Why Multiculturalism failed.

Multiculturalism has not only failed “utterly”, it has created a climate in which Racism can flourish, which is the complete reverse of what it was supposed to engender.

The central and fatal flaw at the heart of it was a misapprehension of what a culture actually is. It is not a certain style of dress, a type of cooking or specific rituals. These are just the exterior markers of a culture. If it doesn’t have those identifying markers, it’s not a culture. There’s a lot nicer ways of putting it but culture is essentially belonging to your gang. Humans have always “ganged up” and always will because it’s safer in a gang and that’s how we’ve survived. It’s an instinct which is deeper than visceral, it’s in our DNA.

Big gangs have always either absorbed smaller gangs or destroyed them completely. The little gang was never preserved. This process continues until the gang bumps into another gang of equal size or power and we arrive at that entity we call a country.

Multiculturalism said to the little gang, we think your culture is too good to be absorbed by the big gang, so we’re going to give you lots of extra help so you won’t be absorbed. The inevitable result of this policy was ghettoisation with the added curse of a “protected species” label. They became part of a society but were excluded from its culture. For that very reason, they came to hate the big gang and this hatred finds its expression in gangs of feral young men wandering the streets of our cities who, because they know they would have benefited the quickest and the most from absorption, feel the exclusion all the more keenly.

Multiculturalism said to the big gang, you’re not allowed to destroy them or absorb them. Indeed, you should be taking on elements of their culture, while they have no need to take on any elements of yours. We will give extra prominence to their culture while de-emphasising yours. Every gang has a pride that will fight such insults to its group identity. Inevitably, they will grow to hate the smaller gang. This finds expression in liberal democracies by the founding of extremist racist parties, who will gain mainstream traction as the discontent grows.

Absorption rather than destruction has always been the tendency and for practical reasons. Why destroy what will become useful to you? Multiculturalism tried to halt the natural process of absorption and was not only an anti-survival strategy but created the climate of fear that racism thrives in. It’s being quietly dismantled in Europe but not fast enough.

© Pointman

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34 Responses to “Why Multiculturalism failed.”
  1. Blackswan says:

    Have to hand it you Pointman – you sure like to sink your teeth into meaty subjects.

    You’re right on all counts and nothing will change any time soon here in Australia – ethnic gangs and crime rates accelerate, particularly since African gangs have recently been added to the European, Middle Eastern and Asian gangs already established here.

    As long as the Green/Socialists hold Govt, it will only get worse – the main catalyst for multicultural thought-policing being the United Nations Human Rights Convention – and we now know that their agendum is to dissolve borders, nations and peoples into an homogeneous soup over which the UN is the final arbiter.

    It won’t be resolved without a lot of collateral damage.


    • Pointman says:

      “It won’t be resolved without a lot of collateral damage.” Tragically, I think you’re right Swan. I held off publication of the piece because I dreaded some Christmas day outrage. As it turned out in the UK, a number of people in various locations were arrested simultaneously in order to prevent some incident.



  2. manonthemoor says:

    An interesting piece pointman.

    It is interesting that gangs usually have ethnics, violence, drugs, extortion, sex, guns and knives as part of their makeup not to mention of course terrorism.

    But there are other gangs, politicians, financiers, religious groups, universities, societies, institutions, unions and even mothers unions or AGW addicts. In their own way all these ‘institutions’ exert influence and display the same hierarchical thinking as gangs.

    So on this basis, the idea of a gang being DNA related, there will always be those who seek power and dominance over others who succumb willingly or for financial/selfish motives.

    What makes multi-culturism different is that it is driven by government who think they can decide their desired outcome and as you rightly point out they have failed.

    I have yet to be convinced that the concept of a gang and its implications is about to change any time soon



    • Pointman says:

      The use of the word ‘gang’ brings to mind very negative connotations but it is the basic word required. We all belong to several gangs, the first being our family. Interestingly, the typical street gang member usually has a totally dysfunctional family life. The street gang becomes their working family.

      We belong to the gang who share a certain religious belief, or work in the same profession or company or just enjoy discussing certain topics with like-minded people, which is as good a definition of blogging as there is.



    • Blackswan says:

      G’day MOTM,

      You’re right about the “other gangs” – all mutually supportive to protect their own.


  3. meltemian says:

    Multiculturalism tried to halt the natural process of absorption and was not only an anti-survival strategy but created the climate of fear that racism thrives in. It’s being quietly dismantled in Europe but not fast enough.

    It may be being dismantled in Europe but there is no sign of it in the UK which appears to be the only part of the EU taking the UNHRC seriously!! The UK immigration policy is a shambles and the only answer I can see is to close the borders completely until the existing immigrants and asylum seekers are either assimilated or re-patriated. However having reached the ridiculous situation where we do not even know the numbers involved, let alone who they are, even this appears to be impossible.
    Great Britain has always opened its borders to genuine asylum seekers but this has got out of hand.


    • Pointman says:

      Things have improved in the UK since 7/7. Getting citizenship is no longer the optional doddle it was. You do have to demonstrate a knowledge of English and an oath off alligiance is sworn. We’re moving towards the American model where an effort and committment has to be made.



  4. meltemian says:

    There are also massive immigration problems here in Greece. I’ve posted this link although there are many more but mostly in Greek.



  5. Greg says:

    It does seem to be destructive to a society to have so many micro-cultures. Society loses its cohesion, loses common standards, loses a common language, and what’s left to hold it together?

    I was discussing guns and gun laws with a British woman on a forum and the conversation was civil, even though we strongly disagreed. As soon as I mentioned UK immigration she detonated. If that sort of hyper-sensitivity is common-place then I think that country is lost.

    Used to be that immigrants would come in with the intention of becoming a part of the culture, That’s the sort of immigration which builds a country. How do you build when every little group is encouraged not only to hold onto 100% of its own culture, but to have contempt for the dominant culture?


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Greg, if the government is going to have a ‘policy’ on sensative subjects, then a discussion of the relative merits should be mandatory. It’s not enough to say it’s in persuit of some higher ideal and ban any intelligent criticism for that very reason.

      I believe immigration, proportionate and handled with attention to political realities, is good for any country but the immigrants have to make their own way into that society. When you consider that only 20% of Americans can trace any English ancestry and how far that country has come in a couple of centuaries, the effect of new men, new minds and a willingness to start a new life in a foreign country is beyond question.



    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Greg,

      There was a time when North America and later, Australia, were regarded as great examples of the “melting pot” of hardworking immigrants as nation-builders.

      The multicultural ethos of ‘entitlement’ has turned this melting pot into a seething cauldron.

      As you found with your British correspondent, you don’t have to scratch an Aussie too hard to find he has an ‘itch’ when it comes to modern immigration – even the earlier migrants with a work ethic bitterly resent the new easy-ride Welfare recipients who come to demand their ‘entitlements’ rather than what they can offer their new nation. It can’t end well, as our race riots of recent years can attest.


  6. microdave says:

    Interesting post, Pointman. I holidayed in Australia during 1984, and again in 1988. Even as a visitor with a paid, return ticket, the reception committee at the airport was reminiscent of “Prisoner, Cell Block H”, so I’m sure immigrants would not have had an easy time.

    I remember the centre of Melbourne being divided into ethnic streets, fine if you wanted to alternately sample different cuisines and cultures, but clearly not evidence of cultural absorption. It seems from Blackswan’s observations that things have got much worse since then.

    Sadly I fear this country has gone past the point of no return….


    • Pointman says:

      Hello MicroDave and welcome. If you accept the premiss that the big gang will either absorb the smaller gang or destroy it, then any government policy that prevents absorption will inevitably lead to violence. I think 7/7 and other events have been a wakeup call for policy makers across Europe.

      The British Raj in India is often cited as a good example of not tinkering with a culture but it’s a false one. They outlawed the Thuggee religion and banned the Hindu practice of Sati. Anyone who insisted on doing these things was hanged.



  7. Blackswan says:

    Hi microdave,

    We always liked our ‘ethnic’ streets – Chinatown, Little Italy etc. But they were never regarded as ghettos. Just part of the ‘character’ of our biggest cities. Aussies have always respected hard workers and folks who ‘bring something to the table’ so to speak. Our immigrants have brought us much and taught us a great deal about the wider world and how to make our nation the better for it.

    It’s only in the past 40 years, since Green/Labor/Socialist/Marxist/Fabian (enough descriptives? …LOL) Govts and Bureaucracies began with the bounteous Multicultural, Welfare (when the ‘safety net’ became a hammock) Industries that changed JFK’s “Ask not what your country can do for you……..” into “Society owes us – and you’d better pay up or we’ll take it from you”.

    Organised crime and the drug trade proliferates through the Asian, Middle Eastern and now the Eastern European gangs – but it makes us no different from any other wealthy Western nation. We wanted to be a progressive modern country, not an Antipodean backwater, so we got rid of our ‘cultural cringe’, embraced our differences, and here we are – ripe for the picking – and we are being thoroughly plucked…… same as everyone else.

    We love our nation with great passion, are despised by those who see our generosity as weakness and seek to do us harm, but we’d never want to be any other place.

    If only we could translate that pride into kicking these Socialist Criminal Govts to the kerb before they completely bleed us dry. Never fear microdave, we old fogies are working on it…LOL


    • MikeO says:

      As a fellow Australian I wish I had the optimistic view you do. Now we have two coalitions a Liberal/National and then a Labor/Green one. The LN one is not that far from the other. Seems they are convinced by our left biased media that what the public wants is economic ruin. We need to spend like there is no tomorrow and make sure our energy industry is wrecked. More than that we should invite anyone who appears at the border in and give them money.


      • Blackswan says:

        Hey Mike – Scary isn’t it? Note my comment – ” we are being thoroughly plucked” or whatever other polite euphemism suits you…. lol It isn’t optimism , it’s panic..!!!

        I just refuse to get sucked into a vortex of despair. That can be paralysing.There is a degree of morbid fascination in watching a train speeding towards its impending and inevitable crash. Then it will need clear heads and good reflexes to deal with the aftermath.


      • Old Rooster says:

        Now that Lord Wentworth has mounted a successful palace coup to gain the spoils of office for himself and his henchpersons your observation seems particularly prescient. I’m certain that many, like myself, thought that under Abbott the Coalition had begun to distance itself more from the looney leftism of the ALP/Greens. Clearly Abbott and Hockey were hampered in their efforts at budget repair and sane policies by internal opposition not just an obstructive Senate. Whilst a large common ground ought to be optimal it isn’t if that common ground is based too much on the thinking of the muddle headed wombats.


  8. Scud1 says:

    Hey P!…What’s this? Your own blog and I was non the wiser.
    Very well done my friend…another to add to my favourites.

    Hope you read this soon. Our computer ist finally utterly kaputen. The misses has ordered a new one but it won’t be with us for another 12 days. In the mean time I’m reduced to this iPad thingy which takes me an age to type a single bloody sentence (I started this yesterday)…so I don’t think I’ll be on chat till then.
    Please send Ni my regards and talk then bud!

    Happy new year everyone!


    • Pointman says:

      Hiya Scud and welcome!

      A happy new year to you and everyone.



      • Scud1 says:

        Hiya P!

        Thanks for the blog my man…tis always a pleasure to be around our like minded friends and even more a pleasure to be reading your excellent insights.

        Just a quickie…have you heard anything from L?…I’m slightly concerned as he’s not been around for quite a few days now which is most unlike our friend in Sichuan.

        A very happy and prosperous new year to you, Swanny, Meltemian, Ni and the gang.


      • Pointman says:

        Scud, L’s away for Christmas, so no worries mate.


  9. Scud1 says:

    Hey P. I’m a gonna have a go on this here ‘non keyboard’.

    I completely agree with everything you say about multiculturalism, though I’m going to suggest a darker, more conspiracy led theory into the reasons for it’s altogether sudden, huge and alarming existence within the principalities of Europe and of our Antipodean friends.
    Let me start off by saying that ‘race’ has no real meaning to me…I think (and am sure that most would agree) that individuals should be taken as they are, utterly regardless as to where they might stem. For an example I’m one of those evil, white British blokes but I happen to be married to an ethnic Chinese lady who was born in Malaysia and bought up principally in Oz. Now… (apart from looking a bit weird) she’s the same as us…holds the same values, likes roast beef and Yorkshire pudding (as well as squashed aromatic ducks, noodles and swine intestines marinaded in horse manure…yum yum).
    But as mass immigration goes I feel that my misses, as an example, is rather more an exception than the norm.
    We live in South East London so obviously ‘bloody foreigners’ are not far and few between, in fact I’d go so far as to say that the place is almost as foreign to good old Blighty as the jungles of Burma were to our troops during WW2.
    To back Pointman up on his observations of ‘gang mentality’ one only has to observe the local schools chucking out time to see the imminent future of our neighbourhood and I’m sorry to say that eventually we will be forced to side with a gang and move.

    Now, to get back to juicy conspiracy theory stuff.

    Our illustrious leaders only ever seem to have one argument for mass, uncontrolled immigration and that is that ‘they will do the jobs that the indigenous won’t and are thus good for the economy, thus good for us all.’
    I don’t think anybody outside of political circles blessed with half a brain really buys this as it is blatant rot of the first order…as, just like AGW, it suggests that recent history, or indeed ancient history is simply make-believe.

    Some with a more cynical thought process like to think that it is the left attempting to garner votes…he he…here’s your abode and here’s some taxpayer money…all we ask in return is that you vote for us! Nah…don’t really buy that either…I mean what do they do? Explain the merits of socialism and Marx as they’re herded off the back of a freight container?
    No…in me own humble, I believe that it is being done with malicious intent. Knowing full well…(as the Pointman points out) human nature to ‘gang’ to mistrust, to envy and to hate…mainly through ignorance but also through a sense of real and purposeful injustice.

    All of us now know for sure what AGW is really all about and I feel that this subject goes hand in hand. Designed to undermine, to create unnecessary financial burden, to create fear.

    Incidentally the 7/7 ‘attacks’ were almost certainly not as portrayed on our television sets. The picture you have
    above P has now been proven to be fake beyond doubt. You see, our criminal leaders are not content with the actual level of social chaos that they hoped the ‘multiculti society’ would bring and have resorted to making shit up. Go to September Clues for an in depth analysis.

    Hmm…non spell checked rant over and done. Now where’s those pig intestines…


    • UninformedLuddite says:

      Divide and conquer. Who is doing the dividing and what is the end game? I suspect I know but its also a crime to tell you.


  10. Blackswan says:

    Geez Scud – what a ripper!

    Sounds like you’re the beneficiary of a fair dinkum Aussie bird’s upbringing. The intestines are great so long as they’re filled with pig’s blood (black pudding) and fried up with a little bacon.

    As for the rest, sounds about right. Nobody could possibly think that human nature can be legislated out of existence. When it all backfires, it’s going to be spectacular.


  11. meltemian says:

    Sorry Scud, I think I’ll pass on the marinated swine intestines if it’s all the same to you!

    Glad you’ve found Pointman’s Blog – it’s a goodie.


  12. Blackswan says:

    Just in case readers thought I was exaggerating about the level of mulitculti aggression Aussies have to deal with these days, check this out…..


    In parts of Sydney if you look sideways at some people, this is the reaction you get – except they hunt in packs.

    Come to think of it, do Halal Maccas or KFCs exist elsewhere?


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Swan. To play devil’s advocate for a moment, the kid has obviously lost control completely. Perhaps someone knew exactly how to wind him up and just happened to video the results? I notice the other members of staff trying to calm him down. As a kid, I waitered and unless you’ve never done it, you’d scarcely believe how rude people think they can be to a ‘servant’.

      I’ve seen people eat meals brought to them by ‘servants’ they’d deeply offended. If only they knew what they were eating. I make it a point never to offend people who’re bring me food …



      • Blackswan says:

        Hi Pointy. I think you’re right about the wind-up. While the boy obviously ‘loses it’, it shows that if a customer did indeed purposely mess with him for the effect, the degree of animosity that exists bubbling away beneath the surface on ‘both sides’ doesn’t take a whole lot of spark to light the fuse.

        As you rightly point out – “Multiculturalism has not only failed “utterly”, it has created a climate in which Racism can flourish, which is the complete reverse of what it was supposed to engender.” – human nature simply can’t be legislated out of existence.

        The scene is now set for an eruption of one sort or another – let’s hope all sides can resolve their differences – but if I hold my breath I’ll turn blue.


      • UninformedLuddite says:

        When the so-called riots occurred at Cronulla a Lebanese=’Australian’ kid stole an Aussie flag from an RSL(Returned & Services League) which was promptly urinated upon and was a big part of what occurred that day. The immediate response of the RSL was to put forward the idea that this kid(I have a better word) would carry the Australian flag at the head of the ANZAC day parade.
        After a massive public outcry they realised this wasn’t such a good idea so instead he got to walk the Kokoda Trail. I would love to have the opportunity to walk Kokoda but my health will not allow it(yet). To me it seems he was essentially rewarded for his actions and I am appalled by this as I am sure many other Australians are too.


  13. opit says:

    I would have to say that for this thread I will play the current iteration of ‘Devil’s Advocate’ ; which is to say, Conspiracy Theorist’. Should have I put it in all caps with lots of Exclamation Marks ?

    Gangs were and are a chronic phenomenon of society – and I refuse to differentiate for ‘family’ or ‘tribe.’ Like calls to like and language is rich with Pejoratives for the outsider. English is a bloody violent language with assumptions of sexism all set to drive behaviour in desired channels stoking fear and solidarity.
    Sounds like Boot Camp to me.

    Ever wonder why soldiers are young men whose strength and initiative are first lost in wars that they come back from totally tribalized and traumatized both ? The bureaucrats like them that way : they can be programmed as brutes to so as they are told for life as the consequences of disobedience are draconian. Plus they understand that what passes for history focuses on the stories of the winners.

    All of which makes me snort at the idea that policies like multiculturalism are anything more than job security for the police aka mob. Ditto the drug laws. How long ago was it the science advisor was canned in the UK because he said representations of the damage drugs do were arrant b.s. and hype ?

    Rather sounds like our little game of DuckSpeak Science Quackery, doesn’t it ?

    I could have fun with this – and bore you all to tears. Instead, see where the root ideas are coming from.



  14. DP111 says:

    Nations are defined by borders, language, and culture”.

    And in the present situation they are being defined by religion (culture), race(ethnicity), and language last. This situation is an order of magnitude more explosive then anything in our history.

    Multiculturalism divides a nation. We are now seeing the effect of this as people vote along ethnic and religious lines, just as they do in Africa. In the future we will see the same ethnic and religious warfare in Britain, as we now see in Africa.


  15. dellwilson says:


    I just came across this post in your tweets as it predates my following your blog. My, how this 7-year-old post has held up well.

    Like most Americans, I’ve had many conversations regarding immigration over the last 12-15 months. While I did not vote for President Trump (nor did I vote for Senator Clinton), I liked his stance against open immigration. I too view immigration as beneficial and even necessary, given our birthrate, but it is the rate of immigration that is important. I.e. We don’t want to stop it, but we want to regulate it. People always point to America’s “melting pot” as a key to our success and rightly so, but many people don’t think about the verb “to melt”. We’ve been successful in creating a country out of many cultures because they’ve melted into the American experience and this has enriched us all. Both gangs are changed (albeit by varying degrees) when two are blended to form one, but chances are very good that the new, blended gang is richer and stronger.

    Here in the Southern U.S., almost all the immigrants want nothing more than to blend in and experience the American dream. The Indians and Asians seem to embrace American customs quickly. The Mexicans seem slightly slower to do so, but it may be the relative difference in education level that retards their assimilation. However, the second generation looks just as American as anyone. My daughter’s friends all through school looked like a freakin’ Benetton ad, but they all sounded the same when you spoke to them. They sounded like ‘mericans, one and all.

    But what happens when the rate of immigration is too great? What happens when wave-upon-wave of immigrants enter a city before the previous has a chance to melt, to blend, to assimilate? Given enough numbers, they form sub-cultures or ghettos and their need to blend into the American experience is lessened. And cultures clash, just as gangs clash. That causes pain and frustration and can cause a backlash just as you say.

    And what happens if a wave of immigrants arrive that have no intention of melting, blending, assimilating? Those who wish to change the culture of their adopted country rather than adopt it? Are we then heading for permanent ghettoization? Separate, but equal (sort of)?

    I’m not a big fan of President Trump right now, but I’m hopeful that he succeeds in his pushback against globalization. I’m a supporter of immigration, but only if it’s regulated.

    Dell, from ‘Bama.


    • dadodeaf says:

      Having worked for one of the many very liberal cities in the US for several decades I have seen the progression of multiculturalism first hand through mandatory “cultural competency” training. The themes in the early days were very decisive and counter to what many of us earlier generation workers had been taught. We were told over and over in response to our resistance to such teaching that concepts like “melting pot” we’re all wrong and did not “honor diversity”. After a few such classes, I simply observed to one of the indoctrinators that they’d replaced the melting pot with a bowl of broken glass

      The bloodiness that has come out since then has validated that comment.


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