Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.

If you look at the political headlines lately, the press and TV are really running two stories to the exclusion of all else. The first is Trump firing James Comey as FBI director. It’s a bone they just can’t let go of but most people aren’t too interested. Comey stopped having the trust of the FBI rank and file last year over his refusal to prosecute Hillary, and after most people watched his slippery testimony to congress, he didn’t enjoy their trust either.

If Bill Clinton can fire his head of the FBI, there’s no reason why Trump can’t do the same. At the end of the day as with all senior government posts, there are no jobs for life and you “serve at the pleasure” of your president. Comey was hopelessly compromised by the Obama regime. When you and the people have no trust in the highest law enforcement officer in the land, you fire him. It’s as simple as that. His behaviour since has vindicated that decision.

The Democrats blamed him and the Russians for them losing last year’s election and have been howling for his dismissal ever since. Within twenty-four hours of Trump firing him, they were protesting about his unfair dismissal. Like Steve Bannon said, Trump’s true opposition is the media.

The other story is about Trump divulging military secrets to the Russian foreign secretary. Why on Earth he should do such a thing, the press have yet to share with us. Despite all the five people present at the meeting declaring this to be fake news, the story rages on. Will it dominate the current news cycle? Yes. Will it harm the Trump presidency? No.Why won’t it harm Trump? Because the pattern of the false news is apparent to everyone.

First of all, the lying press invent a story based on the information supplied by always anonymous sources. Then, on the same day, all the rest of the media pick up on the story and run with it as headline news presenting it now as established fact simply because they’re all reporting it. As if on cue, the Democrats become outraged and denounce Trump as being nefarious or incompetent depending on whether he’s being accused of being a traitor or an idiot. Not too far down the line, the story proves to be 100% false, but no retraction is ever made, and anyway by that stage another fake news story has been manufactured and the cycle begins anew.

I’ve said before that Trump doesn’t need the legacy media since he communicates to his voters directly using social media, but what he does need is for their current level of juvenile behaviour to continue, and for two very good reasons.

The first is the same reason he didn’t fire Comey on the first day of his administration; that would have looked petty and vindictive. Instead, he left him hanging out and dangling in the wind for months until he’d thoroughly discredited himself, because the average viewer watching him in the hearings knew he’d bent over backwards to prevent charges being laid at Hillary Clinton’s door that would have left anyone else but her facing serious consequences in a court of law.

In the same way, Trump is not minded to interfere in the media throwing one invented accusation after another at him. What’s actually getting eroded is any residual trust in them, and at some point he’ll carry out his threat of cancelling the daily White House briefings.

Then they’ll have to live on his scraps of press handouts, tweets and his weekly White House briefing to America, plus the usual fake news backed up with the usual fake anonymous sources. That’s his longer term thinking about the media, and they’re certainly cooperating Lemming-like in their own eventual destruction. By the time he eventually pulls the plug on them, few tears will be shed over their effective demise.

The shorter term reason for letting them carry on as they are, is that while they’re busy compulsing on one or two manufactured stories, they’re not reporting at all on what Trump is actually up to, and he’s making so many changes it’s difficult to keep track of them all, but they all share one common denominator; they are all aimed at rolling back the excesses of the Obama regime and restoring respect in the offices and institutions of government that Obama subverted.

Part of that rollback has been in public and to some extent or another has been covered with the usual howls of pain by the media. Because Obama couldn’t get what he wanted done past an elected Congress, he resorted to rule by diktat otherwise known as executive orders. Trump, from his first day in office, and as promised on the campaign trail, signed masses of executive orders to reverse most of Obama’s executive orders. What the Obama regime forgot was that anything enacted using an executive order, can just as easily be struck down by simply signing another executive order.

He appointed a man in charge of the EPA who’s busy cutting it down to a fraction of its size under Obama and rolling back all the regulations that were used to cripple industries such as coal mining and which would never have got past elected representatives of the people. The other very public rollback he did was replacing Obamacare with something more financially viable, and that’s a bullet he could have easily avoided.

The whole scheme was heading for collapse anyway, and in some ways it would have been more politic to let that happen so he could swoop in and fix the problem to popular acclaim, except that the people at the bottom of the economic pile would be badly hurt by it imploding. He has a genuine concern for them. If he has a vulnerability, that’d be it.

Domestically on the jobs front, he stopped the hemorrhaging of jobs to cheaper offshore locations by promising import tariffs on any of their goods being brought into America. On the foreign imports issue, he’s picked a fight with Canada over subsidised timber which should stay safely jammed up in a commercial court for years to come while in the meantime he levies a charge on Canadian lumber. He’s making an example of one exporter to America but no doubt won’t hesitate to make a second one should that become necessary.

By the end of his first term, I can see America out of NAFTA and possibly later the WTO, since its membership in both of them hasn’t been doing it any favours for a long time. Economically, Trump’s priority is America and American workers; it starts there and it ends there.

The other big area he had to address was the shambolic foreign policy mess left behind by Messrs Obama, Clinton and Kerry. With the simple expedient of dropping fifty-nine cruise missiles on Assad’s air force and destroying twenty percent of it, he let the world know that the good old days of any old ragged-assed tinpot dictator thumbing their nose at America were over from the minute Barack Obama dragged his sorry ass out of the White House.

Assad made the mistake of assuming that since he was under Russian protection, Trump wouldn’t give him a slap. Obama would never have done it because he was afraid of Putin who’d humiliated him on several occasions, Trump isn’t.

On the diplomatic front, Obama laid some poison behind mainly directed at Israel. Like a typical left-winger, he’s pro-Islam and anti-Zionist, which is liberal speak for hating Jews. Anti-Semitism seems to be an endemic disease of the liberal Left these days.

In the last days of his presidency he could safely show his true colours and directed Kerry to get Israel into difficulties at the UN as well as immediately funneling $200M of taxpayers’ money to the Palestinians. No doubt whatever was left after the usual off-shore accounts had their cut will be used to kill Israeli civilians. Why any American-Jewish association still contributes a red cent to the Democratic party is beyond me.

Since Trump has at least three Jewish grandchildren and had a reputation of being fair with both Jews and Blacks long before he got into politics, he didn’t have much trouble healing that rift. Perhaps it also explains why he’s moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem? Nice one Obama, the law of unintended consequences strikes again because that’s an implicit recognition that Israel owns that city and is there to stay.

In the interregnum when Trump was president-elect, Obama and the Democrats tried substantially the same poisoning of the well with Russia, but since neither Putin or Trump would fall out over such a childish neo-McCarthyite narrative, it’s since fizzled out of its own accord under a barrage of complete indifference to anyone outside the Washington Beltway or the legacy media.

Apart from those highly visible areas, the rest of Obama’s legacy consists of nothing more than various disconnected odds and ends that beyond having a feel good factor to be spun to massage his over-fed ego, never amounted to anything of note. If they aren’t patently doing some good, Trump will either ditch them or starve them of budget.

However, in my opinion Obama left a darker legacy behind and this is what Trump is addressing under cover of the legacy media massively fixated on gnawing its own hind legs off in a forlorn effort to get him removed from office.

Obama corrupted and brought into disrepute the grand offices of state. He actively encouraged federal bureaucrats like the IRS to suppress political opposition. He manipulated the judicial system by not only installing stooges like AG Lynch in it, but by packing the lower courts with judges of a liberal bias. He suborned the intelligence services to conduct illegal domestic surveillance of political opponents on a scale that I think has yet to become apparent.

He starved the armed services of budget and threw the cop on the beat onto the mercy of savages like BLM who had his tacit support murdering policemen responding to emergency call outs. Instead of the much hoped for bringing together of all the people of America irrespective of their colour, he became the most racially divisive president America has ever had.

In short, the Obama regime did nothing but corrupt and debase the government, judiciary, law enforcement and intelligence services of America and now that damage is being undone by Trump.

He gave little or no support to the police, instead opting for a light-touch approach to law enforcement by encouraging his congressmen to support elections of liberal police chiefs who were quite happy to enforce the law or not, dependent only on who was breaking it. That’s the reason left-wing antifa hooligans could riot in Berkley, attack people indiscriminately and destroy private property while the local police stood by and watched because they’d been ordered to stand down.

To compound his complete disrespect for policemen, he never once denounced their murder by organisations like BLM who actively encouraged luring them into lethal ambushes using phoney emergency calls. His final fuck you to law enforcement was to free over 300 drug dealers using presidential pardons as he left the White House. Obama used presidential pardons on 1,715 occasions, more than the previous 13 presidents combined, with the vast majority of them conferred on drug dealers. Note, drug dealers, not drug addicts. Someone really needs to look into his activities as a “community organiser” in Chicago.

Obama’s more than lax attitude to drug dealers wasn’t anything new to either law enforcement or state attorneys. He had instructed his Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder to relax sentencing on drug related crime by doing things like withholding details of amounts of drugs being carried by the dealer when they’d been arrested, thereby not automatically triggering mandatory minimum sentences.

He made it hard to catch drug dealers, and then when they were tried and found guilty, they did slap on the wrist jail time because of state attorneys constrained by what they could say when it came to sentencing using AG Holder’s new guidelines.

Trump was left with a huge morale problem he’s diligently addressed by doing simple things like never missing a photo opportunity with a bunch of cops, phoning the widows of officers killed in the line of duty, inviting surviving family to party rallies and most recently instituting a police memorial day to acknowledge those killed or injured on the job. The simple things like showing some support and seeing the White House lit up in blue are all part of building up morale again.

He’s still got a way to go on fixing that problem, but at least most policemen now think they’ve got a friend in the Oval Office, rather than an implacable enemy relentlessly determined to undermine all their efforts.

Trump’s AG Jeff Sessions has recently abolished Holder’s guidelines, much to the satisfaction of both law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys, who are battling what’s called the opioid crisis across America and need to put drug dealers away for as long as possible. Obama’s hometown of Chicago is the poster boy for that crisis and also suffers from a huge rise in the attendant number of homicides and shootings that come with a drugs blight on any community.

In any light, Obama bending over backwards to go easy on drug dealers is inexplicable. They rot the heart out of any community. By the way, most of those drugs are coming over the border from Mexico, which is why Trump wants the wall.

That’s not the only bit of tinkering Obama did with the judiciary. In 2013, the Democrats removed using what’s called Reid’s Rule, the filibuster from the process of the president appointing people to both the lower courts and federal positions. Essentially, Obama used it to pack the lower court with judges who were seen to be sympathetic to his liberal views on crime amongst other things. If you thought a whole judiciary couldn’t be politically rigged, think again.

Trump and Sessions have already started counter-packing the judiciary to rebalance it, and with more than a 100 appointments to be filled and more opening up each day, the Democrat’s Reid Rule has come back to haunt them and is now very much working in Trump’s favour.

To underline what eight years of administrative tinkering with the wheels of justice can do, Judge Neil Gorsuch after being newly appointed to the US Supreme Court, looked at the petitions being presented to him by the court’s cert pool of law clerks with an attached recommendation to grant or deny. He very quickly and to his surprise found out they were in too many cases making that recommendation not on points of law but political leaning. He immediately dispensed with the services of the cert pool and hired his own clerks to pre-process the petitions.

The military, after nearly a decade of micro-management from the White House, are just loving the change of working for Trump. Your orders are quite simple, gentlemen – kill ISIS. You need more budget? Yes Mr. President. How much? Probably north of $40B. Here’s $64B extra, go git them.

They knew the change was there from the first week onwards, because they rang the White House late at night to get permission to drone a high value target and expecting the usual hours-long delay while a target of opportunity slid off the radar. After he’d gotten out of bed he raged at them “You’re supposed to be good at killing terrorists, do it, you don’t need my permission every time” and that’s how a new relationship between Washington and the military was struck.

What also came out in last year’s presidential election was that election fraud seems to be a business as usual activity for the DNC. Though this was well known, the undercover filming done by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas of activists doing things like bussing people in from neighbouring states really revealed how widespread it was.

The cynical old aphorism, vote early, vote often and even the dead can join in too, very much reflects the current situation in polling booths across America.

To give you some idea of how endemic this problem is, in Wisconsin the Democrats lost an estimated 300,000 votes in the presidential election when a voter Id law was passed just before it. The conservative foundation Judicial Watch recently put 11 states on warning to clean up their voter registration lists or face a federal lawsuit; they all have counties with more voters on their books than they have residents eligible to vote.

About a week ago, Trump established by executive order a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity the details of which you can find by clicking the previous link which’ll take you directly to the White House announcement. The days are numbered of America having the most lax voter Id rules in the world, and knowing Trump he’ll chivvy that commission along in order to get something in place by next year’s mid terms. I have a suspicion that this move alone will mark the difference in the Dems doing poorly or catastrophically badly in certain states.

A slower and more grinding part of the rollback is going to be various hearings to shed a light on the darker and menacing activities of the Obama regime. Congressmen with a prosecutor’s background like Trey Gowdy, will be finding out who exactly within the federal IRS bureaucracy ordered yearly oppressive tax audits of political opponents, their families and their businesses. Some careers in government service are going to come to an abrupt and ignoble end.

It’s only a matter of time until a similar process kicks in with regard to the security services which were used to surveil political opponents or anybody they liked without seemingly any justification. Allegations of widespread surveillance on people like Senator Rand Paul and other senators are by now commonplace, with even Judge Scalia of the US Supreme Court harbouring suspicions that their private discussions in chambers were on too many occasions becoming common knowledge in the higher corridors of power.

As you can see, it’s not just Obama’s more public legacy which is being dismantled, but the darker bits of it as well, and none of it being remarked upon by a juvenile press which much prefers to manufacture fake news or make a mountain out of a mole hill story.

Trump goes to a restaurant with family and friends and the press are all over the story, probably by bribing yet another anonymous source. He prefers two scoops of ice cream, with the sly inference that as everyone else around the table only has one, it’s somehow unfair on everyone else except for Mike Pence, who prefers no ice cream on his fresh fruit dessert.

If such displacement activity masquerading as reportage is the best the self-proclaimed newspaper of record can come up with these days, it’s not hard to see why its circulation is plunging.

Over the space of nearly a decade, too many people in the judiciary, law enforcement and federal service got used to the idea that the path to advancement was to serve a liberal agenda in the shape of the Democratic party, rather than the people and the republic they’d sworn to serve. They need to be rooted out and replaced with people of integrity, otherwise all those institutions will increasingly be seen as serving the interests of various elites rather than the common citizen of America.

What Trump is doing is not just dismantling, it’s a necessary rebuilding of respect in national institutions such as offices of state, the courts, the police and the security services. Without first reversing the damage Obama did to the very fibre of the Republic, anything more constructive Trump attempts to do will be constantly sabotaged and undermined by the residual minions of Obama’s dark legacy.


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52 Responses to “Dismantling Obama’s darker legacy.”
  1. mikedevx says:

    Hello Sir,Just wanted to say, I’ve read your most recent article, “Dismantling Obama’s Darker Legacy”.I consider it one of the finest pieces you’ve written.  It was FANTASTIC!  Thank you!~mike

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    • eagledriver50 says:

      This is a first for me posting and in reading just some of the articles, your elucidation of the events and happenstance of what “brown stain” did, just confirms all along the Pres. Trump is going to go “The Big Ugly” this week. Tango Yankee on such writing. You and SD would be a treat to listen too if and when and where it occurs.


  2. philjourdan says:

    What the Obama regime forgot was that anything enacted using an executive order, can just as easily be struck down by simply signing another executive order.

    I minor disagreement with what has become a weekly outstanding column on your part.

    Obama did not forget. But he was counting on the Media to cow any Republican who might be elected, or as is more likely the thought, that Hillary would just add on to the EOs. What he did not anticipate was Trump. An anti-establishment president. Even after Trump won, Obama thought he could control Trump, like almost all the republicans, through the media.

    Obama is no less intelligent than the media. But then he is no more intelligent either. And they are both being played by Trump like a harp from hell (attribution to Danny DeVito, as the Penguin).

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  3. rapscallion says:

    Excellent piece again Pointman. Very instructive, and for those of us who are not on the Left, very uplifting. Trey Gowdy is the sort of politician I like. I know he’s legally trained and was a prosecutor for many years, but he comes across as absolutely straight down the middle, no messing type of man. His guiding light is the law and the constitution, and he will go after you if you break either, regardless of your political leanings. I could listen to him all day long, he has that wonderful southern drawl. To get a measure of the man, just watch this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0dCTvX0wzs

    I’m sure you’ve watched in before though Pointman.

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  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    Excellent analysis. The Democrats, in and outside the media, are trying to fight last years election. By the mid term elections there will be enough revelations to doom them to minority status.

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  5. Margaret Smith says:

    I think the electoral reforms must utterly terrify the Dems. No wonder they are in hyperdrive with the only thing they (and the press) can think of at the moment – Russia and the non-existent collusion.

    A great essay, as we have come to expect here.

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    • Ross P says:

      Margaret , I agree with regard voting reforms. But the best thing about it is that it should be one of the easiest issues to make major inroads into.
      To have 2 million dead people still on voters rolls is beyond “third world” and should be simple to clean up and to put a procedure in place to ensure it stays up to date.
      I find it very hard to believe that in most cases the electronic voting machines are privately owned and often with propriety software –government owner and certified or back to paper.
      Voter ID is just common sense.


  6. JohnTyler says:

    If I were Putin and could influence the US presidential election, I would have donated $10,000,000 to the Hillary for president campaign, hacked every Trump computer and made all its info public and initiated a destroy Trump propaganda effort “confirming” that Trump was a propagator of child porn.


    Because Russia obtains a very large percentage of their revenue by exporting oil and gas. The higher the price of oil and gas, the more revenue goes to Putin and Mother Russia which would allow Putin to engage in all sorts of overseas intrigue, fatten his Swiss bank account and further solidify his hold on power.

    As everyone knows, Hillary would have followed the Obama (no) USA energy policy which would have acted to depress US oil/gas production and elevate world oil/gas prices (i.e., very helpful to Russian revenues and to Putin).
    Hillary would have also followed the feckless foreign policy of Obama; another story for another day.

    On the other hand Trump during the campaign was endlessly touting the need for the USA to become energy independent by increasing US production of oil/gas which would help depress world oil/gas prices. This would hurt Putin and Russia immensely, and of course, Putin/the Russians are very well aware of this.

    Putin has/had zero benefit in having Trump as president and would have had much to gain during a Hillary presidency.

    The notion (i.e.,the lie, the fabrication, the fraud) that Putin helped Trump is merely a ploy, a scam to demolish the Trump presidency.

    Any idiot can see this.

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    • philjourdan says:

      @John Tyler – Politics not only makes strange bedfellows, it is very complex. You are correct that a Hillary presidency would have benefited Russia in this way. But Putin knew that Hillary was unstable and prone to rash decisions. Which is not good for global economics either. Plus she is a Soros toady who is trying to destroy nations in the name of a global governance, which Putin really despises. I think he was equally afraid of those qualities and the oil issue. I do not think he played any part in the elections, but then you will not find any democrat buying into any sanity when it comes to the election.

      All countries try to influence elections in all other countries to some degree or another. Obama did everything except stage a reverse Revolutionary war to get Brexit defeated. And he of course did everything short of assassinating Netanyahu to sway the Israeli vote. It is not new nor will it change because the democrats have decided to make an issue of it.


      • Agree 100% the only thing I would like to add, with your blessing is: Obama did have Gaddafi assassinated which allowed his rather sizable cache of arms to fall into the hands of local ME militias. We have all seen how well that worked out. It impacted the entire ME and many, many nations from third world to first world. It will continue have an impact for more than a decade to come. Not a big fan of Gaddafi but he did keep his little corner of the ME under control for the benefit of the world in general. So in that respect Obama did intentionally provide arms to ISIS and Al Qaida in general. That alone is should have been the lynch pin for Impeachment.


  7. Blackswan says:


    Another great analysis of Trump’s game-play, giving the West dawning hopes that we may yet find a Trump of our own. However, you say; “The days are numbered of America having the most lax voter Id rules in the world …”

    Sorry, but surely Australia has to lay claim to that particular ‘gong’. No ID needed to enrol on the register (just tick all the boxes and mail a form picked up at the post office), no ID needed to cast a compulsory vote … and yet there is zero likelihood of electoral reform on our bleak horizons.

    We didn’t need a ‘dark’ Obama to pollute the wells in our judiciary, law enforcement, the bureaucracy or the military … our homegrown Liberal/Labor/Green Marxists have collectively achieved that over decades of corruption and cronyism.

    The question remains … why has Trump embedded Goldman Sachs apparatchiks so deeply in his Administration? Is it really a case of him inviting them into his tent rather than having them on the outside pissing in? They were key players for Obama, HW Bush and Clinton so how come they are also working for Trump?

    “One reason for the coziness could be that Goldman Sachs has been a springboard to high-ranking government positions, and it’s been that way since the Clinton Administration.”


    “At what point will players like Goldman Sachs have handed so much ammunition to left-wing radicals who cannot tell the difference between crony capitalism and the real thing that they succeed in blowing up Western civilization?”

    Is Trump deploying ‘use a thief to catch a thief’ principles? Goldman Sachs were/are the chief architects of Climate Fraud so how will that play out for Trump?

    With our Prime Minister Turnbull being one-time General Manager for Goldman Sachs (Aust/NZ) and deeply indebted to GS for settling a multi-million dollar personal law suit against him, we are watching Turnbull increasing our sovereign debt ceiling by hundreds of billions of dollars as he continually proves he’s toeing the Goldman Sachs line in everything he says and does … reversing all PM Abbott’s anti-climate fraud moves … a true puppet performing for his masters.

    We watch from the bleachers as Trump’s game-play evolves, and we live in hope.

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  8. Blackswan says:

    Remembering our blogging buddy, NoIdea … three years since his untimely passing.


  9. NoFixedAddress says:


    I appreciate your concern in regards Goldman Sachs but don’t forget that there are some very intelligent folk at that firm.

    I doubt our current PM could hold a candle with them.


    • Blackswan says:

      NFA … You’re right – each week Turnbull reveals himself to be a vacuous shell of a man – a true example of a Useful Idiot; the perfect spoiler, devoid of integrity or initiative who will do ‘whatever it takes’ at the bidding of his masters.

      Sadly, some of the world’s most heinous murderers and criminals are “intelligent”. What Trump and the Free World needs are men and women of honour, duty, integrity and principles. Hopefully, by appointing key players who are in the best position to ‘Know your enemy’, Trump can succeed in his endeavours.


  10. gallopingcamel says:

    What a breath taking analysis…..probably your best yet. I had to read it twice.

    At the end you made the point that a country is defined by the quality of its institutions. Have you read “Why Nations Fail” by Acemoglu and Robinson?


  11. gallopingcamel says:

    While Trey Gowdy looks impressive in televised hearings he never seems able to be able to close the deal. For example the Benghazi hearings went nowhere in spite of his best efforts.


  12. Sheryl Reynolds says:

    The dogs may bark – but our caravan passes on. We will make America great again.


  13. NoFixedAddress says:


    I didn’t ask to take it but I think this a worthy comment.
    from Jo Nova

    May 20, 2017 at 3:43 pm · Reply

    I keep thinking what’s going to happen when the truth actually does come out.

    So many people from every walk of life will have so much egg on their faces, none of them the ordinary people, but the politicians, the scientists, the educators, and the media who have all pushed this for all its worth.

    The ordinary person just believes what they are told, and never take the time to actually understand it, because, well, they can’t, because they don’t have the education, so they just believe what they are told, because they don’t expect ALL of these people to be telling untruths, and colluding together.

    All of those ordinary people will be absolutely ropeable, and, I’m afraid, it will take a disaster of some sort for the first truths to start coming out, and then a courageous person to actually make a stand and say that it’s all been wrong.

    Then, there will nowhere to hide, and that’s what worries me.

    It’s not a case of, hey, it all only started as a practical joke to see how far we could take it. It’s too late for that now.

    And every one of those people who have been pushing it will, all of them, be looking for someone else to blame.

    This isn’t something that will just fade away. It’ll end in a huge and not very pretty crash of some sort.

    We fight small little skirmishes that mean almost nothing, so we’re not going to make any impression.

    We just have to wait it out, and that’s the great pity, that our voices are not heard, and even if they are heard, they are immediately discounted.

    It won’t be one of us who provides that first insight. It has to be some sort of disaster, because now that it is so huge, there’s too much money to protect, and those making that money will do everything they can to continue what they are doing.

    In effect, I think that as much as we do do, it’s all a waste really. We’d like to think we are making an impression, but it’s a lost cause now.

    We just have to wait for that looming disaster, and hope we survive.

    Even after that, even when we say that we’ve been saying this all along, we’ll become the biggest targets of all, because it was people like us who caused the spigots of all that cash to be turned off.

    I know it probably sounds depressing, but it’s too big now and has a life of its own. Us, well we just nibble away at the edges hoping we are making an impression, but the tiny little bites we are taking out of the humungous monster aren’t even noticed.


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    • eagledriver50 says:

      Tony…don’t look at that way. Look at from the way Pointman does. When you see the cast of characters and the characters are vying for three things, relevancy, power and money. That is all they have. And for that, these people will be remembered for what there were, not for who they were. Which would you want for your epitaph?


  14. Russ Wood says:

    Pointy – I really love your essays! But may I ask you to pleeeease give your source for the absolutely incredible (literally – I can’t believe them) numbers of freed drug dealers. I mean, looking at those numbers, I thought this was a NYT piece knocking Trump (again). Hillary I could accept – but was Obama that corrupt also? Again, please remember that unusual claims need unusual confidence. Thanks!


  15. Pointman says:


    Nevada Secretary of State : DMV instructed employees to register non-citizens to vote. Trump’s commission on voting irregularities really does have its work cut out.



  16. Graeme No.3 says:

    The soution may be as simple as adopted in one (Indian?) State of a semi-permanent ink stamp on the voter’s right hand (or left if he only had one hand).
    The ink wore off in 3-5 days.


  17. Pointman says:

    @NoFixedAddress. Thank you for the suggestion. Sinclair republished the piece at Catallaxy Files.




  18. Pointman says:


    The illegal surveillance scandal gets bigger every time someone looks into it.



    • Pointman says:

      Hi Ian. That’s a very interesting article with a lot of facts to back it up. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      It overlaps on a leaks piece I’m working on at the moment. In passing, there’s another (Barium?) story doing the rounds in the IC about Trump saying that when he came back from his foreign relations trip, heads of leakers were going to roll and he was talking about criminal charges rather than dismissal apparently.

      A lot of people are holding their breath in dread. Interesting times, hey?



  19. Ray Gaskell says:

    I love your writing Pointy, but I can find any evidence to back your assertion that Obama pardoned more people than any recent President. I really want to use this in an argument but I need to be sure of the facts.


  20. Pointman says:


    “During his last year in office, former President Obama nearly doubled the number of juvenile illegal aliens who were given legal status and a pathway to permanent residence.”



  21. Pointman says:


    “More than 5,500 illegals registered to vote in Virginia in last decade; 1,852 actually cast ballots.”

    Just as troubling, the PILF said, was Virginia’s efforts to try to hide the information from the public — a problem foundation President J. Christian Adams said began at the very top, with Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

    “At the instruction of Governor McAuliffe’s political appointees, local election officials spent countless resources to prevent this information from spilling into the open,” Mr. Adams said in a statement releasing the report. “From NoVa to Norfolk and all urban and rural points in between, alien voters are casting ballots with practically no legal consequences in response.”



  22. Pointman says:


    “Advocates for big government and progressive power are using the Justice Department to extort money from corporations,” Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch said of the scam. “It’s a shakedown. It’s corrupt, pure and simple.”

    On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions put an end to the corrupt practice once shrouded in secrecy.

    “When the federal government settles a case against a corporate wrongdoer, any settlement funds should go first to the victims and then to the American people — not to bankroll third-party special interest groups or the political friends of whoever is in power,” said Sessions in a statement.”

    Another Obama slush fund for his political cronies gets closed down.



  23. Pointman says:


    While Democrats Obsess Over Russia, Trump Has Nominated 11 Conservatives As Federal Judges

    “Now, while Democrats are still running around with their hair on fire screaming about Russia, President Trump is restoring balance to the judiciary by nominating conservatives to be federal judges.”



  24. Another fabulous article. He always nails it. Love Pointman.


  25. Pointman says:


    While the Russia farce rumbles on, Trump rips out by the roots a regulation that was slowly strangling American farming, and it’s barely reported.



  26. Pointman says:

    Federal Court Strikes Down Key Piece Of Obama’s Climate Agenda


    The rollback continues of 8 years of dictatorship by Obama’s bureaucracy.



  27. Pointman says:

    Trump quietly putting his stamp on the courts.


    “With five judges confirmed, another 30 pending and 123 seats left to fill, according to one group tracking the numbers, Trump has the opportunity to revamp the judiciary branch and carve out a legacy for himself that could stand the test of time.”

    Rememember, these are lifetime appointments.



  28. Pointman says:

    3 things Trump did this week while you weren’t looking.


    Trump is slowly reversing Obama’s damage to the American economy.



  29. Pointman says:

    Why Is the Obama Administration Trying to Keep 11,000 Documents Sealed?


    Follow the money …



  30. Pointman says:

    Trump Takes a Wrecking Ball to Two Obama Legacies.


    Ignoring the NBC spin/fake news narrative quoting other fake news outlets as sources, Trump’s destruction of Obama’s meager legacy continues.



  31. Pointman says:


    A very interesting read. It actually has that rarity of these days – some analytical insight.



  32. Pointman says:

    Kellyanne: ‘Bit by bit, President Trump is undoing the Obama legacy’ and people are thanking him profusely




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