Bump Harris sideways and dump Biden.

The coming mid-terms this year are expected to be a bloodbath for the Dems. Judging by general sentiment and opinion polls they’re expected to lose heavy, perhaps one if not both houses of Congress. The fact that the thieves who brought you the big steal of 2020 are already saying it won’t be a legitimate … Continue reading

The world’s stuck with Biden.

To anyone but the determinedly blind, it’s been obvious for at least the last eighteen months that Biden is senile. The Dems stole the 2020 election and got away with it but that raised the tricky question of what to do with a doddering old fool of a candidate who by the time he took … Continue reading

What nobody’s telling you about the G7 and Putin meetings.

Last week, there was a much publicised flurry of meetings by the regime’s puppet president Biden with foreign heads of state. The first was the G7 meeting of world leaders. Since neither Russia nor China are included, calling it a meeting of world leaders is a bit of a stretch even for the hopelessly sycophantic … Continue reading

Redux from 20th October 2016 – I wouldn’t trust them with my security. Why should you?

Though written four years ago, this one touches on several issues of current interest. It was written a couple of weeks before Trump’s victory which laid waste to a lot of carefully laid plans, not to mention years of patient work and money. Mice and assorted men ran in all directions after the shock and … Continue reading

Biden gets repackaged, but as a puppet president.

Joe Biden is possibly the weakest, most incompetent person to run for the office of President of the United States. The only thing he’ll ever be remembered for is possibly lifting that burden off Jimmy Carter’s shoulders. In his 51 years in government he actually appears to have done nothing apart from making himself and … Continue reading

I wouldn’t trust them with my security. Why should you?

In June 1943 in the middle of WWII, US Congressman Andrew May visited Pear Harbour for a top-secret briefing on how the naval battle in the Pacific was progressing. Part of the briefing was the disclosure that US submarine losses were very light because the Japanese didn’t know how deep US subs could actually dive, … Continue reading