Emergency post – updating, updated again, and again

This might be history happening, so it’s going to be rough. I’ll give you each link before it’s knocked offline by regime mass attacks by government hackers.

Good for the next five minutes. Hit it and I’ll update as it’s knocked out to the next fallover site. It’s already hitting 55Million viewers from a start of nothing flat.

It’s 1776 all over.

Up to 63 Million listeners now, and they all arrived by word of mouth.

Gen. Mike Flynn comes online. It’s going to be 48 hours live, so forget about scripts or tele-prompters. Hang onto your hat Dorothy, you’re leaving Kansas. Truth bombs being delivered left, right and centre.

The terrible twins are online! Diamond & Silk. Love their work.

Mebbe the majority underground is emerging and finding its voice. 85 million now. That’s a rather large minority.

They’re really under cyber attack. Never seen anything that ferocious. The last link still works if you clicked early and left it up, but it’s unavailable to new comers in the face of an unprecedented cyber attack in history. I’ve been doing some serious searching above and below the internet line for a fresh working feed they haven’t done a massive attack on, but I’ll keep digging. If anyone has a realtime feed, please post the link.

Try this link. Let me know if it’s not working. Don’t be tardy, let me know and I’ll do some more serious sleeves rolled up searching for a link that works.tricks

Wow. It’s cooking along to 48 hours. The humour weapon is being unleashed realtime – Justin Morgana!!!

Thanks to an old friend for sending me the link very early – I think he knew what he was doing. Floating around the six of the site, there’s nothing much I can do but observe I’ve never monitored such an unremitting attack, but there’s obviously a real Dude riding shotgun for them who I think I might know. It must be federal attack. Are you listening NSA? You’re freshers up against a post-grad who couldn’t be bothered defending a doctorate from people who were two decades behind the real world of computing.

Be still my foolish heart, but another tipoff is that there’s going to be a very special guest somewhere in the 48 hours.

A live link that’s working for me. Hit it before they knock it sideways.

An interesting development. The first link in this article now takes you to the real site where things are still going on, whereas the third link now takes you to a phoney site maintenance screen. They’re spoofing the site name on the DNS servers. No matter, I’m quite happy to keep posting work around links. Try this link but don’t forget to unmute the sound. Scroll down a bit, you’ll see the icon to do that.

Wow! They’re really pulling all the rabbits out of the top hat to knock the site off the internet. Half of the links to it are now automatically redirected to porn sites. There’s little doubt in my mind that the regime’s degenerate friends in Hollywood are more than happy to oblige in any way possible.

It all seems a helluva lot of gun to bring to a site of some guy who just flogs pillows for a living. Okay, he’s a Trump supporter and everything, but what’s going on here? Is there some cat in the bag we’re not supposed to know about?


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18 Responses to “Emergency post – updating, updated again, and again”
  1. Dolf (a.k.a. Anders Ericsson) says:

    Possible to see it from the beginning somewhere?
    What is it? If one wants to search on places like bitchute.


  2. another ian says:






  3. Peter Shaw says:

    Great. Thank you for this. Trying to keep up at work!


  4. E.M.Smith says:

    I get “Media Item Unavailable” from the link, so I suspect it’s an issue… Wish I’d been faster.


    • Pointman says:

      The original link is still working for me because I’ve just left it running. Clicking on it afresh just shows it unavailable. If anyone has a fresh fallover link that’s still working for a latecomer, PLEASE POST IT. Elbows and asses working folks, find that link for the latecomers.



  5. Margaret Smith says:

    Watched the video, all two hours, and it is stunning. I sent it to others. At the end, the far-sighted folk who were prepared for the cyber attack and have it all, down to the country, city and computers involved (mostly China who control the Dominion machines). It shows the changes made, the vote flips and all in Biden’s favour. Also being able to make elections in Europe unsafe. This must be stopped.


  6. Steve Brown says:

    Just spent 2 hours watching the very best analysis of the fraud which took place in November. This must be spread around, I have sent the URL (I hope that it will work) to a number of my friends, I hope others do the same. And I’m a Brit in England! Even I am gobsmacked (Brit expression!) at th blatant fraud which went on in the November Election.


  7. Steve Brown says:

    Just tried to re-join via the links given in the article. Result? Page not found!
    They are censoring this!
    2220hrs GMT 20 Jan.


  8. johnrmcd says:

    use the Tor browser …


  9. Pointman says:

    Use TOR or close this page and then reopen it. Somehow the links work again. I think the regime attack dogs are playing games with the DNS servers and exploiting a weakness in sockets.



  10. Margaret Smith says:

    You can get the video here (unless Pointman has a reason not to use this site):

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Steve Brown says:

    Here’s a link to Part Two!! ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE


  12. Margaret Smith says:

    Sorry Steve, accidental down thumb (hadn’t my glasses on).


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