Canadians joining the club.

Canadians have a reputation of being overly polite and saying sorry a mite too often. When somebody is overstepping the boundaries of accepted behaviour, they tend to stay silent and wait for them to go away while other people would be getting riled, showing them their war face and getting ready for things to get nasty. That’s not to say they’re cowards or anything. Have a brief look at the annals of the Canadian branch of the Black Watch regiment and you’ll see.

Like a lot of reserved people who get pushed into a corner, that quiet resolve to resist and not give in comes out and it’s just as resolute when it’s aimed back at the aggressor. As I write this, that’s what happening up there in Canada with the Freedom Convoy. I don’t know how the situation will end, but the lessons on how it came about are clear. They’ve had enough of being pissed on by their smug government elites and are now learning the same lessons their neighbours south of the border have learnt. Washington isn’t the only place that has a swamp culture.

You really can’t trust or take your eye off your own government. The news media are not your friend – they’re your enemy. You’re seditious terrorists. Yes, following the government line, that’s what your own news media have dubbed you. Mark Carney, fresh from the ’08 financial disaster at Goldman-Sachs and the agreed successor to Justin, is already calling for criminal prosecution of anyone who contributes money to the Convoy never mind aiding it directly.

Big tech? They’re your enemy too. You collectively donate Can$10 million via GoFundMe to the truckers and they not only close the account, but then decide to donate the money to charities of their choice like BLM because they’ve decided the Convoy’s a white supremacist and terrorist protest. In what world isn’t that theft, but stand by your uncle Pointy you dumb Canucks, they’ll get away with it. As with all developing stories, things are changing. Several US AGs have threatened the company with a legal coshing so the company line is now they’ll refund the money to all donors. Notice, they’re still ensuring the truckers won’t get a penny of it.

To fill in the gap left by the thieves at GoFundMe, a bunch called GiveSendGo, who bill themselves as a Christian crowdfunding site, are now racking up millions of dollars in donations to aid the protesters. As per usual, any online company billing itself as a Christian anything is obviously fascist and white supremacist, so it’s now also getting the full smear treatment.

As if my magic, your best mate Facebook has deleted all the convoy accounts or any accounts supporting it. Any news references to it are being censored or black holed, and that’s probably over and above the usual shadow or hell banning they do with any inconvenient news items. My guess is they’re also doing the same with WhatsApp which they own and have assured people they neither snoop on or sell the data they mine about people from it. We’re big tech, you can trust us. Yeah …

Your own Prime Minister does a runner citing security concerns rather than speak to you in the nation’s capital, but a week later he suddenly had to self-isolate because of a mysterious lightning strike of COVID on him, but he also gives a lame speech from his bolt hole bunker he’s hiding in about how 50,000 of his own citizens turning up at Ottawa to protest his diktats are all Nazis, conspiracy theorists, misogynists, a shrinking minority and deniers of the God almighty science.

He’s just denounced you as “A few people shouting and waving swastikas”. In all pictures I’ve seen of the protest, what’s apparent is a sea of Canadian flags, but I forgot, being patriotic also makes you a fascist. One person skulking around in the crowd had a confederate flag and a full face head covering. The fake news tarts were swarming all over him to get the killer shot proving it was all about white supremacy after all until the crowd of real protesters swarmed about them both. At last, hold the front page, proof of hate speech and hate symbols, yeah!

Suddenly, the shill set up by fake news had been spotted and he bolted off never to be seen again as the real protesters tried to yank the mask off him. Oh, I forgot, you’re also racists, but that particular slur is almost de rigueur these days. If you dare to raise a little voice of protest against your rulers about anything, you’re automatically a racist. Nice to know what they really think of you working class peasants, innit?

The government black propaganda machine has been turned to full amp 11 on you. Apparently you’ve been pissing on the tomb of the unknown soldier and assaulting policeman. The head cop in Ottawa reluctantly concedes it’s all been friendly, his men haven’t been attacked but that doesn’t matter. By the sound of him, he’s your everyday liberal fascist who’s going to come down hard on them anyway – it’s an occupation he insists, and he will see it is punished to the full extent of the law.

A rushed through local ordinance making it illegal to honk in support of the truckers was suddenly enforced within hours. It’s resulted in scenes like an 84 year old man who’d be about 4 foot nothing getting the full twisted arm, handcuffing and slammed against his car treatment by two cops who’ve got about two foot on him. Cops like that are a bloody disgrace to the uniform.

The government is even trial testing public opinion on letting your own army off the leash to clear you out by force. Can you dig it? Your own army being unleashed on you for peacefully protesting.

The protest is getting the full January 6th makeover from the government and fake news. It’s sedition, insurrection, occupation and of course according to official sources it’s all been fomented and organised by foreign parties interfering in Canada’s domestic politics. They haven’t yet quite joined up all those dots for you but what’re the odds it’ll turn out to be Russia behind the whole thing? Quelle surprise, as they say in Quebec. Not content with gobbling up the Ukraine, Vladdie now wants to have Canada as a dessert. Are there no limits to the man’s insatiable expansionist appetites?

The whole thing started off about vaccination mandates, but it’s moving well beyond that specific grievance. The authorities response to it has been insulting and clumsy. Confiscating the trucker’s fuel won’t actually help you move the trucks out of Ottawa. Have you ever tried pushing an articulated lorry? Even the tow truck drivers they engaged to drag the rigs away are refusing to do it. And mebbe it’s spreading. Truckers in NZ brought Wellington the capital to a standstill this week and there are rumours of convoys being formed in the US.

The only country in the world with a history of periodic general strikes by truckers is France. On the occasions they go on strike and blockade roads everywhere, the government always caves to whatever their demands are very quickly. Why’s that? It’s because the vast, overwhelming majority of goods are transported by truck and most especially foodstuffs. None of the big food retailers maintain a huge inventory of stock – it all works on JIT principles that finely balance supply and demand as well as cutting down on wastage. Within a week of the truckers refusing to roll, the shelves in every supermarket will be empty of food. Start strong arming the truckers in the Freedom Convoy and you’re inviting a general strike by them.

That’s what makes this demonstration very different from the January 6 protest. If it mutates into a general strike, it could bring down the Canadian government inside a week. When people get hungry, things turn very ugly, very quickly.


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11 Responses to “Canadians joining the club.”
  1. Brennan says:

    “As per usual, any online company billing itself as a Christian anything is obviously fascist and white supremacist, so it’s now also getting the full smear treatment.”

    What many who have no faith seem to forget is that there is an inherent strength in many of us they don’t comprehend. They have underestimated us, not just Christians, but all who resist those who try to hold us in servitude. Smear us all you want, but there are alternative media now and video is out about what’s actually happening in Alberta.

    I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but I hope the ‘elites’ get many massive kicks to the bollocks.

    Bless the Truckers all over.

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  2. nzpete54 says:

    “If it mutates into a general strike, it could bring down the Canadian government inside a week.”
    That is what is required and I hope it happens. Our pathetic MSM here in NZ is reporting extremely negatively on the protest underway in Wellington. We’re no where near the stage the Canadian protest is currently at and I’m not sure if enough NZers have seen the light yet or had enough of the situation, but I think we trending that way.
    This is a great article Pointman.

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  3. Margaret H Smith says:

    I used to tell friends how much I admired the truck drivers who could take huge vehicles down narrow streets, reverse into tiny spaces and drive long distances. I assumed they were well paid but I was wrong. We all found out how incredibly important truck deliveries are when we lost many new drivers because testing was shut down.
    The drivers know their power, too, and are bringing the country to a standstill, but the difference between this stoppage and a strike is the people are with them.
    The MSM can no longer control the information and, around the world, this tactic is underway.
    We can only hope it stops the ‘vaccine’ passports, mandates etc. and really begins the fightback. My admiration for the truckers is sky-high now….but, can we find a way of stopping the climate fraud, too?

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  4. watersider says:

    Well Said Mr Pointman.
    I exist in the dark fascist province of Scotland where we have a deranged little woman in the driving seat.
    Therefore I am following this great show of protest in Canada very closely so that we may learn some lessons on how to regain some sanity.

    I write subversive verse so I hope this says something,


    I wish I was a Chanuck
    With a big flat bedded rig,
    I’d go awa to Ottawa
    Stop being a guinea pig;
    For the New World Order
    By being jabbed and marked and masked,
    I would enlist for freedom
    You should do the same if asked.

    Sadly I cannot join you
    But in spirit I’ll be there,
    To help you end the Mandate
    Which free people find unfair;
    You are acting for humanity
    Against the Fuerhrers of the world,
    I salute the Freedom Convoy
    As the Maple Leaf’s unfurled.

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  5. another ian says:

    Summarising latest developments

    “We’ll Huff And We’ll Puff And We’ll Blow Your Trucks Down”

    And the Canadian military has been shorted on funds for years so might not be busting a gut

    Their new planes are our old Hornets (capable but not “new new”)

    Seems they have a side arms problem – Browning Hipower 9 mm’s (no criticism of the pistol here) that were made in WW2 with lack of spares and reliability.

    Being woked

    Being sacked for no “vaccination”


  6. philjourdan says:

    I agree. The Canadians are doing it the right way this time. And it will spread. The elite used the excuse of COVID to revoke rights, and have no intention of re-instating them. This is spreading, The people are tired of tin plated despots.


  7. another ian says:

    More Tucker

    I just read “War of the Running Dogs” by Noel Barber about the Malaya Emergency attempt of a communist take-over there. The book has gone back to the library so this is IIRC.

    One of the things that the “Communist Terrorists” didn’t try until too late was Chairman Mao’s two pronged strategy which was to beat up and cower the countryside and force the powers that be back to the main urban areas while disrupting those with strikes etc.

    Seems to me that the truckers have done a “reverse Mao” here where they have “captured the hearts and minds” of the country while taking over the urban and other strategic centres.

    A quote from that book –

    “The answer lies not in pouring more troops into the jungle but in the hearts and minds of the people”. General Templer, Malaya, 1952″

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  8. Fraizer says:

    Who is John Galt?
    The truckers and to a lesser extent all of the worker bees that make civilization go have had enough. Rural folks might be inconvenienced but will survive. The ‘elite’ living in high rise urban environments not so much.


    • philjourdan says:

      BINGO! It is not the Hollywood elite or the pro athletes, or the politicians, or the woke liberals who have no callouses on their hands.

      It is the producers. The others live their high life style because of the producers and their desire to be entertained. But when times get tough what is the first expense cut? Entertainment.

      So long leeches of society! Do not let the woke hit you on the way out.


  9. another ian says:

    Maybe Trudeau should have looked more at transportation in Canadian history. Their last major uprising was by

    Transport had a big part in dealing with that, as the not quite completed eastern part of the Canadian Pacific Railway allowed the arrival of troops from the east in an “unprecedented” short time

    And when this is sorted out I guess these new financial rules mean the Trudeau Foundation is fair game?


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