They’re not fit to rule us.

Britain will be voting this coming Thursday on whether it wants to leave or stay in the European Union. The respective campaigns are called Brexit and Remain. A few months ago, it looked to be a David versus Goliath situation, with the Remain campaign supported by all the major parties. Basically, it was the big establishment guns against a scattered opposition vilified by an overwhelmingly hostile media as little Englanders. The caricatures were pretty vile and their predictions of what would happen if we didn’t vote to stay in became progressively more biblical.

That set the tone for the Remain campaign, which very quickly acquired the title Project Fear. It was a bizarre melange of various elites all predicting scary and terrible things which would happen if we left; a recession deeper than the great depression, WW III would break out, death of the firstborn and the Thames would run red with blood. Little native birdies would drop dead as Norwegian Blues out of the sky like dive-bombing Stukas sent by a certain Junker, Christmas would be cancelled until further notice, cryptic crosswords would be banned and worst of all, Pointless wouldn’t get another series.

The Remain campaign have inundated us with various experts telling us not to be silly billies and here are all our expert’s numbers and predictions to shoo silly you back onto the straight and narrow. The thing is, all too many of them are the same people who never foresaw the twin crises engulfing the EU; the Euro crunch and the swamping of Europe by shiftless and violent economic migrants masquerading as war refugees.

And those same people who failed to see that short interval into the future are now telling us with Delphic certainty they know what’ll happen if we vote with our feet to get the hell out of a mess that’s rapidly spiralling down to such chaos that by popular acclaim extreme far right-wing parties are by default coming to power, because all faith has been lost in the judgement of establishment politics of either persuasion within the EU.

The Remain campaign, in the shape of the Guardian newspaper, scraped an absolute new low in gutter politics this week by telephoning a 79-year-old gentleman hard of hearing and with serious diabetes problems to get his view on Brexit and why the EU had killed his family’s fishing business. They twisted his responses and held over the hit piece until just before a debate in which his son Michael Gove, a prominent Brexit campaigner, was due to speak. There’s a reason that newspaper’s mounting losses have now spiralled up to the dizzying heights of 86 million pounds a year. I can only admire the Gove family’s restraint.

A wag characterised the Remain campaign as fear, sneer and smear, and that’s not far off the mark. People just didn’t like it.

There’s only one thing worse than a silent response after you’ve spent some effort trying to convince someone about something, and that’s a polite British response. It’s in a nice coded format that fanatics simply don’t understand, don’t realise is happening and most deliciously of all for a spectator on the side-lines, it’s taking the complete piss out of them to their face. It’s a form of social signalling that you have to be perceptive enough to realise someone is telling you ever so subtly to back off.

The responses to the Remain campaign bombardment, especially to frantic polling are actually meaningless, since coded Brit is being used. Those are very interesting numbers (what a crashing bore), I’ll certainly think about that (life is too bloody short), I’m sure you’re right (I’m pretty sure you’re wrong), well, we’ll probably have to fall back on muddling through as usual (without a wanker like you in tow), of course, we probably do need to be in Europe (the state it’s in, no bloody thanks), yes, we might certainly find it hard to survive outside Europe (like we did from 1939 onwards), your arguments are certainly compelling (they’re totally wrong), I might very well come around to your viewpoint one day, some day, soon (never) and of course that magic micro-second too long sibilanted yes (which actually means no).

The reality behind all the too close to call polling bollocks is the remark made by a reluctant Labour councillor this week doing the door to door canvassing to get the Remain vote out. “It’s just like last year, all the polls are saying it’s neck to neck but every door I knock on, they tell me to fuck off.” Not all the natives can be arsed to do the polite Brit speak, and can actually be quite forthright on occasion, especially when interrupted by some arsehole canvasser banging on their door when they’re trying to watch a good Euro 2016 match. They are sound men with the right priorities.

They’re of course right. All the EU has on offer is those twin evils that will bring down any country; a threat to the very lives of the people in it and a threat to their livelihood, and the ordinary person despite all the spin knows it too.

We have a massive influx of people into Europe whose customs are quite frankly so barbaric they’d shame the medieval ages. Sweden in the space of a year has gone from what was long regarded as a sexually enlightened country to become the rape capital of Europe with a rape statistic which has climbed 1472% in that interval. A small country like Sweden now has Sharia no-go areas where a woman who isn’t shrouded from head to toe in black is just “asking for it” and all those wonderful migrants are more than happy to oblige. German swimming pools have now gone to having strictly segregated men’s and women’s times.

The crown topper on the whole mess is that when they’re not too occupied groping the womenfolk and molesting children, they’re busy figuring out ways of killing us infidels. Of course, none of these tendencies are allowed to be reported, both by the media and the law enforcement agencies, since that might be construed as islamophobia, if not downright racist.

In response to the mass sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the enlightened mayoress of the city thinks all that’s required to fix the problem is to issue a dress code to the city’s women. With such deranged stupidity, the disconnect between the politically correct establishment and the ordinary person who actually lives in the real world is by now complete.

The less virtuous but more practical countries within the EU will have nothing to do with the invasion, despite threats of having to take quotas or get fined. A Swiss canton has just accepted a 200,000 Euro fine for refusing to accept a single migrant and to add insult to injury, the country has just this week followed up by withdrawing totally its application to join the EU.

There’s a message there and it’s not just that they don’t want all those Jerries making a home run for their borders to escape Sharia zones. With last year’s million and a half immigrant flood and another one on the way, Angela’s ashes might well in future describe what’ll happen to German Kultur under the assault of an imported medieval barbarism.

All across the EU, the Schengen agreement to have open borders is in tatters. All the old border posts are now manned with a fresh generation of armed guards.

Like most economically literate people, I was always in favour of economic union within a European context, but that economic union has gradually crept towards a political union; a United states of Europe which is a beast of a completely different stripe.

That could never work, was always doomed to fail, and that’s not just the cultural differences either. In its current form, it’s a proto-federation run by an unelected elite who’re appointed rather than voted for, and consequently there’s no way to vote them out of office either.

You’re going to hear a lot of arguments either way, but for me what matters is I refuse to be ruled by people I neither elected nor whom I can’t kick out of office. That’s the reason the whole of the establishment across the complete political spectrum are leashed into the Remain bandwagon. They appoint each other into juicy jobs and we’ve got no way of firing them.

If we can’t vote them into power or vote them out of power, it’s a dictatorship. It’s the one thing, and the only thing which matters. All other issues are secondary.



My apologies to the Guardian. When I wrote the above, I didn’t realise some people on the Remain campaign side were completely devoid of even your miserable shred of common decency, but by immediately blaming the tragic murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox on a supposed Brexit supporter, they plumbed new depths. Such behaviour used to be called having no moral floor, and was reserved for describing Nazis and war criminals.

All political differences aside, I can only offer my sincere condolences to her husband, children, family and friends in this, their most terrible hour.

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35 Responses to “They’re not fit to rule us.”
  1. Stonyground says:

    I think that the proposed rules about kettles sum up the EU fairly accurately. People that I didn’t vote for, and can’t vote to have removed from their posts, want to restrict my choices when I want to buy a kettle. This is for my own good of course, I need to be curtailed in my kettle buying choices in order to help to save the planet. So, I must buy a kettle that uses half as much electricity for twice as long. My life decisions are being made for me by people who are too stupid to know that the amount of energy needed to raise a given amount of water from room temperature to boiling point is exactly the same whether your kettle does it quickly or slowly. Basic schoolboy physics.


    • tarran says:

      If you are using half the energy, it will take more than twice as long: the kettle is leaking heat into the surrounding air at a rate proportional to the difference in temperature between the skin of the kettle and the room’s air.

      The longer the kettle takes to heat up, the greater the amount of heat lost. In fact, if you reduce the heat in the burner down sufficiently, to the point where it is below the rate at which a nearly boiling kettle would lose heat into the surrounding air, then the heater will only warm the kettle until the two rates are equal and the kettle’s temperature would never rise high enough to boil the water.


      • Graeme No.3 says:

        Like you I considered the idea stupid.
        The EU answer would be to boil your kettle on a mountain where the boiling point of water is lower. That way you would also get exercise and become healthier (except for the old age pensioners collapsing on the way).

        But this sort of thing is only to be expected when ‘the rulers’ (which wrongly suggests they’re straight) lack any knowledge of science, engineering and logic, decide on how the electricity supply can be changed by spending very large amounts of other people’s money on their fantasies. His ‘ideas’ about electricity mark David Cameron as a silly Cnut.


    • catweazle666 says:

      It’s OK Stoney, Junker will just repeal the laws of thermodynamics. Job done.

      My personal favourite was the EU apparatchik who asserted that “experts” had discovered that 50% of the population of the EU was above average weight, and this was unacceptable and required action to be taken.

      You can’t fix stupid.


      • You can’t fix insane. They are insane, not stupid. Think Jim Jones and his cult, Charles Manson and his cult, etc.. Here in the USA, it’s Obama and his cult–aggravated by the alienation of blacks’ affections by Islam, a.k.a. Mohammed and his cult, 50 years ago (Cassius Clay turning into Muhammad Ali in the 60s being the premier example of that moral rot, along with the rise of the Black Muslims and other indicia like the “Liberation Theology” of the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s longtime pastor). The dogma has been on the rise, and studiously nurtured in the face of mostly contrary reality, for generations (some, like Islam and other “fundamentalist” religions, for centuries and even millennia), until now the “sides” of every debate are intractably opposed, at war with each other. The rise of Islam in the West–with its own inherent division (literally since its inception) between Shia and Sunni (the spell checker thinks I misspelled Shia, but it doesn’t know that I don’t care, and have no respect for its Islamic source in this matter)–is a poignant reflection of the truth of our own division between Left and Right.


  2. gary turner says:

    Shared on Twitter and Gooogle+


  3. Rob Moore says:

    I read an interesting article on averages recently Re a US Airforce revelation from the early jet era.They designed the cockpit & controls for the “average build of pilot” They were having a a lot of stress & pilot error. A brave researcher began to look for the “average pilot” ‘s dimensions to actually match the machines and found (i think from memory ) that only 9% matched for the key criterior. imo -this is true of life in general (google for better detail i guess). When they got more flexible seats and visuals – accidents reduced markedly!
    Britain must Brexit and Trump must win – or we are all in for the high jump!


  4. hillbilly33 says:

    The FUD factor! Chiefio mirrors the thrust of your post and adds facts and figures in support. Needs no added comment from me!


  5. meltemian says:

    I agree “Remain” are beyond the pale and “Leave” are pretty useless too!
    We’ve got the roadmap for leaving the EU:-

    Click to access themarketsolution.pdf

    (short version)

    F L E X C I T!!


  6. Keitho says:

    I just hope the” Leavers”, the Brexiteers, are keeping their powder dry and waiting till they can see the whites of the Remaniacs eyes. Let the vote on Thursday once again confound the pollsters, the pundits and the Establishment and give a thumping great “Leave”.

    We can’t exchange our sovereignty for some flim-flam economic nonsense.


  7. Annie says:

    Excellent article Pointman.


  8. Blackswan says:


    You’re so right … they aren’t fit to rule anybody. A Socialist cabal of liars, thieves and charlatans who protect each other from any accountability while taking refuge behind the bureaucratic institutions and legislation they’ve crafted.

    The history of Australia and the British Empire has always been of interest to me. It wasn’t the British money men or the Aristocracy or Whitehall that secured the Empire, or even the brilliant engineers and surveyors who forged roads and railways into the vast unknown wilderness of the New World – it was the People themselves who actually built them. Without those navvies the Industrial Revolution could never have happened at all.

    The men who built the ships or sailed into the unknown, who mined and smelted and ploughed foreign lands to return great wealth to the Crown. And the women who followed their men and raised families against all the odds.

    It was the Scots, the Welsh, the Irish and the English men and women who worked hard, died young and left a legacy of courage and hope to their succeeding generations.

    We can only trust that a vestige of that courage and the will to survive in spite of the Ruling Classes still remains in the minds and hearts of the British people and that their Brexit vote will lead all European people to regain their sovereignty, their national pride and to save their unique cultures.

    The shrieks of the Remain cartel remind me of suckling piglets squealing at the prospect of being pulled off rich milky teats they’ve been greedily sucking dry for forty years.

    Mmmm … crispy fried bacon. Yummo.


  9. Pointman says:

    Coming to a graveyard near you in Europe.



  10. NZPete says:

    Pointy, your third paragraph doesn’t read right to me:
    “The Leave campaign have inundated us with various experts …”
    Shouldn’t it be “The Remain campaign…”?
    But it’s an excellent article; one with which I entirely agree (NZ still being a Constitutional Monarchy based on the UK’s Westminster parliamentary system).
    Warmest regards,
    How the hell does a typo like that get through? Fixed and cheers bud. P


  11. Annie says:

    That cartoon should be expanded and posted everywhere! It’s brilliant and sobering and hits the nail squarely on the head.

    Rule Britannia!


  12. Blackswan says:


    Any patriot, of any ‘free and democratic’ nation who sleeps easy at night in the belief that our military personnel would NEVER act against citizens at the behest of corrupt politicians, had better think again.

    “When a veteran started offering traditional remarks at a military flag-folding ceremony, several uniformed airmen assaulted him, dragging him out of the room because his remarks mentioned God.”

    “It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life,” Rodriguez says. “To have the Air Force assault me and drag me out of a retirement ceremony simply because my speech included the word ‘God’ is something I never expected from our military.”

    If USAF thugs can assault a veteran of 33 years service to his nation, then what chance does Joe Citizen have in exercising his Rights believing he’s protected by his Constitution?

    The Australian Defence Forces are similarly corrupted by politically-correct bureaucratic apparatchiks in the name of “diversity”. Our Iraq/Afghanistan veterans have been similarly smeared and trashed for expressing Christian opinions on same-sex marriage or gender re-assignment (as a number of our one-time male Generals, Colonels and Majors now wear lipstick, dye their stringy tresses and parade about in high-heels and stockings, their beer guts restrained by corsets) and yet our finest young men and women, who put their lives on the line, are expected to obey these confused twerps without question.

    And woe betide ANY serviceman or woman who expresses anything other than “brotherly love” for the Islamic bastards who have killed and maimed their fellow soldiers.

    Our July 2nd Federal election had better signal an end to this Marxist/Socialist/Fabian garbage or Australians can kiss our democratic freedoms Goodbye, for all time.

    The Brits have Brexit, the Yanks have Trump … Aussies have no exit strategy at all. The conservative Liberal Party is now led by a self-appointed Republican/Socialist/Green one-time Goldman Sachs investment banker (Turnbull) and the Socialist/Marxist Labor Party is led by a one-time Union official (Shorten) who has been accused of the rape of a minor, of receiving bribes, of money-laundering and of orchestrating the standover bashing of whistleblowers.

    It’s like swapping deck-chairs on the Titanic when our majority two-party System means that whatever we choose, Organised Crime has seized the helm of our Ship of State.

    “Advance Australia Fair”? Not as long as those bastards continue to sell us out to the highest bidder we won’t.


  13. Pointman says:

    “BREAKING: British Drivers Attacked in Calais By Migrants Before EU Referendum”

    … and not a word of it in the MSM.



  14. beththeserf says:

    Another fine essay, Pointman. A Robert Frost fork-in-the-road -moment
    for open society. Once Great Britain, trial and error creator of parliamentary
    democracy, from Magna Carta’s securing the rights of the people under the
    rule of law ..l. Brexit!

    A serfs essay on adaptability to circumstances and innovation.


  15. Blackswan says:

    And here we were thinking our useless Socialist politicians were only encouraging open-slather migration to secure future votes for the bleeding-heart Left … how monumentally naive we’ve been.

    Politicians on all sides have been selling off our publicly-owned assets and infrastructure for decades, having pushed our untrammelled debt ceilings through the roof they have been selling off our road and rail systems, our ports and harbours as well as our airports and now we find they’ve secretly legislated to change our laws to accommodate Sharia law so that Saudis can buy whatever is left at huge financial benefit to themselves ….

    ‘Cashed-up Middle Eastern investors will be able to bid for major road, rail and port projects after the Turnbull government quietly changed tax laws in the budget to accommodate Sharia law.’

    ‘Half of the world’s top 10 sovereign wealth funds worth $US2.4 trillion were created from oil wealth – 20 times the firepower of Australia’s Future Fund – and countries like the United Kingdom have already moved to welcome a pool of funds estimated to reach $US3.7 trillion by 2020.’

    This hasn’t been about ‘diversity’ or ‘culture’ or ‘altruism’ in offering safe havens for war-torn refugees – and it NEVER has been.

    It’s about the Saudis writing a caveat into the mountains of cash they’re waving under the noses of Cameron, Turnbull, Obama, Frau Frump and every other useless muddling Head of Government hamstrung by disastrous debt ….

    “Accept our people, our religion, our mosques, our operators into your country, your Administration, your Councils and your Military or …. you can’t have the cash-for-assets which will bail you out of your generational debt.”

    So – the UK has “already moved to welcome a pool of funds estimated to reach $US3.7 trillion by 2020” eh? Cameron and his City Banking Coterie of shakers & movers are on a promise of trillions in less than four years’ time?

    Cameron invites the British people to participate in a democratic referendum and then ridicules and denigrates those who choose sovereignty and independence.

    Vote Leave – nail Cameron’s mercenary arse to the barn door and leave him to hang there, hoist on his own duplicitous petard.


  16. Pointman says:

    Vote remain for your children?

    A chart of youth unemployment within the EU and Angela imported 1.5 million unskilled economic migrants last year.

    Can you spot where the UK falls in the chart?

    And Jean-Claude Juncker chips in to help out Cameron …



  17. Graeme No.3 says:

    I wonder whether Juncker is as stupid and arrogant as he appears from his comments on the election, particularly the one about “no more changes ever”? Hardly helpful to the Remain campaign. Is he secretly trying to push the UK out?


    • Pointman says:

      Cameron is getting a lot of non-help from his other friends as well ie John Major saying that Turkey will be in the EU within a decade. I think Juncker is simply so arrogant, he can’t conceive of Brexit succeeding.



      • Graeme No.3 says:

        Great news unless your name is Cameron or Juncker (or Obama). Also our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who advised the UK to REMAIN this week.


  18. Pointman says:

    I laid in a bottle of Whiskey, a plate of sandwiches and watched all the pundits slowly eat their words through the night. Jesus, what a great night for a bunch of despised islanders off the coast of Europe. The real cradle of democracy.

    Give it amp 11, democracy is back on track, so watch out Hillary.



    • Old Rooster says:

      Well it was a wild ride at times but Brexit survived all the scaremongering to claim a narrow victory with a higher turnout than the most recent general election. Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Remainers and efforts by speculators and others to manipulate currencies and stock markets.


  19. Pointman says:

    The Brits, like the common people of Europe, know when to ignore a bunch of fucking unelected bureaucrats.



    • MstrSgt says:

      It’s called leadership.


    • Pointman says:

      Suddenly everybody understands English!


    • hillbilly33 says:

      Sadly in 1945 Pointy, European politics caused the Brits to be involved in a series of shameful episodes involving the bravest of the brave, the fighter pilots of the Polish Squadron. Giving into pressure from Russia, they were first prevented from taking part in the massive victory flight over London. Worse was to come when many were later hunted down and forcibly deported to Poland to be promptly executed by the Russians, who had been given control over their country in the post-war Allied carve-up of Europe,

      Their story was one of the most inspiring to come out of the war but their tragic end still upsets me greatly.

      That said, congratulations to the Brits for choosing independence, but I cannot understand the Scots (my main heritage) and the Irish, both voting overwhelmingly to remain! Perhaps the Islamic tide hasn’t impacted on them as much as in England.


      • Old Rooster says:

        Gibraltar and NI have a land border to EU states and the Scots have long been attached to Europe, especially France, purely on the basis of the enemy of my enemy (England) is my friend. The Remain sentiment might decrease once it becomes apparent that the world won’t be coming to an end and that economic opportunity might actually increase and that the social costs of unrestrained labour movement within the EU are recognised.

        My own heritage comes from all over the British Isles and there are ancestors on each side of major divides in politics everywhere I look.


  20. beththeserf says:

    Thus Saint Crispin’s Day, we merry band will celebrate Brexit Day.


  21. diogenese2 says:

    The most striking thing to emerge is that, despite the 50:50 polling data, there was no plan B . These arrogant fools really believed that they could not lose and simply responded by increasing the threat level. I had three clues to the enormity of what has happened.
    A northern labour MP faithfully canvassing for “Remain” said “I don’t know where the remainers are. I knock on doors and people I have known for years tell me to fuck off”
    Analysis today indicates that only 40% of “leavers” were Tories and only 40% of remainers were Labour. In my day job I make house calls in Dagenham (60%+ leave) on mostly elderly people who are the old working class labour from which I sprung and rediscovered (since politics are never usually discussed) the deep visceral hatred they have for the Conservative Party and particularly the Bullingdon Boys. All the FUD went over their heads, but the biggest provocation was when the congenitally stupid Osborne threatened to unleash austerity upon Welfare, Health and Benefits if anybody dared to vote out. These masses then rose on their zimmer frames and sharpened their middle digits to wreak their vengeance upon the heirs to Thatcher. These warriors were Maggies last great zombie army, raised from (political) death to chastise her errant children and bring about what she could not – the extraction of her nation from Leviathan.
    Oh the irony , it burns!


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