People are pissed off.

They’re pissed off at knee-jerk stereotype politics. At being regarded as nothing more than an already in-pocket demographic that can be safely ignored. At not being listened to. At being invisible. At having no effect. At being apprehended as being nothing more than some sort of unthinking zombie lurching towards a voting booth ready to scratch their X on a ballot paper.

At the politics of race. At being white – you somehow don’t count because you’ve already got this huge guilty sin of being born white. At being black – don’t worry or get in the way of our best intentions for you, we know what’s best. You’re weak, so we’ll positively discriminate your ass off into the despised tokenism zone. At being a Dago, sorry, Hispanic American, we’re totally in touch with your aspirations, despite doing fuck all about them for the last fifty years or so.

At being a helpless woman – we recognise your victimhood status already. We’ll keep on bitching on about men although you’ve already picked out one who strangely enough isn’t actually a rapist monster from hell.

At being a man, almost certainly a potential rapist, we know ahead of time you’re probably guilty of that. Who are these people talking about? Just shut the fuck up, we all know in advance you’re guilty as you’re going to be accused some day.

At not being delighted at some giggling trans-gender freak celeb fuckwit you’re supposed to have heard of, fêted for actually doing nothing of anything and trumpeted into yet another bloody reality TV programme you couldn’t give a flying fuck about, cooking the sort of shite food a working man like your dad would have regarded as something that dropped out of his nose onto a bare plate when he happened to glance down at it.

At being a blue-collar man being told by a bunch of high-end Fettuccini nibblers they’ll look after your interests. Yeah. Really? Like the way you did for all those poor bastards who used to work the car production line in Detroit? Or the men in Corby who used to cook hot steel?

At working at a place and slowly watching jobs disappear one by one to immigrants, who’ll work for edge of the hand scraps dusted from the table and not in your heart being able to blame those poor bastards who’re living eight up in someone’s back garage and working for almost nothing. That one burns. It really fucking well does.

At being stuck in some massive spinning Wurlitzer of multimedia insanity in which you seem to be the last solitary man left in the world with some sort of final fingernail fucking grip hanging over the cliff of what’s actually important. On what matters. Of something substantial. Of anything.

At worrying about your kids. Will they ever get a decent job, despite all the longing you see in them to get one. They believed you, and tried so hard and now all their options are just trade down shit. Your bad advice betrayed them. Enjoy your burger, it was flipped by a degree holding minimal wage type.

They’d have been better off just doing their apprenticeship like their grandfathers, digging ditches when they were twelve, never mind the third level debt-laden education they’ve now been saddled with and you’d mistakenly told them would pay off big time. All of it courtesy of bloody you. What a complete idiot you were.

At doing what you consider your duty as father, as a mother, as a patriot, as a soldier, somehow makes you an unthinking idiot. Pride in country, pride in family, pride in your community also somehow makes you a pawn on a chess board being played by patent idiots aspiring to be brain-damaged morons. Some shallow and totally transparent PR arsehole you wouldn’t buy a fucking second hand VHS tape from are begging for your vote and they’re offering their services to be your leader. Seriously?

Really? Seriously? What fucking planet do they live on? Who do they think we are? How much of that same year on year crap do they expect us to swallow without some kick back?

At politicians who are quite simply stupid and lazy, and it’s plain operate on the assumption we’re also both of those things, but of course at a lower, less slick and well-dined level. They think that by prodding our particular demographic, we’ll automatically react with some dead frog galvanic leg reflex when the electrodes attached to our genitalia are triple-A energised using some cheapo throw-away dollar shop batteries and we’ll of course vote their way.

Like Bob said fifty years ago, the times they’re a changing. You’re trying to sell the same old tired crap into a market where nobody is buying anymore. Once in a while I get to vote and I always do. Every time I do so, I hear the same smart people telling me how I’m going to vote and every time I ignore them and make up my own mind.

This year, there are going to be some big reminders of how the ordinary people of a democracy can actually think for themselves, despite the best efforts of a political-media complex with their collective heads up their collective arses.


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12 Responses to “People are pissed off.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    Ditto, ditto and bloody ditto …. in spades.

    Recent years have been a sobering revelation for us ordinary plebs who just got on with living our lives and raising our families as best we knew how.

    Australia too has a Federal election later in 2016, and it will be interesting to see what gets tossed up or tossed out.

    Electorates everywhere in the West are finally realising just what we’ve lost, and to whom. If we don’t make significant changes now, we never will.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Blackswan says:

      P – if anything is going to piss me off, it’s reports such as this …

      Boy, 15, is quizzed by anti-extremist police after deputy headteacher caught him looking up Ukip’s website at school.

      “A teenage boy was left ‘feeling like a terrorist’ after anti-extremism police questioned him for looking at Ukip’s website at school.

      Joe Taylor, 15, was reported to officers by teachers who also discovered he had looked at BBC footage of a march by the English Defence League.”

      Make no mistake, security forces will increasingly be turned on local citizens who have the temerity to protest the Socialist policies of the political classes.

      German citizens protesting Merkel’s immigration policies and the mass attacks in Cologne have already been sent running for cover after water cannon, riot police and capsicum spray were turned on them.

      To now have schoolteachers (on the public payroll) calling security police when a child merely accesses the website of a mainstream political party and watches BBC TV news footage of a protest march is beyond anything our forefathers imagined as they fought bloody wars for freedom and democracy.

      Those Socialist bastards (and their useful idiot footsoldiers) have no shame.


  2. Jack says:

    Hear Hear! They all assumed we could be bullied by political correctness. They assumed they could keep raising taxes to cover their woeful economic performance.
    Any lie will do because the spin doctors mussy the subject so much that even the politicians do not know up from down.
    In all of this they have underestimated the sense of voters.
    These arrogant shits need taking down 20 or 30 pegs.


  3. jdseanjd says:

    Nailed it. Thank you, Pointman.
    John Doran.


  4. jdseanjd says:

    I’ve just finished reading: Merchants of Despair, by Robert Zubrin, a Ph.D in nuclear engineering.

    He nails the antihumanist Fascists behind the current global warming scam.

    From Malthus, through the depopulationist Brit Empire, Darwin & his eugenics offshoot, which led to Hitlers’ ovens, the “Environmental Protection Agency’s” “ban” on DDT, which cost ?50 million to 150 million? lives, mostly women & children in the 3rd world, to ghastly malaria deaths. On through the anti-nuclear hysteria, to Paul Ehrlich & John Holdren’s 1970s Ecoscience book with sterilizers in the water & forced abortions, to modern depredations in China & India, Zubrin calls the global warming religion for what it is: a deindustrialsation & depopulation cult aimed at a Fascist world govt.

    He nails the overpopulation & diminishing resources lies, graphing, for example, GDP rising in direct correlation with population figures, in direct refutation of Malthus’ predictions.

    The Malthusians always forget to factor in human ingenuity & effort.

    Mucho recommended.

    John Doran.


  5. Timbotoo says:

    Looks like we are in for a repeat of the general elections here in Spain. The two main parties, PSOE (socialists) and the PP (slightly less socialist) are mired in corruption scandals. Unfortunately, the ones salivating in the wings waiting to substitute them are the spawn of the Venezuelan Chavistas with a heavy dose of Cuban and Iranian influence. Sometimes you go from Guata-mala to Guata-peor


  6. Tiber Watching says:

    That sums it up. Thanks


  7. David Richardson says:

    Bang on the nail as usual Pointy.

    Related I believe. –

    Just reading Dambisa Moyo’s book “How the West was Lost”. The five years since it was written have shifted a few things, but she makes one realise just how screwed we in the West are. Her book “Dead Aid” draws fire from the likes of Bill Gates, but also hits the mark IMHO. A clever young lady.


  8. Robert Christopher says:

    An article before its time! 🙂


  9. russ says:

    Nobody predicted brexit and Trump results right at the start of last year. Only you pointy


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