cruel you understand, but my God, it’s just soooo enjoyable.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunter says:


    Liked by 2 people

  3. philjourdan says:

    There is a “deep state”, but it is not what the pundits are trying to make you believe. America, in contrast to almost every other nation on the planet, was founded on the principle of a “classless” society. We had no aristocracy. No lords and ladies. Every man was equal. But that changed in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries. All of a sudden we had a class – the ruling class. And then everyone else.

    Oligarchs liked it because they knew who to buy. The ruling class liked it because they were guaranteed their place at the top. And the poor were bought off with the welfare state. So they had a ruling majority for over 100 years.

    Until Trump. He was the oligarch that decided he wanted to be different. It upset the apple cart. All of a sudden, the ruling class was no longer in charge. Their minions who got rich off the class structure are in total rebellion. And that is what they are calling the “Deep State”. Not really ideologues, just leeches sucking wealth off the class structure. And the letter behind their name is irrelevant (D or R).

    The ruling class forgot about the common man. Trump did not. He won because he spoke to the common man who earns an honest living not leeching off the ruling class. If Trump fails, we will not have a country any longer. We will have just another classful society. One that is no longer the “shining city on the hill”, just another dark urban cesspool of corruption and favors.

    The one asset Trump has going for him is that most of the “deep state” underestimate him. He is a smart man. Does he detest the “ruling class”? Or is he just trying to cut in line in the class? I do not know. But we will know in 4 years. We will know if he really is a man of the people (not a saint, just a man), or merely a soft coup that replaced one ruling class with another.

    It will not be a boring 4 years (or 8 if he succeeds).

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  4. Mark says:

    A joy of an article to read. I hope your optimism is proven correct. I think it will be. Exciting times. The irrationality of the Democrats and the media is completely beyond belief. They have damaged their brands comprehensively. My query is what is China up to? I doubt it is much interested in a competent US President.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Doonhamer says:

    Love your posts. Always right on the button.
    But what’s with this “ass” when you are not talking about donkeys?
    Your use of “shite” let’s us know where you are from. That and all the other proper grammar wot you use.


  6. Uninformed Luddite says:

    Read “The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed. It is available online. Make sure it is by Douglas Reed as there is a recent book with essentially the same (muddying the waters maybe?). Background On Douglas Reed


  7. Uninformed Luddite says:

    I hit ‘post’ by mistake and so the above is an unfinished comment. It should continue with the following;
    lists his works and throws the anti-semite label at him. Read it yourself and make your mind up. I have read the book more than once (it’s 400 plus pages) and that is a false accusation.


  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    A great post. Your message extends further than just the USA. I have just commented, and been sent straight to moderation, that changes are about to happen in Australia because our 2 main parties have lost touch with reality. They seem to believe that the voters like higher and higher electricity bills. I pointed out that they would either change their policies or become minor parties.

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    • 42david says:

      Spot on G#3. I recently had the good fortune to run into our local Federal MP whose office is in the suburb I live in. I asked him as a member of the government what he/they were going to do about the mad rush to so called renewable energy and how it would make power cheaper. To his credit he agreed that the current energy policies of both major parties were insane and that he and several other MPs felt they were hitting their heads on a brick wall.
      If the Australian Conservative Party run a candidate in my electorate that is where my vote will go as, good man that he is, the current member is part of the system causing the problem.
      One can only hope.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Clive Hoskin says:

    The new DNC slogan: “we will never make you tired of winning”.


  10. waterside4 says:

    Great analysis as usual Sir.
    Perhaps you could peer under the rock, under which George Soros and friends crawl out from under, occasionally? He is a classic string puller.
    It is not only the political system in the U.S. Oz and Europe that is not fit for purpose, but the Catholic Church, to which I belong, is just as misguided by its present management.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. PaleoSapiens says:

    With great respect, I disagree with your choices of identifying groups in ‘the deep state.’ There is the choice of mundane establishment bureaucrats. Many are faceless automatons shuffling paper from one pile to another. Others, with public faces, are the bleary eyed and uncaring ones that never take responsibility for making a decision or fulfilling their requirement to serve the public.

    These career feeders from the over-taxed public trough are an amorphous mass with lots of motionless inertia. Trump and his ideas present a very real threat to their comfortable job security and their perceived powers. These unelected, entrenched, bureaucrats will join with anyone or any group which holds out the promise of preserving the bloated, over-reaching bureaucracy.


  12. rapscallion says:

    One of the overarching impressions I got from the US elections were that the enlightened, educated, progressive and supposedly smart Left knew what was best and anybody who disagreed was a “deplorable”. Presumably this meant inter alia that you were a white, uneducated, manual worker (f you had a job of course), who was racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and probably misogynistic to boot. Oh yeah and thicker than a whale omelette. By definition therefore, Trump was tarred with the same brush.

    What is most amusing however is that The Donald has run rings around them, especially the lying press and the DP. He’s made them look exactly what they are, corrupt, greedy chancers who care for nothing and nobody except themselves.

    We had the same stuff over here (and still do) with the Remainers – and looked how well that worked out?. You’d have thought the oh, so clever smartarses in the DNC would have learnt something there wouldn’t you?

    They won’t learn, they can’t learn, and nothing will change for them until they realise that the other side might just have a valid point.

    As ever Pointman; a very good article, Your articles should be required reading in the MSM – but they won’t be.


  13. cdquarles says:

    Wall Street didn’t cause the crash of 2008. Government did, particularly the USA’s Federal Government, by creating GSEs in the 30s and giving them priority in the not-so-free mortgage and other ‘securities’ market. Wall Street followed its orders. They had to, since the Federal government held a gun to their heads, figuratively.


  14. 42david,
    I loved your story about mentioning the achievements of the fledgling Trump administration. It reminds me of the rhetorical question “What have the Romans ever done for us?


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