You’re not too small to be a target

Since the coup and America’s transition from being a republic to a plutocracy, the classical difficulty with that political system has emerged rather quickly. Who at any one time is actually running the country? Does anyone know? The answer is it depends on which oligarch is momentarily the most powerful or on any particular issue whose financial interests are the most threatened. What is for sure is that having acted as a group to take over America, the struggle now begins between them for who’s going to be the boss of that group.

In the meantime, the assets they control such as Congress, the media, news and of course big tech will continue to work together to consolidate their grip on power. This follows the classical method of unleashing the dogs of propaganda against all political opponents while at the same time stripping them of their civil liberties. You may have noticed how it’s always conservative organisations or individuals with that leaning that have been demonised and deplatformed. They’ve suddenly all become domestic terrorists overnight and not only have they been deplatformed, but they’ve also been put on a blacklist where they can’t obtain basic internet services such as hosting or payment processing services like Paypal for their businesses.

You’d be forgiven for thinking, well, that’s what happens when the big boys in the land fall out. There’ll be losers and winners but luckily I’m one of the little people, just dust beneath their chariot wheels, so I won’t be part of the purge of opponents. Sorry, but that’s not the way it works under any totalitarian regime, whether it’s called a worker’s democratic republic, a democratic people’s republic, a free worker’s democracy or any variation using the words free, democratic, people’s, republic or even something sounding much more high-brow as a plutocracy.

The abiding trait of all regimes that have stolen power is paranoia about it being taken back and their dread of being strung up by their heels from lamposts by a vengeful mob for having done that, so they’ll always seek out and ruthlessly suppresses any opposition, whether overt or tacit, to their regime. Being a little person in whatever country was never a defence against such an authoritarian compulsion. We’re talking ideological pathology here. All opposition must be rooted out, public examples will be made and all the criminals being held up to scorn will confess their crimes or else.

Okay, so what can they do to me?

Where do I start would be my reply. Mebbe you belong to some veterans support organisation, some committee to celebrate the 4th of July or ANZAC day in your town, you’re a card carrying member of a mainstream conservative party, a volunteer in some protest group against pornography or just somebody who went to a mass protest that they didn’t like. Mebbe somebody just decided to sic the internet lynch mob on you for some reason, and as we all know, there’s no John Law to protect you from that mass hatefest. Once they pin that yellow star on you, you’re buggered.

What’s to stop big tech just closing your free email account with them? Let’s face it, we all depend on email these days and you’re the Muggins who’s allowed themselves to become totally dependent on their free service which they’ve just decided to yank out of your life. It’s not like you’re running some sort of business empire from it, but all your personal and business contacts go through it and although you can fall back to putting pen to paper or telephoning, it’d be a Dickensian step backwards in your lifestyle.

There’s no court of appeal should they decide to do that to you. Mebbe you can grovel before their big tech kangaroo court, confess your sins, perhaps denounce a few friends in public and if they’re in a good mood, you might even get your email account back. Be a good collaborator. On the other hand, you might decide to go on the offensive and sue them, but let’s face it, the law has only ever gone the way of the big guns, and especially when the regime owns the law anyway.

Wake up and smell the coffee – big tech have been stealing ideas with impunity from the minnow tech startups for years because the minnow’s options in that situation are brutally simple – let them buy your idea for a pittance or they’ll keep you in civil litigation for years and you’ll run out of lawyer money well before they do, irrespective of the merit of your claim. You have to let them rob you or you’ll end up bankrupt. Nice people to do business with, aren’t they?

At this point when you’ve actually considered how on Earth you’d survive without your precious Gmail or Hotmail account, you may be throwing your hands up in the air, lamenting aloud at life’s iniquities and wailing about what you can do, I’d say stop being such a whiney bitch and get off their “services”. You could even pay for an email service and there’s even free ones out there that not only provide a better service, but don’t spy on you. Yes, they actually don’t spy on you, hard as that may be to believe.

I’ve given up on recommending any internet service. Ten or fifteen years ago, I’d have recommended to anyone looking for an email provider to try Gmail or Hotmail, because they were okay at the time, but we all know how they’ve subsequently metastasised into the Stazi in your inbox. If I mention a service or product, it’s never a recommendation, but rather something I currently use myself but as soon as I suspect they’ve become part of the mass surveillance omninet, I dump them and use something else – and there’s always a something else.

For the last number of years I’ve been using Protonmail as my personal email service. The basic service is actually free, but while I make very little use of it beyond the basic send/receive facilities, I do pay a modest amount of money each year to support what I think takes the jackboot of big tech off my neck. End to end encryption between users, encryption of all the emails on their own servers so not even they can snoop on me and those I correspond with, handles emails to and from the darknet which I and a lot of my prudent friends use and best of all, they’re Swiss-based, which means your emails are protected by the fiercest privacy laws in the world.

A cherry on top is that you get a free VPN with your free email address, and if you’re too damn apathetic to take five minutes to find out for yourself what a VPN is and its benefits, you deserve to be big tech’s bitch.


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3 Responses to “You’re not too small to be a target”
  1. hunterson7 says:



  2. philjourdan says:

    While I have free emails, they are not my main emails. (they are throw aways). I pay for my main email. But have recently read about ProtonMail, I am seriously thinking of switching (moving my pay for to free and using Proton as my main email). Alas as my payfor is for my business, it will take planning and time. At least the payfor service does do end2end encryption and does not (supposedly) snoop my mail.

    But thanks for the plan of action! As always, another great post!


  3. NoFixedAddress says:


    Good post.



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