A cancer at the heart of left-wing politics.

This is one of those articles I never in my wildest dreams envisioned I’d be writing, especially in what I foolishly thought in my youth would obviously be the more enlightened and tolerant environment of the twenty-first century.

It’s about people hating and wanting to exterminate Jews, but more appallingly about how more progressively that attitude is not only acceptable but is not even commented upon anymore, never mind being condemned by the mainstream media and the supposedly more educated elements of society sitting on their flaccid taxpayer-funded backsides in academia.

Whatever happened to that muscular intelligentsia who could never be intimidated by a few infantile campus nutters who were still getting used to having pubic hairs?

It’s prompted by a number of incidents of late but most recently by two articles from Ezra Levant, whose twitter feed I follow because he has the knack of unearthing interesting stories the mainstream media choose to discreetly tiptoe around and then utilising that dark and almost forgotten black art of investigative reporting to follow them up. In passing, I’d highly recommend his feed, especially if you’re Canadian and want to know what’s really going on in your country.

The first one was about the Lebanese head coach physically blocking entrance to Israeli athletes into a shuttle bus from the Olympic village to the games. To my way of thinking, that coach with the ensconced Lebanese team aboard should have been redirected straight to the airport and the next flight home. Instead, absolutely nothing was done.

The next one was an Israeli judo competitor who beat an Egyptian at the sport. As with all martial arts, you have to fight like hell to win, but the discipline of it demands whether it was win, lose or draw, you always offer respect to your opponent at the end of a bout. That’s a bow or a handshake or both. The Egyptian refused to shake hands with him.

I subsequently saw a news report saying he’d been “sent home” but since he was already out of the medals and his own team management had failed to publically reprimand him, I’d say he was just flying home.

When you add in little touches like Facebook forgetting to add in just one flag to its Olympics 2016 page (guess which?), you’re getting up to speed.

The grand cop-out in response to this mindset is to say they’re just being anti-Israeli but everyone over twelve and a half knows exactly what’s going on. What’s truly stunning is the keel of left-wing politics was laid down by Jewish intellectuals and it’s now that political base which has taken up the fallen mantle of the Nazis to continue their policies of extermination if given half a chance. It’s particularly chilling to listen to an American student in higher education fessing up to wanting to do exactly that, and in public too.

The crown topper was an elderly Hasidic Jewish rabbi being stabbed this week in the street by yet another lone madman shouting about bloody Allah. It takes a lot of balls to stab a 62 year old man in the back.

All of these events, barely a peep from the mainstream media.

Now, if the people on the receiving end of that type of treatment had a black bum, the whole media circus would have kicked off with massive virtue signalling and front page forty point outrage.

I suppose at this point, I have to make the traditional declarations; I’m not Jewish, strictly lapsed Rock Cake I’m afraid, and I’m not in receipt of funds from shadowy Jewish organisations because Big Oil are already paying me handsomely, but the bias I’ll always have is to be on the side of any minority getting that amount of shafting from a bunch of thugs hiding behind some semantics.

If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s the old musketeers motto is very true – one for all and all for one. Once we decide to ignore the victimisation of any element of our community, we’ve broken the social compact that binds us all together. If we allow them to be thrown to the wolves while we discretely look the other way, none of us in the end will be safe.

Blogging is a fundamentally profitless activity, but I’ve come to believe one of its most important functions is to express viewpoints which a monolithic mainstream media won’t, or daren’t touch.


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19 Responses to “A cancer at the heart of left-wing politics.”
  1. Thank you, Pointman. As always, you’ve hit the nail on its proverbial head.

    Many, many moons ago (i.e. back in the days of a 14.4 modem) I was actively engaged in combatting Holocaust denial on the then (much, much) smaller ‘net.

    As I had noted in that piece, back in 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King had observed:

    The anti-semite rejoices at any opportunity to vent his malice. The times have made it unpopular, in the West, to proclaim openly a hatred of the Jews.

    This being the case, the anti-semite must constantly seek new forms and forums for his poison. How he must revel in the new masquerade. He does not hate Jews, he is just ‘anti-Zionist’.

    But even in those days of long, long ago, as concerned as I was, little did I realize how soon the “popularity” of this masquerade would rear its ugly, cancerous head. And while I was, well, somewhat alarmed by the efforts of some (then very marginal) self-hating Jews, I could not imagine that their uneducated – not to mention blindly ignorant of history – ranks would swell to such numbers.

    How wrong I was:-(

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  2. Blackswan says:


    Australia has three tiers of government – Federal, State and elected local Councils. In the high-density residential/industrial inner Sydney suburb of Marrickville, the Council did this ….

    “A council business paper to be tabled next week shows a hit list of a dozen international companies has been drawn up to either be banned from doing business with council or have their existing contracts cancelled.

    They include Hewlett Packard, Chevrolet (Holden), Volvo, Unilever, Motorola ReadyMix and Fulton Hogan concrete companies, which the council claims either “support Israel’s military occupation of Palestine or profit from it”. A further 1800 companies would be banned from future dealings with the council, a list the council admits was downloaded from a pro-Palestinian website.”


    The Greens Party around the country is openly anti-Israel, even going so far as to picket Jewish businesses preventing customers from entering premises ….


    “ISRAEL is an illegitimate state. Israel has no right to exist,” shouted the speaker, to thunderous applause and cheers from the thousands packed into the square.

    Flying alongside the sea of Palestinian flags were also Hezbollah flags, Jihadist flags and signs equating Israel with Nazi Germany.

    But this wasn’t in Gaza or Ramallah. It wasn’t in Tehran, or even Cairo. It was Sunday’s pro-Gaza rally at the Town Hall in Sydney.


    While direct pickets and boycotts have now been generally lifted, it was only commercial financial penalties that drove the ant-Semites off the front pages and underground … they still flourish here.

    News pictures abound of our Socialist Prime Minister and Fabian Foreign Minister (in a head scarf) shaking hands or dining with Islamic leaders and the Saudi Cabal, but nary a one of equal contact with Israeli leaders and representatives.

    It’s a shocking reality in the 21st century but few people have the testicular fortitude to challenge it.


  3. Graeme No.3 says:

    Say what you like about Rupert Murdoch and his papers but The Australian today (Aug. 20) carries a piece about anti-semitism in the Berlin Olympics by the USA “team”. And a reminder how things were in the USA pre-WW2.


  4. Annie says:

    I am just stunned by the sheer appalling viciousness of anti semitism and the fact that it is again rife in this world. Why are so many so stupid and nasty?


    • beththeserf says:

      ‘Wage, wage war against
      the lying and the fright.’

      H/t kim @ Climate Etc.


    • bushkid says:

      Agreed Annie. There just seems to be so much anger, ugliness and hate coming from the left (I really dislike using the left/right sort of terms, but there it is) on so many subjects. Anything or anyone even vaguely decent, reasonable, good or old fashionably constructive or profitable is deemed not just wrong, but somehow evilly so and must be smashed, destroyed, vilified, ridiculed and crushed. The utter violence of ‘feelings’ being exhibited is remarkable. And ugly. In particular I really don’t understand this anti-Jewish vitriol at all, it makes no sense. Less than a century after WWII and nobody seems to care or remember any more…..


  5. Thomas says:

    Aaah… That video.
    The infamous ‘yes’ the young woman finally answers is indeed flabbergasting.

    But I am more appalled by the way she justifies her not answering his initial question “will you condemn Hamas?”
    In her eyes, he is forcing her to take Hamas’ side because of the way he framed his question!

    This way of picturing your opponent as an oppressor and kind of a vicious debater by denying yourself your own freedom and strength of thinking can be found in a lot of left-wing people.

    That makes them appear as victims and it demands that the so-pictured oppressors have to justify their own questions before they are even answered.

    I believe this is one of the best rhetorical tool they have because it can be used -and is used a lot- on the most dangerous questions of all: the one where their answers would give total credibility to the point made by their opponent.

    I have seen that happening again and again in climate debates: climate skeptics are often strong mainly because of the extreme position of their opponents, not because of their own qualities.


  6. David says:

    Good article Pointy.

    I’ll own up to being a fourth generation Australian who just happens to be Jewish but not the anti-semite’s favoured image thereof. My father and four of his brothers fought against the Nazis in the Australian forces and made sure my generation of the family was aware of the evil of the anti-semitism they fought. Lessons we have passed on to our children and grand children.

    A favourite pastime of myself and my 184cm tall blonde haired, blue eyed son is engaging the juveniles waving Palestinian flags at rallies in argument when we happen to come across them. To say they are blindly ignorant of world events and history is to be kind to them. A highlight is to point out to them that if they are so anti-Israel that they will not support any Jewish company or Jewish supported company then they should immediately abandon their mobile phones as the technology owes so much to Israeli engineers.

    Pernicious and evil movements targeting peaceful components of western society need to be confronted openly and decisively because they won’t stop at the Jews.

    Kol tuv


  7. meltemian says:

    “It is the narrative of the “left” on Israel that is causing the resurgence of anti-Semitism. It is not coming from nowhere. It is coming from them. If the left wants to deal with it, they first have to deal with themselves.”

    Douglas Murray.

    As the (lapsed) Catholic sister-in-law and aunt to a Jewish family and a friend of many more, I find the whole Anti-semitic mindset to be unimaginable!


  8. The Left illustrates what happens when your views harden into dogma, which by definition brooks no argument. You are not enlightened but threatened by the truth. You become an ardent, radical activist, like the current President and the entire Democratic party leadership, and every debate becomes a desperate battle to show (to yourself, above all) your moral superiority, not to find the truth. And I find this to be true on every front, on every level of importance–for example, try (as I did this past week) to find an inexpensive 100W light bulb, since they banned the much cheaper incandescent bulb Edison perfected long ago, through long labor. So much of tyranny seems petty, yet is a cancer, eventually attacking every healthy organ (now doesn’t that describe Obama’s agenda, to a “T”?).

    The simple truth is that the Left has gone insane, and really just wants revenge (alias open war). In power, they want ever more power. They are a cult of dogmatic believers, led by pathological lies and pathological liars–and that’s how they see their opposition, through the fog they have created in their own minds.

    And it’s not even just the Left now. The Right is rejecting its own presidential candidate (!). Insanity is the order of the day. Insanity, and incompetence (due to the ascendance of false dogma over honest reason in the world now).


    • Blackswan says:

      One definition of the adjective ‘insane’ is … “in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behaviour, or social interaction”.

      Sounds like a perfect descriptive when discussing the Left and their irrational, illogical response to documented evidence proving their dogma is false and destructive.

      Colonel Nathan Jessep might have been addressing a drift of Snowflakes when he thundered ….. “You can’t handle the truth!”


  9. Blackswan says:

    Sydney University accused of bias after lecturers likened conservative politicians to Nazis

    A second-year student ended up pulling out of the subject — The Holocaust, History and Aftermath — after he was prevented from presenting his class assignment on modern instances of anti-Semitism.
    The 22-year-old, who was afraid to be named for fear of reprisals, said he was told by the tutor not to explain how anti-Israel sentiment can be linked to anti-Semitism.
    “I was halfway through my slides when the tutor told me to skip the rest of the presentation, saying ‘We don’t want people to get the wrong idea about you’,” the student said.
    “It was clear I was not allowed to discuss this. It was quite dogmatic.”


    This comment on the article says it all ……

    K of Brisbane
    Posted at 7:42 AM Today

    The UNSW can say it doesn’t seek to avoid politics in lectures but it is pretty obvious to many who have been through the university system in recent years that, where you shift from the ‘accepted dialogue’, you become the outcast. Only last week my boss was talking to younger staff members about opportunities for higher education and self-improvement. As the holder of 2 Masters, he was quite blunt in pointing out the reality of a Bachelor course – make sure you just regurgitate your lecturer feeds you – for heaven’s sake, don’t vary from the script. University education was supposed to be about creative thinking, lateral or outside the box processing of information, new ideas and the opportunity to advance our society. Tertiary education now is simply a self-licking icecream, an industry intent on protecting itself, feeds on – and rigidly enforces – its own ideas, agenda and view of how the world should be. Divergence will not be tolerated – ironic where lecturers refer to others as Nazis.

    “A self-licking icecream” … perfect analogy. I’ll have to purloin that one sometime.


  10. Russ Wood says:

    I still like the (fictional) Harry Bosch’s attitude: “Either EVERYBODY counts, or nobody counts”. Thank you, Michael Connelly, for a suitable stance to ALL racism.


  11. gallopingcamel says:

    “And it’s not even just the Left now. The Right is rejecting its own presidential candidate (!). Insanity is the order of the day. Insanity, and incompetence (due to the ascendance of false dogma over honest reason in the world now).”

    Thank you for that (HDH). It means that once again we are failing to learn from history. Imagine the USA with a Fascist dictator……..that horror may be nearer than you think. What you are witnessing is the result of government control of education. What sense does that make in a free society?

    At last we have a presidential candidate who promises to return the control of K-12 schools to the local community. This is my #1 reason for voting for DONALD TRUMP.


  12. tobias smit says:

    Thanks Pointman for “pointing” out Ezra Levant, as a canuck I have been following him for years both on their failed tv channel (due to the Canadian Broadcast regulators that denied them the same funding structure as CBC and CTV) and now on his net casts called “The Rebel” and yes everybody should follow his commentary. As far as anti-Semetism these days , to me it is sadly history repeating itself again and again especially where they are concerned. All through history the hatred towards them seems to be at the root of a lot of wars, cultural strife and many grizzly attacks on their culture. It frankly makes me ill and I just can’t understand where this hatred is coming from and who perpetuates it, not just year after year but century after century , it is mind boggling. Again thanks for the article.


    • Twitter, that festering cesspit of malignant, suppurating, pustule encrusted, cancerous Social Justice will not allow me to follow Ezra Levant. The ‘operation is not permitted’, apparently.

      Yes, it is some kind of deep mystery as to why the Jews are so consistently the target of such hatred and persecution. Solving this mystery will provide a deep insight into the nature of evil. It is to morality what the Riemann hypothesis is to maths.


  13. Pointman says:

    “They are equally scathing about the role of Ms Chakrabarti, who was appointed Shadow Attorney General by Mr Corbyn two weeks ago, after he gave her a peerage.

    It followed her controversial report in which she allegedly played down the problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.

    She later came under more fire for urging Jewish people not to desert Labour because she did not want to be left alone ‘with Essex man’.”


    After remarks like that from a Labour darling, I’d be looking around for another party to support.



  14. Pointman says:

    In the dying hours of his presidency, Obama gives the Palestinians (ie terrorists) a farewell gift of $221M.

    He was always anti-Zionist (ie hated Jews).




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